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Art Deco Bracelet Help Identifying Maker Neededby Raestelle
Tiny Sterling Silver Frog Pin / Onyx Eyes Marked Mexico .925 /Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Blue Guilloche Pinby DrFluffy
Champagne Anyone?by DrFluffy
Hand Crafted Sterling by DrFluffy
Sterling Silver Modernist Necklaceby DrFluffy
My Mystery Sterling Broochby Cchristiansen
Sterling Boat Light Tie Clipby upstate…
Norwegian sterling silver and enamel broochby racer4f…
It's a brooch - otherwise, help is required!by racer4f…
Silver Filgree and Abalone Earringsby Ccret1
Silver Perfume Bottleby Ccret1
San Franciso Silver Pendant by strng3rs
Art Nouveau Moon Lady Makers mark mysteryby sarahoff
Ladies Pendant/Pocket watchby fhrjr2
A sterling box with mirrorby kivatin…
Vintage Hilda Kraus Tree by DrFluffy
Jamaica Sterling and Enamel Pendantby DrFluffy
Vintage silver necklace by Antique…
Silver Cloisonne Hair Berrettesby DrFluffy
maker mark ID helpby vintagecrazy
Vintage Pin - Not sure what this isby Shayantiques
Rare Pin, Tie Clip, or  Money Clipby Terris_Trea…
"Common Ground" / .925 Silver Jewelry Lot / Same Unknown Makers Mark/ Unknown Ageby mikelv85
Cuff Link or Tie Tackby superso…
Antique sterling silver stylistic dolphin sea creature ring by BetseysRoom87
Silver Chinese Panda Bearby DrFluffy
Sterling Silver .925 Pendant and Ear Rings / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Art deco, sterling braceletby cadachsr
Not so nice Valentines Dayby DrFluffy
Amethyst And Sterling Ring By OPUSby Jbird01
Sterling Silver Filigee Heart Shape Broochby Agram.m
Silver Bracelet Morocby katyrose
Crystal and Silver Braceletby DrFluffy
Victorian -- Sterling Silver Bracelet & Keyby antique…
Safety pin silver ringsby katheri…
Bracelet Charm WWII Paratrooper?by shareur…
Large Mexican Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet / Marked .925 /Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Sterling Silver Necklaceby agnes
"Art Deco" Style Sterling Silver Pearl Pendant / Tear Drop Mother of Pearl Drop /Janice Girardi / Circa Mid-20th Centuryby mikelv85
Sterling Silver Dogwood Broochby DrFluffy
Sterling Silver and Cabochan Amathyst Broochby DrFluffy
One of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I want to know more of the TREWluv
Sterling Guilloche Broochby upstate…
J Woolsey Modern Sterling Earringsby DrFluffy
Enamel Leafby DrFluffy
Beautiful Silver Necklace and Bracelet Mexico?by stwilli…
My fabulous thrift store find! by MamaT
Sterling and Marcasite Ringsby glasslove
Antique Silver pendantby Antique…
Silver marksby Antique…
Vintage Silver Necklaceby shareur…
Stirling silver bracelt by Reneenz
Small Sterling Clip/Pinby upstate…
Large Sterling Pinby upstate…
Part Of My Enamel Pin Collectionby upstate…
Silver Figaro Necklace from Italy with unknown Hallmarkby shareur…
Southwestern Silver horseshoe pin by Mkustin84
Antique detailed silver ladies bracelet marked 925by mikeigo…
Victorian Locking Heart Pendant c1877by shareur…
Sterling Hinged Bangle, Birmingham, Ronex 1966by freiheit
Heart, Bow Crystal Sterling Silver Earrings and Necklaceby PearlMays1
Silver Ring by diana72
CINER Silver ringby ACobra289
Sterling and onyx braceletby Jewels
Sterling and agate ring? by Jewels
Vintage Cute Vermeil Brooch Oak Leaf and Acorn by Flora Agram.m
Art Deco Sterling Earringsby upstate…
Vintage Sterling Silver Doves Necklace and Bracelet Set by Agram.m
Son in the Service Ringby upstate…
U.S. Air Force Ringby Jewels
Unknown Ring by smartbu…
