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Large old doll - Dollsin Dolls
Some type of kitchen strainer??? - Kitchenin Kitchen
Nuts - an old holder & crackers! - Kitchenin Kitchen
old ash tray stand - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Hair Lift with glass stones ? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Red broach and clasp earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Kingsbury Piano - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Round back/seat chair - Furniturein Furniture
Roy Acuff's Dunbar Cave cedar box - Musicin Music
Cedar & brass box ? 


  1. Thanks Manikin! I am trying to help a friend know what to keep & what to let go! You have helped me greatly!
  2. Why could I not think of that? Wow! Thanks TallCakes & TubAmp. I knew it has to have a handy use! Thanks again!
  3. Fhrjr2 thanks for your information. It is very helpful! CL
  4. Thanks, agh, you always know! Nancy
  5. It is the original ashtray. I think it's been painted; believe it was brown. Thanks shareurpassion!
  6. Thanks for the love folks! Nancy
  7. Thanks Vetraio and Agh for the love!
  8. I do not have the tools for that, 409, etc - thought I did, but do not. It is such a small piece wired to the center of glass pieces, I doubt it is Bakelite. It just has such a good orange color. ...
  9. Thanks Katherine! It looks like a Bakelite center - not like glass at all! Thanks again!
  10. Thanks agh. I have not been online for a few days!!!!
  11. I am so sorry that I gave mine away years ago - a gift from my parents! Enjoy yours! Nancy
  12. Thanks, fhrjr2!
  13. Fhrjr2, our regards and thanks for your service! He spanned Nov67-69June based in Hawaii (ha), but spending about 3 months in country, one month somewhere else, and then back. 68 was a rough year - ...
  14. I noted in finding Charles Perdew's history, that the year may be 1909, and the call may be a crow call. Anyone out there that might know more than that? Thanks!
  15. No, I have never seen the cover. I think my dad used it in Alabama duck hunting or knew someone who did. Thanks, fhrjr2. I will do some checking.
  16. Dainty and lovely!
  17. I should have stated that my husband is a disabled Veitnam Veteran - I do not know why I did not say that before. Our family is very proud of him and all Veterans who have gone before and after him. ...
  18. Fhrjr2, I would not give your hell! I was not the "one." Thanks for your comment!
  19. Scott, thank you very much for your information and question. Both sides have a peg, but one looks a little different from the other one, but still rather round. I had thought one looked like tiger ...
  20. Blunder, thanks for sharing your chair. It is indeed very much like mine, perhaps same wood, difficult to tell. Let me know if you are ever willing to part with it! Thanks again. I have an old tab...
  21. Blunderbuss2, thank you so much for this recent comment. I loved it when I saw it in a church consignment store. I just wish I had at least 2 like it! I can see why you like yours! Thanks again an...
  22. Looks more comfortable than current hospital beds! I love the rich color!
  23. Love it! I could swirl in this chair! Maybe after some KY Bourbon!
  24. I have a much larger one that we rigged to fry fish in 40 years ago. It is probably 24 x 10, just guessing. I love these useful items!
  25. Divine!
  26. Are they dining chairs? Is there a makers' mark on the bottom? Lovely pair
  27. So lovely & different!
  28. Lovely!!!
  29. Shockingly lovely! Love jewelry!
  30. Thank you Blunderbuss2, fhrjr2, Antiquerose, and fhrjr2 - my master teachers! There are lots of old and new Airstreams on the road. Our small Winnebego on the left, second photo. My husband is disa...
  31. THANK YOU TALLCAKES!!!! Sorry I am just checking back, but I sincerely thank you for helping!
  32. Sean, it has a smooth bottom, with a little outward raised leaf pattern. It has R & G on the side. Thanks for your question and comment! Virginia and Sean, Happy New Year!
  33. Thanks SEAN and agh for liking this bottle. It still has a fresh smell of lavender! I cannot find one like it online - found more fancy ones, but not this small one.
  34. Let me clarify the title, it is Roger and Gallet - using my iPad and I was a little sloppy! Sorry
  35. That you nutsabotas as you confirm my research. It is lovely and still has a very good pink tone color for the flowers!
  36. I will check again also - I cannot remember who told me Sears - will check Morris. I just love theses chairs and feel they are classic! If you discover, please post your findings!
  37. CardinalLady will post something for you to view. I saved a couch & 2 chairs in 1969 from a barn that belonged to a grandfather. Just a thought that it may be Sears from the 40s, but I am interested...
  38. Thanks agh!
  39. Still wishing it was gold, but believe it is vintage Sarah Coventry. Does anyone recognize it?
  40. Gosh!
  41. I would hope it to be gold, but it is fairly light, the mesh seems to hold the segmented pieces together which are fairly detailed flowers. I do hope it is at least good vintage costume! Thanks shar...
  42. Russell Spring in near Lake Cumberland, KY which is east of my area. That would be a great area of search! Thanks for your comments.
  43. Yes, along with my Dad on the farm! Thanks for liking my found memories!
  44. I think lots of Native Americas hunted in KY. They do look like some I have seen in other areas, but know exactly where they were found close to a river. Thanks for comments!
  45. Thanks you Dan, Royceodt & agh for the love & help!
  46. South Cental KY, close to TN line! Collected by my Dad and me! I need to add another photo!
  47. I have several coal statues purchased in WV around the early 80s. Yours look unusual and is probably older - our were mass produced as souvenirs.
  48. Blunderbuss, really cute! Just burst the bottle! I've seen that on TV!!!
  49. Thanks, Vintage Joe! Yes, I have found it unusual to find one eye and I have reviewed a number of artifact books and online. South central KY north of Nashville! This is an area of somewhere flat f...
  50. Agh and walksoftly, I must choose safety since my hair already looks scary!!
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Czech Glass Collection Auction in 2000 by Jackson's - Nice Diversity in USA