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For anyone who loves antique jewelry through the ages !by Agram.m
Meyle and Mayer enamel brooches kyratango
Meyle  and Mayer edelweiss flower kyratango
"Barse" Dyed Red Bamboo Coral Necklace / Circa 21st Centuryby mikelv85
Art Deco Silver Gilt Insect Broochby Agram.m
Beach glass bottle neck ring: sentimental to meby valenti…
Christmas Trees and Silver Bar Pins / Circa 1960's-70'sby mikelv85
Antique Victorian glass and silver kyratango
Two Sterling Silver Necklaces, Flea Market Finds - 1.00 Each!by Efesgirl
Silver Vintage brooch by AuntMolly
Vintage broochby AuntMolly
Vintage Italian necklace by AuntMolly
Golden SNOWFLAKE and Tim Hortons- Very Canadian EH!!by LOUMANAL
Antique silver charmby AuntMolly
Vintage/ antique silver charmby AuntMolly
Norman Grant 9ct Gold & Enamel Pendant and Chainby Peaseje…
Sterling Ring Marked with a Copyright Mark and OTTby freiheit
Vintage silver charmby AuntMolly
Compass & Square Masonic Ringby CZTacomaman
Antique Horace Welch Large Floating Opal 14k Rose Gold Pendant 1.20" by Moonsto…
biedermeier pendant i guessby getthat…
Unique Seashell & Silver Pendant - Flea Market Find $1.00by Efesgirl
Antique/Flea Market Find - Sterling Silver & Blue Crystal Cross $2.00by Efesgirl
Sterling .925 Marcasite-Amethyst-Freshwater Pearl-Onyx Pendant / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Some More Cameosby freiheit
Would love info by t.dc
Mourning hair broocheby anne1984
Vintage Sterling Silver and Pearls Broochby freiheit
Albert Scharning guilloche enamel and sterling broochby valenti…
Vintage NE From Bar Pin with Blue Crystalby freiheit
Vintage Bond Boyd Sterling Brooch and Necklaceby freiheit
Bugs in pot!by kyratango
Micro Mosaic Glass Broochby katheri…
There's Gold In Them Thar Flea Markets! by Efesgirl
Grey banded agate pendantby valenti…
Nickel 1970's poppy jasper pendantby valenti…
Silver bangle by lovesvintag…
Micromosaic by Diana11
Filigree Sterling Silver Broochby freiheit
Birks Vintage Sterling Silver Bangleby freiheit
Sterling Cross with Amethystsby freiheit
Victorian Gold Bow Pin with blue Enamelby freiheit
18K Gold Ring, 10 Grams - Flea Market Find~! It's My Size~! 50 CENTSby Efesgirl
Joseph R.I. Nash emblem on reverse painted kyratango
Chinese Gilt Sterling Silver Filigree Nail Guard changed into a brooch. by Agram.m
Religious medallionsby katheri…
Norman Grant Dust Titanium Pendantby Peaseje…
Three Bernard Instone Enamel and Silver Broochesby Peaseje…
Norman Grant Silver and Enamel Bracelet and Necklaceby Peaseje…
Vintage silver Jewell box by AuntMolly
A 14k Gold Brooch Formed As A Bee & Set With Semi-Precious Blue Stonesby bladeru…
What the Heck! Gold and Enamel Toe Ring?by gardinerth
Need Antique Gold Ring dating helpby gardinerth
Antique Victorian OMC Diamond Lavaliere Necklace & Matching Pendants EaringDemi Paby Moonsto…
Unmarked silver necklace by lilbevey
Micro Mosaic Yellow Gold 14Ct. Approx. 1860-1870 Coral-Ivory Flower Suiteby Agram.m
Jade? Beaded Necklace With Carved Gorilla Hand Strung  32 Beadsby Chi-Tre…
Art Deco/Art Nouveau “Flying” Sterling Silver Cicada Broochby Agram.m
Ring marked JG 14kby Willie1109
Micromosaic brooch, early kyratango
Little Silver Locket with Baby Photos Insideby ho2cult…
Machine-age sterling cuff and ringby valenti…
Montana agate men's rings - part 2 - and tie clipby valenti…
Modernist Ring by Julius A L Klagenborg 1960'sby shareur…
Two tone 18 kt diamond ring UNIQUEby watchnut
Another wounded kyratango
1920's turquoise chip and silver necklaceby valenti…
Agate men's silver rings by valenti…
Antique Victorian Black Solid Opal 9ct Pendant by Moonsto…
rare ringby fatjeff
Silver tennis pendantby Newtimes
.835 Silver Gilt/Green Stone Vintage Clip Earrings - Flea Market Find $1.00by Efesgirl
Pins, tie pins? Scarabs by PickerX
Antique Gold Scottish Agate Bracelet 14 - 18ctby Agram.m
Solid Sterling Silver Necklace, Thrift Shop Find! $1.50by Efesgirl
Mystery pendantby Djpeder
Enamel landscape, early Victorian kyratango
Help with identifying by Terrimarie62
Rare Micro Mosaic Brooch depicting Lady Braid Hair set in 18K Goldby Agram.m
1.6ct Demantoid Garnet and Diamond Ringby kiwipaul
Another lovely enamel broochby racer4f…
My friends mans ringby billypi…
Hoot hoot - an Andersen owlby racer4f…
Meyle & Mayer bird brooch kyratango
Restoration project, Meyle & Mayer enamel bird kyratango
Silver turquoise bracket by Tangoes
Sterling Silver & Garnet Lion's Head Ring & S.S. Pendantby Efesgirl
Vintage Sterling Silver Flexible Green Eye Snake Bangle Braceletby Agram.m
A poor antique moonstones and gold fringe kyratango
Old Niello Silver / Gold Brooches by Agram.m
Old Crossby christopherb
Charles Johnston Crazy Horse Sterling Earringsby freiheit
Antique Cabochon Broochesby wpj
Antique Victorian Hatpinby seiders.judi
Hope these pictures make it easier to identify by mollymay
Silver moss agate necklace by Djpeder
Moonstone ? Ringby AuntMolly
Tiger's eye big Victorian insect kyratango
Silver and glass lantern earringsby Newtimes
Hungarian Moonstone and Opal Broochby wpj
Antique Black Dot Broochesby wpj
Nouveau Gold Circular Griffin Brooch by wpj
Art Deco - Vintage Silver Gem Stone Broochby Peaseje…
Vintage Carved Lizard Brooch by wpj
Antique Gem Set Turtle Broochby wpj
Enameled Silver Bressant brooch to complete my collection by Agram.m
Pink Stones on Sterling Screw Back Earringsby shareur…
Chinese Carnelian Enameled Pendantby wpj
Antique Gold Turquoise and Garnet Earringsby wpj
Nouveau Gold Chalcedony Broochby wpj
Opal and Diamond Braceletby wpj
Edwardian Antique Opal Snowflakeby wpj
18K (.750) Gold Creole Earrings For.....25 Efesgirl
Wood Jewelry Box with Metal Overlay? by carolin…
Vintage Sterling Amber Leaf Ring & Sterling Scarab/Garnet/Marcasite Ringby Efesgirl
Hand Carved Vintage Cameo, Gold Filled, Rainbow, 1950’s:  The Three Gracesby freiheit
Sterling Silver/Amber Ring, Saddle Design Flea Market Findby Efesgirl
An Art Nouveau Aquamarine and 9ct Gold "Negligee" Necklaceby kiwipaul
I think it's a Rhoda Wager?   by mollymay
Looking for help with stoneby BHock45
Equestrian themed jewelryby Newtimes
Sterling Silver Bracelet with Green Stonesby freiheit
Sterling Silver Brooch/Pendant – Made in Mexicoby freiheit
Vintage Sterling Silver and Malachite Inlay Mexican Necklaceby freiheit
Jugend (Art noveau) filigree brooch with pearlwhite enamelby Elisabe…
