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Hungary . Berettyóújfalu

I'm a furniture restorer I have been buying such old carpentry and woodworking tools for a long time now, so I've decided to organize my tools into a collection.I'm a furniture restorer I have been buying such old carpentry and woodworking tools for a long time now, so I've decided to organize my tools into a collection. (Read more)


  1. My father was a soldier in Hungary in 1953. He worked there as an airplane mechanic, he had an airplane made of aluminum on a Plexiglas base held by a steel spring. Unfortunately, it was lost.
  2. I think they did it so that when you measure something that is in a bag, you can prop it up.
  3. Motoolz I restore furniture, I can easily distinguish buffalo horn from wood.
  4. In Hungary, similar pumps are used in wineries to pump wine from one barrel to another.
  5. Among my pictures, I uploaded a picture of a veneer saw used by Hungarian cabinetmakers. It was already made with machines. This is a unique handmade piece from the beginning of the 19th century.
  6. cabinetmakers use a similar handsaw to cut veneers.
  7. Not only is a small planer good for modeling, but whatever you plan is big, it's to be edged.
  8. There were indeed people who could afford to make their furniture from imported wood, but the less affluent, and in the Civil War, could only make furniture that was at hand.
  9. Maybe the two belong together and they were used to grind the corn!
  10. Nice and old furniture! No small accounts among small accounts?
  11. This is a Hungarian piece. You can see that your rod is missing what makes the flax tow and the drive gear connecting the two wheels, which in most cases is a simple asparagus. otherwise the spinning ...
  12. Due to the position of the handle, I am able to expand the hat. Rather, it is suitable for tying a reed from straw that is temporarily tightened until it is tied. Of course, it would be nice to know i...
  13. A négy bevágás azért van mert összejelölték az alkatrészeket , hogy ne keverjék össze más gyalu alkatrészével .
  14. There are still people in Transylvania who make and sell it for farmers. The alfalfa is then rotated and harvested after drying.
  15. Yes it is. Not incomplete, this is how it should look.
  16. This is a wire tongs. Used to make the wire, you use the pliers to grab the end of the wire and drag it through the hole, the smaller the hole, with your hand hooked. It used to be like this when it w...
  17. It was used by men to drink wine. Miska's jug is called Michael.
  18. No official gold or silver mark on photos! Fight the picture you see.
  19. Yes the butter was made from cream.
  20. Then no dog whistle.
  21. Socks binding tool.
  22. It is easy to find out what you measure, measure your volume and calculate your volume from these.
  23. They cut the rolled out dough into a square to make a stuffed dough. Very Italian tool.
  24. You learned a new profession!
  25. Do you hear the sound when you blow it or not?
  26. he year is realistic. The knife has this factory mark?
  27. I have a silver filling pencil with its mark on its hook, it is fastened with a rivet, if it would fall off it there would be no mark on it. It may not be complete, it is missing something that had th...
  28. In Hungary, seamstresses use the needle to temporarily fasten the hem..This is called a glove opener because it extends the glove finger before use to make it easier to pull on.
  29. UnkleRon has the tools in the second picture in a private agricultural museum at my previous job where I worked as a restorer for 6 years.
  30. https://hu.pinterest.com/pin/307722587035659114/
  31. When ready, show it!
  32. Apparently, they were used extensively in port cities as much was stored in barrels on ships.
  33. Irishcollector correctly see how it was used, I would add that the other end is fixed on a planer bench.
  34. I also have such a planer made in 1852, it is made of pear. It is difficult to determine from a photo, but probably yours is either a pear or an apple tree.
  35. The box closure was made in the early 1800s.
  36. Put in citric acid solution.
  37. Swiss Army Knife
  38. Indeed an oak antique chair .Nice piece and good condition.
  39. Any subtitles in it? Traveling chest, these crates traveled from Europe to America in the early 1900s.
  40. https://www.1stdibs.com/amp/furniture/seating/chairs/viennese-chair-j-j-kohn-nr36-circa-1900/id-f_14863922/
  41. The chair is made with a printed patterned seat and woven fabric like yours.
  42. https://www.1stdibs.com/amp/furniture/seating/armchairs/vienna-secession-bentwood-chair-fischel/id-f_14628591/
  43. This form was also manufactured by the Debrecen (Hungary) factory.
  44. Michael Thonet's patent on wood bending expired in 1905. That year, 52 curved furniture factories were established in Austria-Hungary. Apparently it was one of the factories. The chair could only be m...
  45. It might be part of a weapon repair kit. You should ask a group of weapon collectors there. Not sure but it may have been widened with a grinder to open larger nuts than the original.
  46. Yes I have seen such a locking key similar to him. Try !
  47. https://scontent-yyz1-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/fe312611c3f32e139db62623044ec8cf/5DD772B8/t51.2885-15/sh0.08/e35/c0.180.1440.1440a/s640x640/58453670_576957609463377_2244067455058849087_n.jpg?_nc_ht=sconte...
  48. https://scontent-yyz1-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/fe312611c3f32e139db62623044ec8cf/5DD772B8/t51.2885-15/sh0.08/e35/c0.180.1440.1440a/s640x640/58453670_576957609463377_2244067455058849087_n.jpg?_nc_ht=sconte...
  49. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwj33tGXqt_jAhVJ_qQKHVzLBMUQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fgramha.net%2Fexplore-hashtag%2Fstockhammer&psig=AOvVaw3PLF5duFD4v2NrMC9G_7mg&ust=15...
  50. In Hungary the German name is known as stokkhammer hammer. Stairs made of artificial stone are paved with sidewalks to prevent it slipping in the rain and winter. You might even look at a German pro...
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