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Vintage Lufkin No. 515 Depth Micrometerby jscott0…
Vintage Massi Stabe Rollo Stabil Tape Measure WWII Eraby windlaurel
Frozen Coke &  Sprite by Juanita
Tape Measure "Asbestos" Co. promotionby D15By
Servalite Keychain 3' Tape Measureby aghcoll…
White Clad.The Lufkin rule charmso…
A quirky tape measurementby mariaflower
Dean London E2 Tape Measureby der5997
Old Chesterman Measuring Tape - Sheffield Englandby Desmapa…
A carved wood measuring tapeby papa
Antique Funeral Home Wooden Calipers: Measures Casketsby DustyJu…
Tape Measure Made by ATLANTIC Union, New Jerseyby BHock45
Antique Tape Measures Collection -- Inspired by CW Member Kindyby epson233
Antique and vintage sewing stuffby kindy
SCHAEFER vintage measuring tapeby juliac12
My pigby DonnaH320
Vintage Yardsticksby monkeybox
Zippo Chrysler Airtemp tape measures by hamptoncpp
Marca Campana Bronze & Leather Steel Measure 15METERS by jvlaginess13
Vintage Celluloid Advertising Tape Measuresby rocker-sd
madmacs vintage stanley tape measureby madmac
Langley De-Liarby MOT
sewing tape measure ,in shape of a catby comptoi…
Embroidered Sewing measuring tape made in Germanyby lookin4…
Creme separator base and old rulerby setracing