Some more of the rocks that were uncoveredby TinGin
My grandmothers brooch. by NanaM
OK, I Bought This Heavy Sterling Silver Ring Today...Should There Be A Stone In It?by Efesgirl
Another big Victorian winged insect brooch!by kyratango
Another strange stoneby TinGin
Odd rock foundby TinGin
Opal Tie Tackby wpj
Beautiful antique carved coral acorn pendantby wpj
Arts & Crafts Necklace attributed to Frances Thalia How and Jean Milneby Bluboi
Indonesian .900 Silver Filigree Wedding Jewelryby Efesgirl
Micro Mosaic small photo frameby Agram.m
WW2 China Burma souvenir ringby SNAKG
Unknown beautyby mollymay
Help Pleaseby mollymay
Fabulous large gold Aurora of the dawn cameoby cameojan
Vintage Silver Aquamarine Pendantby Peaseje…
medal and cross mysterieby aura
My mother's favorite melaniej
Digging through my mother's melaniej
A Found Ring - Silver ?by antique…
Help identifying makers and age. by Miksss
Love my amber!by GFrez
60's Sterling Silver Bracelet by VegasII
Help ID these Hallmarksby Masterp…
BOYD -- Bird Brooch -- Markedby antique…
Strange stoneby Shayman
Trying to figure what these rocks areby Shayman
Pretty Sterling Brooch with Purple Stoneby freiheit
Unusual Ring Marked B Long 14 Kby freiheit
Charles Johnes Sterling Silver Native American Necklaceby freiheit
"Erotic"? Very Interesting .835 Silver Pendant Bought For $2.00by Efesgirl
Maybe old Earrings?by superso…
Mysterious maker butterfly paste kyratango
Cityscape Sterling Silver Ringby Efesgirl
My Bernard Instone Christmas Decoration a little bit to earlyby Peaseje…
silver turquoise brooch by dirtpilot51
Sterling silver Jewel Art screw back little rose earringsby itmidce…
Baba Saliby Masterp…
jewelry boxby aura
Vintage earringsby AuntMolly
Victorian 9 ct gold, silver and base metal stickpinby Newtimes
5th fitted drawer from my jewellery collectionby BelleEp…
Art Nouveau Suffragette necklace, by Murrle Bennett? c. 1900by BelleEp…
Vintage Venetian Murano Milifori Glass & Hematite Necklace 1960s/1970s?by Efesgirl
Amethyst and Silver Necklaceby melaniej
Sterling chunky bracelet sticky tagby billypi…
Vulcanite Silver Doggie Locket by Agram.m
Two Very Small French Miniature Emaille Portraits by Efesgirl
Sterling bracelet fine marked by billypi…
I Saw....I Bought.... I Quickly Left The Efesgirl
Gladys and Charles Mumford Silver and Amethyst Broochby Peaseje…
Gladys and Charles Mumford Ring ?by Peaseje…
Super big winged insect victorian moonstones kyratango
Mexican link bracelet? by markbillus
Little green paste silver lizard (again!).by kyratango
Murrle Bennett & Co Brooch, set with Chrysoprase and Pearls in 15ct Goldby kiwipaul
Necklaceby were
Victorian Seed Pearl Carved Onyx Cameo 10k Ring by Moonsto…
Sterling Silver & Crystals Scorpion Ring & Jointed Sterling Scorpion Pendantby Efesgirl
Mysterious Antique Gold Ring With Rubiesby eclectic_an…
14K Gold Antique Market Find - Theosophical Society Symbol of Efesgirl
1800's Pre-Harvey / Railroad  NAVAJO CUFF Fine Silver 120 grams!by KCasey59
Sterling Snuff / Cocaine spoon pendant "JP"  Ivory & Fire Agateby KCasey59
Jade cross pendantby AuntMolly
Sterling Silver Vintage Ringby freiheit
Art Deco? Clear glass with enamel decoration in a silver frameby Peaseje…
Found at yard sale trying to find out more info on itby Athena1968
Bernard Instone Moss Stone and silver Pendantby Peaseje…
Knoll & Pregizer acrobatic monkeys sterling /pastes kyratango
Victor Mayer Art Nouveau Pendant and Chainby Peaseje…
Wally, the BIG lizard!by kyratango
Any one know any details regarding this old jewellery box Sooty62
Another Sterling Silver Ringby antique…
Vintage Sterling Silver Ring - Wide Band - Mexicoby antique…
Antique cross pendant knot diamonds French regional Normandy 1800-1810 by Agram.m
Torrios punishment ring (silver)by OfficerTorres
Vintage pink stone crossby AuntMolly
Some paste and silver animal brooches and a moonstone and pearls kyratango
1950's-1960's 14k figurine pinsby Indiarain
Antique broochby Peaseje…
19th Century Ring Marked "STANDARD SILVER", Antique Shop Findby Efesgirl
Vintage Brooch -- Sterling Silverby antique…
Modern Mid century design art Pendant. Who made?by itmidce…
Tibetan Gau and A Silver pendantby Peaseje…
White Gold Bar Pin Marked with 14K and a Key Symbol by freiheit
Bosnian gold coin and pendantby tigerch…
My Grandmothers Cameoby Angelmattsmom
Micro Mosaic Flower 800 Silver Braceletby Agram.m
Silver Moonstone Ring ( Bernard Instone ? )by Peaseje…
Liberty & Co Art Deco Silver & Chrysoprase Broochby kiwipaul
Silver Opal Ringby Peaseje…
Art and craft Silver Opal Earringsby Peaseje…
Silver earring with green stone not sure how oldby Lizzietish43
Whatizzit?  Boxby NoraThe…
Vintage earringsby AuntMolly
Art Nouveau Fire Opal Butterfly Panelled Lavalier 14kt Necklace by Moonsto…
Antique Sterling Silver Black Onyx Art Deco Braceletby earl99
Sterling Silver/Sea Pearl Necklace, Ivory+S.S. Pendant, Sterling Silver/Amber Earrings > $1.00~!by Efesgirl
1950's Jeweleyby Nitermay
Liquid Silver Necklace – 20 Strands, about 24 Inchesby freiheit
guildcrest jewelry casket carriageby goldie518
Never know what you will find. melaniej
Tiffany & Co Open Heart 925by nutsabo…
Austro-Hungarian style garnet & m.o.p. silver pendant and BelleEp…
Antique ruby diamond ringby OlofZ
antique jewelry boxby Quicksell76
Sir Hiss -- turquoise serpent braceletby Bluboi
Berlin Iron jewelry by Siméon Pierre Devaranneby Bluboi
Arts & Crafts -- Agnes Pool enamel and opal necklaceby Bluboi
Art Nouveau Double Blue Grey 6 Ray Star Sapphire Etched Plat 18k Ring by Moonsto…
Victorian Ruby 6 Star Sapphire 9ct Ring by Moonsto…
Vermeil Micro Mosaic Flower Pendant on Silver Agram.m
Georgian Gold Filligree and Diamond Brooch/Pendantby Peaseje…
Ermani Bulatti Art Deco Revival Necklaceby Efesgirl
"Headless Bird" Siam Niello Cuff Links? Marked "800".  1930s?by Efesgirl
Arts & Crafts -- Enamel and Turquoise Butterfly Necklaceby Bluboi
Arts & Crafts -- Arthur and Georgie Gaskin Blue Bird Pendantby Bluboi
A little Tiffany Heart and Bead Braceletby shareur…
Silver and marcassite broochby Newtimes
Mystery ringby katheri…
Bernard Instone Silver ringby Peaseje…
Bernard Instone Silver and Pearl Ringby Peaseje…
WMF Silver Pinby Peaseje…
Help! Amber or something else?by holli802
French Rococo Metal Jewlery Boxby kivatin…
Rings by Yearbyear
Bernard Instone Moonstone Necklace by Yearbyear
Broochby Yearbyear
Ring and necklaceby Yearbyear
