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Kids, Sports and recently started getting into paintings.


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1923 Davis Cup ticket stubs  - Paperin Paper
Cool rocky calavito items autos medal - Baseballin Baseball
Looks adventure photo - Photographsin Photographs
54th NY Writer Program signed Mel Allen Joe Cronin + - Baseballin Baseball
81-82 michael Jordan first mint magazine - Basketballin Basketball
Shea stadium girder with Wilpon gift plate - Baseballin Baseball
Joe Montana Ronnie Lott signed footballs - Footballin Football
Shea stadium Mets Sign from playera lounge - Baseballin Baseball
Original photograph Jim Brown Paul Brown Lou Groza - Footballin Football
1962 Bruce Stark original Mets Casey Stengal art  - Baseballin Baseball


  1. Very well connected this is a HUGE buy for me. Proce i couldnt believe but corona has us bad. Dad i love you sorry this came here
  2. Anyone know who these guys are?
  3. I get it u wouldnt have paid out for just a piece of girder but the Mets symbol one of a kind it. So i had to have
  4. Im so happy its smaller than the picture but man this little piece weighs heavy. I may have it signed after all this not sure yet because paint may chip
  5. If you knew my price man crazy but i know they good
  6. Nice i try but some that i like are a bit out of my range.
  7. Thank you and same here with games at shea. Its big im trying to figure out how i will display it. I never made the players lounge so i dont know how it was displayed ill figure it out lol
  8. You cant go wrong with Jordan
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