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Hi all, I have a very eclectic collection of older things that will fall into several categories here that I would love to share and discuss. Some purchased, sHi all, I have a very eclectic collection of older things that will fall into several categories here that I would love to share and discuss. Some purchased, some otherwise acquirred and some actually dug out of local, forgotten dumps. I call it urban archaeology. I sincerely hope you enjoy what I have to show, and look forward to catching up with other member's contributions from the past! (Read more)


  1. Solved by Fhrjr2 three months ago. My hat is off to you sir. I came across one exactly like it on display at the excursion train station of the OC&T in Titusville, PA. Similar format, material and...
  2. Fhrjr2, All points well taken. Thank you for shaking me free of my tunnel vision. I never considered it being a tool to make an item, just the item itself. While shaking free of my assumptions, ...
  3. Thank you all very much for the love and helpful comments! fhrjr2, I agreed with your assesment when I first found the piece. The reason I still doubt it is that there is no evidence of anything b...
  4. Thanks much BHock45 and BELLIN68 !
  5. I had this game and I believe Skittle Pool. Thanks for triggering some pleasant memories! e1
  6. Many thanks AmberRose, filmnet, softailgarage and walksoftly. Yes it is still in use, the ride up and down is wonderful. There are two inclines still operating daily in Pittsburgh, the other being ...
  7. Almost loved them again Yuko :-)
  8. Thanks pops52!
  9. Thanks much AR8Jason and pops52. Genuinely appreciated.
  10. Thanks very much for the love hdmitch, blunderbuss2,AR8Jason,pops52 and BELLIN68 !
  11. You are entirely welcome hdmitch, i love to help others in their quests if I can. Two more observations if I may. The bird on the front sometimes strikes me as Phoenix like more than eagle. Something...
  12. Thanks inky, I appreciate it!
  13. Thanks much Deanteaks, Bgbradley, Hedgewalker and chevy59!
  14. Thanks for the love pops52 and Hedgewalker!
  15. Thanks much Deanteaks!
  16. Thank you amandabuns and blunderbuss2
  17. Thanks kindly Hedgewalker and blunderbuss2!
  18. Good snag on the link AR8Jason! As promised hdmitch, mine can be seen in this post. Good luck with the identific...
  19. Hi hdmitch, I dug one just like it about two years ago, although I think a different denomination. I wish it were a coin, but I am thinking my research then led me to believe that it was a jeton or a...
  20. Thanks for the love mustangtony and filmnet!!
  21. You are right mustangtony, I had not thought of that. There would have been touchlamps, clappers, Muzak does Led Zepplin cassettes and LP versions of "Zanfir, Master of the Pan Flute" for all! I...
  22. Thanks mustangtony!
  23. Thanks for the love Manikin, mustangtony and BELLIN68.
  24. That's exactly what you have there wildman_2. A slag glass car ashtray. I posted mine here, third pic bottom right. ...
  25. Aaron seems an expert, which I am not, but I agree with his identification as being English or British entirely. The problem with these particular English bottles is that you have to throw all of t...
  26. Thanks AR8Jason and scottvez for the comments. If I found something similar tomorrow, I would likely attempt it again. just the way I am I guess.... e1
  27. Thanks kindly pw-collector and blunderbuss2.
  28. Hi all. Dog tag return update: fail, fail, fail and fail. With the kind assistance of the local historical society descendants have been contacted and they have expressed doubts that they belonged...
  29. Thanks very much blunderbuss2, BELLIN68, vetraio50 and PhilDavidAlexanderMorris!
  30. Thanks so much for the love mrmajestic1 and mustangtony ! Thanks to you also ho2cultcha, I am happy that I was able to trigger a memory for you. I think that is a lot of what makes this show and te...
  31. Have this exact table in my kitchen as I type, it was in my Grandmother's house since before I was born. I remember using the lines on the table top as roads for matchbox cars. Thanks for the smile. ...
  32. Thank you for the love and kind comments lundy and ho2cultcha! They are genuinely appreciated. e1
  33. Thanks very much rniederman and BELLIN68 !
  34. Similar? (B&W pic in original post) Very cool find! e1
  35. Thanks musikchoo and kerry10456 !!
  36. Thank you ttomtucker!
  37. Thanks for the love mustangtony!
  38. Thanks kindly for the love and comment neat.old.stuff !
  39. Thanks for the love AR8Jason, blunderbuss2,scottvez and BELLIN68!!
  40. Thanks for the love bratjdd! Happy New Year to you.
  41. Thanks kindly AmberRose, and a Happy New Year to you!
  42. Thank you epson233. Glad you enjoyed it!
  43. Thanks for the love ttomtucker and walksoftly. Walksoftly, I will get a closer picture of that item if you like, but I will tell you that this find took me the longest to identify of item I have du...
  44. Thank you MattyG, and the best of the New Year to you and yours as well! e1
  45. My Grandmother had both of those floor lamps in her living room years and years ago (black with gold accents). Seeing them triggered some very pleasant memories. thanks MattyG!!!!
  46. Thank you AR8Jason and blunderbuss2!
  47. Hi Rick, I have visited the bottle room in the past, excellent resource!
  48. Thank you all very much for the love! e1
  49. Thank you all very much for the love and discussion. I have a pretty good feeling about reuniting this tag with the proper family. At very least I will take it to this veteran's gravesite, stand it on...
  50. We have discussed possible scenarios of how it got to the dump amongst our family. Anything from empathy and lack of historical context to accidental disposers. We also discussed the possibility that ...
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