Antique 830S Silver Pillboxby Agram.m
Little Purple Velvet Box Surpriseby LOUMANAL
14k Gold Judith Green signed Brooch Apple with Cabochon stonesby Anagleswfla
Victorian OMC & Cushion Cut Diamond Dangle Earrings Silver & 12k by Moonsto…
Edwardian French Mine Cut Diamond Pearl Platinum 18k Pendant by Moonsto…
Vermeil Micro Mosaic Dove Cross Pendant by Agram.m
Victorian (?) Mourning (?) Brooch Converted Into A Efesgirl
A Large Andamooka Sugar Treated Matrix Opalby kiwipaul
Rhoda Wager (Circle of ) Silver and Opal Broochby Peaseje…
c. 1840 Repousse Braceletby pastacc…
Tiny Arts and Crafts moonstone enamel brooch. Liberty?by kyratango
"The Silver Bullet" Bell Aircraft WWII P-39 Airacobra, and P-39 Brooch, July 1941, the "First Step" toward the sound barrier. by whlong
Pearl necklaceby AuntMolly
Late C19th to Early C20th Australian White Cliffs Opal Gold Broochby kiwipaul
Vintage Mexican Artisan Necklace Stamped Ixelby Msrebekah
Little Micro Mosaic Shamrock Broochby Agram.m
New Zealand Maori Hei-Tikiby Peaseje…
Kunzite Necklaceby pastacc…
Tiffany elsa peretti money clipby america…
Unusual vintage pearl necklace  by AuntMolly
Antique/vintage necklaceby AuntMolly
Silver Pendantby Caperkid
Very Old Ivory Necklessby Smurffie
Georgian Pink Topaz Repoussé Necklaceby Bluboi
Georgian Rose-cut Diamond Ring -- Golconda regionby Bluboi
1890-1920 Gold Over Silver w/10 Rose Cut Diamonds 1 Euro Flea Market Findby Efesgirl
Jugendstil Silver & Coral pendant by Adolf Mayer, Frankfurt c. 1920by BelleEp…
Dorrie Nossiter Arts & Crafts grape leaves necklaceby Bluboi
Arts & Crafts William Hasler necklaceby Bluboi
African massive silver bracelet 19th Vladimir
A Gold I love you charmby Peaseje…
The Southern Lights Necklace - 64 carats of South Australian Crystal Opal, set in Platinum and Diamondsby kiwipaul
A Crystal Opal, Diamond and Pearl Bracelet, by Oscar Caplan of Baltimoreby kiwipaul
A 2.7ct Coober Pedy Opal, surrounded by Diamonds, and set in a Platinum & 18ct Gold Ringby kiwipaul
A Georgian to Regency Period Gold Brooch - later set with a Coober Pedy Crystal Opal, circa 1935by kiwipaul
Silver Turquoise and Coral Ring / Unmarked Unknown Maker/ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
A Silver, Enamel, and Black Opal Bracelet by Elsie Reeveby kiwipaul
A Rhoda Wager Silver Ring, with a Large Boulder Opalby kiwipaul
Rhoda Wager Silver and Lightning Ridge Opal Ringby kiwipaul
Micro mosaic collection from old till newby Newtimes
Gem Quality Lightning Ridge Black Opal in an 18ct Gold Ring,  probably circa 1930, and made in Australiaby kiwipaul
Victorian Garnet? Red Glass? Full Body Intaglio Etched Gilt Sterling Ring by Moonsto…
Pendant/Brooch - Help Needed!by jensen
A Necklace of Blue Jelly Opal, circa 1910by kiwipaul
Super tiny cameo earstudsby Newtimes
Gorgeous .925 Sterling Flexible Mesh Bracelet Rummage Market Find $2.75!!by Efesgirl
Bracelet locketby pipistr…
Silver Jeweleryby pipistr…
AURORA - an Antique 20ct Gem Quality Solid Black Opal from Lightning Ridge, set in a Modern White Gold and Diamond Necklaceby kiwipaul
An Early Australian Lightning Ridge Solid Black Opal, in a Traditional 9ct Gold Pendant, by Percy Marksby kiwipaul
sapphire and gold cross  pendantby Loulou3
An Early Australian Lightning Ridge Solid Black Opal, in an Art Nouveau Pendant, by William Kerrby kiwipaul
fope bracelet by Margo59
A Large White Cliffs Opal Doublet from the 1930'sby kiwipaul
A White Cliffs Opal and Diamond "London Bridge" Ring in 18ct Gold, Birmingham 1907by kiwipaul
Silver victorian locket with book chain necklaceby Toni1969
Silver Agate Pendantby Peaseje…
Cameo brooch, green agate!by kyratango
An Australian "Goldfields" Brooch circa 1890, set with a Boulder Opalby kiwipaul
Funky Sterling Silver Made In Siam Clip Earringsby Efesgirl
Antique pearl necklace by AuntMolly
Patriotic enamelled bracelet by Triona
Bought as crystal!!! No kyratango
Chinese Rosewood, Brass, and Jade Jewelry Music Box/Marked Shanghai China/Circa Mid-20th Centuryby mikelv85
My first huge lava cameo kyratango
Trinket boxby Caperkid
Flower Cameoby cncc2
And one more cameo for todayby cncc2
Another Cameoby cncc2
Awesome Cameo Ringby cncc2
Great Cameoby cncc2
fabulous mine cut diamond ringby cncc2
one of my favorite ringsby cncc2
Historismus silver and enamel bracelet by Markowitsch & Scheid, Vienna c. 1870by BelleEp…
Gold swivel ring with miniature Egyptian scarab, English, 19th BelleEp…
What period was the ring made in?by watchnut
Micro Mosaic Flower Beetle Pendant in Vermeil (1872-1933)by Agram.m
Berlin Iron Stick Pin (1813 - 1815).by Agram.m
Amber Necklace by mssue64
Navajo turquoise & coral inlay cuffby valenti…
Beautiful antique hand painted broochby cherubc…
Bee ringby DiamondDi
Sekhmet Faience Amulet Set in Sterling Silver Ankh by Yaakov Kohnby between…
Fine antique porcelain plaque gold brooch - city river landscape sceneby cherubc…
Cool pendant with unusual markby ladybug2
Chinese antique kingfisher feathers kyratango
Wood-lined Art Deco Metal Boxby KimGarr…
Antique Wood Angel Pinby katyrose
Peruvian Solid 900 Silver Jewelry Casket – An Auction Find by welzebub
Normandy Cross Brooch Pin Diamond Floral Decoration by Agram.m
19th Hand Painted Brooch of Mother Maryby cherubc…
My Favorite Murrle Bennett Ringby cherubc…
My Favorite Antique Portrait Broochby cherubc…
Vintage diamond ringby AuntMolly
Liberty & Co Gold & Boulder Opal Pendant, designed by Archibald Knoxby kiwipaul
Any ideas what this could be?by TinyT
Is this Jade?by TinyT
Rainbow moonstone?by TinyT
Any ideas what this could be?by TinyT
Any ideas what these could be?by TinyT
Blue Topaz?by TinyT
Looks like Amethyst by TinyT
Is this a type of Agate?by TinyT
Green raw stonesby TinyT
Are these Agates?by TinyT
Is this amethyst?by TinyT
Any ideas what this could be?by TinyT
Medallion of St. Norbert by Efesgirl
Jewelry Treeby simon1965
Mexican? Sterling Silver Amber Mosaic Braceletby davyd286
8K yellow gold monogrammed ringby Toni1969
The mysterious maker's lizards hoard!by kyratango
Stunning diamond ringby AuntMolly
Sterling Silver Brooch with Blue Stone and Chatelaineby between…
.835 Silver World Globe Pendant, Italyby Efesgirl
"Stuff" Bought At Last Weekend's (July 19th) Flea Efesgirl
mexican 10k gold trinity crucifix by alivenfl
Family Ring handed down from my Motherby Disnardi
Large Art Deco or Georgian ? 14k diamond ringby AuntMolly
