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Enamel landscape sterling antique brooch, Thomas L.Mott. by kyratango
jade? is what i was told forgotton
Marie georges-william Barboteaux - art deco broochby paris1925
Silver Mixed Stone Braceletby Peaseje…
Please help with the Egyptian hallmarks!by martika
My hidden treasureby Criccit49
Historical Bracelet from 1857 a gift from Queen Victriaby Holpalm
Vintage Sterling Necklace and Bracelet - Egyptian Styleby freiheit
Rather Large Signed Sterling Silver Ring, Flea Market Find, A Buckby Efesgirl
Art Deco Silver & Moonstone Pendantby Efesgirl
White Jade Pendantby RWMFUNG
Sterling Dolphin Ankle Bracelet Garage Sale Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Copper, opal and gold braceletby Sarahopal
Funky *Junk Box* Bracelet Thrift Shop Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Egyptian revival panel braceletby martika
Mexican 925 Vintage Malachite Necklaceby freiheit
Bond Boyd Vintage Sterling Gold Plated Screw-Back Earringsby freiheit
Silver Citrine and Tourmaline Earringsby TassieD…
small metal ring or jewelry boxby bananapeel
Skippy Musket braceletby JJowers
Japanese Broochby Snodgrass
Onyx Beautyby Ajfind
Fossil, rock.. ?by Knowjacksquat
Vintage silver magnifying glass and antique porcelain handpainted silver earringsby Agram.m
Norman Grant Pendant/Necklaceby Peaseje…
Bjorn Weckstrom - Space Apple  -1975 - Lapponiaby getthat…
L.LEXCELLENT  rose flower silver brooch N°2by paris1925
Adwar 14K gold jewelry from the '60'sby GilMills
Greek Komboloi - Worry Beads!by highlan…
D'Orlan 2340 Articulated fish necklace pendant on a original D'orlan GeodeJem
Flapper Continuous Pearl (?) Necklace Thrift Shop Find 1 Euro ($1.10)by Efesgirl
Wedding head piece: Still trying to pin down a possible origin and timelineby Mooshie
"Made In Mexico", He Efesgirl
Any idea of the vintage of this?by Mooshie
Amethyst Necklace Moonstone?by shareur…
BARRY KIESELSTEIN-CORD Sterling Alligator Ring, Efesgirl
Chinese Export Jade bangleby Peaseje…
Antique turqouise and almandine brooch POST 2by Elisabe…
Antique turqouise and almandine brooch POST 1by Elisabe…
Vintage Silver Opal  Bear? by Peaseje…
Antique chinese kingfisher feather hairpinsby Elisabe…
GOLD, REALLY?by Ms.CrystalS…
Agate Dodecahedron?by ho2cult…
Broken Garage Sale Find for $0.50!!!!by TassieD…
Silver Sun & Brass Moon Ringby jeneric
Turquoise & Silver Ringby jeneric
Pearl necklace, what about the rest?by katheri…
What stone is this?by katheri…
Rare Large Micro Micro Mosaic Brooch set in yellow goldby Agram.m
Vintage Earrings - Please Help by freiheit
Small Native American Sterling and Turquoise Ringby freiheit
Mystery Ringby freiheit
Sterling and Shagreen Ring Made in Thailandby freiheit
14K & 18K Gold, Flea Market Finds by Efesgirl
Druzy Quartz Sterling Ring Bought At The Flea Market For 1 Euro ($1.12) by Efesgirl
Antique large silver heart shape box by Agram.m
thai ruby for bonnieby fleafin…
14 carat gold Buddha broochby kinje01
"Pinch clip insect, cat's eye, moonstones, 800 kyratango
Turquoise & Silver Stud Earringsby jeneric
Silver & Turquoise Ringby jeneric
Great Pendant...Pictures are deceiving!by highlan…
Two Nice Silver Rings With Close Up Of Silver Marks (Heart Ring)by Efesgirl
Modernist broochby lentilka11
Little silver and paste antique lizard brooch, mysterious kyratango
Can anyone tell me anything about this 1800s goddess cameo? by Jewelz10
arts & crafts / secessionist look,  pair of silver earrrings. by paris1925
Lovely Silver Ring, Thrift Shop Find, 1 Euroby Efesgirl
Antique Ivory Necklace by pcmadis…
Cameo locket pendantby Pamwillcoxon
Angel Charmby Ajfind
Lady Portrait in Brooch ---  PART 2 -----by TassieD…
HUGE Bobby Begay Turquoise & Sterling Ringby Efesgirl
Carnelian Necklaceby maxiebaby0914
Vintage Mexican Sterling Brooch by freiheit
need help identifying Filigree Necklaceby prplgldfish
Citlali Mexico Sterling Silver Pendant...A Freebie!by Efesgirl
Lady Portrait in Pinchbeck Brooch by TassieD…
 Native American Pendant-Sterling by melaniej
A rocky reality for sure. :)  Happy weekend CWby OneGood…
Filigree 925 Leaf Keepsake Box & Zeeuwse Knopjes Silver Brooch From Geri's Stashby Efesgirl
Silver brooch with wonderful shamrock/clove leaf etching by Elisabe…
Saint Anthony Reliquary Relic Barque Silver and Chrysophase by watchnut
Vintage Wedgewood Basalt Jasperware Broochby watchnut
Jewelry Trinket Boxby empyrealex
Vintage Van Dell Earringsby melaniej
Vintage gold ringby May124
More silver broochesby racer4f…
Oddball "Industrial" Brooch Garage Sale Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Blue jewel findby Ajfind
Pretty enamel butterfly broochby racer4f…
Somebody Thought This Was A Silver Efesgirl
Brooch by Lang USAby racer4f…
Vintage 800 Silver & Citrine "Zeeland Button" Style Clip Earrings Garage Sale Find 1 Euro (1.16)by Efesgirl
Gold For 5 Euro At The Flea Market! by Efesgirl
Sterling and Egg Yolk Amberby melaniej
Silver & Turqouise Ringby jeneric
Antique Vermeil Lava Victorian cameo Puti pendant, high relief by Agram.m
Band Ring "NEED YOUR HELP I.D."by bratjdd
More Out Of Geri's Stash > Zeeuwse Knopje (Zeeland Button) Sterling Braceletby Efesgirl
Large antique brooch, view of Louvre and River Seine, fixé sous verre miniature. by kyratango
Sterling and Turquoise Braceletby melaniej
Big .835 Silver & Carnelian Ring - Irresistible... :-)))))by Efesgirl
.835 Silver Gilt Garnet Earrings Job Lot Buyby Efesgirl
Silver Gilt Carved Red Cinnabar Filigree Earrings Thrift Shop Find 1 Euro ($1.12)by Efesgirl
Can anyone help?by justme2016
Large early 20th century paste, enamel, silver dragonfly kyratango
Victorian 14k enamel, seed pearl, and opal ring by annachapley
Mexican Silver Modernist Necklaceby Justvintage4U
Heavy silver bangle with unknown stone-- unique markings on inside and Gracegothea…
Sterling Native American Earringsby melaniej
Crystal (??) & Sterling Ring Flea Market Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Taxco Silver Seahorse Necklaceby Junkman60
Shipton or German Arts and Crafts inspired citrine silver kyratango
Victorian paste, garnets, silver kyratango
Australian brooch by racer4f…
PART 2 .....pearl removedby TassieD…
