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  1. good picken where you live!
  2. early moped! are the keys there??
  3. would ya sell it? I have a friend who says when he dies he is getting buried in a PBR themed would love that sign
  4. Restore this one! This would look fantastic redone to look like new! If it had the original paint on it I would not restore it. But this one is just begging to be restored!
  5. oak curved glass china cabinet with claw feet. nice splash on the top.......I'd buy it.
  6. Well collectors, guess what I just found out from Aumann Auctions in Nokomis, Illinois? This sign sold in there November 2008 auction (a better one condition wise) for get this............$32,000.00!!...
  7. Awesome sign!
  8. Thought for sure someone had seen one of these before....look again, need help identifying this one.
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