Great grandmas favorite pair by camy
Quartz Crystal Matrix by billypi…
Flea Market Goldby Efesgirl
Same unknown maker, 2 paste and silver kyratango
Vintage necklace by AuntMolly
"Protected By Law/Registered" German Gold Double'/Onyx Man's Ringby Efesgirl
Bulgarian silver filigree ring the second half of the 19th Vladimir
Gold Plated Sterling Brooch/Pendantby freiheit
Moonstone necklace - no ID marks - any thoughts?by BlueyedFord
Sterling Silver BioStabil 2000 Magnetic Pendantby Efesgirl
Gold Over Sterling Silver/Lapis Lazuli Earringsby Efesgirl
Unusual Rosenthal Germany Porcelain Hand Painted Brooch w/Silver Mountby Efesgirl
Sterling Silver/Onyx or Jet Cameo Bracelet - Anyone Recognize The Silver Marks?by Efesgirl
Late Georgian Seed Pearl Necklace with "Mani in Fede" Claspby kiwipaul
Identify this ringby cjrancourt
Enamel and Amethyst Necklaceby Bluboi
Georgian Planetary Ringby Bluboi
Cameo - Limitedby Jamwills
Three Late Georgian (Regency Era) Love Token Locketsby kiwipaul
Pair of Regency Period Coral Necklaces with Conjoining Gold Claspsby kiwipaul
Skeletal Memento Mori Band Circa 1720by Bluboi
Love Token Pendant -- mid 17th centuryby Bluboi
Unusual Cameo With SAILBOATS in 750 Goldby LOUMANAL
Flea Market Find!! Signed Navajo Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets > Justin Morris & V. Hicksby Efesgirl
Unknown little trinket box from possibly my Grandmotherby JoanneClark
Bohemian Garnets Brooch-You have to love Garnetsby vintage…
Vintage Garnet strung necklaceby Ballsto…
Ancient Bronze Ring - What was its purpose? Money? by davyd286
A Rather Unusual Silver Celtic Pendantby Efesgirl
.925 Sterling Silver/Gold Overlay Brooch - What's the 2nd Mark?by Efesgirl
Coral Grape Bunches (6) set in Vermeil Braceletby Agram.m
Old copper necklace by billypi…
Amber & Sterling Silver Pendantby melaniej
Amber & Sterling Silver Earringsby melaniej
Art Nouveau Silver & Enamel Pendant and Earrings by James Fenton of Birminghamby kiwipaul
Let's Brooch the subject (You liked what I did there)by Hoipolloi
Big chunky ethnic ringby Newtimes
Swoboda "Genuine Gemstones" Bonsai Tree With Cultured Pearls /Circa 1950'sby mikelv85
Tortoise Shell Hexagonal Pique Brooch by Agram.m
Citrine-Topaz (?) and Marcasite Sterling Art Deco Ring/Marked Ster[Theda]Ling /Circa 1920's- 30'sby mikelv85
A Georgian Tassie Seal "To Hell With Love", set in a later Victorian Gold Ringby kiwipaul
Information please? by Kingdog23
Ancient Gold Earringsby Bluboi
Fabulous cherubs cameoby cameojan
18kt Gold Native American Head With Diaming,Ruby,& Sapphire Jewelsby watchnut
Jugendstil, secessionist silver & garnet ring c. BelleEp…
EUH'MA 1969 Top Pearl Design by Jonathan Renewed…
Murrle Bennett Jugendstil Ruby & Peridot 15ct Gold Broochby kiwipaul
Murrle Bennett Jugendstil Silver & Enamel Necklace & Earrings - Thanks to Cathy Gordonby kiwipaul
A Gold Ring set with an Ancient Carved Hardstone of Medusa - But How Ancient?by kiwipaul
Lovely 14k Gold and ruby ringby Sarat097
Nap. III era (1850s) French silver gold 30 seed pearls hand painted grisaille on ivory pendant. by Agram.m
Stunning cocktail ringby Sarat097
Demented Garnets -- Part 1by Bluboi
Demented Garnets -- Part 2by Bluboi
Unusual stone bangle by AuntMolly
Silver Hat/Stick Pin Rare Antique by Agram.m
Bargain Basement Finds! Silver Edwardian Bar Brooch & 9ct Gold Chainby Efesgirl
Large jewellery boxby AuntMolly
Vermeil hatpin Limoges (?) enameled women's head by Agram.m
Mid East Indian 22kt Earringsby watchnut
14 carat gold and freshwater pearl griffin kyratango
 my prestige upright jewelry boxby mattd051706
Very Unusual .835 Silver/Garnets Pendantby Efesgirl
SPECIAL  ANGELby watchnut
Princes Diana Inspired Diamond & Sapphire Ringby watchnut
Nelson Memorial Pendants (Horatio Nelson -- Part 2)by Bluboi
Gold and Enamel Nelson Mourning Ring (Horatio Nelson Part 1)by Bluboi
A cobalt blue crystal, silver and marcasite antique kyratango
Early Medieval silver ring with Arabic inscriptionby BelleEp…
Amber collectionby Newtimes
Amber earclipsby Newtimes
Three Sets of Regency to Mid Victorian Gold and Gemset Earringsby kiwipaul
Rococo Flat-Cut Garnet Necklaceby Bluboi
Mourning Portrait Miniature of Young Girlby Bluboi
1ok ruby ring, Art Deco, possiblyby toracat
Two Regency Mourning Items - Lyre Brooch and Snake Pinby kiwipaul
Lustrous South Sea Pearl 18K Gold Earrings Bolsheviks 0.25 cts. eachby Agram.m
Large silver enamel leaf clipby Contra5
Caroline of Brunswick Acrostic Ringby Bluboi
Art Nouveau gold stickpin -- Emile Vernierby Bluboi
Double-sided stickpinby Bluboi
Mississippi natural pearl and gold kyratango
Poor little butterfly!by kyratango
Victorian Chinese Carved Dragon/Foo Dog  Silver Cuff Bangle Bracelet by Moonsto…
Please help me: Chinese or Japanese Vintage Sterling Silver Asian Pendant by Agram.m
Carnelian Cameo Brooch in Neoclassical Gold Mount - Possibly Maria Feodorovna, wife of Paul I of Russiaby kiwipaul
Stella Maris Memento Mori Pendantby Bluboi
Enamel and Gold Ring with Rock Crystal c 16th centuryby Bluboi
Russian Pre-Revolutionary 14k Gold Bracelet by Faberge subcontactor, Abraham Beilinby kiwipaul
Four Liberty & Co Art Nouveau Jewellery Items by Archibald Knox and Jessie Kingby kiwipaul
My lovely C ARLO GIULIANO bracelet :)by jamesba…
Victorian gold and seedpearl stickpinby Newtimes
Arts and Crafts mystery mark gold kyratango
Victorian rose gold & seed pearl ring( Mystery Mark)by sarahoff
Vintage stone pendantby AuntMolly
Jewelry by Carlo Giulianoby Bluboi
Boucheron 99 +4 diamond Deborahdag
Silver, enamel & Ivory Carnet de Bal Pendant by G.A. Scheid, Vienna c. 1900 by BelleEp…
Stone/Shell? Pendant~ (it's as Hard as Stone)~Polished, Beautiful, very interesting~What is it?by Budek
Deco Plique a Jour Egyptian Revival Bracelet -- another one!by Bluboi
Deco Egyptian Revival Enamel Braceletby Bluboi
Help!!!by Waxxie
Micro mosaic ringby Newtimes
Dragonfly enamel silver 1900 brooch... Kyratised!by kyratango
Stunning vintage necklace by AuntMolly
Victorian 18k yellow gold diamond round earringsby Agram.m
Articulated 14K gold charm bracelet with precious stonesby VickiEsDesi…
Black mystery brooch with c- claspby Newtimes
Huge Austro-Hungarian pendant St Georges and kyratango
Silver markings by AuntMolly
Mourning snake and heart gold hair broochby Agram.m
German Matte Enamel Braceletsby Bluboi
Is this Opal?by TinyT
Loose opal stones and carvingsby TinyT
