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Vintage Plastic Bangles

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Costume Bangles120 of 149Fun ball bangleVintage Inna Cytrine Paris Gilded Modernist Clear Lucite Bangle
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Posted 4 years ago


(910 items)

I found the lighter of the two bangles some time ago. I believe it is a vintage, celluloid clamper bangle. The darker one I found a few days ago. It is larger than the first one and feels heavier too. I am not sure what it is made of and how old it is but I liked the lily of the valley on it.

Thanks for looking

Mystery Solved


  1. valentino97 valentino97, 4 years ago
    These were popular in the 1940's and 50's mostly from Japan and there are many different grades of quality. I love yours - looks like the white one was never worn. Often find these w/brown deposit which might be perfume or lotion or???? and can be removed w/toothbrush and a gentle soapy solution. I wouldn't soak it. Your items are perfect I guess I'm just thinking about mine. They are also very brittle so be careful not to drop. So pretty!
  2. freiheit freiheit, 4 years ago
    Valentino97, thanks so much for your tips. I really appreciate it. I will take care of them. One of my daughters liked it so much, she asked me if she can have it but it was too big for her. Well, I'll keep it safe for her:)
  3. freiheit freiheit, 4 years ago
    Thanks a lot, vetraio50.
  4. freiheit freiheit, 4 years ago
    Thanks a lot, AmberRose:)
  5. AmberRose AmberRose, 4 years ago
    These are so pretty. It's funny as I saw something that appeared similar from in line at the thrift. A long line. I wanted to hop out and investigate but there wasn't time. Hoping it will be there next week. Will let you know.
    Loving these!
  6. freiheit freiheit, 4 years ago
    AmberRose, good luck at the thrift shop:)
    I don't know how it is in Chicago, but here where I am it is becoming harder and harder to find something good. Nowadays there are a lot more people hunting for quality or unique vintage items.
  7. valentino97 valentino97, 4 years ago
    It is hard isn't it - ebay,, smartphones to check sources while shopping, etc. all out there posting and putting higher value on old STUFF! I used to have favorite "secret" stores where I found good deals consistently but no longer. My best luck is traveling and stopping at the scariest looking place. One time I hit a jackpot at a gas station in Arizona - beautiful jewelry-ready real turquoise cabs for .35 each. Another time braving 35 degrees in a big, scary rambling store in Petersburg, Virginia - I saw a glow in a small room and could not was a homemade incubator w/chick eggs!!! The old crotchety owner caught me and I was so embarrassed. He said "Can you read what temperature they've gotten up to, my eyes are bad". The search makes it worth it.
  8. freiheit freiheit, 4 years ago
    Valentino97, you are right on. When I first started collecting I only went to antique stores. That became rather expensive after a while. It took me a bit to enter stores like GW and SA but I found items in those stores for a fraction of the price - and so I was hooked. I found gold and silver for a very reasonable price but now even in those stores they want a lot more. But once in a blue moon I get lucky. For a long time I have been looking for dresser jars with sterling lids but in the antique stores and on line they were a pit pricy. Last weekend I found a nice pair at a church sale for $1 each. But this is the exception.
  9. Zowie Zowie, 4 years ago
    Start going to some other stores for awhile as I have found once they get to know you & know you collect they put the prices up. I had one shop when I said I would be back in the next day to get the items I was interested in all went up $10.00 each so now I keep it cool. If my partner goes to tell anyone the price now I get really peeved. As soon as they notice you have been gone for a bit things start to change again
  10. Zowie Zowie, 4 years ago
    I also meant to say you were meant to have them the darker has to be older good score lucky you unlucky loser
  11. freiheit freiheit, 4 years ago
    Zowie, thanks for your comments. Interesting experience. Here in Brampton, second hand stores started to price items much higher, because they realized that many collectors as well as people buying and selling on line started to snap up certain items. Now, some of the stores have "Half Price Days" but it is very cumbersome to keep track of what is on sale at a given day, and even at half price some items still overpriced. On top of that, I am still working and some stores close early. But once in a while I still get lucky and find a little "treasure". For the time, I am just a collector but I am strongly considering to start buying and selling when I stop working.
  12. Zowie Zowie, 4 years ago
    I'm much the same but i don't work or drive so I wait until my man deceides to do a op shop day. The good thing is he enjoys it as much as I do. Yes one day hoping to sell a item or two alone the way but from what I see not on Ebay & to make my own site it is out of my price range. I just want a fair price as I have been taken for a ride to many times as always trying to be fair even when getting ripped off like when I had the auction. I did the work paid out to get Laptop taught myself how to use it for what I needed. Then they phopo copy my work & say it's there cataloge. Cost me about $2000 just for that then there commision on top. To get it all moved it was $ bloody steep. I hope things work out the way you would like. Pocket money always comes in habdy. Good luck.
  13. AmberRose AmberRose, 4 years ago
    Well I finally got back and the bracelet was long gone. Dang my real job for expecting me to do my job!
    A lot of places hire people to help them skim the good stuff.
    I remember the golden era when you could find gold and silver. Victorian jewelry galore! Good times.
    My best scores are in the worst parts of Chicago.
  14. freiheit freiheit, 4 years ago
    AmberRose, sorry you missed out on the piece. It has happened to me a few times too - but mostly because of my husband:( He is supportive and enjoys coming along, but (I guess like many of them) he doesn't always believe me when I tell him that something is a great buy. Then we go home and I show him the same thing in one of my books or on line and he tells me to go back! But guess what: 9 out of tem times it's gone!