Sterling silver cat earringsby Jewels
Sterling Silver Brooch With Heart Locketby FanciGirl
Sea glass bottle neck ring for Jewelsby valenti…
Help needed with makers mark on a ring by Elisabe…
Need Information Please - Sterling Braceletby cindylee1023
Sterling Silver Bangleby freiheit
Sterling earringsby Ballsto…
antique silver bracelet by bug_angel
Plique a jour enamel created on a Beau Sterling fly kyratango
Sterling Bangle, Birminghamby freiheit
David Andersen Saga Collection Braceletby melaniej
Handmade sterling USA map ringby valenti…
Sterling Silver Multi Gem Stone Ringby melaniej
Silver Ring Markingby Ccret1
Mystery Ring Markingby Ccret1
Russian Silver Ringby Ccret1
Silver Ring with Mystery Markby Ccret1
Dutch Silver Ringby Ccret1
1920's Sterlingby CAD1949
Silver Earrings (My Favorite Jewelry Find )by melaniej
Turquoise & Silver Jewelryby shareur…
Sterling Silver Large Flower Pendantby FanciGirl
Sterling Silver Bird, Leaf & Nest With Eggsby FanciGirl
Possibly Chinese Antique Silver Bangle?by KatyaP
Silver Dutch Peasant Pendant 19th Centuryby Agram.m
My New Found... Siam Sterling Silver Peacock Broochby mommy2angel…
Mystery Ring by SDove17
Silver Jewelryby Ccret1
Celtic ring ?by Antique…
Art Deco Uncas Sterling & Rhinestone Ringby smcmahan
Sterling Silver Pyramid With Quartz Crystal Pendant by stwilli…
Antique Silver Chinese Dragon Braceletby sofleyspoken
Silver necklace circa 50s or 60s?by Kitchin71
Neck band  silver jewelryby Rik
Silver Filigree Braceletby bratjdd
My favourite ringby folieadeuxmt
Today's findsby BHock45
800 Silver Virgin Mary Pendant or Broochby MrsWarren
Propeller Sweetheart(?) pin by upstate…
Child's Bangle - Sterling?by freiheit
London import, silver & smoky quartz ringby sarahoff
Sterling Pin with Stone Inlay, Circle, X, & Jeweled Crown~any thoughts?by Budek
COWRIE SHELL PENDANT + 900 Sterling Silver hm'edby southcop
Old Sterling Silver Pinby DrFluffy
Sterling Silver Pinsby DrFluffy
2.5 inches Vintage  Sterling Silver Scorpion + Black Onyx pendant by southcop
Sterling Silver Round Dome Beaded Pin Broochby atticof…
my 1945 braceletby nittygr…
Vintage Repousse Silver Dangle Earringsby mackay1st
Vintage Dangle Earrings -- Mystery Stonesby mackay1st
Art Deco Morpho butterfly wing Sterling pendant probably 1930'sby Elisabe…
Sterling Enamel Pin, says "T B P K W WARNENCZYKA"by susanrose
TAXCO Jewelryby BHock45
Vintage Sterling Pin with Natural Pearlby freiheit
Austria, Sweden or Italy? A pin and earring "set"by valenti…
Sterling clip earrings from Mexicoby valenti…
Tom's Toasted Peanuts braceletby claycat
Silverbracelet 1959by Elisabe…
My 1954 silverbangle - this was underneath the oxidationby Elisabe…
Art Deco Sterling Pinby upstate…
Sterling Bird Pinby freiheit
Can you help me identify this piece?by curioussilver
Signed DAVID-ANDERSEN Clip-back Earringsby BHock45
Home Made Sterling cross from Ster. Silverware? and not sterling stretch cheap but cute Religious bracelet!by toracat
Taxco sterling brooch with stone inlays  inspired by Codex Zouche-Nuttallby Elisabe…
Stunning Swedish silverbangle 1954by Elisabe…
My Pennanular Broochby blingit…
Art Nouveau Silver and marcasite earrings by Elisabe…
Antique Victorian/Edwardian or Art Nouveau (?) Silver and onyx (?) pendantby Elisabe…
Cuff Braceletby oconner91
cuff braceletby oconner91
Hector Aguilar (?) Vintage mexican silver orchid broochby Elisabe…
Vintage Signed Rafael Melendez 980 Sterling Silver 1940's Taxco Mexico Bracelet by ZIII
Stunning  vintage  silver pendant by Antique…
Silverbracelet 1948by Elisabe…