Very Large Creepy Sterling Lobster Brooch/Pendantby freiheit
Vintage Deco European Cut Blue Topaz Hollow Sterling Knuckle Ring 1.25" by Moonsto…
Flaircraft 18kt Bee ring comboby daisydu…
19s Lava Cameo brooch set in Agram.m
A Guilloche Silver & Enamel Brooch by Gustav Gaudernack - The Dawn of Ragnarokby kiwipaul
2 mid-century sterling ringsby valenti…
My Fine Jewelryby Sergey
Carved sunflower carnelian & green sardonyx sterling braceletby valenti…
Couple of fun Victorian owl piecesby Bluboi
Can anyone tell me anything about this gorgeous pin...thanksby ladybug2
Mystery 18k Gold Enamel & Ruby Bow Broochby Stillwa…
Beaux-Arts style George N. Steere sash pinby Bluboi
Victorian Gutta Percha Mourning broochby Elisabe…
Stunning vintage stone necklace by AuntMolly
Silver Lilly brooch with AuntMolly
#2673  Kabuki Kachina's Dragonfy EnamelArt
#2677  Kabuki Kachina,  in crimson poppies... by EnamelArt
French Napoleon III gold, pearls, green enamel, stones kyratango
Kyratised Meyle and Mayer enamel pansy kyratango
Two Turquoise and Silver Rings / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Inherited Jewelry Boxby Lizm521
Antique 14K yellow gold peasant pendant a so called; Zeeuwse Agram.m
Opera / Theater Token Necklaceby Bluboi
My antique panel braceletby Punkmommy
Sapphire Collectionby Guardian
this is my best natural indonesian stone, something special about this liontin is there is a natural picture of dragon in itby minor96
Vintage stone ringby AuntMolly
Glasgow School of Art pendantby Bluboi
Colorful plique a jour enamel diamonds gold kyratango
Georgian Torpedo Earringsby Bluboi
Victorian Mourning Pendantby Bluboi
Red beryl stone ?by AuntMolly
My favourite earringsby Ivonne
Silver brooch with enamel  flowersby Ivonne
Art Deco diamond ring by AuntMolly
Wiener Werkstätte Micro-Beaded Necklaces Circa 1910-1920by Bluboi
White Gold and Pearl Dragon ring Circa 1940by rasiccone
Meyle & Mayer sterling enamel pansy kyratango
Victorian Pin Brooch 2 Tone Color Dangling Heart With Charmsby stwilli…
Sterling Silver and Mother of Pearl Native American Ring A Cadmanby freiheit
know anything about meby cassand…
Mid-century Mexico dancing demon? earringsby valenti…
Barse Sterling Festoon Necklace with Green Stone/Glassby freiheit
Antique small jewellery boxby AuntMolly
Stunning jade necklaceby AuntMolly
Large Art Deco, Machine Age Silver, Onyx & Gemstone Earringsby kiwipaul
Japanese Shakudo Broochby Peaseje…
Victorian Silver Hair Work Mourning pendant by Agram.m
wooden jewelry boxby driggs63
3 Wonderful Shakudo Buttonsby Bluboi
Vintage necklaceby AuntMolly
Antique pendant and necklace by AuntMolly
Vintage Jadeite Necklace?by Peaseje…
small jewelry boxby alien-j
Memorial Hair Bracelet -- Chatsworth Aug 10, 1887by Bluboi
Pair of long statement 925 silver and gold MOMsTre…
Moshe Oved Lamb Ringby Bluboi
Ivory / gold/ silver cherub necklaceby Bluboi
Family love token brooch probably made at the turn of the century 1800/1900by Elisabe…
Carved moonstone and guilloché enamel pendantby Bluboi
Agnus Dei Pomander Pendantby Bluboi
Lovely 2 drawer wooden treasure boxby driggs63
Victorian Brooch with moon glass and colored glass with braided tassel bottomby Better2…
Superb butterscotch Amber necklace 90g!by amberpro
Vintage Sterling Necklace ~ Victorian? Art Deco? Emerald? by JoyB
Sergio Bustamonte Silver and 22 kt Gold Vermeil "Masquerade" Bracelet / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Vintage Antique? Silver Turquoise Cluster Cocktail Ringby Apathet…
Vintage ruby necklaceby AuntMolly
Bernard Instone Broochesby Peaseje…
Sterling Silver & Abalone-Necklace & Earringsby melaniej
Chene d Glas by Pat Cheneyby Peaseje…
Silver Bracelet and necklace by Jorma Laineby Peaseje…
Possibly a Spanish (Iberian?) Devotional circa 1700'sby kiwipaul
Late 18th Century Emerald and Diamond Crossby Bluboi
Early 17th Century Gold and Enamel Crucifixby Bluboi
Aldo Cipullo 1970 18kt Electroplate Love Bracelet - Charles Revsonby HauteCo…
Sterling double clasp swag brooch w/Arts & Crafts motifby valenti…
Modernist pendantby Newtimes
Peruzzi of Florence, large Sterling Silver pinby alien-j
pendant of unknown originby alien-j
Blue star glass deco sterling braceletby valenti…
Tiffany Studiosby matti19792002
Celtic Silver Kilt ? Pin with Marcasite & Amethyst or Glass Rhinestonesby davyd286
Arts & Crafts ? Style Silver Carnelian Bracelet Italy 1935-1944by davyd286
Scottish Vintage Sterling Brooch....Victorian???? Georgian????by JoyB
2 mystery jewelry boxes with hutchby Al0801
fancy cameo by dcainfa…
Etruscan style broochby Newtimes
Arts and Crafts Turquoise LARGE Pendantby BelleCh…
Unidentified  piecesby BelleCh…
Victorian Pendant with Pearls and Diamondsby Bluboi
Gold and Gem-Set Pendant by Bluboi
Art Nouveau Piel Frères Sash Buckleby Bluboi
Large Sterling Filigree Broochby freiheit
Large Arts & Crafts Cross, probably by Bernard Instoneby kiwipaul
Vintage Chinese/Japanese Jade Real Seed Pearls Necklaceby mssue64
pretty necklaceby surfdub66
gold necklace by surfdub66
Jade Gamestones from Indonesiaby aseukina
Antique Enamelled Glass Earringsby Peaseje…
Passed down from grandpaby Jamie75
Berber enamel and silver pendantby Newtimes
Pendant found in Old Farm Houseby janglayne
Fraternity Ring?by wexa111
Micro mosaic dagger broochby Newtimes
Unknown origin custom made gold grotesque kyratango
Eeek! SPIDER! Gold Stick kyratango
Pearl gold beetle stick kyratango
Again! Tiny opal diamonds fly stick kyratango
Fly power! Stick pin, turquoise glass, kyratango
Bzzz again! Enamel fly stick kyratango
Bzzzz! Fly stick kyratango
Sting mood, diamond fly stick kyratango
Sting mood, insect stick pin!by kyratango
Piel Freres Belt Buckleby curator…
Art Nouveau Tiara Hair Combby curator…
3 Micro Mosaic Stick pinsby Agram.m
ancienne epingle à chapeau en ivoire - antique ivory hat pinby museede…
Mourning Pendantby bradley…
Spooned Coin Ringsby fhrjr2
1780s Georgian handpainted porcelain cut steel brooch and earrings with mother of pearl Agram.m
Old Pinby fhrjr2
all I know is its a ringby Krispetrie
Vintage Chinook Salmon broochby scottvez
Bernard Instone Silver Ringby Peaseje…
Vintage Turquoise Ringby Peaseje…
Danish Cufflinksby Feanor
Another Thomae matt enamel sterling kyratango
Lavender Jade Bead Necklaceby Bluboi
Suffragette Amethyst and Enamel Pendant circa 1910by Bluboi
Arts & Crafts earringsby Bluboi
