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Beech Grove, Indiana

Collect all kinds of different items from Revolutionary War, Civil War, Boy Scout, Asian Art to 50s memorabilia.


  1. Looks brand new. What an awesome find!
  2. I like the life size cutout of Danica Patrick! Cool collection!
  3. This is a very valuable item. They had one just like it on American Pickers, and the guy wanted a couple of grand for it.
  4. Another example of cutting down a forrest to put up a parking lot. Nice find!
  5. Really cool that it still has the streamers, and decals are really nice. Nice find.
  6. I collect antique canteens. Here is one of mine Would like to talk to you about yours.
  7. Looks like something right out of Indiana Jones. Looks really cool, but don't know how much it's worth.
  8. Fine watch. The face is a classic. Leather looks well worn. Does it run?
  9. They just talked about this on Pawn Stars. If it WWII it's worth about $200.00. Looks like it's the real deal, and in great condition.
  10. I've seen the bike a couple of times on "American Pickers". Frank bought one in Illinois, so it must be worth something.
  11. Believe it or not, we used to race these old Typhoons in college - Ball State University. I think they still do. It was like racing tanks around a 1/2 mile track.
  12. I think this is similar to one of the bikes used in Forest Gump. Take a look at the scene when the bullies are chasing young Forest, and he breaks free of his braces.
  13. Is it operational? If so, could be worth a couple grand. If not, still worth $600 + Looks like it's in good shape. Coke collector would love to own it.
  14. I bought one off of ebay like this one. The wheels are not original. I'm in the process of restoring it. It's a lot of fun, but probably not worth much money.
  15. Cool pic. I like the dude with the pipe not even looking at the camera.
  16. Very unique item. Doesn't really follow the Coke branding theme. Might be from international division or third party ad agency. I've never seen anything like it.
  17. The Batmobile is awsome! Is it metal or plastic?
  18. What a hot mess! Pickers paradise!
  19. Your right about the age - you can tell by the smaller tank. I restored one almost just like this one. If you end up sand blasting it, make sure you trace the logo on the tank so you can get a decal m...
  20. With box and documentation your probably looking at about $400 - $450. Nice presentation. Might be able to get more if you find the right collector.
  21. How much for the dog?
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