9ct Yellow Gold With Crystal Drop "ANDRASLIDE" Earringsby TassieD…
Heart lockets with Patriotic inscription by tamluvsnd
Two similar brooches, Arts and Crafts styleby racer4f…
Cameo brooch or necklace by Arlette
Silver necklace by Arlette
Silver earrings by Arlette
Georgian Era Sepia Minatureby Vintage…
More 1930s Egyptian silver filigree braceletsby pebble
Mexican brooch/pendantby pebble
Bernard Instone silver necklace, brooch and ringby pebble
Not identified as Bernard Instone blue stone ringby racer4f…
Antique Jade Bangle? Or Peaseje…
Medusa high relief shellcameo brooch by Elisabe…
Handmade Solid Silver Collar Necklace Thrift Shop Find 1,00 Euro ($1.38)by Efesgirl
Siam Niello Silver Bracelet Thrift Shop Find 7, 50 Euro ($8.37)by Efesgirl
Desert Roseby bobbee
Flint bobbee
The flowers and the rocketby racer4f…
Large Victorian Silver, Gold & Opal Cicada Broochby kiwipaul
Blue John Pendantby bobbee
Cave treasures from a thrift storeby alliececile
Silver bracelet by Arlette
Bucherer pendant watchby bobbee
Another Present From My Friendby Efesgirl
14ct Gold Ruby Pendant & Earring/brooch Hallmarked Birmingham 1978 LWby lee120275
Vintage Egyptian 18ct Gold 15ct approx stone pendantby lee120275
 4 efesgirl 9ct necklace 20ct+ hoops uncut Ruby and pearl necklace antiqueby lee120275
Cased antique micromosaic beetle gold stickpin. Kyratised!by kyratango
Mexican Sterling Broochby freiheit
A Red Geode About Three Inches Acrossby fortapa…
Egyptian Silver Cartouche Earrings Garage Sale Find $4.00by Efesgirl
Vintage crossby Steptoe1
Two Pair Of Earrings, Flea Market & Thrift Shop Finds $1.95by Efesgirl
Australian antique 9ct gold seed pearl eyeglass chatelaine redo by Bettyb00
Australian Willis hat /stick pin in 9ct goldby Bettyb00
Interesting opal ringby racer4f…
Australian antique stick pin by J.Perrymanby Bettyb00
My bohemian garnets jewelry collectionby lentilka11
Four Pieces Of Norman Grant's Jewelleryby Peaseje…
Biba Sterling Silver & EnamelTroll Beads Bracelet Flea Market Find $2.00by Efesgirl
Garage Sale Find for $1.25 !!!!! UPDATE......Pearl Removed!!!!!by TassieD…
17 karat faceted danburite gemstoneby martika
Sterling Ring & Maltese Cross Pendant Thrift Shop Finds $5.00by Efesgirl
You Can Almost See It--->14K/585 White Gold & Diamond Promise Ring Thrift Shop Find $1.00by Efesgirl
Arts and Crafts Art Deco Silver White Cliffs OPAL Pendant Drop TassieD…
Hanussen Dracomagnet West Germany 800 silver Mystic Charm Pendant on 925 Silver chain !!!by TassieD…
Post-1979 Sterling & Turquoise Chip Taxco Brooch/Pendantby Efesgirl
Bernard Instone Silver Broochby Peaseje…
Intaglio cut glass pendants - probably Japaneseby racer4f…
Cameo necklaceby cake1950
Silver or pewter jewelry box made in Italy by Janetsfinds
Bernard Instone Pixie pinby racer4f…
Unusual Medallion Flame Water Symbol Shriner/Mason?by luvskitsch
Liberty? Silver and Blister Pearl Pendantby Peaseje…
Murrle Bennett 9ct Gold and Blister Pearl Peaseje…
Victorian?  Engraved Gold and Garnet Broochby Peaseje…
Victorian 10k ouroboros snake ringby annachapley
Enamel brooch marked ARD&Sby racer4f…
Unusual charm/pendant with a water/flame symbolby luvskitsch
Very Unusual Monkey ? Charm Marked 54by luvskitsch
14K/ 18K Combo Gold Necklace, Brooch & Earrings, Flea Market/Thrift Shop Finds $3.50by Efesgirl
citrine ring by Yearbyear
The Tooth Fairy Missed This One!!!by TassieD…
GARNET?by jeneric
Vintage Native American Sterling Silver Bracelet Cuff by Dallibone
Silver Bangle!!!by Nicspawee
Looking for more informationby Temolloy
Finnish Silver Earringsby Peaseje…
950 Silver Cuff Depicting Nazca Lines from Peruby freiheit
Silver Enamel Guilloche' Floral Link Bracelet 1930sby ReWindTime
Robin's Egg Blue Turquoise Sterling Moon and Star Ring by Efesgirl
Sterling Ring With "Optical" Red Glass, Pawn Shop Find $10by Efesgirl
Silver Bangle Bracelet! by Nicspawee
Antique 9CT Gold Opal Ring by Nouveau…
Silver and Agate Repaired Ringby Peaseje…
Tasmanian Trigonia Shell Broochby TassieD… Bensall…
My Little Rocks 2nd rockby Littled…
My Rock had for many years by Littled…
Serling Silver Earings by mom2my4
Sterling Silver Ringby mom2my4
Garnet Ringby mom2my4
Turqouise Ringby mom2my4
Amita Sterling Japan Broochby TassieD…
Flat Crystal Covered Piece of Rockby fortapa…
Chinasilver ivory devil ringby Heatherbenf…
Hand made Silver Pendantby Peaseje…
Princess Ring by Peaseje…
Ancient Chinese jewelry??by tamluvsnd
More Flea Market Jewelryby Efesgirl
Victorian Carved Cow Bone Rosary With Stanhope Flea Market Find $2.00by Efesgirl
Antique Janco Art Nouveau Dresser Design Trinket Box Flea Market Find $5.00by Efesgirl
Gold and Gem Set Butterfly Stickpinby TassieD…
Antique Gold Cuff Links 1 Diamond Who's The Makerby mssue64
Vintage Sterling Silver Locket Necklace by Dallibone
Vintage Native American Sterling Silver Kokopelli Necklace Turquoise Stone Inlayby Dallibone
Vintage Women's Milus Bracelet/ Watchby baldboy77
Help needed with this brooch - post # 3by Elisabe…
Help needed with this brooch - post #2by Elisabe…
Help needed to identify age and origin of this brooch - post #1by Elisabe…
Unanswered Timeby Rangertlc
 Sterling Anchor Pendantby Efesgirl
Big Sterling Silver/Gold Vermeil Bamboo Design Ring Flea Market Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Star sapphire ring! by Nicspawee
Beaded necklace by Nicspawee
Another Egyptian Silver Filigree bracelet 1939-40by pebble
Sterling,  Gold , Marcasite & ?? Green Gemstone Celiene
Silver charm brecelet! by Nicspawee
Mosaic pendant with metallic bead "chain" and pin and barrel claspby pebble
Silver Nazi Ring by blazing8
Iceland Rocks! by valenti…
Sliced Geodeby jeneric
Earrings in old Jeweller's boxby TassieD…
Antique German Brooch - ????by BHock45
Vintage 14k Gold ERTE Ring by Dallibone
3 fun ring boxes: fabric push button & 2 plasticsby valenti…
Antique rooster silver and paste brooch, Auguste kyratango
Thunder Eggby jeneric
Trying to get info about this alliececile
vintage gold braceletby psubin68
925 silver marked made in china amethyst and?by bettyboopee…
Antique gilded silver and paste turtle brooch, Auguste kyratango
A Rock Like the Kind Blunderbuss Used to Kick Aroundby fortapa…
FLT ring. maybe a size 8. Gold and black onyxby anorth
