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    Posted 10 years ago

    (186 items)

    Alright, which one, or ones of you bid me up till my wallet puckered? Very funny guys, A former collector had one of these years ago, but i hav'nt seen one on e-bay, its possible i was absent the day/days if they had been (in the past). Not one,but two at the same time/same seller. On posted a couple of min. earlier than the other, practically same cond. I posted (what i concidered to be) a astonomically insanely high bid on the first, evidently insane is a relative term. Ive never typed so fast, not fast enough, (thank god) so caught up in it i forgot about the second one, looked down, saw 2-min left, 100.00 cheaper & 120 sec. later, it was mine. BUT ONE OF YOU GUYS STILL BID ME UP ON IT! (a little)

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    1. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      MAN, Im glad we're buddies, you ought to see how im treated by people (who DONT LIKE ME!) lol
    2. chevy59 chevy59, 10 years ago
      Hey mikie I love the sign, but my gut feeling thinks its a reproduction from the 80's.
    3. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      Chevy, i know the back looks questionable, how could i verify it in 7-days? The "Ethyl" stands up nicely, "Cosden","gasoline" , not so much, but still thicker than the re=pops iv'e seen. The brass grommets are what snapped into my head the second i read your post. I'DE SEEN THOSE BEFORE, there identical to the ones on the poped "Royal" signs i had. Any ideas?
    4. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      thanks Mani
    5. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      thanks EJW-54
    6. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      thanks tommy
    7. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      thanks Tom
    8. chevy59 chevy59, 10 years ago
      I'm not sure mikie, your right about the back of the sign, it makes me question it as well, maybe oilman knows.
    9. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      thanks Michael
    10. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      I apreciate your "kick-starting" my brain chevy, i had to go back to the e-bay post to verify wording & returns. seems iv'e got 11 more days, & seller described it as "original". I want to keep checking to verify (one way or anouther) . But my gut grudgingly agree's with your gut. If i stuck with only the signs that i KNOW are genuine, i would almost be done. Hav'nt you broken your own bidding rules?
      mine are:
      1- CONSTANTLY check the re-pop catagorys (spend as much time there as with the bidding catagory.
      2- check the "used" catagory (you do still see re-pops, just not as many)
      3- check all posts before bidding.
      4- filter out the "no returns"
      5- check for the highest feedback (higher, less likely to scr^* you)
      6- contact seller. (ask history,get them to TELL YOU its authentic) if there just slingin signs, let them know it might get slung back
      7- analize time left/number of bids. (dont be the only one bidding, with thousands looking "bargains" dont happen (often))
      8- set a limit. (THE HARDEST RULE)
      - pray to your higher power-
      and this coming from a guy who cant follow rules.

    11. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      thank you Sean, i shoud have picked a less stressful hobby, like solving world hunger. everything good with you?
    12. jameyrd jameyrd, 10 years ago
      Mike, sign up to and ask the experienced buyers there for an opinion. They will know for sure. I am suspicious because of the overall condition of the sign (espcially the middle being so perfect) and the grommet locations.
    13. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      Yes jameyrd, i signed on at oldgas awhile back, and have posted questions about upcoming e-bay items i was'nt sure of. It seemed that i could never make it on time. hears how the stats. match up on the auction.
      What are the "odds"???
      Pro.s--- 4-porcelain pump plate sold, minutes apart.
      2---identical plates sold, (mine) 350.00---18 bids
      the other___sold for 381.01----16 bids
      1-cosden higher octain ---sold for---356.01---13 bids
      1-chevron supreme---sold for 748.88---14 bids
      anouther page of gas & oil related items.
      14 day return.
      35---e-bay feedback profile.
      how did you score this auction?
    14. jameyrd jameyrd, 10 years ago
      I looked that he bought a Harley on ebay a few months ago, and probably needs some cash flow. He has not sold many items. Maybe he didn't know if they are repops or not. They Id'd a sign somewhat similar to yours with three grommets as a repop. I really am not sure.
    15. Micmac, 10 years ago
      Cool sign:)
    16. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      thank you jameyrd, i had originally sent him a messge to post pict. of back of it.He messaged back saying he would, but never appered. I "wieghed" the odds, & figured 25-30.00$ at the most on shipping, lets gamble. Shes going back.
    17. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      thank you Micmac
    18. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      This will be a new thing for me, never returned an item on e-bay. Sent the message today, i said that two "authorities" on G.O. signs marked it as a repop, that would be you chevy & jameyrd. Ill keep you posted. Thank you.
    19. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      sorry eye, did'nt SEE you there. Hows it goin? Was'nt Ernest from Tenn? Is that what the "T" is for? No, N.C. i think. Did you know him, go to rock throwin class's together? He's an institution around here, we have state-wide noodling contests dedicated to him.
    20. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      thank you jb-collector hope things are going smoothly for you
    21. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      BEWARE OF----14 day money back RETURN from CHIEFMOTORHEAD .
      details comming soon
    22. chiefmotorhead, 10 years ago
      Hi all. Thought I could shed some light on this situation for everyone that seems to think mikielikesigns2 is a "good guy", or at least give you both sides so you can judge for yourself. I realize I'm outing someone amongst their friends when I have no history here, but that's fine with me. This guy really got under my skin so it's worth it to me to have both sides of this situation. I'm not planning to respond to anyone's comments, so this won't turn into an internet fight. I have no interest in that. I'll make my peace then leave.
      I collect signs, have been a collector for 25+ years. My dad got me into this hobby/addiction, and along with old cars and motorcycles the old gas pumps and signs have got into my blood.
      I put 7 signs on eBay recently; 1920's porcelain HOOD TIRES hanging sign (very nice), a 42" Buick porcelain sign (also very nice), 2 Chevron pump plates, 2 Cosden Ethyl pump plates, and one Cosden Higher Octane pump plate. I don't do much on eBay. Too many headaches these days (case in point). Usually it's the shipping I don't like to deal with. The little bit I do on eBay I seem to have good feedback and people are very happy with their signs. That said, my knowledge of eBay is admittedly low.
      Anyway, all the Cosden signs sell for approximately the same amount, give or take $20- $30 bucks. I figured they would go for $350-$400, and set reserves at a very reasonable $250 on each sign. The signs sell for almost exactly what I thought, and they are all paid for quickly. I leave the buyers positive feedback and ship the signs out the very next day.
      I go out of town the next weekend, and on Monday I check eBay to see if I received feedback. I have a "fraud case" notice flashing at my face. I'm shocked. I open the message and it says mikielikesigns2 has opened a case for buyer protection. It lists out the details of the case that he submitted. Here it is, directly from eBay:

      Details the buyer provided:
      Problem: The item is not as described
      The buyer has already contacted you through eBay Messages
      The buyer paid on Aug 05, 2012
      The item is fake
      You have not responded to the buyer
      You aren't working with the buyer to solve the problem

      At this point I'm wondering "what the heck?" What happened? When? Nobody told me anything about a problem with something. I look in my eBay messages and theres a message in there from mikielikesigns2:

      "bad news on this Cosden pump sign,iv'e been told by 2 collectors that it's a 1980s re-pop."

      That's all it says. This message was sent to me LESS THAN 8HRS before he opened the case accusing me of not working with him and not responding to him. On a Sunday night no less! Wow, this guy is reasonable! You better respond within 8 hrs on a Sunday night or eBay is going to hear about it! lol...
      I responded to him through eBay telling him what I thought of him, his tactics, his lying, and didn't really hold much back. This caught me at a real bad time personally (I won't bore you the details, but I'm at the end of my rope dealing with people that can't grasp the concept of common courtesy.) I decided that if this inconsiderate jerk wants ME to give him his money back, he needs have a little courtesy and tact. I am not going to support people that think they can just DEMAND things and accuse people of things (falsely in this case) and that they will always get their way. I guess I'm on a quest to fight stupidity.... lol. How's that for a losing battle.
      Well, I responded immediately to his case asking for proof that the sign is fake as he insisted. Well, it's been FIVE DAYS and he hasn't responded. I get 8 hrs before it's unacceptable to him, he takes 5 days or more. Hmmm.... I also ran across this thread today. Turns out his collectors that told him it's a 1980's repop are people that have not even seen the sign in real life. They are not even saying it's fake, they are saying things like "I THINK it's from the 80's". Nobody that I can see has said "that sign is a repop and here's exactly how I know." Again, I know signs. I know there are lots of repops out there. I know there are specific things to look for to identify repops- shelving/relief, mounting hole locations, grommets, bad lettering, etc.... You put a fake sign in front of me and 99 times out of 100 I'll nail it. This sign (and all the others I've sold) are not suspect. Someone find me a 10" Cosden pump plate that has 4 mounting holes as mentioned earlier in this thread.
      All that aside, anyone I buy/sell signs with knows that if you buy a sign from me, I'm more than happy to give you your money back FOR ANY REASON. I'm not a business, and my reputation is more important to me than $. (no I'm not short on cash because of the Harley I just bought on eBay. LOL.... I can't believe people go so far to make assumptions like that.) People I do business with do not question purchases from me. I'm honest, I have integrity, and I have have earned a great deal of respect from the collecting community that I associate with. I don't buy/sell much, but when I do it can be done on my word alone.

      That said, here is MY CHALLENGE to you, mikelikesigns2. It appears that you have a group of "friends" on this site. Mike, (I assume that is your name), I will gladly give you your money back. I'd love to have that sign back in my collection. I will honor my "guarantee" that I give everyone I deal with. All you need to do in turn is show what kind of a man you are. I'd like an apology for the way you handled this, I'd like you to admit to the folks on this thread that you acted like a bully and really stretched the truth to eBay in order to get your money back, and I'd like you to add the same info to the eBay fraud case you opened against me. This will ensure that the folks on THIS site know a little more about you and how you handle things. You do that, and send me back the sign, and I'll give you a refund MINUS SHIPPING once I have the sign in my possession in the exact same condition it went out to you in. I have multiple pics of the sign, close-ups of the front and back. If you will hold your end, I'm happy to oblige.

      Balls in your court Mike, and I expect a reply in less than 8 hours! (that was a joke) No really, expecting a reply in less than 8 hours is a joke.

      To that end, I joined this site just to post this. I wont be an active member here. This wasn't intended to stir up more drama. I hope mike either accepts or declines and it can be left at that.
    23. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 10 years ago
      Did you or did you not say on an e-bay post that i was "screwed" on your 14 day money back return policy? I told you feedback had not been submited, & it still has'nt. I also messaged you & told you that i probably jumped the gun on fileing a dispute case against you. i did'nt "bully" you, how could i? You held all the cards. If anything, your the one trying to bullying me, if it's an apology for having doubt's about the sign is what your after, thats not going to happen, I've already said that i acted to soon in filing a case to get my money back, but thats how you get your money back on e-bay. You dont just say "ill mail your sign back, you send me a refund", especially when you have a 33 rating. You following me to this site says volumes, so i guess you've said your peace. Ill leave your 115 line responce posted here so everyone can see your side of the story, i feel thats only fair. Whats next, you going to show up at my work? Hmm, i wonder, whats the word im looking for do describe how your acting? AND I STILL HAVE'NT POSTED NEGATIVE FEEDBACK ON YOU.

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