The other two piecesby DrFluffy
Possibly real Native American pendent and earringsby BHock45
Art nouveau/Art Deco inspired 1948 pendantby Elisabe…
Rock crystal pendant 1947by Elisabe…
Mexican necklace by Elisabe…
Sterling "Leaves" Necklaceby aghcoll…
Help Please!! Vintage looking silver charm!by emily.lou97
Great Falls Metal Works pin/tie clipby upstate…
Glass and Sterling Pin With Etched Roseby upstate…
Silver Pendant with Gems and Shells Part IIby DrFluffy
Sterling Heartby DrFluffy
Birks Engraved Vintage Sterling Bangleby freiheit
Floating charm with glass locket (thanks walksoftly for info)by DrFluffy
Art Deco Sterling and Marcasite Pinby upstate…
Mexico Sterling! Jade Aztec pendant! Very old! Simple amber cross, beautiful! Really beautiful and Mama Cat and Torakittens pinby toracat
John Hardy Vintage Hand Signed Earrings circa 70'sby Angelin…
Guilloche Beautiesby DrFluffy
Garage Sale Find... Sterling Silver Braceletby DrFluffy
Sterling Silver Onyx Broochby DrFluffy
Sterling 1950's banglesby valenti…
Sterling Silver antique Bug Pin signed REX?by LauraL
HELP! Can you help me identify the maker and age?by LauraL
Silver cuff and heart link braceletby sarahoff
ID bracelet with Old Clasp by jjansen85
This is My Father's Ringby Aimathena
Sterling SilverCuff Bracelet - Syllabic? Ranjana Script?by Tawnie
Old silver medallion by Antique…
Sterling silver broach or Necklace by Jono
Vintage Charles Horner Mickey Mouseby MarkRSalt
Silver Rams-head ringby Jono
Silver bug! Butterfly, inlaid wants to go to France and live with other bugs!by toracat
Sterling silver wire Pinby Jono
Silver filigree demi parureby Newtimes
Bond Boyd Sterling Silver Pinby freiheit
My favourite necklaceby newme58
Fleur the Lis, Petit Pinby DrFluffy
Sterling Silver Bangleby DrFluffy
Vintage sterling silver and gold vermeil Western six shooter revolver necklaceby sundaya…
Two Handmade Mexican Pieces - Sterling Rosary & Bracelet by BHock45
E. JACKSON - Native American Sterling & Turquoise Pendentby BHock45
925 Marked Ring with Pretty Stonesby freiheit
Antique Brooch from Italyby Angels
1930 East High School pin by upstate…
Sterling & Pearl Ringby BHock45
Sterling Art Deco Pinby upstate…
Georg Jensen #3 Bracelet?by Bergenp…
Antique Mexican Silver Braceletby Gwrth
Sterling filigree and micro mosaic ring - needs repairby NicMarie82
925 Earrings and Ringby DrFluffy
Sterling Silver Pendant by DrFluffy
ACRO of Germanyby DrFluffy
Antique silver chainsby Newtimes
Sterling Silver Braceletsby DrFluffy
Silver Filigree Bracelet with Onyx - Marked 925 and CPTby freiheit
Disturber of Peaceby DrFluffy
Sterling Silver Filgree Bracelet with Gold Washby DrFluffy
Sterling Silver Bracelet - MEXICO MD-10by BHock45
Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Accent Braceletby DrFluffy
Victorian Antique Silver Acorn Cachet by Agram.m
ANSON STERLING - Tie Clipby BHock45
Silver Swirly Braceletby DrFluffy
Here some of my collection of silver earringsby Agram.m
Little Victorian Silver (Sweetheart?) broochby Agram.m
Hobe Sterling Silver Braceletby DrFluffy
FB is for:  Filbert Brown, Fred Baca, Fred Bowannie?by DrFluffy
BPOE (Elks) Stick upstate…
Jewelers are stumped!by Cutiecouture
silver chokerby lilbevey
Rose Quarz and Sterling Silver Bangleby freiheit
Bacchus Gold Plated Pendant, Oberon Zellby DrFluffy
Art Deco Delicate Pendantby DrFluffy
Gold over Silver Necklace and Earringsby DrFluffy
Sterling Silver & Gold Necklaceby NicoleJ…
Silver Pendant with Gems and Shellsby DrFluffy
Sterling Silver and Murano Glass Millefiori Pendantby DrFluffy