i cant find any info on this either but it looks similar to Hantys belt buckel yes/ no by booboos
Not even sure it is Mexican!by CowPrincess
Just Bought This Unusual 1970s Sterling Ringby Efesgirl
Georgian paste brooches by Elisabe…
Who's RR? Unusual Vintage 925 Earrings Stamped 925 RR, Flea Market Find $1.00by Efesgirl
Creepy Daguerreotype Picture Broochby TassieD…
A (Micro) Mosaic Horse Shoe Broochby Agram.m
Lake Superior Agate (with a rarely seen feature)by rnieder…
Micro mosaic bracelet and matching ringby Newtimes
Vintage Cameo Pendant, Circa 20 Century by Alan2310
Abalone Blister Pearl Sterling Silver Ringby TassieD…
From The Pawn Shopby Efesgirl
Egyptian revival silver earringby Newtimes
Old hand painted cameoby justme2016
Vintage Egyptian silver filigree bracelet with pebble
Crystal Necklaceby jeneric
Today's Silver Haul, Flea Market Findsby Efesgirl
Murano Glass Pendantby nutsabotas6
Victorian silver stork broochby Newtimes
Silver Ring / Unknown Stonesby nutsabotas6
Beautiful Native American braceletby luvskitsch
Micro Mosaic little shoe broochby Agram.m
Antique Or Vintage Carved Ivory (?) Rose Motif Necklace Thrift Shop Find $2.50by Efesgirl
14K Gold/585 & "Diamond"Heart Shape Earrings, Thrift Shop Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Antique Edwardian bracelet in 9ct rose goldby Bettyb00
1970s "K&L" Kordes & Lichtenfels .835 Silver Modernist Ring Thrift Shop Find $9.50by Efesgirl
Mourning Pin w Gold Braid, Photo of Manby eekahil
Turkish Byzantine style hand crafted 24ct gold & crystal opal ringby Bettyb00
Silver Moonstone & Turquoise Necklaceby jeneric
Can someone tel me about this rockby aura
My Earrings Again, Close Up & Personalby Efesgirl
Vintage Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Stamped "Av"?by Katierosati
Ken > Siamese Fighting Fish/Beta Broochby Efesgirl
Australian antique 9 carat gold seed pearl encrusted swallow cloak clipsby Bettyb00
Assorted Bits Of Jewelry by Efesgirl
3 amber and sterling ringsby valenti…
can anyone tell me about this -memory fob watch chain locketby mixxy231
18K Gold & Enamel Ribbon Pendant Brooch Flea Market Find $4.00by Efesgirl
.925 and 14K heart pin or pendant signed kimd
Victorian Era Silver Braceletby comett62
Arts and Crafts / Art Deco Silver Pendant Brooch- Unknown Maker's Markby TassieD…
Gorgeous Gold and Lapis Necklaceby luvskitsch
Silver earings! by Nicspawee
Silver bracelet!by Nicspawee
925 Silver and Paua little Pinkie Ring by TassieD…
Chinese Cinnabar Braceletby pebble
Chinese Cinnabar Broochby pebble
Siam Sterling Dancer Broochby pebble
Siam Sterling Nielloware clip-on earringsby pebble
More Information about Cameo by abigail9876…
Antique 18K Gold Peruvian Brooch Flea Market Find $6.00by Efesgirl
Copal 1970's beadsby valenti…
Micro Mosaic Photo Framesby Agram.m
Necklaceby Steptoe1
14K Gold Necklace Flea Market Find 25 CENTSby Efesgirl
Some opals from Murielby racer4f…
Sterling Silver Scrimshaw Pendant - Bonnie Shulte? by bonfire…
A New Zealand Colonial Paua Pearl Pendant by F. Gradyby kiwipaul
mysterious ringby Helenmalm
Goddess Figure Amethyst Sterling Silver Earringsby Vintage…
Vintage Sterling Zuni Inlaid Spider Pinby Junkman60
Modernist Sterling Earrings Antique Fair Find $7.50by Efesgirl
Rose quartz and rhinestone earringsby Ballsto…
Egg Yolk Amber & Sterling Ringby Efesgirl
Egyptian Scarab Poison Ring Flea Market Find $3by Efesgirl
Today's Flea Market Findsby Efesgirl
1976 Franklin Mint 925 Silver Pendant and chainby TassieD…
Tibetan beadsby alliececile
Antique Metal Boxby Junkman60
Geologists?by BHock45
What Kind Of Metal Is This? It's Rainbow Hematite! by Efesgirl Efesgirl
Braceletby were
David Andersen Norway Viking Collection Sterling Pendantby Efesgirl
10K Natural Ruby Vintage Ringby freiheit
Cast Sterling Navajo Brooch/Pendant "Kokopelli" by Andy Thomasby freiheit
Vintage Mexican Sterling Brooch with "Green Onyx"by freiheit
Nepalese brooch/pin with turquoise/coral/glassby pebble
Silver ring! by Nicspawee
Gold and opal pendantby martika
Sterling  Silver and pearlsby Cbill
Grandmothers Green Gold  Enamel Locketby SueMarshall
Finally found a ring that fit my tiny finger!by Nicspawee
Big Hematite & Sterling Adjustable Ring Thrift Shop Find 95 Centsby Efesgirl
Art Deco Ivory (I think) Cuff Bracelet Thrift Shop Find 95 Centsby Efesgirl
Silver necklace more info wanted by Sammylouise…
Namiki Lacquer Jewellery Box circa 1960'sby kiwipaul
Silver ring! by Nicspawee
Egyptian Revival Heart-shaped Boxby ho2cult…
Fluorescent Calcite Willemite and unknown minerals in concrete Franklin NJby Hedgewa…
1940's Cannetille Ring Mexicoby shareur…
Vintage .835 Silver Necklace Flea Market Find $10by Efesgirl
Ring :)by Lise
The Muriel rings - Part Threeby racer4f…
Some more rings from Muriel -Part Twoby racer4f…
Silver and stone rings by Muriel - Part Oneby racer4f…
White Crystal Geode ~ Brazilian Agateby Deano
Japan 1947 British Commonwealth Forces Occupation Silver Ringby TassieD…
10k ringby bcarric…
Arts and Crafts Sterling Silver Abalone/Paua Shell Pendant and Earringsby TassieD…
Two brooches - one sterling, one notby racer4f…
Charles Rennie Macintosh style brooch by Kit Heath UKby racer4f…
FiMackintosh Collection Vitreous Enamek Sterling Silverby dantro
Heart locketby Srpotter6
Taxco Sterling Cuff Bracelet With Extra Silver Efesgirl
Men's 10k Ring, Military Insignia inscribed May 31, 1943by BillD
Vintage Silver and Multi-Stone Pendantby Peaseje…
Arts and Crafts 9ct gold Operculum Shell Broochby TassieD…
Micro Mosaic flower brooch set in 14K yellow gold by Agram.m
18k Victorian "Seal Ring"by comett62
Marquis Cabachon Amber Stone Set In Sterling Ring/ Marked .925/ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
My latest interesting jewelry findby Eclectic113
My latest interesting jewelry findby Eclectic113
My Favorite Earrings purple stone vintageby Dpw
Badge Identification Pleaseby Oldfatherti…
Silver Micro Mosaic necklace to complete my collection of this kind of jewelryby Agram.m
9ct gold Curb Link Ring.....Favourite Ringby TassieD…
Trinket Holderby helpisonthe…
Italian trinket box maybe?by Dandysc…
Maple leaf brooch! by Nicspawee
Norfolk pearl ringby Cleverinc
Aunt Dot Sterling Turquoiseby Dpw
Graduation Ringby comett62
