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When was it made and who made it? Does anyone have any guesses.

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    Posted 12 years ago

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    Does anyone know what this is? My wife found it at a yard sale, its made of copper or brass, the stand is 13 inches high and the pot is 4 inches high and the diameter is 4.25 inches, the pot tilts on the stand, the spout is riveted onto the pot. There are no markings of any kind that I can find. Any guesses?

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    1. YardSaleMama YardSaleMama, 12 years ago
      Thank you imander, now if I could only figure out what it is?
    2. tikiray tikiray, 12 years ago
      I'm just guessing here, but it looks like you'd be able to put something in that area under the pot to heat it. I really don't have a clue what it is, sure wish I did! It's a very cool piece!
    3. DMK678 DMK678, 12 years ago
      What Does This Weigh? Is This Thing Not Tiny Versus The Big Boy It Appears to be in the pics? The Stand Looks Hollow Would It Sit Atop A Pot Of...????? Hot ??? Something? Once Heated Then Carried To....???? The Dinner Table Or Kiln. Ha!!!
      I can't Get A Grasp For It's Size But Yes I Can read.
    4. Husband of YardSaleMama, 12 years ago
      It might weigh 2 pounds and if I'm thinking like you are, I do believe that a oil pot set below the pot in that circle(it is hollow). Look at a 2 liter Pepsi bottle and you are very close to seeing the diameter of the pot. My guess is that its a single serving coffee or tea warmer, but thats just a guess. Thanks for your comment.
      Husband of YardSaleMama
    5. Husband of YardSaleMama, 12 years ago
      Tikiray, I think we're all thinking alike and we appreciate your comment, stay tuned for further updates as this saga continues.
      Husband of YardSaleMama
    6. DMK678 DMK678, 12 years ago
      I Beleive You Are Correct. Can't Call The Case Closed But I'm Willing To Bet Your Very Close To Solving Our Mystery...No Marking Huh?
      Good To Meet You.

    7. Pop_abides Pop_abides, 12 years ago
      O.K. my try, I think it's a pot for melting candle wax on top of the stove..... then when it was melted you could pour the wax into molds for making candles, Hobby / Craft item.. It doesn't appear to be nice enough for me to put MY coffee in ! That's my S.W.A.G. (Scientific wild a** guess)
    8. YardSaleMama YardSaleMama, 12 years ago
      I'm not really sure about it being a pot for melting wax, the pot has been fully engraved in fine detail. I have not cleaned the pot yet, so maybe the engraving can't be seen well enough, as soon as I clean it up a bit, I will be reposting pictures. Thank you for your thoughts and comments.
    9. vanskyock24 vanskyock24, 12 years ago
      yard sale husband and mama i would go the other way and look at salesman samples of pots. back then the salesman had small versions of their products to show door to door to customers it looks like a salesman sample to me. good piece if it is worth looking in to
    10. Savoychina1 Savoychina1, 12 years ago
      OK...I want to guess...plumbers used to have to have molten lead on the jog for sealing seams. If this were on a wire stand, You could put a bunsen burner or propane tank underin to melt leat. The pon would need to be pretty heavy. I'm just saying...

      Pop gets his S.W.A.G on (always knew he was a scientist !) LOL
    11. imander imander, 12 years ago
      i would say it was used by chemists...the mixture was heated via the base and then poured into moulds.....they made supposettries and alike this way....
    12. DMK678 DMK678, 12 years ago
      This Is Great Stuff..... Aha ! Ha! All Day.
    13. YardSaleMama YardSaleMama, 12 years ago
      Thanks for all the comments and the help trying to figure this object out. I'm still researching. I have an aunt in Kentucky who has been a picker for years and it baffles even her. I'm losing sleep trying to figure this one out. LOL..
    14. tikiray tikiray, 12 years ago
      Don't think it was a chemists.... the metal reacts with chemicals. Who knows! The salesman sample idea is a good one!
    15. imander imander, 12 years ago
      chemicals were not always used to make is a link
      this explains the procedure including using a pan to melt and pour liquids and fats....might help?
    16. Pop_abides Pop_abides, 12 years ago
      Had another thought, how about a Gravy warmer for the table or maybe on a sideboard ? With a can of sterno in place this would keep a good quantity of gravy warm for the entire meal ! I'm like you I live to find out what these thing are !
    17. YardSaleMama YardSaleMama, 12 years ago
      Pop_abides , Yes that sounds like a great idea. It does look like a can of sterno would fit underneath to keep something warm. I will keep researching. Thanks.
    18. Vestaswind Vestaswind, 12 years ago
      It might just be a warmer for bath water!
    19. Vestaswind Vestaswind, 12 years ago
      I just found something interesting. Miners had items like this that they could transport for coffee, tea ect.
    20. YardSaleMama YardSaleMama, 12 years ago
      Vestawind, thanks for your help, but it's too small. I will be posting more pics today beside a soda bottle for comparison.
    21. Vestaswind Vestaswind, 12 years ago
      Actually small is good. I found something like it Miners tea warmer when I thought it was bigger.
    22. Vestaswind Vestaswind, 12 years ago
    23. YardSaleMama YardSaleMama, 12 years ago
      Vesta, thanks for your help and the link. I think I'm getting closer ??? (hopefully) to solving my mystery with everyones tips and information.
    24. jake jake, 12 years ago
      Im pretty sure its for a plumber,they used those for melting wax but not for molds.its for sealing pipes after they stuff them with string,and pour a ton of wax over the top of it.thats why the separater over the spout,to keep chunks from going into the seal.pretty sure.99%
    25. Vestaswind Vestaswind, 12 years ago
      Like a glue pot? I wondered that too
    26. DMK678 DMK678, 12 years ago
      Ha!! ...Hey.. I'm Always Proud Of The Handy Work Of A Fellow Trades Men But.... Plumbers Used To Carry That Around?? Ha!!! I've Got A Whole New Image Of Plumbers Now.

