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Antique Freemason Ring

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Posted 5 years ago


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This ring belonged to my great great grandfather. I think it's older than his generation, though. Please Help!
Is there a possible way to date this ring and get an approximate value? (let me know if you can't judge the value via photograph)
I don't necessarily care about the monetary value of this ring (just curious), it just means too much to me.
Can anyone help identifying the maker's mark?

Huge thanks to anyone who can help!!!!!


  1. salemthegoddess salemthegoddess, 5 years ago
    Was your great great grandfather in the military? If he was you might want to visit a military antiques dealer with this ring.
  2. antiquesareamazing antiquesareamazing, 5 years ago
    He wasn't in the military, his father and sons were, but not him.
    Thanks for the suggestion, though, salemthegoddess!!
  3. Stillwater Stillwater, 5 years ago
    Freemasonry doesn't have anything to do with the military.

    Look up "gold masonic ring" on eBay's completed listings, find a comparable one that actually sold. Thats the easiest way to find the current market value of any collectible.
  4. antiquesareamazing antiquesareamazing, 5 years ago
    Thanks, Stillwater. I knew freemasonry was not, in any way, affiliated with the military.
    I haven't found any rings that compare to this one. But, I'll absolutely keep searching!
  5. antiquesareamazing antiquesareamazing, 5 years ago
    I am very familiar with freemasonry, masons and eastern stars.
    I have been looking diligently to find one that is similar, I have yet to find one.
    I would not consider ebay a valid source to find the value of antiques or vintage items such as this.
  6. Stillwater Stillwater, 5 years ago
    Are you kidding?? eBay is THE single best source to find the current resale value of things exactly like what you have. What better way than an AUCTION to find the highest amount someone is willing to pay??? And an international auction at that! Millions of bidders from around the world! Its the purest expression of a free market! What else would you consider to be a valid source?????

    Are you familiar with eBay? Do you know what a large part of their revenue derives from antiques and collectible listings? There are several million listings under those categories at any given time, probably in the dozens on millions.

    I typed in "vintage masonic ring" into Google Images and found THREE almost indentical to yours without even having to scroll down. Where the heck have you been looking diligently?? Honestly, I'm curious, these are like the most common, standard Masonic rings for the last 50 years, where have you been looking?????
  7. Stillwater Stillwater, 5 years ago
    And when I did scroll down a bit, I found at least 20 more, with the G and compass set into lab-grown rubies, 10k gold, etc. Almost exactly identical to yours. Its hard to believe that you've really been looking dilligently...
  8. antiquesareamazing antiquesareamazing, 5 years ago
    No, not kidding. Most of the time people ask a price for something, a non-realistic price! I would consider an auction house or serious local antique dealer/collector a VALID source.
    I am VERY familiar with ebay, I have purchased a lot items that are in my collection today!!
    So let me get this straight, are you searching Ebay or Google? You're not exactly being clear, you begin discussing ebay then suddenly mention a Google Image search.
    My great great grandfather died almost 70 years ago. If this is the standard Masonic ring for the last 50 years, then apparently he got it after he died.
    I did the same search that you claim you did, I did NOT get the same results. I don't know what Ebay listings or Google images you're looking at, but none of them are like my ring. I find it extremely difficult to believe that you're seriously looking, it seems that you don't know what you're talking about.
  9. scottvez scottvez, 5 years ago
    I'd have to agree with stillwater on ebay being the best source for actual sales prices of a most antiques and collectibles.

    If you look at closed auctions you will find numerous examples that are similar to yours (slight band design differences) that closed in the $175- $250 range (10k similar and stone). You will also find some outside of the range.

    Here is one that looks to have the SAME band design that closed for $325:

  10. antiquesareamazing antiquesareamazing, 5 years ago
    Thanks, Scott! I would agree, looking at the CLOSED auctions is accurate.
    Thank you for your kind and concise response!
  11. Stillwater Stillwater, 5 years ago
    Yes, people ask very high prices on eBay, thats why I SAID you have to find ones that have actually SOLD. Thats all you go by, completely disregard the ones that didn't sell.

    I searched Google for similar rings, I haven't searched eBay. I was telling you how to.

    You said in your text that you 'believe' it belonged to your g. g. grandfather, how positive are you? That style is not from 70-100 years ago.

    These are basically identical to what you have, they're all of the same age, 10k gold, compass on synthetic ruby, can't possibly get any closer. Google Images, first page:
  12. scottvez scottvez, 5 years ago
    Glad to help.

    You have some really nice family items-- keep up with the postings!

  13. antiquesareamazing antiquesareamazing, 5 years ago
    Alright, "Stillwater." None of those look like mine. Take a look at the one that Scott shared, it's virtually identical!
    Scott's help is greatly appreciated! I still have family items yet to post, and thanks again for all your help in the past!!
  14. Stillwater Stillwater, 5 years ago
    I don't get it. why do they have to have the EXACT identical band to yours? Why od they have to be identical to the smallest detail?? Do you think that because say, this part's round and yours is flat, that it will effect the value in any way? That people are ONLY looking for a 10k Masonic ring with a compass in the ruby with a stepped shank, but not one thats slightly rounded?? What on earth makes you think the value will be any different?? Go look at the ones I found and Scott's, they're all around the same price! It doesn't matter!

    And its not my JOB to find one exactly identical to yours, or Scott's job, its yours! I just came up with those in literally 10 seconds, do your own work. If he found that one in a few seconds, why couldn't you?? I can't think of an EASIER piece of jewelry to research, there are millions of these exact rings floating around for sale.
  15. antiquesareamazing antiquesareamazing, 5 years ago
    I do a ton of work, I constantly research my belongings. Most of the time I can find an answer for myself. Why do you create posts on here asking for help? Can't you research on your own - that's your job! I don't take kindly to the fact that you're questioning my family history and knowledge. I thanked Scott because he was not rude, which you are continually. I have seen plenty of collectibles where it is the case that the smallest detail means a difference in value. I never said it was either of your jobs to search for me, how do you know it took him LITERALLY a few seconds? And... I would hardly say MILLIONS are floating around for sale! By the way, it's the Masonic Square & Compass.
    So if you're not going to honestly care enough about others in this community to put kindness and effort into your comments, you're more than welcome to keep them to yourself!
  16. salemthegoddess salemthegoddess, 5 years ago
    lol! masons are a huge group within the military!
  17. antiquesareamazing antiquesareamazing, 5 years ago
    Masons aren't affiliated with the military at all.
  18. Stillwater Stillwater, 5 years ago
    There may be some IN the military, but they aren't connected.
  19. scottvez scottvez, 5 years ago
    I retired from the Army 3 years ago, and I can say that there were masons in the Army but by NO MEANS was it a huge group!

  20. DrFluffy DrFluffy, 4 years ago
    This is a beautiful heirloom. You are very blessed to have such gorgeous pieces from your family. I am always so very impressed with young collectors. keep up the good work.
  21. Thoscahaba Thoscahaba, 4 years ago
    Actually style can determine age. I know someone wore it till the gold got so thin it broke. Check with the manufacture ,they might be able to date it. Or you can contact his lodge and ask for a copy of his Masonic record. He probably begin wearing it the date he received his third degree. He couldn't wear it before then. If you decide to sell it,sell it to a mason . They will honor it and your relative. Mine is white gold from the 1920's.

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