Art Nouveau Enamel on Silver Scandinavian Guilloche Broochby Poire
Metal box! by Nicspawee
Stretch bracelet! by Nicspawee
found this what kind of boxis this?by pitboss808
Finally get to wear melaniej
Large amethyst color stone in simple setting with clear stone accentsby Jennsbl…
Silver Opal Ringby jeneric
Amethyst colored rhinestone broochby Jennsbl…
10k Gold Topaz Ring?by jeneric
Unmarked lab created fire opal brooch pinby Jennsbl…
Round micro mosaic circa 1880sby Jennsbl…
Clover shaped micro mosaic brooch pin early 1900sby Jennsbl…
Florenza brooch pendant comboby Jennsbl…
Murrle Bennett, Rose Gold and Blister Pearl Peaseje…
Bernard Instone Silver and Pearl Peaseje…
Bought From A Friend: Ana Bekoach Pendant (thanks, Dizzydave,. for the ID!)by Efesgirl
What could this be material ? Brooch set in ornate decorated Sterling Silverby Agram.m
Liquid silver necklaceby martika
Very large Star Sapphire - by JDCurrey01
Rhoda Wager (signed) Silver & Boulder Opal Ringby kiwipaul
Turtles beacelet! by Nicspawee
Agate and Glass Bead 3 Strand Necklaceby TassieD…
Amethyst Crystal Clustersby jeneric
Rocks & Crystal Collectionby jeneric
Silver braceletby lentilka11
Vintage Avon Gold Tone Polished Heart Locketby jeneric
Sterling Silver Chainby Dpw
Pendant Southwestern 4 blue Turquoise stonesby Dpw
London leather jewelry boxby Momtojoseph
Unusual vintage Amber braceletby Terei
Vintage 1920 Amethyst Brooch Pin by Vintage…
Bamboo brooch!!!by Nicspawee
Cameo Stick Pinby nutsabotas6
Stud earings! by Nicspawee
Silver jewelry! by Nicspawee
Little elephant pendant!by Nicspawee
Bernard Instone Silver Citrine Broochby Peaseje…
Bernard Instone Silver Enamel Necklaceby Peaseje…
Antique Silver Amethyst and Paste Necklace?by Peaseje…
An old piece of jewelleyby fleafin…
Help needed! Different makers!by kyratango
Help needed! Knoll&Pregizer and mysterious maker!Two paste and sterling brooches, by kyratango
Alexander Ritchie IONA Silver Ringby TassieD…
French Jet Cha Cha Earrings West Germany - Maker?by Celiene
Pearl Necklace Clasp by Celiene
Sterling silver earings! by Nicspawee
Sterling Ring, Flea Market Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Sterling Crystal Earrings, Flea Market Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Knoll & Pregizer silver and paste leaf kyratango
What kind of these stones? by Nicspawee
Please help! by Nicspawee
Vintage Sterling 925 multi stone earringsby Ballsto…
Sterling Silver Brooch ( Mexico ) - Umbrellaby antique…
Sterling & Labradorite Ring Flea Market Find $4.00by Efesgirl
Sterling Silver Bracelet Flea Market Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
"It's Not Silver", She Said > Sterling Necklace & Bracelet Garage Sale Find $5.00by Efesgirl
"It's Not Silver", She Said...Sterling 70s/80s Dolphin Bracelet Garage Sale Find $2.00by Efesgirl
Alexander Ritchie of Iona - Silver Serpent Ringby kiwipaul
Murano Glass Pendant ?by nutsabotas6
Silver and Chrysophrase Bernard Instone Broochby Peaseje…
Bernard Instone Brooch?by Peaseje…
Cameo Ring White Gold 14k by Vintage…
Circa 1900-1915 Silver Art Nouveau Pendant by Efesgirl
Mix Lot of Cameo Jewelryby StacyEW
A Pair of Blister Pearl and Turquoise Earringsby Peaseje…
Art and Craft Ringby Peaseje…
Black Hills Gold Necklace in Boxby StacyEW
Cross Pendant / Necklacesby StacyEW
C1930 "School of Rhoda Wager" 9ct gold Brooch with White Cliffs Opal Doublet.. Mystery Solved thanks to KiwiPaulby TassieD…
Opal 18K Ring, Age Unknown by Alan2310
Today's  thrift shop findby Junkman60
Lavender jadeite and 14k gold vintage beads kyratango
Made in Japan Metal Heart Boxby StacyEW
Antique braceletby lentilka11
Belt Buckle Black Hills Gold by UtahRedRock
Stunning colours take a lookby aura
Big Silver/Crystals Cross, Pawn Shop Buyby Efesgirl
Mans Ring 5th Armored Division USby StacyEW
Antique Gold Bracelet by Vintage…
Long sterling silver stud earringsby martika
Sterling Silver & Spangle Amber Pendant/Ring, Flea Market Find $7.50by Efesgirl
.835 Silver Bracelet, Flea Market Find $7.50by Efesgirl
Tasmanian Devil Pendantby nutsabotas6
old emblems / charms that seem similarby StacyEW
Silver Sterling Cross "Creed" Canada, 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Edwardian Black Opal & Diamond Ring in Platinum & Goldby kiwipaul
Amethyst & Marcasite  Sterling  Silver  Necklace by Caperkid
Sterling Silver Middle Eastern/Asian Design Bracelet Flea Market Find $1.00by Efesgirl
Vintage Sterling & Gemstone Ring, Flea Market Find $15by Efesgirl
Unusual Coober Pedy Cat's Eye Crystal Opal in Art Deco 14k WG & Diamond Ringby kiwipaul
Nepal Nepalese Gau or Tibetan ? Turquoise Coral Beaded Jewelry Boxby DontheB…
A Lonely Zuni Pettipoint Earring Is Now A Pendant - Thrift Shop Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Large High Domed Moonstone Silver Bernard Instone? Pendantby Peaseje…
Bernard Instone Drop Peaseje…
An Interesting Sterling Silver Ring, Thrift Shop Buy For $20...But, Who Made It?by Efesgirl
Carved Ivory Flower Necklaceby Junkman60
Beautiful Antique carved Jewellery box by MillyBall
Another Mystery Cameoby Hoipolloi
Sterling Rings, From My Dealer Friendby Efesgirl
Chinese Carved MOP Gaming Chip Brooch w/Silver Mount Thrift Shop Findby Efesgirl
An Opal Cameo Brooch/Pendant by Wilhelm Schmidt, circa 1900by kiwipaul
Medicine Stones or Gemstones? That is the MamaDot
My husband purchased a "lot" of items from an Auction MamaDot
American Art Nouveau - Ostby & Barton Opal Ringby kiwipaul
Arts and Crafts 15ct Gold and Pearl Screw On Earringsby TassieD…
WWII US Air Force Ring 1942by Rattlet…
Suffrage -- Silent Sentinel pinby Bluboi
Ladies Tear Drop Pendantby Caperkid
9ct Rose Gold Puffy Heart Pendant with "Lily of the Valley" by TassieD…
I picked this up for $1!! by sksblue82
18K Gold Bird Pin !!!!!!!!! local thrift store awhile ago !!!!!!!!!!by toyhoar…
Can you help with my new finby Berthas…
Sterling Silver & Gold Overlay Woven Braid Bracelet Flea Market Find $1.00by Efesgirl
St George Slaying a Dragon Antique Italian Cameoby Francesca
Favorite Brooch!by Francesca
Murano Glass Pendantby nutsabotas6
Sterling & Glass Italian Necklace, Missing The Last Efesgirl
Victorian Mixed Gem Braceletby Peaseje…
Georgian Crescent Brooch?by Peaseje…
