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Depression Carnival Candle Holders - Glasswarein Glassware
Lamp from a dear friend! - Lampsin Lamps
Vintage USA children's sectional puzzle - Gamesin Games
Funeral Home fan - Advertisingin Advertising
Is this a buzz motto?  Found this in Mother's items. Help? - Cardsin Cards
2 cent Washington stamp - Stampsin Stamps
Princeton watch - Timex? - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Staplers, one older and one ? - Officein Office
Lamp base - Lampsin Lamps
Gem Dancy Churn - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Thanks you Jewels for noticing!
  2. TallCakes is correct - found one on etsy. I am confused between carnival and depression?????
  3. Thank you TallCakes! I will recheck my research. I am very open to learning more since I am a novice. The tadpole is encased there and you can feel nothing on each side.
  4. Thanks, Kerry, any idea is a help!
  5. Child's puzzle. Any idea of the maker! Thanks!
  6. Beyond lovely set!
  7. anyone out there who knows Puzzles?
  8. Wish I could help you! This is lovely!!!!
  9. Thanks Riply! You gave me a history I can save with this. I have thrown a few away before I decided that few things should be trashed unless they really are trash. Your notes are thorough!
  10. Your setting for this is perfect!
  11. Thanks for loving it Vintage & racer. I love it also, but do not seems to be able to identify a maker, etc.
  12. I wish someone would have a comment about the lamp - it is glass with a metal foot - not brass or copper. I do not think it is old and the design may have been machine applied. I just cannot find an...
  13. Thanks to all of you for the "wonderful discussion."! Sorry I did not respond about the handwriting (I apologize agh), which is not 100 years old! It is my writing about 40 years ago because my depa...
  14. Thanks agh and Valentino - you give me much to think about!
  15. Very creative chats!!
  16. So very unusual!
  17. Lovely find - the nicest one I have seen! Lucky you!
  18. I have some Cokes to go in it, but I think your crate is worth more than my bottles from the 70s! I think many people would want your crate!!!! Looks really good.
  19. Thanks Kerry! It has a few small pieces missing! I plan to see if they can be reset.
  20. Thank you agh and Scott! It is so nice to learn about things you find. Everything has value if it belonged to someone you love!
  21. Valentino, thanks! I had not thought to wind it as I just found it in things left to me. It does work and has the most unusual clasp. I also found a guarantee that says Temlex watches - I had thoug...
  22. Riply, so you have a keen "eagle" eye? Just saw 2 hawks together today on a high wire stack. I think that is unusual - I saw the first one fly and then saw the other fly and they soared together as ...
  23. That you Riply!!! I cannot determine what model this Ace is. I checked several sites and on the bottom of mine, there is a patent number, something engraved Z or N and another very long number: 205...
  24. Thanks you Riply 206!
  25. I forgot to tell you that the writing says "Geneva" & 19 jewel
  26. I love these. The first green one I have seen!
  27. This is beyond beautiful!
  28. The most beautiful one I have seen! Thanks for sharing; it is precious!
  29. Thanks for your comments & identification: kerry10456, fhrjr2, & ho2cultcha. Closure in what they are is important to me!
  30. "Being one". I should proof read!
  31. I love this chest and vein gone of a kind should make it valuable!
  32. Thank you walksoftly, kerry10455, fhrjr2! My father farmed & also had a Texaco station in the 30s-40s! So you have helped me piece these together! Perhaps I could make some type of decoration????? ...
  33. Thanks TubeAmp! I have been out of town and had not checked back. Your information is very thorough! THANKS!
  34. Thanks fhrjr2! Day job is retirement! That's why I have time to go though all this stuff I have!
  35. Thank you kerry10456!
  36. Thanks fhrjr2! I appreciate your time and information! I also have some old wrenches to add later. Just keep discovering items!
  37. Thank you AmberRose, Virginia.vintage, & shareurpassion! I knew You would give good advice. I am labeling items for daughter & she will know she can enjoy these. She fairly vintage herself!
  38. Thanks fortapache and Steve. I am considering options and I appreciate knowing it is worth something!
  39. Thanks TubeAmp! It seems your name is appropriate!
  40. Thank you, TubeAmp! I am finding so many things to discover in my garage! I imagine this is a cheaper model, but you have helped me try to identify this item!
  41. It is a lovely piece, but I cannot identify items like this.
  42. Thank you, nutsabotas6! I sincerely appreciate your comment! Trying to find out how to renew it!
  43. I have a couple of these and like you do not know origin. Good luck!
  44. Once outside this wood looks much lighter - any ideas? Thanks
  45. Red would make them (back ulphostered also) POP! We have chairs like this at church and I fear to imagine how much they are worth - at least 150 years old!
  46. What about this medal with inscription ? Thanks TubeAmp!
  47. If not Asian, what could these characters be?
  48. Thank you to each person who commented and made me smile. Mine were purchased from a small country hardware. We are connected on this website! Thanks!
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