      I was wondering What Was Up With That Spout.

    27. DMK678 DMK678, 12 years ago
      Your Pants Sag So...?... And That Trinket You Carry Is So....? Ha Ha Ha!
    28. zabadu, 12 years ago
      It's a tea server. Bottom holds a candle. Top must be missing.
    29. zabadu, 12 years ago
      Similar to this:
    30. Mary Lyn, 12 years ago
      Is it heavy enough to melt lead for bullets or shot to pore into a mold.
    31. Holly, 12 years ago
      My first thought was a coffee or tea server.
    32. Geo, 12 years ago
      Rendering lard from pig fat?
    33. Roy, 12 years ago
      When I was a kid, I saw a guy using something similar to melt lead for fishing sinkers and lead heads for crappie jigs.
    34. Kris, 12 years ago
      I believe it's for Hot Chocoa.
    35. Rod, 12 years ago
      A small scale maple syrup pot? Put the raw sap in and reduce it to syrup for home use.
    36. ben, 12 years ago
      its for melting lead but not for fishing, but for muskit balls or bullits
    37. SDF, 12 years ago
      Yes, I was thinking for melting lead for pouring into bullet molds. Is it heavy enough to withstand that kind of use? Is there any evidence of lead in it?
    38. buffi rice, 12 years ago
      Do you think it might be an old ash bucket for a fireplace?
    39. YardSaleMama YardSaleMama, 12 years ago
      1. Thank everyone for their helpful tips, there are so many things that this object could be, I'm in the process of cleaning the pot and stand as I write this, the detailed engraving is starting to come out and I have discovered a couple of marking's on the inside of the down legs of the base/handle, 6 & 15 does these numbers mean anything to anyone, I have also figured out that its made of pewter and it’s brass plated. That's making me think that it’s either a coffee or tea warmer with the detailed engraving, I just can't see this being used to melt lead or wax with this detail. Keep the comments and ideas coming, nice to meet you all and I really do appreciate your post. Thank you.
    40. ncgrits, 12 years ago
      It looks like a spirit warmer---used to warm wine in the winter.
    41. YardSaleMama YardSaleMama, 12 years ago
      I have just posted new photo's, maybe they will help in solving this mystery
    42. Barbara, 12 years ago
      There's no mystery. This is a tea server.
    43. vanskyock24 vanskyock24, 12 years ago
      still thinking a salesman sample
    44. tikiray tikiray, 12 years ago
      It's beautiful all cleaned up!
    45. YardSaleMama YardSaleMama, 12 years ago
      Barbara, Would you happen to know how old this item might be and who made it? I have been researching this for a week now and I have yet to find anything that even resembles it, honestly I also think its either a tea or coffee server/warmer, but with no markings except for the numbers 6 and 15 on the carrier its hard to determine its age. Thanks for your comment and ideas about it.
    46. YardSaleMama YardSaleMama, 12 years ago
      I would like to thank everyone for their comments, I agree with some and disagree with some, I do apprecitate everyone's comments and I wish I could thank everyone personally for their thoughts. Whatever it was made to be doesn't really matter, its found a home and it will be cherished forever. I guess my question now is when and who made it. Thanks again and everyone have a great day.
    47. Barbara, 12 years ago
      Check here for an example (#268)

      #272 is an Ice water server, so it could be that too...

      It's Victorian era I'm sure.
    48. Vestaswind Vestaswind, 12 years ago
      I agree it's a tea sever. From everywhere I have looked this concept was used in different veriations, from all over. The copper surely shows it was used to retain heat. Garden parties and such they needed more portable ways to keep their tea warm. I think if it had the lid we wouldn't have to wonder so much.
    49. dmk678, 12 years ago
    50. YardSaleMama YardSaleMama, 12 years ago
      Thanks for your help everyone. I'm going with teapot. I'm going to display it in my kitchen. When I first found it at a yard sale , my first thoughts were I'm going to use it as a planter outside on my deck. I guess either way would be pretty. Thanks again and nice to meet everyone . I'm a newbie to this site and I'm glad I found it.

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