Arts and Crafts amethyst and sterling ring, part 2 after kyratango
ARTS AND CRAFTS sterling double shank ring Chinese carved amethyst. Part 1. by kyratango
1950s Silver Rainbow/Iris Crystal Pendant - Another One! by Efesgirl
Vintage BULER Watch Co. Swiss 17 Jewel Watch Ballby Dallibone
I Had To Show This Brooch - It Belongs To My Good Friend. Flea Market Find $2.00by Efesgirl
Chinese White Jade "Archer's Ring" Mutton Fat "Skin"by Stillwa…
Antique Gold Mourning Locketby Junkman60
Victorian brooch?by katheri…
Cultured Pearl Choker/.835 Clasp, Thrift Shop Find $2.00by Efesgirl
Large .835 Silver Heart Pendant, Thrift Shop Find $2.00by Efesgirl
Australian Sterling Silver Annunciation Angel Cameo Pendant on original chainby TassieD…
Jewelry or Mystery?by OkRx44
Vintage Mexico Silver Braceletsby Junkman60
Iris Rainbow Glass Necklace with 835 Silver Iris Glass Ringby TassieD…
Beautiful Vintage Flutterby Brooch came France from a CW member as a gift :-) by Manikin
Finally Got One! Teardrop Rainbow Crystal Pendant Flea Market Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Graduated Champagne Color Pearl Choker/Sterling Clasp Flea Market Find $1.50by Efesgirl
turquoise jewelryby thegath…
Late Georgian early Victorian Lava bracelet in 9ct goldby Bettyb00
Rare Medieval Gold Serjeant-at-Law Ring, circa 1555by Bluboi
Silver Bracelet ID Neededby ckb208
Unknown Religious Pendentby wecoville
Mom's 1940's Austrian Silver Collar Styled Necklace & Earringsby avua
Sterling silver and MOP Poland braceletby Newtimes
Butterfly Broochby nutsabotas6
And Then, There Were Two...2nd Sterling Silver Emma Mine Tie Clip $5.00by Efesgirl
Family Heirloom Vintage Cocktail ring and matching necklace by Eclecto…
Music/jewelry boxby Hawk04
Jewelry Boxby Obsidian
Vintage sterling ring helpby NCvintage
Bought some new Indian jewelryby NCvintage
Indian jewelry information neededby NCvintage
Zuni inlay ringby NCvintage
Newly purchased Indian jewelryby NCvintage
Vintage Taxco Mexico Sterling Silver Bracelet w/ Malachite Stone inlayby Dallibone
Vintage Mexico Sterling Silver Bracelet Bangleby Dallibone
Vintage Gold Lion Broochby Junkman60
Thrift Shop: "Madame, we must check to see if it's silver (waits & waits). No, not silver..95 cents please" by Efesgirl
Question on this Ring??by antique…
Little Silver Ringby nutsabotas6
Laddies Tennis Braceletby Caperkid
14kt Gold Earrings w/ Sterling silver by Dallibone
FOR brunswick
1970s Jorma Laine Finland Signed Modernist Bronze Necklace Flea Market Find $3.00by Efesgirl
Lapis Silver Ringby nutsabotas6
A Rare New Zealand Colonial Tangiwai (Bowenite) Necklaceby kiwipaul
New Zealand Arts & Crafts Jeweller - Elsie Reeve - Amethyst Earringsby kiwipaul
Vintage Sterling Silver Earrings Signed AHby Dallibone
Vintage Sterling Silver Earrings Turquoise stone inlayby Dallibone
Vintage Sterling Silver Earrings Signed Krollby Dallibone
Vintage Sterling Silver Earrings Signedby Dallibone
Vintage Sterling Silver Feather Earrings by M Kirkby Dallibone
Vintage Sterling Silver Earrings Signedby Dallibone
Vintage Sterling Silver Earrings w/ 14k Gold inlay "Ed Levin"by Dallibone
18K Revival Victorian/Georgian Etruscan Ruby Earrings, Antique 14K Yellow Gold Garnet Earringsby Agram.m
Sterling Silver Broochby melaniej
Early SAPHIRET 9ct Rose Gold Ringby TassieD…
Made in Siam Flip Double Sided Silver Ringby TassieD…
pendant EX  /XE??by rec
My "Poke Your Eyes Out" Ring, Antique & Brocante Market Offeringby Efesgirl
4) Sterling Bracelet Pawn Shop Job Lot Buyby Efesgirl
3) Sterling & Amber Bracelet Pawn Shop Job Lot Buy by Efesgirl
2) Sterling Silver & Turquoise Necklace & Bracelet Pawn Shop Job Lot Buyby Efesgirl
1) Gilded Sterling Silver Russian Pendant, Pawn Shop Job Lot Buyby Efesgirl
Green Onyx (?) Strung Necklace w/ Sterling Clasp Antique Market Find $3.00by Efesgirl
Mens Silver Ring by nutsabotas6
Dangleing Diamonds!by brunswick
Old Sterling and Green Stone Ring, Made in Mexicoby llvanina
Dorrie Nossiter Earringsby Peaseje…
Jewellery from Peruby martika
Unusual 925 silver with gold accents necklaceby TassieD…
Large Vintage 900 Coin Silver Bracelet "Industria Peruanna" by Dallibone
Vintage Sterling Silver Bracelet "Siam"by Dallibone
Sterling peacock broochby racer4f…
Vintage Victorian Sterling Silver Necklace Set w/ green stone by Dallibone
Vintage Sterling Silver bracelet THAIby Dallibone
The Moon And The brunswick
Just A Pretty brunswick
14k Yellow Gold Antique Button Covers?by BillD
Puzzling Amber or alliececile
Here you go Efesgirl!by Stillwa…
FLORA DANICA gold over silver LEAF brooch Eggert Denmarkby TassieD…
A Little Bitty Old Silver Efesgirl
Navajo Sterling Ring Signed Teme', Antique Market Find $5.00by Efesgirl
1950s Sterling Silver & Vermeil Parsley Brooch By Orla Eggert Denmark Antique Market Find $5.00by Efesgirl
Any ideas what the logo is? by Daxvey
Ring from chinaby annjalarsen
Jade braceletby annjalarsen
Victorian Antique Tiny Pearl Ringby jeneric
Big modernist pendantby Newtimes
Sterling Mexican Rose Earringsby freiheit
Taxco Mexico Sterling Bangle for Maryby freiheit
End 19th century Micro mosaic (Italian marked) Micro Mosaic Brooch with flowers and Doveby Agram.m
.835 Silver Art Nouveau Swag Necklace Thrift Shop Find $1.25by Efesgirl
November 7, 1995by brunswick
Bristol Blue Colored Glass & Sterling Ring, Flea Market Find $3.00by Efesgirl
Zoltan White Large Ringby Peaseje…
Anna Wintour style Victorian Amethyst & Gold Riviere Necklaceby kiwipaul
Black onyx bangle by valenti…
18KT Zodiak Cancer Cufflinksby photoflare
Vintage Silver and Turquoise Nugget Charm Bracelet by Junkman60
Chinese Locket or Padlock Necklace?  UPDATED PHOTOSby BHock45
baby ringby marered…
Early 70's Caithness Ysart millefiori ring from westred
Post 2 of 2,My Grand Mother Sister"Cecile" Jewellery Box, circa 1904by Alan2310
Taxco Mexico Sterling Bangleby freiheit
Post 1 of 2,My Grand Mother Sister"Cecile" Crystal and Gold ROSARY, circa 1900 by Alan2310
10K gold and Spinel (?) Ringby freiheit
Silverplated Art Nouveau Safety Pin Brooch Garage Sale Find $2.00by Efesgirl
14K/585 White Gold & "Diamond" Ring & 585 Gold Earrings,  Flea Market Finds $7.50by Efesgirl
Garage Sales/Flea Market Findsby Efesgirl
