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I love mid-century modern furniture, vintage pottery, china & glassware, Mickey watches and vintage handbags. When I travel, I always end up lugging home breakable vI love mid-century modern furniture, vintage pottery, china & glassware, Mickey watches and vintage handbags. When I travel, I always end up lugging home breakable vintage items for some reason such as an electric ceramic jug, lots of bone china plates, a 1950s fan etc. I love flea markets, auction houses, car boot sales and thrift shops. (Read more)


  1. Thank you jscott, belltown, sean and virginia! Sean, that flavour sounds really fancy and delicious!
  2. aghcollect, walksoftly, thanks for the love.
  3. Lovely.
  4. From the mark in the last picture, it is Chinese. The image is upside down btw. The individual characters read dry, land, year, made from right top bottom, left top bottom.
  5. Jewels, thanks for the appreciation.
  6. Thanks undreal for the love.
  7. Thanks Mike for the love!
  8. Thanks Trey for the love.
  9. Thank you ~ Mike, aghcollect, Sean, pops, George!
  10. Absolutely fabulous. I am so envious!!
  11. Beautiful. Love the subtle amethyst gradation at the base!
  12. Thank you FanciGirl! I think so too!
  13. Thank you kerry!
  14. Thanks for your appreciation, Kerry.
  15. Hi there, the characters read from top to bottom and are in the kanji (Chinese) characters. I read Chinese not Japanese so even though the characters are the same, they may not be pronounced the same ...
  16. Gorgeous.
  17. Trey, thanks for the appreciation.
  18. Trey, thanks for the love.
  19. Manikin, george, racer and Trey, thanks for the loves.
  20. Thanks George and racer for your appreciation.
  21. No worries Sean, have a great weekend!! Mike and aghcollect, thank you for your appreciation and have a good weekend too!
  22. Thank you Mike and aghcollect for your loves.
  23. Love the orange.
  24. Lovely.
  25. Thanks Sean, I am in love with them :)
  26. Thank you Sean!
  27. Thank you Kerry, you are very kind as usual! I will give you a shout if I see something :)
  28. Yeah great job restoring it. So pretty!!
  29. Thank you Sean. I love them too!!
  30. thanks for the appreciation, aghcollect.
  31. Thanks for the love and comments. Valentino, I like how your mind works lol. Racer, I wonder if it's an Asian thing overall because even with vintage glasses or plates I get in Singapore, they are al...
  32. Very cute!
  33. Thanks for the appreciation, Mike and trey
  34. Mike, trey, thanks for the love.
  35. Thanks trey for the comment. Thanks for the love charmsomeone and ho2cultcha.
  36. Thanks for the appreciation, aghcollect, George, Virginia.
  37. Thanks for the loves~ George, aghcollect, Virginia, racer, Valentino, nutsabotas! I had to search for those little nuts that go into the sides of the frame today as only one was left and finally found...
  38. It's a real beauty!
  39. Gorgeous!! I want!!!
  40. I bought some old brass locks similar to these in India. They were from the British Colonial days. They are great.
  41. I had my eye on one green juicer which sat atop a measuring cup but it was too pricey at the antique centre in Sydney and I didn't get it. I've been on the lookout for a similar set ever since!
  42. Trey, sean thank you for your appreciation!
  43. Oh my this is gorgeous.
  44. Thanks Tom and Virginia.
  45. Thank you aghcollect, racer, Kerry, George for the loves.
  46. People in this community are awesome, very helpful and willing to share. I enjoy this forum very much.
  47. aghcollect, fortapache and manikin, thanks for your appreciation.
  48. Belltown, antiquerose, thank you for your loves.
  49. Oops I meant awesome not awful. I blame my walking pneumonia sorry.
  50. It's awful how you guys who can't read Chinese, have seen the characters enough to remember and recognise them. Chinese charaters are pictorial. To mike's point about the square with the line through,...
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