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art deco butterscotch necklaceby getthat…
Huge Vintage Baltic Honey Amber Included Panel Bracelet by Moonsto…
Blood Inclusion Apple Juice Amber Graduated Bead Chunky Bold Necklace Collar by ElleCTr…
Tribale Necklace IIby DrFluffy
Tribal Necklaceby DrFluffy
My found Amber. by chicagoron
Amber-Necklace-90g-48cm-1958-year-old     by aistis72
Faisalby FAISAL
1920-30s- art deco butterscotch necklaceby getthat…
some more getthat…
Vintage Amber beadsby Dixie2009
Egg yolk butterscotch amber pendantby Mshelton
Cherry Amber Earrings Set in Silverby shareur…
Amber Sterling Pinby freiheit
butterscotch amber necklaceby getthat…
Baltic amber and silver earringsby Elisabe…
Baltic amber and silver beetle braceletby Elisabe…
My baltic amber collection by Elisabe…
Maybe Amber Heart Pendant by susanrose
Amber pendant with cloudy partby shrine
amber necklaceby vytautas
Antique amber braceletby Antique…
Thrift store necklaceby rochell…
Amber Piecesby DrFluffy
amber thing with ingrained coat of armsby getthat…
Amber art deco necklaceby Newtimes
Amber  necklace by aldo78
Is it amber?by sarahoff
50 shades of amber (well maybe 4)by DrFluffy
Amber modernist ringsby sarahoff
Amber art deco necklaceby Newtimes
amber necklaceby lilbevey
Beautiful Amber necklace!by lilbevey
AMBER PENDAND W T Johnson This Amber is called ButterSquash??by Vintage…
AMBER STERLING BY W T JOHNSON Navajo Artist age can you help??by Vintage…
Amber and silver ringby sarahoff
Art deco genuine butterscotch & honey amber necklace, rare silver Agram.m
Amber Broochby Zowie
Amber Earringsby Zowie
Modernist Silver and Amber Necklaceby davyd286
Amber Pin and Bangleby freiheit
Old Amber Pendantby freiheit
Need help!  Nazca Peru Indian Necklace,  Hawk, Raven, Bird? or Anteater, sloth, animal!!!by toracat
Amber chunk ringby Newtimes
Amber grape broochby Newtimes
Art deco amber braceletby Newtimes
Amber necklace broken but real?by papa
Realized we had Amber from USSR not Yuliyagoolia
My lovely Amber by flatkaka
My Girl Amberby ifishouldfl…
Amber by kerrycz
Amber jewelry accessoryby kerrycz
 A family Pendant That We Know Very Little Aboutby kustomkare
Baltic Amber Ringby Aleksandrab
Antique Butterscotch Amber or Copal Necklaceby tdvinta…
soviet union gold and amber cufflinks by scott86
Vintage Butterscotch Amber necklace   by TeresaD
Amber ?by TeresaD
silver chain and amber,,, beeswax? by zambo