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San Diego


Doorstops or Bookends - cast iron - Native American - stamped RLB - Booksin Books


  1. Unique indeed! What are you going to do with it?
  2. Yes, Escondido!
  3. Great photos! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. Balboa Park is a half hour drive from my house, one of our favorite places in the area so we go there several times a year. The Museum of Art, in another...
  4. When a painting is copied and signed (as an exercise for art students or for personal use) the new artist should also add the original artist’s name to be clear it’s not intended as a forgery. Somet...
  5. Ron’s flying car in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”! One of my favorite scenes in the entire series.
  6. I think they’re ginkgo leaves.
  7. Sylvester22, wow! How exciting that you probably found an original negative of Janis. An amazing find. She was one of the greats. keramikos, thanks for link to IMGonline. I have several mysterious ...
  8. The center word is Wootton. There are quite a few towns called Wootton in different counties around England, which makes it hard to narrow down what the first word might be. I’m guessing the plate was...
  9. Such a nice scoop. It’ll be serving ice cream for many more years. You probably noticed but I’ll just mention it’s size 20 (20 scoops per quart), stamped on the scraper.
  10. Cool! That brings back a great memory for me. My family went to the car show in New York in the late 60s and the real Batmobile was on display. I was so enthralled that my dad bought me a Corgi Batmob...
  11. jscott0363, I’m curious how you display your vast collection of animals. Do you have shelves in a room dedicated to them or are they arranged in vignettes around your house? Either way, your home must...
  12. Charming! Nicely detailed and well proportioned for the small size. I’m fond of Dachshunds too. I had a wonderful Dachshund mix. I named her Stretch, no explanation necessary.
  13. Gorgeous dogs! I’m glad they found a safe and caring home with you.
  14. Nice scoop in great condition! The size looks like 16 to me. That tells how many scoops you get from a quart of ice cream, so a smaller bowl has a larger size number. I used to collect vintage scoops ...
  15. Please ignore the ???? at end of last comment. I tried adding an emoji but found out that doesn’t work on this site. Also found out I can’t edit or delete. Now I know.
  16. Love it! I drive a red 2010 MINI Clubman S. Those 60s Corgi cars were great quality. My brother had a bunch but I wasn’t allowed to touch them. ????
  17. It’s a Bow Front Curio Cabinet. They were made late 1800s - early 1900s. I think that style with separate posts should help to date it pretty closely.
  18. Thanks so much, jscott0363, for taking time to look through your collector guides. So the mystery continues… The woman who owned them grew up in Tennessee. Many of her possessions were passed down fr...
  19. That’s very possible, JEllington. I’ll research that. Thanks! I did find a single one that sold on eBay. It didn’t have RLB stamped on back, was rough and not as detailed. I’m assuming it’s a rep...
  20. I’ve seen cups that size (2 - 2.5”) with 3 handles in porcelain or glass described as toothpick holders.
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