Silver buckle by Thoscah…
And the tird in the tilver twitty bird DrFluffy
Another Tilver Twitty DrFluffy
Tilver Twitty Bird Pendantby DrFluffy
Pretty Little Fish... And friends!!by DrFluffy
Dutch Peasant Silver Necklaceby DrFluffy
Krementz Sterling Silver Lionby DrFluffy
Large Silver Bead Necklaceby DrFluffy
ED KEE BRACELET NOT KNOW AGE or tribe Possible Navajo??by Vintage…
Moonstone/silver pendantby sarahoff
Moonstone/ silver ring by sarahoff
2 Interesting Sterling Silver Bandsby BHock45
Sterling Silver Ring - Marcasite & Onyxby BHock45
Malachite and Sterling Silver Choker Necklaceby MattyG
Silver Ring With Green Stoneby freiheit
Vintage (or antique?) European Silver Ringby freiheit
I think this is an antique!!by DrFluffy
Sterling Silver Star of David by Thedaby NicoleJ…
Paloma Picasso "Loving Heart" Necklaceby NicoleJ…
Ornate Sterling Silver Chokerby NicoleJ…
Large Sterling Silver enameled filigree oval ringby Agram.m
Sterling Silver Star/Butterfly Pull-Apart Necklaceby NicoleJ…
Sterling Silver Necklaceby freiheit
Sydenham Brothers Sterling Cross ca.1860's~Very Unusual Details, Owl, Moonby Budek
925 and 950 Pendents - Native or Mexican?by BHock45
Large Silver Filigree Square Brooch by Agram.m
Lesson: don't over clean sterlingby valenti…
Men's Cufflinks - Sterling Silverby BHock45
Large Bond Boyd Sterling Pinby freiheit
Amor Sterling Silver charm pendantby Agram.m
Sterling and Turquoise Bangleby freiheit
Art Deco Sterling Silver & Marcasite Butterfly Broochby BHock45
Sterling Filigreed Maltese Cross Pendantby antiqua…
Early 19th Century Filigreed Gilt Silver Butterflyby antiqua…
Sterling Pendant  Bee on flower?  Pendant 22.7 grams and fasteners also sterlingby toracat
Virgin Mary Limoges  Pendant/Brooch Antique French Sterling Enamel and Marcasiteby Agram.m
my poison ringby genaurbanak
Silver Pin (Happy Mother's Day)by freiheit
Ed Wiener Vintage Jewelryby jimboot…
Fantastic Silver pearl Amethyst ringby Agram.m
Old Silver Pin - How Old Could It Be?by freiheit
Sword Kilt Pinby cmewil
Strange Earringsby freiheit
Pin and Earringsby freiheit
Silver Earrings:  Unknown Makerby freiheit
Sterling Silver Pendant and Mirrorby freiheit
Vintage Sterling Pinby freiheit
Sterling Silver Cross Pendent - M.T.??by BHock45
Rib and hipbone sterling silver braceletby Newtimes
Mexican Silver Pinby freiheit
Large Sterling Silver acorn "Pendant"by Agram.m
JAMES AVERY - 925 Volleyball Charmby BHock45
Tiny Ankh - Egyptian Silver Hallmarkby BHock45
Paloma Picasso Tiffany & Co. Necklace with Heart Pendent - Sterling Silverby BHock45
Sterling Silver Friendship Ringby BHock45
Woman's Necklace - Locket & Cross - Sterling Silverby BHock45
Silver Men's ID Braceletby Tricia2111
Sterling Silver Ring - 925 & ??by BHock45
Sterling Silver Cat Pin - 925 & Enamelby BHock45
Simple but decorative heavy sterling silver necklaceby Agram.m
Mother of pearl necklaceby Newtimes
Women's 925 Necklace - Mini Pipes & Glass Beadsby BHock45
Women's Bracelet - Mexican Silver 930by BHock45
Sterling and Marcasite (pendant?)by upstate…
Pendant of Machu Picchu  by Jzimont
Mexican Silver Ring with Colored Glass or Stonesby BHock45
Sterling Native American stamped cuff braceletsby valenti…
Selection of tourist & 70's? turquoise braceletsby valenti…
Exotic "Egyptian" tourist jewelry: 1940's-50's Italy, Morroco, Spain, Mexico?by valenti…
Sssss.. Silver sssss Snakes, bracelet, ring, earringsby Agram.m
Mexican wave chip bracelet and earringsby valenti…
Green turquoise & sterling Navajo assembled braceletby valenti…
