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New Zealand


  1. possibly Larry Pruitt?
  2. Can you tell us what country it was purchased in, please?
  3. Ah yes, Rob, I've seen the latter in books about cameras, but hadn't equated them with the "Vest Pocket" types. I'll have a bit of a dig and see what I can come up with.
  4. Sorry, I meant to write Rob.
  5. Thanks for your response Ron. I wonder which was the first to use the "Vest" or "Vest Pocket" name?
  6. Was the Vest Pocket Kodak named after this, I wonder?
  7. Thanks Rob
  8. There is a small leg in the front plate which folds down when the bellows are extended, and engraved on the leg will be a serial number (I think). This might enable a more accurate dating. The flap ...
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