10K Black Onyx Diamond Ring Hallmarked BOAby JoyB
All my double shank rings kyratango
Hand wrought silver carnelian ring, double kyratango
Should I make this into a necklace?by melaniej
Victorian Lorgnette Mourning Posy/ FMN(for get me not) Chain Necklace 9ctby Moonsto…
Love Token Charm Bracelet --1884 Part 2/2by Bluboi
Heart Charm Bracelet --1940s onwardby Bluboi
Love Token Charm Bracelet --1884 Part 1/2by Bluboi
Old Victorian Gold Pin Brooch Pendant With Gold Tassels by stwilli…
Vintage Ring Marked 925 Mexico, Piecrust Settingby freiheit
RARE Small pendant dagger former Russian wedding silver belt buckle - Russian Caucasus  by Agram.m
Pietra dura fly kyratango
George Hunt Arts & Crafts Necklaceby Bluboi
Vintage Antique Chinese Jadeite Translucent Bangle Bracelet by Moonsto…
A reverse painted intaglio of Louis Blériot's kyratango
9K (CT) Vintage Ring with Green Stoneby freiheit
14K Gold, Opals, and Diamonds (?) Ringby freiheit
Georgian "Man in the Moon" Moonstone and Diamond Betrothal Ringby kiwipaul
Enameled chain and pendant Circa late 17th Cby Bluboi
Cat intagli + a bumblebeeby Bluboi
Dog Intagliby Bluboi
Butterfly wings brooch kyratisation, kyratango
Butterfly wings brooch kyratisation ! Part #1by kyratango
Sterling ring with Lapis Lazuli: who is M.L. Perry?by OregonScholar
Hi can anyone tell me anything about this please as i know nothing about cameos by
Portrait miniature of young noblewomanby Bluboi
Portrait of a child holding a basket by Bluboi
14 K Gold Aztec/Mayan Sun Calendar Pendant with 12K G.F. Chain / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Stick pins again!by kyratango
Stick pins 2 on viennese bronze pin kyratango
Stick pins!by kyratango
Hat pins part kyratango
Hat pins collection part kyratango
Rare Deco Nephrite Jade Graduated Round Bead Necklace by Moonsto…
Hat pins, a whole bunch kyratango
Udall & Ballou. hatpins w/original caseby valenti…
My one off  enamel art jewelry incorporating antique pieces by EnamelArt
Is this necklace an Arts & Crafts piece?by Bluboi
Ladakh Silver Turquoise Amuletby Peaseje…
Handmade enameled Persian pin brooch (Quajar Dynasty) set in Silver by Agram.m
Precious jadeite hat kyratango
Fruit tree kyratango
Georg Jensen sterling silver twin dolphin brooch #317by Koppel
My favorite find this past weekendby melaniej
Micromosaic Dogs circa 1820s-1830sby Bluboi
Micromosaic Chariot Pulled by Butterflies, circa 1800by Bluboi
Arts & Crafts enamel necklace with birdby Bluboi
Antique Silver Moonstone Earringsby Peaseje…
Beautiful Modernist Silver & Malachite Brocch, from Germanyby BelleEp…
Set of Three Arts & Crafts Emerald, Sapphire & Ruby Dress Clips, probably by the Gaskinsby kiwipaul
Bernard Instone ringby Peaseje…
Old Tiffany Earrings by zaphyrstarr
Deco Plique a Jour Enamel Braceletby Bluboi
Classic French Deco parureby Bluboi
Who knew about those Scarab Beetles?by kiwipaul
"Clark and Coombs" Men's Cushion Cut Oval Hematite Ring / Circa Mid 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Georgean Enameled Portrait Enameled Silver brooch of little Girlby Agram.m
 Miniature Floral Enamel Gilt Verge "Chinese Market" Watch by Dimier c1825by kiwipaul
 Amusing rings for the wealthy -- Part 4by Bluboi
Amusing rings for the wealthy -- Part 3by Bluboi
Amusing rings for the wealthy -- Part 2by Bluboi
Amusing rings for the wealthy -- Part 1by Bluboi
Men's Diamond Ring, Family Jewel,Diamond set in 14kt. White Goldby Dkk5460
Sterling chatelaine pencilby kivatin…
Australian Opal ring in 18 carat gold.. .....13 gorgeous Australian Opalsby AnneLan…
Eye Miniature Cufflinksby Bluboi
Vintage Sterling Birks Engraved Cuff Braceletby freiheit
Turquoise Vintage Ringby freiheit
Coral and Turquoise Sterling Cuff Bracelet (Possibly Native American?)by freiheit
Victorian Aluminum (Aluminium) Jewelryby Bluboi
Georgian Glass Pearl Earringsby Bluboi
Beautiful Mexican Diamond and Blue Topaz Oval Pendant /10 Carat White Gold / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
My Moms Wedding Ringsby antique…
Some Old Rings of My Moms -- Loved & Worn Daily ( 2 Rings )by antique…
14K gold Filigree Seed Pearl Earrings by Agram.m
Antique Limoges Enamel Saint Fabiola Pin / Broochby Betty1978
domed filigree pendant/brooch with emerald, aquamarine and turquoise stonesby taffnie
Lovely cameo purchased at estate sale~ by Lisaph1…
family jewel 2by spurslady41
family jewelby spurslady41
Mexican Sterling Cuff Braceletby freiheit
Berlin Iron Braceletsby Bluboi
Found a unique pairof earrings made in Italyby Okmedic735
Found a unique ptalyir of earrings made in Irby Okmedic735
Gold ring from my uncleby Evenrute
1945 Dragon China Ringby Evenrute
lapis pashtun turkmen tribal wedding bracelet cuffby getthat…
Tiny Sterling Silver Frog Pin / Onyx Eyes Marked Mexico .925 /Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
silver insignia ringby slmuffin2004
St Anne Pendant, Relic by poorgir…
Collection  of my Sri Lankan Jewelleryby Peaseje…
art deco butterscotch necklaceby getthat…
Georg Jensen Pendant of the Year (2013) Lapis Lazuliby Koppel
Turquoise and Amber Necklaceby melaniej
"Renaissance" double-sided pendant by Reinhold Vastersby Bluboi
Where did this locket come from? Could be Middle East. by ekuiaau
Amber and Sterling Bangleby freiheit
British Arts & Crafts silver ring with fruit motif and green stone c. 1900by BelleEp…
Victorian? Edwardian? - What is this style called?by Caigan
Antique Ar Deco Blue Star Sapphire 9ct Gold Ringby Moonsto…
Earringsby Zowie
Dorrie Nossiter Bracelet and Earringsby Peaseje…
Georg Jensen modernist Concave ear studs #136 D (Nanna Ditzel).by Koppel
Georg Jensen Moonlight Blossom earrings with Orange Chalcedonyby Koppel
Weird Victorian Seed Pearl + Human Hair + Mother Pearl Brooch Earring Setby Stillwa…
Amuletic Stuart Crystal -- Lord's Prayerby Bluboi
Theodor Fahrner Silver, Opal and Enamel Tassel Necklaceby Bluboi
Interesting mixed metal cameo silouette pendant necklaceby Behrinm…
hand painted ear rings and necklace antique by antique…
 Mosaic broochby Peaseje…
Victorian Broochby Peaseje…
Old Tortoiseshell pendant?by Peaseje…
Ruby ringby cinphire
Help ID  750 gold hallmarkby Masterp…
Second Charles Thomae matte enamel silver butterfly pin!by kyratango
Norwegian sterling silver and enamel broochby racer4f…
It's a brooch - otherwise, help is required!by racer4f…
Women's Suffrage -- Hunger Strike medallionsby Bluboi
