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San Francico


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Keds shoe Display - Advertisingin Advertising
Metal Scrap Crow Sculpture? - Visual Artin Visual Art
Golden Gate Bridge brochure  from 1937 - Paperin Paper
1948 Fender Pro-Amp, well preserved! - Guitarsin Guitars
Boss 80's BMX, Time Capsul! - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
1960 DeArmond R5T  - Guitarsin Guitars
Frank Zappa The Mothers Of Invention "Freak Out" ! Promo copy - Recordsin Records
60's Tiesco Violin Guitar  - Guitarsin Guitars
William Eggleston "Bottles In Window" photo. - Photographsin Photographs
Ramones Rocket To Russia 1977 record store cardboard promo  - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia


  1. Correct, it is a copy of an early 60's Wilshire model. Dan (the builder) kept call it the Coror-not model so that kind of stuck. It is pretty light, 6lbs ish. Great sounding and playing guitar. Thanks!
  2. Its a tough one, you can write and send pics to : to see if it is a Valco. He appreciates pictures of old amps like this. It looks similar to some Valco's I've seen but I can...
  3. Are there any markings on the transformer bells? Looks like some resistors were replaced.
  4. BTW, that was more than likely built for an accordion than a bass or guitar. Believe it or not, in the 50's to mid 60's, the accordion was about as popular as guitar. I still cant figure out why you w...
  5. Deagan still exists making chimes and other percussive instruments. Example: Here is t...
  6. They use that same braided wire up to today. The mini's were originally made by Epiphone until Gibson bought Epi. out in the 50's, Both Gibson and Epi. used them from the 60's up until today. The ones...
  7. Yes, those are genuine Gibson Mini humbuckers from the early 70's. I've had a few of them along with vintage humbuckers. You can tell from the patent sticker and wiring.
  8. Ill bet its a Japanese made Tiesco w/ Gibson mini's in it. If its not a Tiesco, its definately Japanese. If you are looking for a $ value, the pickups are worth more than anything else. Hope that hel...
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American Justice on Cabinet Cards boy on beach, Cliff House, San Francisco CA 1967  Lefty Fender Telecaster 1968 Basketweave Marshall 8x10 cab, model 1990. 1980 Lefty Ovation Deacon 1963 left handed firebird