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My car is an old truck My new motorcycle is 45 years old I mow the grass with a 1948 ford tractor and my house sits on the ruins of a 200 year old mill.Its not that My car is an old truck My new motorcycle is 45 years old I mow the grass with a 1948 ford tractor and my house sits on the ruins of a 200 year old mill.Its not that I like old stuff so much its that new stuff is no good. (Read more)


grist millstone 
WWII Italian jewelry box - Glasswarein Glassware
3 graces hanging lamp shade - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Yard art? Naw just change the oil and air up the tires.Officalfuels too picky...kidding aside I've seen way worse trucks on ebay and elsewere 4 sale as resto projects or"fixer uppers" I'm sure your go...
  2. Ya your a sick puppy alright LauraJ24 has a "birthing chair" I think you'll like.I think you should rent this out for hog roasts.I wanted to be first on the luv it list.Is that a Max ? dune buggy?I ca...
  3. My mother was still hanging some of her stuff on the line in 1975 but I doubt 7up was into promotional items aimed at people that did by then.Maybe since kids are out of the equation it was used in a ...
  4. Very unusual that clip looks like it was designed to snap off and on something(It would be called "quick release"today)like handlebars it looks like something my mother put clothes pins in.Is that thi...
  5. I think delvin is probably right.Faded or not stick it on ebay I think you'll be pleasently surprised,AMF(1970-80) stuff in mint condition is highly sought after the decals are still out there if that...
  6. I'd like to meet the guy that wore it.Hope he got home OK.
  7. Man that does give ya the creeps.Have you checked out a show called ODDITYS they had a chair that they were trying to get 15K for and it wasn't as cool/bazaar as this(I don't think anyway).
  8. I'll be watching your site I too have questions about a hanginglamp that I have on CW they have some similaritys.good luck
  9. SOUPY!!!!!!Boy do I have fond memorys of that guy.WHITE FANG RULES!!
  10. Thankyou,I guess I've always been more lucky than good.Whats interesting is the more I look into this mill I have more questions than answers.Which makes it a load of fun.
  11. I'd say you come by your handle honestly.I was wondering do you know how your town got its name?
  12. Way kool,looks like a 32 ford roadster to be exact that somebody put more than a little thought into.cheers!
  13. Hi everybody I was surprised by the responce thankyou!.I've had this sitting around for awhile now and thanks to american pickers every wantabe picker is going to stop by and offer me a hundred doller...
  14. Ya I don't recall seeing'em eather good thing too I probably would of taken a few out w/ my BB gun aswell.They probably were all around me thou I grewup in the middle of a bunch of farms.The regional ...
  15. I just now seen the item on ebay,15 bids $204.00 but "indian hood ornament"?sounds like a counterdiction.I guess theres 15 people somewhere that know something about it.
  16. Is there any chance water pumps thru it like its part of a fountain or sprayer/sprinkler?The way you describe it sounds like plumbing to me.
  17. Love that story.And remember when...well all that stuff.
  18. Kinda got me choked up for a minute.I wish I had some old beer stuff to trade!
  19. hey officialfuel did you notice the one you sold me is not reflective.Mine looks the same otherwise,maybe that helps date it.I bet someone here knows
  20. These guys been doing indian stuff for years maybe they can help or 1-800-601-KIWI and Jerry Greer's engineering 1-800-307-9027
  21. Yep,could be how cool would that look on top of a popcycle type sign for eather.No hood ornament though too round right?
  22. Heres my 2 cents if anybody is still interested,its not an indian MC item the quality,lack of P/N and length is a dead give away, if its 22in. thats about half way around the fender and the way its mo...
  23. Hi MJ thought I'd look at what ya got posted ya got a nice mix.I think you should put some of your historical pieces w/ the stories and docs.I think people would get a kick out of it.later
  24. Very Kool!
  25. Vintage clothes always catch my eye.In earlyer times people put so much thought into how they dressed,even if they were poor woman wore dresses and men wore coat ,tie and hat..when I see someone now d...
  26. Hey Bro,hows it going?Finally got around to checking out this site you told me about thought I'd get on here and look around,some real kool stuff.That picture is off the hook I'll have to check that o...
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Triple AAA Root Beer Tin Sign 1930's Royal Crown Cola Tin Sign Stool  CHA PARKER   MERIDAN CT 1880's entry light - need feedback on what it's worth.... Finally found a old wood tool box Hand Crank Corn Sheller Made in Tenn. Indianhead


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