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Kids, Sports and recently started getting into paintings.


  1. I buy from a guy who goes picking anf sells the quick flip. I do not think he likes ebay
  2. Im getting a few more. This one is more detail than the other but i like tbe other one alot. I sbould have it by next week and thanks
  3. Wow i see that also kinda crazy. Im told maybe college wrestlers? Wish i could make out the medal
  4. Thanks he really does look like sullivan though. I like them. I think you are right but they are cool and in really good shape except for one
  5. Very well connected this is a HUGE buy for me. Proce i couldnt believe but corona has us bad. Dad i love you sorry this came here
  6. Anyone know who these guys are?
  7. I get it u wouldnt have paid out for just a piece of girder but the Mets symbol one of a kind it. So i had to have
  8. Im so happy its smaller than the picture but man this little piece weighs heavy. I may have it signed after all this not sure yet because paint may chip
  9. If you knew my price man crazy but i know they good
  10. Nice i try but some that i like are a bit out of my range.
  11. Thank you and same here with games at shea. Its big im trying to figure out how i will display it. I never made the players lounge so i dont know how it was displayed ill figure it out lol
  12. You cant go wrong with Jordan
  13. No it was his last year of ball. This was printed by daily news Awesome
  14. btw I believe they misspelled his name because the one liquor decanter had an a instead of o
  15. And very cool to find out this was Chamberlain last year to play. As my Knicks won the game
  16. Thanks this is original art though not sure why I was redirected. The nice part about it is he added the frazier.
  17. Tanni yeah I would consider most to average a 7+ more towards an 8. But im not heavy into grading with the costs so high now.
  18. Thanks I was in shock of the condition of the cards.
  19. Thanks haha noe need him to sign it
  20. Thats awesome im an 80s baby so reading that all was awesome for such a hard core mets fan as myself
  21. Nice yeah I thought skips autograph was an inscription. I love getting items from players years before the pros and theyve been coming in. Ill be sure to share
  22. Update this item was also signed by Skip prosser with wake inscription. This poster is just amazing
  23. Nice piece man
  24. Wow I found out al pacino went to this school. Amazing
  25. Haha im clueless. Im.more of a sports guy but all these promo vinyls im gonna buy them all out next time.
  26. Idk it looks like Iris. But nothing comes up I do know it came from Manhattan
  27. It is thanks
  28. I have nothing came up with that mark that I noticed.
  29. Thanks all hope I can find out who made it
  30. Awesome thanks for replying. I wasn't sure but I should of known when I bought a mini chest that said made in occupied japan.
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