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Thrill of the hunt. Satisfaction of a bargain. Researching design.


  1. Or they could be sweet grass. One nation that is very skillful with this plant is the Mohawk. .just an idea
  2. Enjoyed this post very much.
  3. I think you were reading about the Mainland company in S Cal. Hawaii in 1946 was not so much focused on tourism.
  4. Treasure-Craft was a Southern California company with a small factory located in Kahului. Produced tourist ware with tiki- tapa-pineapple themes. Early 1960s until late 1970s.
  5. Just a guess WR or RW.
  6. Beautiful lamp. Great find.
  7. Aesthetic movement...interesting. The chair I was talking about is built like a tank. Has survived a lot of use, really made to last. You got a bargain.
  8. This chair is a similar style to a rocking chair I know of from Pennsylvania USA. It was acquired in 1960s and, at the time, was thought to be made before the Great Depression but after 1900. Yours lo...
  9. Just love these.
  10. Great piece. Great eye.
  11. Hollywood Regency. Not quite my style either however I know what you mean, the lamps are well done. Hope it continues to grow on you.
  12. Boy some wonderfully weird stuff shows up in thrift shops from time to time.
  13. Learned something new. Cooking rice in milk! But at 2400 calories I am afraid to try it.
  14. These are really great! Wow
  15. Can you post a picture that is in focus. And a picture of the back
  16. Wonderful. Just love these
  17. Nelson McCoy Pottery. That will get you started. I have one in green.
  18. Really appreciate that you share this tip. Thanks
  19. This is called a graduated cylinder.
  20. I was shocked by the ticket prices. Things sure have changed.
  21. Super. Love it Suggest you keep the packaging just do not keep her in the packaging.
  22. Unusual cool. Good find. I am restoring a 1960s patio table with really heavy stainless steel legs. They just do not make them like that anymore.
  23. Love old lamps. And your aunty was a lawyer during interesting times for professional women Any chance you could simply the background in your pictures. Hard for me to see details.
  24. Just beautiful walnut. I hope you and your loved ones make many, many special memories seated at this table.
  25. These made me smile while I was learning something. Great post
  26. Enjoyed the photographs.
  27. The design on these push-up candle sticks is often referred to as beehive. Great that you have a pair.
  28. Thanks. So difficult to tell from photos sometimes, it looked like it was over one meter in diameter. Is your home in the background of photo 2 because this table looks like it was made for that house?
  29. Nice find. Curious about the dimensions.
  30. You may need to take the lamp apart to find some information. I have found paper labels before when I rewire vintage lamps, sometimes just under the felt bottom. The shades look original and that is ...
  31. These are lovely and look very much like the ones my Mom still uses. She said in the 1960s they were given away as a gifts/rewards at gas stations when you filled up your tank.
  32. Sometimes walnut was used. Cannot tell for your pictures but you will be able. Great project. Also to find a pair.
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