I'm an art history major and eclectic collector. I collect things that visually appeal to me, and in the case of barware and jewelry, that I can actively use. MonetaI'm an art history major and eclectic collector. I collect things that visually appeal to me, and in the case of barware and jewelry, that I can actively use. Monetary value is of little importance to me, although I do love to research about my items' history and use. My main collections (so far) are: - laboratory glasswork, ceramics, and tools; - brown apothecary glass; - vintage barware; - hand-shaped objects (especially door-knockers); - copies of Tolkien's The Silmarillion. Each of my collections started out mostly haphazard, with me getting something I loved the look of, and that something becoming multiple somethings over time. I love books, medical/scientific oddities and wet/dry preserved samples, mid-century ceramics, jewelry, vintage pulp novels and cover art, and everything arts and crafts, art nouveau, art deco, symbolist, surrealist, and decadent. (Read more)


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Brown Glass Bottle  - Bottlesin Bottles
Two Small Amber Medicine Bottles - Bottlesin Bottles
Amber Glass Medicine Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Brown Glass (Medicine) Bottle with Stopper - Bottlesin Bottles
Belgian Bubble Lid "Apothecary" Jars - Bottlesin Bottles
Laboratory Ceramics Mortar and Pestle Collection - Advertisingin Advertising
Bronze Glazed Vase - Potteryin Pottery
Gold Costume Jewelry (70's?) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Herman Zaalberg Vase - Potteryin Pottery
Absinthe Spoons - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. This would be the most brilliant desk! Very impressive looking...
  2. Lovely! The cobra head cane isn't very old indeed (I recently almost bought one exactly like this new xD) but it certainly is a great-looking piece.
  3. Thanks a lot for the info!
  4. That's beautiful! The table really goes well with the chairs. (Also, the hint of multicolored carpet I see there looks awesome :D)
  5. This would have gone on a chatelaine, I think. Probably victorian era. Here are some that are incredibly similar, but with other tools than a file in the sword-sheath. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/...
  6. All right, these are pretty creepy. Cool though! And intriguing; I've certainly never seen anything like it. Could this perhaps be the product of a hobbyist home whittler?
  7. Great catching these right off the truck! I think these would look good with pretty much any table or setup; it's such a timeless design... But for maximum modernity, perhaps a table in a bright colou...
  8. Aww, this is adorable!
  9. I'm torn; there are so lovely it's almost a shame not to use them, but it would be sad if using them were to deteriorate them...
  10. Indeed, could be a dish lifter of sorts. There are several on here (see links). Maybe you can try to attach it to a pyrex pot or anything to see if it works? https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/...
  11. Thanks for the love and for the tip! I also collect clear laboratory glass, and in one lot I bought there was a piece that had a broken stopcock stuck in it; I don't use these for anything other than ...
  12. What a cute collection! I love the moon and animal head pin, very unusual. And is the empty oval a picture frame?
  13. Looks great! I'm always happy to see furniture saved from the sidewalk. I'd love to see the "before" pic of this makeover... I've seen another item by this company on here, but there isn't much ex...
  14. Amusingly, when I saw your other "lady with panther" post I immediately thought about Erté ^^
  15. Love how modern-looking the shape of these is! Gorgeous!
  16. This is the weirdest looking thing... I like it xD Probably a Japanese trinket box. Some of these are painted like Noh masks.
  17. I've seen these offered on several websites as "steampunk" walnut crackers, so that one suggestion you got may be correct... I found one South African company that manufactures this press, labeled a...
  18. Love this! If it's not safe/functional at the moment, you should definitely look into rewiring it, it's gorgeous!
  19. Beautiful! I'm not sure if you would keep this locked away or actually use it, but I adore items like this that add a little aesthetic pleasure to daily life ^_^
  20. This is impressive and kind of amazing, and a lot of hipster girls would be screaming jealous of this collection. A part of me would love to see some sort of diorama with all of these ^_^
  21. The resale value might not be huge (at the moment), but it's a beautifully made, probably high quality sofa, and there are still a lot of people who dig this style. It's so worth restoring!
  22. It's eye-catching and impressive and I love it! Great piece!
  23. Definitely a statement piece!
  24. Thanks for the info! Always happy to learn something new :)
  25. Never mind, I just realized it's a brand of sorts. I thought for a moment it was an actual traffic sign xD
  26. What did this sign signify? It looks like a marvelous curiosity but I have no idea what it means...
  27. Oh, a quick search also coughed up this, which matches your figurine exactly except for the colour of the clothes, but there was no proper link or explanation attached to it. https://www.pinterest...
  28. The lamp itself does resemble the La Pirate lamp that's on here, but the cap/lid part of it is decorated differently. Could you post more pictures of it? (Also, is the lamp or the figurine marked anyw...
  29. Glorious! I commend your patience... the result is well worth it!
  30. The bunny one is so cute!
  31. What a cute and playful set!
  32. What a nice little table! I don't know if it is worth a lot, but if it's a beloved piece in your house, you should probably look into getting it fixed by a professional; lacquer is a finicky thing, an...
  33. Thanks for the link! Your collection is amazing! Very interesting read too ;)
  34. Gorgeous necklace!
  35. I have no idea what the manufacturer could be ("Metali" means "metal" in Polish, so researching that tends to bring up lots of unrelated foreign language stuff), but it sure is a lovely brooch!
  36. Beautiful! I love the scarab beads ^_^
  37. Before coming across your posts, I had no idea micro mosaics were even a thing... But they're stunning! So intricate and unusual... I love it! I can't get over how tiny these things are...
  38. "Ombré" is clearly not a new trend :) Beautiful spoons!
  39. What a beautiful bracelet! Very elegant, and a great price for it too!
  40. What an amazing set! So opulent-looking...
  41. Beautiful pieces! The malachite and onyx ones are my favorites, and of course the amber with scorpion is lovely too...
  42. Thanks nutsabotas6! ^_^
  43. Since this is Victorian, is it possible the gemstones spell out a message of sorts?
  44. It does have something of that shape to it!
  45. This is a stunning piece. Gorgeous embroidery! I wish I could help you date/identify it...
  46. I have the Atomic Energy one in Dutch, as well as the entire How and Why book series on science subjects, also in Dutch... Nostalgia abounds! I had no idea they were collectable, to be honest xD
  47. Gotta love vintage Alchemy Gothic!
  48. Lovely! It would be interesting to see a print or rub-off of these... might make the specs easier to read and possibly identify too.
  49. I don't know what this is, but it's lovely! Also, this is one of the first pieces I see that has this characteristic rim; I have a piece in my collection with a smaller but similar rim, and hadn't s...
  50. I think this is a victorian baby toy. I'm not sure it's complete, because the ones I've seen were more elaborate, with bells and stuff attached, and multiple of the flower components (that I think sho...
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