Es plata. 1940's? unmarked sterling arrow necklaceby valenti…
Silver elephant cuff braceletby pinkele…
Infantry Ringby jca239
Exclusive parure consisting enameled ring, pendant and earrings from Russiaby Agram.m
Russian Sterling & Jade Earrings~Nicely Made, Mrked 925 + Other Unknown markby Budek
Egg with mouse and cat and topaz and amesythby briawel
Argentinian handmade vintage broochby calupato
Sterling Jewelry, Unknown Country or makers?  As always could use help!by toracat
Sterling silver pin and earring setby antiqueslover
Cubic Zirconia & Sterling Silver Ringby BHock45
Repousse Water Lily Sterling Broochby reecoll…
Navajo Silver / Turquoise Matching Bracelet and Ringby Pete67466255
.925 tourquoise mosaic inlay pendant sliderby CAS2CAM
sterling silver jewelry airplane, bracelet, ring, and ear ringsby toracat
Early Unsigned Cini?by JewlGurl
Vintage TIFFANY & CO. Teardrop Links 925 Sterling Silver Nsecklace(?)by ElleCTr…
I love this silver braceletby robinj
Taxco Mex. Silver pendant, JAB,  Native American turquoise ringby toracat
More English Butterfly Wing Picturesby Tillymint
Silver Jewish Charmby Gtorres117
Wonderful full body antique Victorian carved Pompeii Lava Mount Vesuvius Cameoby Agram.m
silver amber cross, over 2 inches long, made? how old? by toracat
Vintage Solid Silver Pendent With Semi Precious Stones - Circa 1950'sby thehoro…
Tiffany & Co. Braceletby tstulik
Silver art deco braceletby Newtimes
Crest bracelet by blunder…
Early German Brooch?by chuckg
My Favorite Victorian Pendant~by katmagnow
Snake necklaceby eisenbe…
Native American  or  Mexican silver and Abaloneby Greatsn…
Golden Enamel Bird Brooch/ pendant. Marked Silver. by Fabulou…
Sandcast NAVAJO Brooch - Sterling Silverby Stillwa…
Made in Ireland Claddagh ringby Britann…
Is this arts & crafts era?by valenti…
Silver Swordfish Ringby Luisa
Sterling Silver Purple Stone Amuletby Luisa
 Silver and Coral Jewellery (A pendant I believe)by rr11ccee
Costume and Real Jewelleryby rr11ccee
 Silver & Turquoise Screwback earringsby LaCours…
Sterling Silver Modernist Rabbit Ringby Carlson…
Antique Tiffany & Co Cross Necklaceby MrsCLP
Small turquoise ringby jlennon…
Turquoise dove ringby jlennon…
Turquoise and Mother of Pearl Ringby jlennon…
Dead Pawn Turquoise Ringby jlennon…
Jeep Collins Crossby lisaoram
Solid Silver Cameo Ringby Miranda
American Modenist Jewlry/Christian Marc Schmidt????by Teacakes1940
Neiman Marcus Sterling Compass Cuff Linksby lsjewels
Navette peasant silver broochby Agram.m
QUIZ and show and tell of Sterling pinby scottvez
Unkown Sterling Silver Flower Mid Century Modern Design Brooch or Pinby emersonesta…
Unknown Gemstone Cuff Bracelet Sterling Marked Native American?by emersonesta…
Victorian Silver filegree blue enamel flower necklaceby Agram.m
sterling necklessby Hopester
Tuquoise & sterling necklessby Hopester
Unknown Black Sterling Silver Earring by dvirgs
Sterling Silver Cini Broochby Mystics…
Dangleby jacksonkath…
2 of my favoritesby glopco
Sterling Bar Pinby upstate…
Huge French antique silver Grashopper earringsby Agram.m
Sterling Silver face pin by TeresaD
Walrus Tusk Ivoryby TeresaD
Silver filigrain earrings in silver with gold accents by Agram.m
Sterling Enamel pinby upstate…
Part Two con't - Statue, Medallions and Pinsby SortingLooms
Part Two con't. Statue, Medallions and Pinsby SortingLooms
My Modernist Studio Necklaceby Tia
Nice Silver Charmby Robk891
B R Sterling Silver Bracelet? When Where was it Made??by sshumes
Georg Jensen - Vivianna Torun, Sterling Silver Pendantby MichaansAuc…