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  1. Or peranakan?
  2. Thanks ho2cultcha so you don't think this is a nonya? What do you think it is? Thanks
  3. WOW! Thank you so much @northchuck! I haven't been on here in a couple of years and decided to check and see what I had put on here and I'm so glad I did. I do still have this never did find anything...
  4. Thanks SEAN68 any idea on what the C stands for?
  5. That could be it... silver over copper. So would it be from 1875-1879. Because they switched to R Wallace & Sons Mfg. Thanks walksoftly for all your help.
  6. THANKS walksoftly. Have any idea if its sterling or plated? Most items I am finding by Wallace Bros. is marked with something either plated or silver. And also what could the C mean?
  7. Thanks aghcollect
  8. THANKS SEAN68 and racer4four
  9. THANKS geo26e
  10. :) Every time I go out now I'm looking for cake plates thanks to you. lol but I don't think I will ever find any like yours.
  11. Who's Henry Turner? Anyone?
  12. LOL I love it icollectglass
  13. Thanks racer4four
  14. sean68 wonder what the 9 62 means?
  15. Thanks icollectglass
  16. THANKS sean68 have you ever heard of Henry Turner? Or do you know how old it could be? Not finding to much on him. The only Turner I am finding is Sheffield.
  17. Thanks aghcollect
  18. Yes! 1 dollar :) I knew it was something special. THANKS for all your information. This one is solved by antikarium.
  19. THANKS antikarium So you think it was made by alphonse cytere? Do you see the signature? I'm here to learn. I just loved the colors green blue metallic. I paid a dollar for it.
  20. Any guess on maker?
  21. Thanks austrohungaro Thanks vetraio50
  22. Thanks nutsabotas6
  23. Thanks nutsabotas6
  24. Thanks Moonstonelover21 aghcollect ho2cultcha
  25. I have this, will be watching this to find out too.
  26. Thanks aghcollect
  27. Thanks aghcollect
  28. Thanks blunderbuss2
  29. Thanks aghcollect
  30. Thanks racer4four
  31. Thanks racer4four
  32. Thanks vetraio50
  33. I didn't know my pictures were so blurry, sorry
  34. Thanks aghcollect
  35. Thanks aghcollect and Moonstonelover21
  36. Jensen, Vintagefran Thank you so much!! I wonder why mine doesn't have a red letter with 3 numbers like some I have seen. I think that means who painted it? I paid a whole dollar for this hehe.
  37. Thanks SEAN68
  38. Thanks blunderbuss2
  39. Thanks racer4four
  40. Thanks Vintagefran You would not believe how many young people are shopping at the goodwill now. LOL
  41. Thanks SEAN68 aghcollect Radegunder
  42. I have several ivory netsukes but they don't weight like that. I will post one day.
  43. FIVE figure I would of sold in a heartbeat
  44. It weights 4 pounds 9 oz.
  45. LOVE IT!
  46. People just don't see the P. But, you can clearly see it's not made in kindergarten??
  47. I just hope someone else wants to donate another PILLIN I want to find it!!!
  48. What a great find!!!
  49. Viking Fenton L E Smith??????????????
  50. WOW now I'm really confused. They all look like mine. I don't think anybody knows lol
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