14K Gold Perfume Bottle with Blue Sapphire by Erlesw
Brooch by Yearbyear
Silver charm old phoneby cmoore14
Art Deco 14k White Gold, Diamond, Sapphire & Opal Necklaceby kiwipaul
Above The brunswick
Big Art Nouveau horn wounded bumble bee, part kyratango
Big Art Nouveau horn wounded bumble bee. Part kyratango
WW2 Gold Irvin Caterpillar Club Badge/Broochby TassieD…
wooden antique jewelry box with flower patterns clothby roselilly2006
American Art Deco Platinum & Diamond Ring w. Marquise Shaped Opalby kiwipaul
Native American Navajo Sterling Silver Turquoise Ringby Dallibone
Art Deco silver necklaceby lentilka11
Vintage Mexican Silver Bib Necklaceby Emme
Jewelry box by mowgli191
Large Taxco Incised Sterling Cross, TV-94, Antique Market Find $5.00by Efesgirl
Hannu Ikonen Reindeer Moss Bronze Necklace Thrift Shop Find $3.50by Efesgirl
14k Gold Necklace Pendant w/ Amethyst by Dallibone
Wood / Sterling / Lucite Broochby Stillwa…
My Mother's 21st Gift?by jenb
Unknownby NickB
Australian 9ct gold map of Tasmania expanding ringby TassieD…
my modernist ring designed by  Jon David Anderson by SaulsoG…
Intaglio Glass Mourning Locket Fob Ring 10Kby courten…
Sterling silver butterfly broochby Vintage…
Sterling Ring - Stone Missingby freiheit
Art Deco or Modern Ringby Peaseje…
Victorian humming bird kyratango
A small selection of gold broochesby TassieD…
FUMSUP Good Luck Charm with original box and cardby TassieD…
Vintage Colonial Williamsburg Sterling Silver Mechanical Charm Bracelet by Dallibone
Sterling and Amethyst Bracelet: Craft Project by freiheit
 Large Mystery Cameo " Parfum La’Gutierre, Paris 1832"by freiheit
Sterling Pendant Service 20 Years Treasury by Dallibone
Silver Ring - Mother of Pearl Cameoby nutsabotas6
Silver Dog Face Broochby TassieD…
Old military style ringby Peytonleath…
Red glass faux coral beads from Nepalby valenti…
Sterling Silver Ring w/ abalone stone Signed by Dallibone
Help me learn more about this beautiful ringby MelissaRN
Chinese carved jade pendantsby IVAN49
Native American Sterling Silver w/ Turquoise Stone Inlayby Dallibone
1970s Taxco Modernist Atomic Swoop Sterling .925 & Brass Brooch by TR-57 LATONby Celiene
Mexican sterling bracelet w/composite stones circa 1950's-60's?by valenti…
An Odd Choice For A Necklace? Is it Native American?by CheapSu…
bernard Instone Earringsby Peaseje…
Mixed metal Mexico sterling rings circa 1950's or 60'sby valenti…
Silver Art Deco Braceletby Berthas…
Help with Maker Markby volo
Vintage silver bracelet with 835 markby martika
Sterling Silver Pin Medieval by Dallibone
Ruby faced garnet pendantby Mosaicmouse
Rare "NILSSON" Sterling Silver Bracelet by Dallibone
Marcasite & Silver Ringby nutsabotas6
Celtic Pendantby Dallibone
Arts and Crafts chalcedony ringby fairviewgal
Unknown gemstoneby rkaiser
One Stone Eggby Peaseje…
Collection of Stone Eggsby Peaseje…
Italian Cameos - 1800'sby AC25
Wooden box - What is this?by kmuckster
Beautiful colours on stoneby aura
Estate Find Vintage Silver Necklaceby Junkman60
islamic or tibetan prayer beads?by finderskeep…
Expandro St. Steel West Germany Chain Link Men's Bracelet Flea Market Find $3by Efesgirl
Art Deco White & Yellow Gold (???) Pendant Flea Market Find $1.50by Efesgirl
Sterling and MOP Earringsby freiheit
Bond Boyd Sterling Vintage Broochby freiheit
Vintage Sterling and Amethyst Earringsby freiheit
Petrified Woodby mluna99
 Art deco ivory stretch braceletsby Newtimes
Phyllis Coonsis silver and mother of pearl ringby pariciastcl…
.835 Silver Propelling Pencil Pendant Thrift Shop Find $1.00by Efesgirl
Meteorite, moray & Siberian mammoth hairby dr.sideshow
Australian 15ct rose gold cameo ringby TassieD…
Ring..Fire opal??by jennmanji
Cuff bracelet by jennmanji
Crystal Amethyst Necklace and Earrings Setby Dewsie77
Vintage 925 and Malachite Dangle Earringsby freiheit
Pawn shop finds by my husband for me yesterday! by TassieD…
Hand Etched Sterling Ring - Pawn Shop Find $5.00by Efesgirl
A Tale of Two Broochesby Emme
1940's Silver marcasite lyrebird brooch & 9 ct silver lined shell cameo braceletby Bettyb00
1930's Moonstone and Amethyst Broochby wpj
A Better Look At The Scarab Ringby Efesgirl
Flea Market Finds For Today...!by Efesgirl
Rhodochrosite stone, crystal and carvingby martika
Sterling Silver & Onyx Brooch, Flea Market Find Today - $1.00by Efesgirl
3 braceletsby lentilka11
Mystery stone - another green and sterling ringby valenti…
Another group of unmarked sterling and green turquoise!!! - part 5 - yikes!by valenti…
Unknown Native American maker - green turquoise rings - part 4by valenti…
Carved shell leaf with black pearlby Neima
A Simple Silver Ring For 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Art Deco 935 silver pendantby Neima
Peyote Bird Inlaid Turquoise & Coral Ring 1974by Efesgirl
Diamond & Dark Crystal Opal Ring - pinfire colours against a dark body toneby kiwipaul
Unknown Native American green turquoise rings - part 3by valenti…
Unmarked Native American turquoise cuff - part 2by valenti…
A few unmarked Native American bracelets - part 1 by valenti…
Trying to find out all I can about these . Any and all things about Olemiss99
1.9ct Black Opal - rescued from an old stick pin, and set in a ring with a halo of diamondsby kiwipaul
Steel and Amber ring?by katheri…
Carrick silver broochby Neima
Art Nouveau Silver Pendant Antique Market Find $8.00by Efesgirl
This is a Rhoda Wager Boulder Opal Ring - mystery solved by jewels1900 and kiwipaulby TassieD…
Silver & jade necklace in the Arts and Crafts style?by valenti…
mystery sterling mid century? modernist necklaceby herennow
Huge Old Hilltribe Earring - Burmaby ho2cult…
Biba Sterling Silver Necklace With Four .925 Crystal Pendant Charms, Flea Market Find $1.00 by Efesgirl
early'1900 silver brooch "rose de france" by L. Lexcellent, ECOLE DE NANCYby paris1925
Vintage Yellow Gold Tone Brass Italian Multi Colored Floral Micro Mosaic Trinket Pill Box Boxes by vinthag
Brooch from this weeks yard salesby Murphda
Unger Brothers Sterling Silver Pin, and a foreign broots
Georgian 15ct gold Stuart Crystal Earringby TassieD…
Silver Cuff Braclet by lambertkh
Antique Asian bracelet by Berthas…
Hat Pinand Hair Ornaments by Berthas…
Micro Mosaic little Broochby Agram.m
