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  1. Money clip
  2. Carving fork for holding a turkey, roast, etc. for carving.
  3. Axes stamped Alexandria Ind. were made from 1897-1904.
  4. Made in Canton Ohio, 1871-1875.
  6. 1923-1928
  7. That's a Ceremonial Ghurka Kukri from India.
  8. Hot air balloon anchor?
  9. Left one Is Knipex Made in W. Germany.
  10. And spoke adjuster. (at one time)
  11. Old shoemakers ruler.
  12. Looks like a Ang Khola style Kukri issued in the Indian Military.
  13. Those are called Cape Chisels used for cutting keyways in machinery.
  14. From the 1950's.
  15. Second picture looks like the S for the Stiletto Axe Co.
  16. It's from Thailand. I've got the matching letter opener stamped SIAM. (formerly Thailand)
  17. My guess would be Lebanese.
  18. R H Buhrke Co. made an assortment of canvas and leather products, golf bags, saw guards, climbing belts, tool cases, etc. starting around 1920. They were bought out by Klein Tool Co. in 1968.
  19. Old threshing machine wrench, I believe.
  20. That's called a Harvard Half Hatchet from the mid 1900's.
  21. Maybe for the old lead wire seals?
  22. That's a cavalry sword from India. Probably 1940's or 50's.
  23. Look up old Mongolian Ceremonial Daggers and Swords.
  24. You have a "Funny Folder" made by Executive Knife Co. which was part of Colonial Knife Co. They were made mainly for advertising in the late 40's up to the 70's.
  25. Very similar to some of the Mongolian Ceremonial Daggers I've got.
  26. 'Collecting Snap-on' is a great web site that will help narrow it down to approx. year of mfg.
  27. Pickle fork.
  28. Old toilet seat hinge?
  29. Irishcollector is right. Circa 1880-1900.
  30. Looks just like the dash of my '55 Ford.
  31. Mongolian waistband knife.
  32. Either Mongolian or Arabic ceremonial dagger is my guess.
  33. Pakkawood handles are typical of Frost Cutlery. They have numerous styles of blades as well.
  34. Vaughn & Bushnell Manufacturing. Est. 1869
  35. Indiana Handle Company Paoli, Indiana.
  36. Looks like a carpet knife. Orcon utility/carpet blades should fit it. They have a square punched in the center of the blade instead of round but should work.
  37. There is one similar at listed as a Medical Drill.
  38. Looks to be a Gothic King Lion Throne Chair. 1860-1870 maybe?Not sure what country but a beautiful chair
  39. Old milk bottles maybe?
  40. I believe that is a vintage pair of Corona pruners.
  41. For holding a spool of string to fly a kite maybe???
  42. El Cid Tizona sword from Spain.
  43. Carpet seam scissors. Trimmed many seams with those things.
  44. Looks like a very nice top of the line Gerstner.
  45. Looks like an old tea strainer?
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