Unknown maker Arts and Crafts sterling and blister abalone pearl pendant and kyratango
Lucky Saint Patrick day, touch of green!by kyratango
Georg Jensen Pendant of the Year 2015 - Labradorite and silverby Koppel
Eye Miniature Necklaceby Bluboi
1927 Liberty One Dollar by Thriftygirl94
Skeleton whistleby Whistle…
Elle Vous Va -- Acrostic Ringby Bluboi
Amazing Anti-Monarchy Pendantby Bluboi
Rare Princess Amelia Mourning Ringby Bluboi
Pretty Turqouise (?) ring need help with ID & Markings by herbgrower
Georg Jensen Vintage Sterling Silver Dove brooch #134by Koppel
Hugo Grun (Grøn) Danish sterling silver Broochby Koppel
A little touch of red! Art nouveau silver enamel cyclamen kyratango
Georg Jensen - Pendant No.1 - Labradorite 110th Anniversary pendantby Koppel
taxco - identify pleaseby sldmilpitas
Pierced Earringsby junkcol…
Antique Victorian Old Mine & Rose Cut Diamond Silver Gold Ring by Moonsto…
Multi Gem coloured silver pendantby Peaseje…
Georgian Enameled Pendant set in Cut Steelby Agram.m
A  Beautiful View Of Timeby Ilikeart
Help identify this insigniaby jlevitch
Silver filigree Butterflyby vintagecrazy
Square Onyx and Silver Pendant / .925 Marked Italy / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
A 19thC oval brooch with micro mosaic floral decoration and carved coral roses set in 18k goldby Agram.m
Salmon delight for my Bday :)by kyratango
Bulgarian silver Vladimir
Silver Filgree and Abalone Earringsby Ccret1
Silver Perfume Bottleby Ccret1
Art Nouveau Moon Lady Makers mark mysteryby sarahoff
Mexican Silver and Onyx Clamp Bracelet / Marked Mexico .950 / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Ladies Pendant/Pocket watchby fhrjr2
Who made or sold this necklace?by LikMissMolly
antique japanese bracletby leafay
A Brooch/Necklace by Otto Roland Mellin of Finland, 1874by kiwipaul
Cameo Portrait of the Young Alexander III of Russia, by Paul Lebas, circa 1867by kiwipaul
Huge Vintage Baltic Honey Amber Included Panel Bracelet by Moonsto…
my favorite broochby christinetu…
Mexican Sterling Silver and Abalone Ringby freiheit
Love Token 14ct yellow gold Broochby Agram.m
Chinese style antique Arts and Crafts carnelian silver kyratango
Mysterious Art Nouveau-ish Pendant Necklaceby critchpics
Who knows the maker of these novelty paste pieces????by kyratango
Vintage Chinese (?) Amethyst Ringby freiheit
Sterling, Marcasite, and Amethyst Spider Pinby freiheit
Revival Etruskan 9ct Round Brooch (English)by Agram.m
Jugendstil silver & malachite guard or muff chain by Gustav Hauber, Germany c. 1900by BelleEp…
New Ring, Found in Costume Pile! Whee!by snoskwrl
Vintage Pin - Not sure what this isby Shayantiques
Old Native American Belt buckle with figure and snakesby mahncherie
Unknown jewelry boxby Bicycle328
1900 Alphonse Mucha "Dessin de Montre" Jewelry Design Illustration for Georges Fouquetby cogito
3 Amuletic Toadstone Ringsby Bluboi
For my granddaughter Netta, a family Minniefufu
American Civil War braceletby Bluboi
Art Deco Enamel and Sterling Silver Necklace Featuring Mythical Pan Characterby vintage…
Ring. I I have no clue what kind of ring it eboi46
Sibyl Dunlop Ringby Bluboi
Boucheron Pearl and Diamond Pendantby Bluboi
Antonio Aguatti Micromosaic of Beatrice Cenciby Bluboi
Antique or vintage? Art nouveau, carnelian glass?, sterling ringby sarahoff
Rare Pin, Tie Clip, or  Money Clipby Terris_Trea…
Yemeni or yemenistyle eggyolk amber color bed necklace, probably 1970's by Elisabe…
Mystery Pearls Handed Down By Great Nannaby kate75
 Handed down items not sure what stones kate75
"Common Ground" / .925 Silver Jewelry Lot / Same Unknown Makers Mark/ Unknown Ageby mikelv85
Fine cameo of Neptune with dolphins in his hairby cameojan
Strange ring found in Central Americaby CRGOLDRING
carved ivory medallionby getthat…
Locket Collectionby tdvinta…
Pin Brooch on lady! Can you help me ?by PlamenL
Scandinavian modernist pewter parure with glassbeadsby Elisabe…
Rockcrystal silver ring by Elisabe…
Austro Hungarian Austrian Silver Enamel St. George and the Dragon Agram.m
German Mermaid Ring Goldby zkempo
Religious Pendant, but I Can't identify itby DerBayz
Another Jugendstil brooch from Pforzheim, Germany, made c. BelleEp…
Sterling Earrings - Beautiful Colourby freiheit
Art Deco Coral Necklace with 18k Diamond Claspby kiwipaul
Ring I inherited from my Momby beloube…
10k filigree and diamond ringby Toni1969
10 k gold garnet and seed pearl ringby Toni1969
antique, art deco?  gold, black onyx Toni1969
14k Art Nouveau Opal Ringby Toni1969
10K Victorian Opal Ringby Toni1969
Rose Gold, Belle Epoque Diamond Pearl Ringby Toni1969
Pat Cheney Silver and Enamel Braceletby Peaseje…
Sterling Silver Filigree Cross with Colored Stones / Marked  Italy .925 G.W./ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Vintage Lemon Citrine Organic 14k Mounting Ring by Moonsto…
Antique sterling silver stylistic dolphin sea creature ring by BetseysRoom87
Gold Diamond Ringby Peaseje…
My repair on Arts and Crafts brooch, enamel attributed to Charles Fleetwood VARLEY. by kyratango
Jugendstil floral silver brooch from Pforzheim, Germany c. 1900by BelleEp…
Art Crafts Hammered Swirl Silver  Ring & Bracelet by Moonsto…
Pretty darn old "potch" opalsby valenti…
Sterling Silver .925 Pendant and Ear Rings / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Antique Rose Cut Diamond & Gold Ring by Masterp…
Fred Harvey Huge Navajo Morenci Turquoise Silver Cuff Bracelet by Moonsto…
Mexican Sterling Earrings – Glass or Turquoise?by freiheit
1979 Taxco Mexico Inlay Coral, Turquoise and Silver Cross Pendant by shareur…
18k Gold and Jade Pendantby shareur…
Art deco, sterling braceletby cadachsr
Mid Century Modernist ring signed MQS 925by itmidce…
Limoges (France) enameled 14K gold set Pendantby Agram.m
Filigree brooch/pendant kyratango
Arts and crafts 14k sodalite kyratango
Cross Necklaceby Jessie37
Blood Inclusion Apple Juice Amber Graduated Bead Chunky Bold Necklace Collar by ElleCTr…
Art Deco  silver filigree and enamel Peacock broochby Peaseje…
Kalupe Sterling Brooch with Amberby freiheit
Beautiful British Arts & Crafts Gold & Opal Ring, c. 1900by BelleEp…
Norman Grant Silver, Enamel Pendant/Necklaceby Peaseje…
Vintage Chinese earringsby Peaseje…
Froggies part 2! by kyratango
Froggies kyratango
Amethyst And Sterling Ring By OPUSby Jbird01
Mini Treasure Chest Held Mini Treasure!by vintage…
Imperial Hanging ball watch pinby glasslove
