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Letter from George Washington to Dr. Samuel Stringer, New York, 15 May 1776. In the hand of Washington’s aide-de-camp Robert jjamesaucti…
Christmas Away From Home: A WW1 Letterby SpiritB…
WW2 oil painting of a tank on its way to  Burlin by lieutenant ratko with letter. by Phatbud…
Magnay Manufacturers 19th Centuryby kerrylangford
vintage correspondenceby marered…
Les Soldats De La Marneby jonlm40
By request, here are entries found in diaryby NanaM
This WWI diary belonged to my grandpa's brother NanaM
World War Two 2 II KGB Spy Gestappo Arrest Warrant Cold Warby ronsoverstu…
Letter to my grandparents by Gruff
Officer's mess letter and his photoby Takeyou…
Sir William Brereton English Civil War Letter 1644by Hamish
Japanese Soilder Diary from the 43- hospital unit SAIPAN  JUNE 11-1944by mikeigo…
Antique U.S. Honorable Discharge Leather Certificateby whitman75
Father Buckley 23rd Fighter Group Letterby Fritziii
WWI German Airdropped Peace Proposalby Chrisnp
WW2 US Soldiers letter home on Messerschmitt Factory Letterheadby JSmed
My Dad's 6,000 Fying hoursby filmnet
J Edgar Hoover letterby filmnet
Claim of Exemption From Serviceby upstate…
a certificate for acting service by kelly_mcgin…
Postcards sent to the USA from Italyby lydaben…
WWII British Expeditionary Force Christmas Cardby petey
WWI soldiers paperworkby petey
WW2 German POW letter of thanks to US Officerby scottvez
Rare Maltese First Day Cover 1954by petey
German WWII stamps found in a stamp albumby petey
Algerian/Iraqi stamps 1975by petey
J. Edger Hoover letterby filmnet
Letters Maps pictures to home from WWl interesting letter about froggym…
ww2 hms aurora love letter to mr E.singleton from miss I.riding. by CMBK
World War Two  My mother RN  with Kate Smith selling war bonds 2nd post  (see 1st post also)by toracat
World War Two Nurse, photos!  My Mother! In 2 sections!  1st one:by toracat
Letter from 1869 to soldierby filmnet
WWII P.O.W. Diary "Bugs & Bombs" by my Fatherby Alpha1
Commendation letter and WW 11 ACA letterby filmnet
Letter from clerk about death 1873 ourrelativeby filmnet
2 Victory liberty loan 1918  cards from Federal Reserve bank Bostonby filmnet
WWII Envelopesby Marcus
Eyes for the Navy 2 letters FRD original Signiture on 1 letterby filmnet
Civil War Union Bounty List. Dated Aug. 31, 1864 by jerzyjr
Letter from my fathers box, 1956 US Army letter  about Hurricane "Besty"by filmnet
1919-Letter to Widow of WWI from the War Dept. by michell…
V. M. I. 1937 Class Bulletin of May 29, 1945, Very Interesting packrat…
Original Eisenhower D-Day Letterby scottvez
WWII "Blood Chit" and Survival Mapby rgwinn
Salem Cadets for you guy by filmnet
2 page letter from Dr on Battlefield WW1 Luxembourg 1919 to here in Massby filmnet
Charge of the Light Brigadeby covers
WWII USMC Marshall Islands Pilots Bail out guide book/mapby tlmbaran
My Grandmother's Letter from 1919by avidgenie
 Box of 100's of WW II V-Mail lettersby packrat…
More of Adelyn's lettersby roxygirl
WWII Nurse Letters Homeby roxygirl
August 15, 1945:  WAR ENDS!by marcoba…
War Stories from the Philippinesby marcoba…
1943 Japanese Propaganda Magazine found  in the Philippinesby marcoba…
WW1 Letter written by Ace Pilot Rickenbacker to MIA pilot's Motherby scottvez
WW2 Nose Art style pin ups on Envelopes c. 1944by scottvez
1777 - The British Are Coming!by covers
North Korean money and Marine Letter from Korean War Sept 14, 1950by Mrj303
WWII and Civil war itemsby cindyjune
Wartime love letter to my grandmother from my VikingF…