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Coke Liquid-filled bottle opener - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Vintage felt U.S.C. pennant - Footballin Football
Marcel Dionne signed L.A. Kings 30-year commemorative stick - Hockeyin Hockey


  1. really cool! the face is a little creepy but neat!! can you imagine that thing staring back at you as you tried to eat your morning cereal in peace? : )
  2. half a helmet anyway... as they say! I always thought the "S" looked like it was upside down, but I guess that is just the style. there's a whole website (actually, two that I know) dedicated to rec...
  3. great pick! let me know when you're ready to part with it! go Dizzydave with the hookup.
  4. the more I look at the style of writing used and more I think about this item, it may be older than my original estimate. I think whenever I first bought it the dealer told me its approximate time pe...
  5. I like the first orange one best, but the one that looks like a mini-Harley sure is an eye catcher too.
  6. Hi dizzy, yes I saw your link great find. just adding my 2c. What you said about the gallery makes sense... As for my 'local' comment sorry for the confusion, I didn't mean local to the owner per se....
  7. cool minis
  8. only one? please explain??
  9. crazy looking bike! looks like 30s meets 50s-early 60s! can't believe it's from 1969
  10. awesome!
  11. nice piece, very good signatures. I'd expect it to appraise for over $500, though it's exact value is harder to determine. Tampa Bay is not very hot right now on a national basis, and the collector...
  12. any larger pictures? I'd like to help identify the cards depicted. some companies like Upper Deck and a few others in the 90's - 00's liked to put these out as rare promotional items or sell them ...
  13. these sell for $40 in stores
  14. the stick itself isn't worth a mint, but the signatures and the fact it was the year they won the cup make it worth a lot more. I'm assuming you have all the players, even though I couldn't read some...
  15. by the way, Rocket Richard was so great, they named the annual NHL goal scoring trophy after him a few years ago. his brother Henri I believe has his name on the Stanley Cup even more times. took a ...
  16. cool autograph!
  17. not well centered, but otherwise a good card from an otherwise not very valuable set. I'd expect around 8-$10 right now. there are some pretty good cards from the 90s and later, but the earlier ...
  18. I have a bunch of these too, and wanted to complete the set but never got around to it. very cool set. VikingFan's value is accurate. yours looks to be in between EX-VG condition which is the d...
  19. great looking card. take it to the most respected sports card dealer in your area and ask him to appraise it and how much to have it graded by PSA or Beckett (most cities or areas there are only 1 or...
  20. simply fantastic! one or two of these alone is stunning, together they seem priceless to me.
  21. sounds like a local artist, but "local" to where is the question. I've searched online but didn't find much (just many other artists by the same name). I'd ask someone who owns a large gallery in thi...
  22. that's hot! does it still exist?
  23. correction is the bottom plate metal or plastic? I thought plastic but then looked closer and now I'm not sure.
  24. appears late 60s or possibly 70s but that is just a quick guess. the plastic molded bottom shows it's probably not 50s. more research should be able to narrow it down slightly. anyway nice lookin...
  25. 3c tops
  26. fantastic piece
  27. I hope cops in your area have a good sense of humor and no quick trigger fingers! would be keeping this thing at home!
  28. I'll give you 4-1/2 cents for it, best offer, but you have to find a way to get it shipped to me.
  29. it looks like it still has the original holes on the lettering for the neon tubing, so any neon should be fairly straightforward for a respectable sign shop to replace, though I think they would charg...
  30. cool sign. kinda beat up obviously but still cool!! I'm sure someone would love to have it. Lowenbrau (the beer) used to be much easier to find in stores in the U.S. in 70's and 80's. I think y...
  31. beautiful
  32. do you know how old it is? any date on that sticker (I would think 50's or earlier judging by the typeface)?
  33. funny story and a pretty good looking sign (though probably affordable by relative standards)!
  34. looks legit to me, but the link above seems most helpful.
  35. are there any mounting holes from where the shelf was? I presume it had to be modified for the shelving to hang (meaning it did not come that way...)?
  36. love the red one... the older one in b&w is cool too.
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Mondial 125cc 1958 italian Heritage Les Paul My Favorite Civil War Pipe 1972 Honda cb100 1911 Harley-Davidson 8A Single - The Original Silent Grey Fellow Kipps Harley A few of my favorite items in my Hockey Memorabilia Collection. Original game used Jaroslav Pouzar,  Wayne Gretzky and other Oilers signed hockey stick from 1983/1984 season. Vintage collector hockey card, maurice ( Rocket ) Richard WW 2 V for Victory Sweetheart Jewelry Friends Turntable ABC Adjustable Car Skelly Neon Sign Dr pepper sign Hood Milk Signs - Elsie the Cow