Black Opal & Diamond Cocktail Ring, circa 1950's to 60's by kiwipaul
Antique 1ct Black Opal  Ring with 1ct of Diamondsby kiwipaul
Native American Vintage Bracelet: HMIJby freiheit
Cannetille butterfly broochby martika
David - Andersen Guilloche Butterfly Broochby Emme
Hawaii Coat of Arms Sterling Pinby Emme
Art Deco Natural Pearl, Emerald & Diamond Bracelet in Platinum & Goldby kiwipaul
Anyone recognize this brand?by BHock45
Can anyone help with this bracelet?  by BHock45
Arts and Crafts Handmade Multistone Broochby wpj
James Yesberger Hippo Ringby wpj
Round Micro Mosaic brooch depicting stars and Agram.m
Necklace?? Talisman?? by Peytonleath…
Great Great Grandmothers Cameoby SusieC60
Australian antique 15ct gold sweetheart broochby Bettyb00
English Silver Locketby Junkman60
Sterling Horse Head Pinby Junkman60
My Birthday Presentsby Junkman60
Swank cufflinks and tie pin setby Maryvet
1916 Silver "Friend-O-Link" Braceletby TassieD…
Colorful Arts and Crafts sterling and enamel kyratango
Antique Asian Jewelry chestby PeteLangford
Gold Medal/Pendant with Saturn, Military ?by BillD
Sterling Silver Umbrella Brooch by Efesgirl
Gem Set Twin Fly Lace Pinsby TassieD…
Small Art Deco Amber Pendantby freiheit
Vintage Taxco Sterling Clamper Braceletby freiheit
Antique reverse painted glass miniature filigree frameby kivatin…
Moonstone hold necklaceby Lisle123
Antique ethnic copper kyratango
Jugendstil Silver bracelet by Georg A Scheid, Vienna c. 1890by BelleEp…
Bumblebee brooch by Oldfash…
Gift from Indiaby melaniej
Fine Vintage Antique Doves Festoon Micro Mosaic  Choker Necklace (gold??)by Agram.m
Sterling pin: Is it Deco, Arts&Crafts or Danish Modern?by valenti…
Valuable ring?by Jbailey5005
Oklahoma carved rock bird head? by JacqueJ
Kyratised wounded enamel and gold pansies brooch, part kyratango
Wounded enamel and gold pansies brooch, part kyratango
Teeny tiny gold amethyst doll's ring.... by TassieD…
Queen Victoria Mother of Pearl Pinby Emme
 Antique Georgian Sterling Silver Intaglio Brooch with Tiny Paste - Rhinestonesby glassie…
Marcel Boucher Classic Goldtone Circle Brooch by cococlayman…
10KP Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Accents Ringby freiheit
Tortoise Shell (Faux?) Gold and Silver Broochby freiheit
Vintage Danecraft Sterling Broochby freiheit
WW1 Australian Gold Sweetheart Broochesby TassieD…
aztec bookends by Destiny…
Garage Sale Gold! And Silver Horse Themed Jewerly by kryscio…
Vintage mother of pearl necklaceby martika
Wounded plique à jour hair pin/comb, gilded kyratango
Family heirloom to beby CSK
.835 Silver & Garnet Pendant, 1950s & Unusual Silver Plated 1930s Lourdes Broochby Efesgirl brunswick
Micro Mosaic Millefiori set in silver brooch pendantby Agram.m
Carnelian sphere ballby martika
Antique Thewa work Victorian kyratango
Local Rummage Sale  Jewelry Findsby Junkman60
Garnet or Ruby?by dar70380
Flea Market & Thrift Shop Silver Findsby Efesgirl
Russian 583 rose gold Demantoid Garnet ringby TassieD…
18K Brushed White Gold Heart Pendant, Antique/Repurpose Shop Find, $1.50by Efesgirl
Family Jewelleryby spurslady41
10k gold and seed pearls errings by pcmadis…
Blue enamel Forget Me Not Mourning Brooch with Australian Storyby TassieD…
Biggest bumble bee brooch, gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, kyratango
10k White Gold Diamond Earringsby kryscio…
14k IGE Diamond ring?by kryscio…
There Be Pearls!by brunswick
Arts and Crafts (?) turquoise sterling pendant and chain. Mark HJH pieced by kyratango
Mary Thew?by kyratango
9ct gold and pearl heart with map of TassieD…
Antique 14ct gold crescent seed pearl broochby Bettyb00
Broachby TinyT
What stone is this?by TinyT
My mom's favby QueenMelisssa
 Unsigned Early NAVAJO Green Turquoise  CUFF BRACELETby LOUMANAL
Antique Victorian amethyst heart pendant(and redo)by Bettyb00
More Rings to Look Atby LOUMANAL
Rings for The Interested- Recent pick-upsby LOUMANAL
egyptian red faience Ring. Names: "Assouan Ring", or "Ring of Karnak" or "Ring of Luxor", or "Atlantis Ring".by Rivaleka
Ornate Medieval/Victorian Ruby/Rubellite and Pearl Silver and 24k Gold Ringby Rivaleka
Luck Of The Irish!by brunswick
Toronto Silverplate Co Jewel Caseby courten…
What is this necklace by Jamesws…
Unknown materials by Jamesws…
.835 Silver Necklace, Thrift Shop Find $1.00by Efesgirl
Tiny pheasant sterling brooch mark A kyratango
Silver and lapis lazuli hook earringsby martika
Arts & crafts ring. Bernard Instone?by Sandysnow
1970's  Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet ( My Moms )by antique…
sterling silver art ringby billypi…
Solid Sterling Silver- ARTS & CRAFTS -Silver Cabochon Ringby LOUMANAL
Peculiar Victorian Double Star Silver Broochby Efesgirl
Old ID bracelet by nouveau…
Another Locket -- HEART Vintageby antique…
Granny's --- Necklace and Locket by antique…
Silver and Onyx Cameo Braceletby Emme
Egyptian Revival Silver Vintage Broochby freiheit
Old .835 Silver Bracelet Flea Market Find $1.00by Efesgirl
Jesus Coin- Virgin of Guadalupe Sterling Medallion TurdFer…
Rubies under black/UV kyratango
Silver ring with tiny coralsby martika
Vintage Gold Cat Ringby Junkman60
Art Deco Tank Track Braceletby Junkman60
Today's Thrift Findby Junkman60
Mysterious mysteries, #1 of 2, this necklaceby katheri…
4 sad Mexican divorcesby valenti…
Antique 15 ct gold opal, old cut diamonds and ruby ringby Bettyb00
Vintage Brooch/Pinby CJMChevy
Silver 925 Bracelet- Bali Indonesiaby LOUMANAL
Single Old Earring -- Jet Black ??  Sterling Silver ??by antique…
Antique Sterling and Marcacite Braceletby Junkman60
Sterling and Amethyst Jewelry Setby Junkman60
Vintage Gold And Jade Brooch/Pendantby Junkman60
Gold Diamond And Jade Pendantby Junkman60
Silver and Plique Ajour Enameled pinby Junkman60
Large  Sterling Floral Sash Buckleby Junkman60
Vintage Australian Sterling Silver Braceletby Junkman60
Nye Sterling Silver Flower Brooch and Earring Setby Junkman60
Vintage Silver Animal Heads Braceletby Junkman60
Sterling Silver Hinged Bow Braceletby Junkman60
Signed Safir Sterling Silver Braceletby Junkman60
Black Onyx Gold and Pearl Bead Necklaceby Junkman60
Native American Inlay Turquoise and Coral and Agates BELT BUCKLEby LOUMANAL
