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I collect anything victorian....german and french dolls...and any vintage /antique jewlery I can get my hands on ....okay fine...I collect everything...specially shiI collect anything victorian....german and french dolls...and any vintage /antique jewlery I can get my hands on ....okay fine...I collect everything...specially shiny things!! lol...I just enjoy the hunt...while everyone is catching some z'sss sat morning at 6 am I am on the prowl for some treasures !! xoxoxo (Read more)


  1. Tku vintage xoxo
  2. 40 soon so the "young one" comment made my day !! lol...and yes all is well in collectors land !
  3. tku mikko xoxox
  4. tku johann xoxoxo..on a hunt now for a silk shade !
  5. tku vet...excellent website u sent me to, very imformative!! xoxox
  6. lol...well..I have them all in a jewelry box right now, ..slowely digging all my stuff out since I found this website, it's nice to know I am not the only collector out there that has an interest in s...
  7. tkya pack xoxo....I am slowley finding all the fun stuff I have had packed for way to long lol
  8. I was born and raised in Manitoba :)..(Steinbach)....looove the old pics!!..I have some amazing mennoite ones I will post soon! xoxo
  9. tku u packrat xoxox...I have only just begun!! lol...heading to an auction in 15 min!!.....woot woot..can't wait to buy more treasures!
  10. Ginger jar!!...excellent....have searched again and still cant find the pattern hmm..and wow that old...its amazing what we find at garage sales! lol
  11. if u look under some of my other collections I have all the whiting and davis purses posted!(under purses)
  12. lol jmack...its still sealed with the liquid all in it...you ever get a cough let me know i'll ship it to ya !! lol....I have 3 of those players tins if you want one !.I'll trade ya for a old cheesewh...
  13. I think that crown is a british symbol..hmm
  14. tku jmack ...so cool to know what something is!!( love the little leather carrying case it comes with)...Went to a sale today ( well it was posted on kijiji "antiques"..so I emailed him asked if I cou...
  15. lmaoo...I made sure I put Mount in stead of Saint ...I need more coffee
  16. ooh great theres a sale tomorrow and they have dolls , barbies and antiques...breakin out the wallet again lol.....I found the sale on kijiji and left an email asking if I could go today before the sa...
  17. lol stef....I certainly do ...theres more to come , I find it so sad to see things from the past thrown ina garage or basement or backyard ...you cant buy things today that last like things from the p...
  18. oh ya ..I live about 30 min from Toronto Canada
  19. I am just happilly posting pics of whats around my house that I collect, and if I get info on them great and if I dont thats okay to ...I have talked to a few people that appraise or know people that ...
  20. there are no markings on the 3rd one...body is all hand sewn material stuffed
  21. xoxo tku Manikin
  22. Brilliant inky!..I just found the exact same bowl..and yes it is Sylvac!!(never heard of that company till you mentioned it),...tku very much for your help .....mystery solved! xoxxo
  23. ooooh ..I love the way your displaying your collection !!..that is spectacular xoxo..( right now my stuff is everywhere )....I may have to start picking for display cases!!)lol xoxo
  24. Soo awsume ..there not expensive..( my favorite word in the dictionary...."cheap" )....spoken like a true picker !! lol xoxo
  25. tku bruce xoxo
  26. oooh ..didnt even notice the hands ..well dang..lol...where would I go to get that fixed?
  27. ya!...that would make sense , cause it is to narrow for most stuff ..tku fhr xoxo
  28. the first one is 100% Porcelain head to toe..no markings
  29. awsume....that one is solved xoxo
  30. tku Mani..you have been super helpful I have learned alot xoxox
  31. no markings on the head
  32. tku so much scandinavian ...found it on line after your information...xoxoxo worth $185-225....your the best
  33. tku stef ..I will look again for marks xx
  34. tku so much bruce xoxox
  35. I want to insure my collection and maybe sell them in an auction one day in the future and am having a hard time finding the values on alot of them.....hopefully u can help me figure out there values ...
  36. the doll in orange is marked france in the back and yes she can walk and her head turnsi would say about 2 ft ish tall ..no other markings..and the bed doll is packed for now her hands and arms where ...
  37. Excellent..I sure will...taking some pictures now
  38. lol...crazy what one finds when they look ...it says "The Jennings Brothers".....bridgeport conn usa
  39. well....the gentleman I bought it off of had a story ...if its true or not one never knows..( as the saying goes" anything over 80 yrs has driven in many cars" )...He said the clock was given as a gif...
  40. can I have that ???.....j/k ..sorta lol....It's gorgeous
  41. there we go ...took some pics of the inside...that was a chore..the top is super heavy lol...still couldnt find any numbers or writing
  42. Hi Jason ..thanx for yr response..this clock is so heavy I can barely move it on my own lol..I will see if I can get at it again ,got it stuffed tightt on the back of my mantel ..and look for marks in...
  43. It is missing the peice that scrapes underneath your nail...I have almost the exact same kit ..these kits never came with a nail clipper. xxx
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Heubach German cutie Picking Hops old tins etc. 1920's Vamp Night Light James' new Cabinet for his tobacco cans E. N. Welch mantel clock Rita walker by Paris doll company Hand Made Lamp Shade...Fabric and Beads


vintage china doll with ceramic coat by Grace Sigo