Froggies!by kyratango
Bumble bee 1880' kyratango
Rock crystal and jadeite big kyratango
Butterfly early victorian kyratango
Butterfly brooch dated 1898!by kyratango
Some flowers and grapes to wait for warm days!by kyratango
Antique Navajo Turquoise Squash Blossom Silver Necklace by Moonsto…
Egyptian Head Ring marked 985by LuckyBa…
Beautiful Cameo from Italyby tink2666
Heavy Art Nouveau (?) ring marked sterling, kyratango
19th century diamond birdie (swallow) pin/hair kyratango
Victorian antique broochby Peaseje…
Art Deco Marcasite Sterling Enamel Earringsby TamaraB
Gutta Percha Vulcanite Victorian Mourning Locketby racer4f…
Asian Ivory and Silver Broochby racer4f…
Pretty Little Purple Ringby freiheit
Mexican Sterling Bangle Marked JEGby freiheit
Beautiful Silver Plated Large Cameo Brooch/ Pinby Mfourada
Silver enamel brooch/pendant by Pat Cheneyby Peaseje…
Pair of earrings (1880s) of beveled rock crystal sphere's and movable suspensions made Idar Obersteinby Agram.m
Native American Sterling Necklace and Earring setby ltlkty10
Large Silver and Gold Dragonfly Brooch /Marked .925 with Hallmarks Illegible/ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Bangle Bracelet with Green Stones /Marked 1/20 12 KT GF /Unknown Maker/ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Frances Yeend Opera Singer Broochby vintage…
Old  rooster Chinese silver kyratango
Signed Sterling & ? LATON Cuff - TAXCO TF-40by BHock45
 Sterling & Marcasite Antique Carved Green Peking Glass  Necklace And Pendantby vintage…
Berber ring, Oran, Algeria: 1943by Sukey
Vintage - Silver Twisted Necklace & Bracelet  - ( Hand Crafted ?? )by antique…
Silver enamel pendant by Peaseje…
Wedgwood Vintage Sterling Necklaceby freiheit
Vintage Sterling Filigree and Foil/Glass Mexican Braceletby freiheit
My Diamond Clusterby Phil-Micucci
Large Bond Boyd Sterling Silver Broochby freiheit
My Favorite Ringby Phil-Micucci
Lovely vintage gem necklace by ArcherZG
Fitted drawer with my bracelet collectionby BelleEp…
Austrian black enamel silver bracelet, c. 1900by BelleEp…
10k Rose Gold Black Agate Cameo Art Deco Paid $8by Mfourada
Murano (?) Millefiore Glass Heart Pendant /18K GP White Gold Bale 12 K Chain/ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Art Nouveau/ Deco diamond and white gold ringby Peaseje…
4 Charm braceletsby Peaseje…
Platinum Diamond ringby Peaseje…
Lovely 1800-century bridalbroochby Elisabe…
Micro Mosaic Spaniel Dog Brooch Circa 1840by vintage…
How Do I Clean These Metal Boxesby Katestlouis
Italian Vior 14K Gold Charm Bracelet / Heart Shaped Charm with Amethyst / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Tiffany & Co. "Atlas Collection" by John Loring/ Square Roman Numeral Pendant /.925 Silver with 16" Chain /Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
4th fitted drawer of my jewellery collectionby BelleEp…
How old is this? Looks gardinerth
Sterling Silver Enamel 3D Victorian Pansy Flower Charm 925by Mfourada
 Bohemian Garnet Necklaceby moonkana
Art Deco Jade  Locket Ring With Mysterious Ladyby vintage…
Rooster kyratango
Real Tiffany Bracelet?by BHock45
Austro-Hungarian Enamel Pin Brooch with Half Pearlsby TamaraB
Liberty & Co. silver enameled Arts & Crafts necklace, England c. 1900by BelleEp…
Japanese jewelry from war II or Occupied Japan?by murchisonp
10k Beetle Scarab Brooch Pinby Mfourada
Fine Micro Mosaics Bracelet by Mfourada
Skull Vladimir
French jewelry casket by jamaica3
Sterling Bangleby freiheit
Large Ring with Coral and Turquoiseby freiheit
Safety pin silver ringsby katheri…
Austro-Hungarian silver amethyst and pearl necklace c. 1860by BelleEp…
jade necklace by JessThe…
Bracelet Charm WWII Paratrooper?by shareur…
French 19th Century Neo Renaissance style ringby Peaseje…
Bernard Instone ringby Peaseje…
Two Georgian gold filigree broochesby Peaseje…
Vintage Silver Enamel Souvenir Travel Shield Charm Braceletby Agram.m
Some Vintage Knick Knacks - Inherited from hope7096
Large Mexican Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet / Marked .925 /Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
My 1970's Sterling Silver CHARM BRACELETby antique…
Silver pendantby shipi
family broochby fishypeanut
Art Noveau broochby Elisabe…
Cameo from France by CapeCodLisa
Sparkly 10K White Gold Pendant / White Sapphire and Diamonds / Marked Mexico / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
VICTORIAN Paper Mache Jewelry Box ( or PAPIER Mache)by antique…
 Thomae enamel Swallow in fly brooch, before and after kyratango
Greek shell cameo pin/broochby babutcher
Italian Silver Necklace and Matching Bracelet / Bi-Color Chevron Pattern / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
"Art Deco" Style Sterling Silver Pearl Pendant / Tear Drop Mother of Pearl Drop /Janice Girardi / Circa Mid-20th Centuryby mikelv85
Native Americ Necklaceby DerBayz
Bernard Instone Broochesby Peaseje…
Goodbye Ruby Tuesdayby katheri…
Sterling Guilloche Broochby upstate…
Art nouveau articulated kyratango
Turquoise tear drop pendant, bolo tie clip, and bracletby Bigpappa
18" Large Baroque Pearl Necklace /Unknown Type .925 Sterling Clasp / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Beautiful Silver Necklace and Bracelet Mexico?by stwilli…
Antique brass cluster of black stones ring - help with more infoby MissIdealFi…
Silver chain and pendant by Norman Grantby Peaseje…
My little boxby shipi
My fabulous thrift store find! by MamaT
My favourite ringby bitsnbobs
This is my favourite bitsnbobs
My old 19th century cross necklaceby cmcclelland
Silver Watch chain with crafted bead fobby Agram.m
Victorian ring by bitsnbobs
Salvage enamel on antique kyratango
Bernard Instone Moonstone Silver Peaseje…
Dorrie Nossiter earrings completed!by kyratango
Floral Pattern Pietra Dura brooch in Silver Settingby Agram.m
From my Great Grandmotherby Csheridan
Handmade Mexican Silver (?) Cuff Bracelet / Red Stones / Unknown Maker and Ageby mikelv85
Tiny 14 kt Gold Pearl with Diamond Ring and Pearl Bracelet / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Vintage Silver and Semi-Precious 10 Stone Toggle Clasp Bracelet / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
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Antique Asian Bracelet and Dress Clip NEED HELP identifying AGE and What It's Made Ofby carolize
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