Turquoise "Wagon Wheels" Brooch- N. American LOUMANAL
Sterling Silver Heart Braceletby Junkman60
Vintage Jade and Gold Ringby Junkman60
Green stones are not always jade!by kyratango
Northwest Tlingit style sterling pendant marked MAG and MEO?by valenti…
Turquoise & Silver Earrings - Pawn Shop Findsby Efesgirl
Large Silver Red Stone Ringby Peaseje…
Hairpipe bone belt and bone necklaceby katheri…
Kollmar & Jourdan Germany (1885-1977) UNION Chain Link Braceletby Efesgirl
Hairpipe bone and leather chokers, but from where?by katheri…
Sterling Silver/Amethyst Cabochon Bracelet Flea Market Find $2by Efesgirl
Please HELP identifying this ring! by GQcasaniva
Opaline Glass and Sterling Filigree Pendantby freiheit
Vintage Amber Ring by freiheit
18k Victorian Flower Broochby kryscio…
Carved Bone Necklace & .925 Sterling Coil Ring, Flea Market Finds > 10 Cents Apiece! by Efesgirl
Poor big dragonfly!by kyratango
Antique french jet necklaces&1930s rock crystal necklaceby Bettyb00
Vintage sailboat rubies and sapphires gold kyratango
Antique Meyle and Mayer silver enamel frog kyratango
Vintage Ivory Bangleby freiheit
Sterling and Turquoise Braceletby freiheit
Antique silver broochby martika
Jadeite and faceted crystal rondelles kyratango
Silver and amethyst broochby racer4f…
Vintage French 'Murat Paris' Heavy Rose Gold Plated Patterned Curb Link Bracelet Thrift Shop Find $3.00by Efesgirl
Today's Thrift Shop Finds, Karma Was On My Side. by Efesgirl
Gold and Diamond Ringby Peaseje…
Australian antique amethyst&seed pearl brooch in 9ct gold by Willisby Bettyb00
Vintage Jewelry Box / Casket - By PHILLIPS by antique…
Gold necklace with flower inside a window?!! Help!!??by Lmoirkie
Aimor 6 Transistor Radio Jewelry Box Coin Bankby surrounded_…
Mexican Silver  Turquoise Pendantby Caperkid
Norman Grant Silver Enamel Drop Earringsby Peaseje…
Norman Grant Silver Enamel Pendantby Peaseje…
Gorgeous arts & crafts opal and silver floral ring, Scotland c. 1890by BelleEp…
Antique Sterling black onyx and coral flower ringby Junkman60
Large Vintage Mexico Braceletby freiheit
MOP & .800 Silver Reverse Intaglio Cameo Pendant Flea Market Find $6.00by Efesgirl
Antique cultured pearl and sterling silver necklaceby Bettyb00
Antique moonstone broochby Bettyb00
Metal head on stoneby TinyT
Mosaic tokensby TinyT
Gold pieces on a chain by billypi…
Large Micro Mosaic Belt Buckleby Agram.m
Antique 9 carat gold paste stone flower earringsby Bettyb00
Agate pieces and geodesby martika
Easter bunny reverse painted crystal intaglio gold stick kyratango
Antique sterling silver amethyst broochby Bettyb00
My Big Sterling "Zeeland Buttons" Antique Bracelet, Thrift Shop Find, Cheap~!by Efesgirl
Old Jewelry Case ( Metal, and Velvet )by antique…
Thrift Shop Finds! All This, Plus The Pendant Watch & Earrings Posted Earilerby Efesgirl
Vintage Native American Silver and Turquoise Ringby freiheit
Sam Elsbi Borje 1954 Stockholmby pamelaf…
18" Strand of Blue/Gray Pearls by Emme
My little find melaniej
Size comparison between usual stick pin size and the tiny kyratango
Antique gold lined albertina watch chain assembleged to a braceletby Bettyb00
Tiniest ladybug antique stick pin! by kyratango
Silver Wedding/Cana/Marriage Cross Flea Market Find For Pocket Changeby Efesgirl
Pt. 2 >What The Victoria & Albert Museum In London Said About My Efesgirl
The remains of my malachite collectionby martika
Antique Bracelet with Rock Crystal charm/Pendantby Peaseje…
Victorian Silver Arrow Brooch Reg'd 30 March 1884 Flea Market Find $1.50 > Research Info In Descriptionby Efesgirl
Vintage - Coral and Sterling Silver Ringby antique…
And Then, There Were Two...Pair.  Left: .925 Sterling Right: 14K Gold * Flea Market Finds $1.00*by Efesgirl
Mystery silver brooch with Arabic (?) callighraphyby martika
Turquoise Ring Originby Estosojos11
I need help identifying this pendant by poeticbeauty
14K White Gold Earrings With 7 Brilliant Cut Diamonds Flea Market Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Confronted Dragon headed Braceletby Peaseje…
Another  1980s Turkish braceletby Bettyb00
Antique  9ct gold photo locketby Bettyb00
Gold Lion Brooch with Ruby Eyesby Junkman60
Gold and Jade Turtle Pinby Junkman60
Gold Owl Pinby Junkman60
Gold and Turquoise Elephant Pinby Junkman60
Jade and Gold Pendant ( with Chinese Script ) Markedby antique…
Labradorite & Sterling Pendant + Sterling Silver Dragon With Crystal Ball, Thrift Shop Findsby Efesgirl
Gold and Jade Lady Bug Pinby Junkman60
Norway Sterling And Green Enameled Flower Broochby Junkman60
Large Gold and Peridot Ringby Junkman60
18kt Gold and Jade RingHereby Junkman60
Art Deco Silver Ringby Junkman60
Unusual Chain Link Sterling Silver Cross Thrift Shop Findby Efesgirl
Music Box Pendantby AnnaB
Somewhat Bizarre Silver & 14K Gold Clip Earrings, 1960s (?) Thrift Shop Find $1.00by Efesgirl
Silver ring very rareby aura
1920' gilded silver Chinese pomander kyratango
Victorian reverse painted crystal intaglio gold stick pin, original domed kyratango
Vintage Balinese silver panels kyratango
Sterling and gold pendantby IVAN49
¿What Formed Them?by SpiritB…
Large Silver and Ivory Scarab And Silver Claw Pendantby Junkman60
Vintage Mexico Silver Pendant/Pinby Junkman60
Vintage Carved Catseye Ringby Junkman60
Antique Black Star Sapphire Snake Ringby Junkman60
Gold lilac Jade Braceletby Junkman60
Mysterious Color Changing Gold Ringby Junkman60
Antique Gold and Enamel Snake Ringby Junkman60
Danish Mid Century Silver Ringby Junkman60
Art Deco Ruby Ringby Junkman60
Chinese Silver and Jade Double Dragon Ringby Junkman60
Antique Silver and Amethyst Ringby Junkman60
Vintage Silver Ringby Junkman60
Antique Bloodstone and Gold Ringby Junkman60
Art Deco Gold Diamond And Onyx Ringby Junkman60
Gold And Emerald Ringby Junkman60
Gold Nugget And Diamond RingGereby Junkman60
Victorian Rose Gold Carved Cameo Ringby Junkman60
needing any information  on this ringby djones79
9 Carat gold antique braceletby Bettyb00
Sterling Silver From The Flea Market - $8by Efesgirl
18K Gold Victorian/Edwardian Enamel & Diamond Bird Stick Pin Flea Market Find $1.00by Efesgirl
Silver Tiffany Braceletby AndersOh
The Bug Eye ringby Ursie
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