    I live close to Toronto, however, I don't like to go there too often. The traffic and the parking are too hectic for me. I love going to small towns even though it becomes harder and harder to find something good there because other people seem to have the same idea as I do. Oh well, I am mostly collecting. The only thing I sold in a while was a painting. My husband said that it was too ugly to hang in the house; it was him or the painting in the living room. I sold the painting for a small profit:)

    Have a great weekend and good luck finding something neat:)
  15. Zowie Zowie, 4 years ago
    Sorry to bud in girls but it really must be husbands everywhere that do the same thing & think we don't know anything when it is usually us that does the research. Men
  16. freiheit freiheit, 4 years ago
    You are so correct, Zowie. I just hope that he doesn't read this:)
  17. Zowie Zowie, 4 years ago
    Mine doesn't touch the computer. I cannot see anything that is so wrong anyway they shouldn't be so sensative
  18. freiheit freiheit, 4 years ago
    Well, Zowie, mine does, but he doesn't read my stuff. So I hope I am OK:)
    Many thanks also to Agram.m, vintagejewel and everyone else:)
  19. valentino97 valentino97, 4 years ago
    I love these comments! Yes - why don't guys get it? I shouldn't even say that because there are SO many great CW guys. If I hear this one more time from my honey...."how much could you sell that for?". I've learned the hard way - I just don't tell him what I buy and if I have to go back I say "I need to go to the can - I'll catch up w/you."

    I research all the time - hey it's my obsession! Here's how I look at my out-of-control junk and antique collecting disease? I have so much now. I don't have to sell it yet. That day will come but I really love posting my stuff for CW to enjoy, educate me further or laugh at. And, I enjoy hunting. If I'm lucky w/the thrift gods - I'll bring a treasure home. If I bring $10 or $100 or $1000 I will probably spend it all. I usually don't bring more than $100. I don't do much online unless I'm familiar w/the item but I've found some great things here too.

    Anyway - that's my story and yes I am a junk and antique addict.
  20. freiheit freiheit, 4 years ago
    Oh, valentino97, your comments could have been written by me! The thing I learned from you, though, is the part about going to... LOL. I have not tried that one yet.

    I really enjoy the hunt and the research. A few years ago I discovered E-bay
    and I bought a few items on line but I found myself paying too much for some of it so I only occasionally use it now. I also bought a lot in antique stores, and I still do, from time to time, when I find a really special piece at a fair price, but most of my items are from church sales and second hand stores. For that reason I usually spent only a few dollars, literally.

    And, yes, my husband always asked me too, "How much can you sell it for?" But he always adds, "Not that you ever will". And that's when I reply, "I will when I am ready!"

    I guess I joined the junk and antique addicts and I have no problem admitting it:)

    Enjoy your day and happy hunting:)
  21. Zowie Zowie, 4 years ago
    I usually tell him anyway because he doesn't listen only if & when he wants he enjoys collecting but not checking into everything. When this started the researching for me I had just finished 6mths of chemo then was putting in 18 hours easy a day with trying to teach myself got ripped off heaps of times so i have a bit of a problem with trust issues in some things but he did all the packing 7 everything else he could. To watch him while I was going through it was hard I always tried to hide what was happening but throwing fits & not being able to eat etc wasn't easy. It looks now as if I will never recover as food causes so much pain. Just have fun with what you do thats all any of us can.

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