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  1. I'm thinking Telefunken possibly Aida series. Mid fiftiest to mid sixties. Like tikiray says, need numbers. http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/telefunken_aida.html
  2. A model SX-24 sold on Ebay for $79.00 in September of 2010. It was not working.
  3. Any model number anywhere. Probably starts with R. May be on a paper label on the bottom of the radio.
  4. I agree with Starbuck. Intro date of 1937. One sold on Ebay in July for $350.00. Nice old radio.
  5. I believe you are correct. As far as I can remember, the U.S. Scrip was called a Military Payment Coupon. (MPC) Also seems that the ratio was reversed back then. One american dollar could get you...
  6. Watch Ebay for knobs. They show up ther occasionally.
  7. The 942 is the model number. Your register was made in early 1920, probably March. A good place to go is www.brasscashregister.net. Check out the links page. Value is not that much since it isn't ...
  8. It appears to be a Philco Transitone B-572 Code 121 from 1954. It was made in several colors. A tan one could not get a $65.00 bid and a maroon one, not working sold for $19.95. One was listed as ...
  9. All I have found on it is that it was made between 1960 and 1966, so your inforation verifies my research. If you don't want the stereo, you may want to dismantle it and sell the pieces. It's extre...
  10. Is there a model number anywhere?
  11. The patent was filed in 1933 according to USPTO.
  12. On the picture on the far left, the center screwdriver. Can you tell me how long it is?
  13. What are the measurements of the barrel? Does the small round part open on the back? It looks a lot like an old cannon that the 40 and 8 I used to belong to uses on their "engine" in parades nut it ...
  14. You could have bought a car for what you paid for that radio back then. Well, wait a minute, if you had one now, you could buy a car for the same amount. lol. Tom
  15. The price for the 1000Z remained at $750.00 for its entire 4-year sales cycle. Tom
  16. There's one for sale on Ebay right now for $169.00, local pick up only. Shipping for one of these, if done correctly, could be as much as $500.00. The one on Ebay did not look as good as this one an...
  17. One more note. One of these sold in 2008 for $50,000 on Ebay. http://public-newsgroups.com/rec.antiques-radio-phono/zenith-stratosphere-1000z-on-ebay
  18. More info at: http://www.oldradiozone.com/strat_1000Z.html. Very beautiful radio. Thanks for sharing. Tom
  19. The Zenith Stratosphere 1000-Z was introduced in December 1934 for the wholesale market. Like the Scott line of deluxe consoles the Zenith Stratosphere 1000Z used also a chrome-plated chassis. The 100...
  20. Your radio was manufactured in 1938 or 1939. It came in various finishes, including bakelite and your tweed version. Actually, your tweed is most likely covering a bakelite cabinet. I have no idea ...
  21. The actual model number ia 10-S-589. It appears to be in good restorable condition. I have no idea of value. Some consoles like this one, restored, sell for up to $1000.00. As is, I would guess $...
  22. To Doc. Semper Fi and thank you. 1969
  23. I kinda thought that too. Definetly different type of grater though.
  24. Your register was rebuilt in 1929. (Source is brasscashregisters.net) I have seen these on Craigslist and the owners were asking $250.00. The key word in that, is "asking." In working order, like y...
  25. Unfortunately, these registers are not all that valuable. The most valuable ones are the brass models. You can go to www.brasscashregister.net and date your register. Lots of other information avai...
  26. It appears that you have a model 33BG introduced around 1940/41. You could record off the radio or with a microphone. Source is www.radiomusem.org.
  27. You may also want to go to estate auctions andthrift stores. I purchase a box of about 20 insulators at an estate auction about six months ago for $1.00. I sold 2 or 3 of them and dropped the rest ...
  28. Is there a model number on it. Monrona made several models in the 1920's, however I could find no "excello." There are two 2 dial models listed at radiomuseum.org. One is a VI (6) and the other is ...
  29. Outstanding job sir.
  30. Wow! Thank you very much potrero.
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Antique Shortwave reciver Hallacrafter Sky-24 $1 Military Payment Certificate Those Manificent Men In Their Flying Machines Radio & Record Player 1957 MOTOROLA A8R-23 polystyrene radio. (Yes, it still works!) 1941 Harley-Davidson knucklehead mini canon 1935 Zenith 1000 Z Stratosphere radio REMEMBERING THE MILITARY 1931-32 Lyric radio  refinished


AUCTION BOUND - TV COMBO/RADIO COMBO POST CARDS TRAGEDIES cash register From the national cash register co 1960's G.I. Joe Equipment Set (Action Soldier) Antique Seth Thomas Table Clock WHEN'S THE LAST TIME YOU SAW/USED ONE OF THESE ? WOOD HANDLES Philco radio 46-480 Victrola - Made by the Victor Talking Machine Co., of Camden, NJ Arvin RHYTHM MASTER 627 circa1936 RECORDS 1926 Antique National Cash Register model #1852 My Insulators collection Who is this watchmaker? 1941 Philco Radio


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