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I live for pickin'!


  1. It looks like it could be a Bradley and Hubbard. Are there any markings of any kind on it?
  2. Neat scooter! I know it's not a 3-wheeler, but the best place I've found on the internet is Tricyclefetish.com they're great for research and reference and if you ask them, they may be able to help yo...
  3. SO creative! Makes one ask, "Why didn't I think of that?" Love it!
  4. Hi, go to yahoo and type in CJ3B in the search box. They've got pictures of the original NellyBelle pedal car! It's pretty cool plus they have info on the jeep. Hope this helps and it'll be fun to loo...
  5. Hi, Are there any marks on the bottom at all?
  6. Hi longm, your bank "I Always Did 'Spise A Mule" was patented in 1897 and designed by James H. Bowen of Philly PA and manufactured by the J & E Stevens Co. of Cromwell, CT. With 50% paint and all the ...
  7. Hey thanks. Pretty cool huh?
  8. I believe your wagon was manufactured by Belknap Hardware & Mfg. Co. in Louisville, Kentucky. Someone made that comment in reference to a child's Farm Wagon that I have on here and on ebay. You might ...
  9. Thanks. Yeah, We love animals so have lots of cats, dogs and deer figures. Also, 23 outside cats and 1 inside cat. I've got probably 150 miniature bottles all of which are 3 inches or smaller!
  10. Hi, the plastic will attract moisture and "sweat" and may ruin your beautiful couch. An old quilt or sheet would probably be better, they won't sweat and will still protect it. Some good saddle soap m...
  11. OMG! Bargain of the year! These lamps are not usually cheap! Lucky!
  12. I just saw a set of these in Berea, Ky. Do you know what they're worth?
  13. Hi, these are the sites I use when my husband comes home with a gun that's not in the blue-book, allexperts.com and guncollectorsclub.com...hope these help. Beautiful gun!
  14. Hi, Love the pedal car! Here are some sites I found that are pretty neat and informative, hope they help. D & S Pedal Car Restoration PedalCarStation CollectorsWeekly, where we're at now actually h...
  15. Oh, btw...it looks like a Blackforest clock which were mostly made in Germany.
  16. Beautiful clock! Try www.antiqueclockprices.com Good luck!
  17. Hi, they remind me of tobacco cutters. Have you researched them? Google them as tobacco cutters. Good luck.
  18. Hi, try searching Gamewell diaphram. Don't know if that's what it is or not, but that's what it reminds me of. Good luck.
  19. Awesome!
  20. Great elephant! Are there any markings of any kind?
  21. If you want some more info try Antiqueclockprices.com. Love the clock
  22. Beautiful! Does it have any markings of any kind on the underside of the table?
  23. AWESOME!
  24. Hi, I've got on e similar to yours posted on here hoping for some info. Mine's been recovered at one time and has a head-rest and leather strop but no tray. that explains what that hole was for on the...
  25. Hi, I did a little research on your train and found one that sold at auction in 2005 for $400. Try Noel Barrett Auctions.
  26. Hi Shawn186, I don't know, I think it is...K.Krupk...but I'm not sure. Was hoping somebody out there would know. Beautiful isn't it?
  27. Pickin in KY ain't too bad but our favorite time to pick is during the 127 sale in Aug. Pickin heaven for 4 days!
  28. It reminds me of a dulcimer, like Granny had on The Beverly Hillbillys. Try googleing it.
  29. Looks like maybe a bullet mold? Check with some gun people.
  30. Hi Missbettie. If you ever get to Ohio and you've not been to Springfield yet, I highly suggest that you take a walk through Heart of Ohio Antique mall. It's awesome! My husband and I load up every no...
  31. I've got an identical table and I love it. It is called a chocolate table, don't remember why, I've got a miniature porcelain tea set in mine with a small light up Christmas tree for lighting. I gave ...
  32. This is beautiful! I've never seen anything like it, how big is it?
  33. Hi, beautiful clock, smart boy! Try Antiqueclockspriceguide.com. Might give you some insight on the worth of the clock and if it's worth repairing. Regardless of it's worth, if it were mine I would ju...
  34. Hi, try searching www.thefind.com. Thousands of art prints. Also, www.findartinfo.com. Good luck.
  35. Hi, I know it's not a tiller, but you might check out...Donald's Antique Rototillers site. He might have some info or know where to find some. My husband bought a Graham-Paige tiller made in 1947 and ...
  36. Oh yeah, LOVE the ferret!!!
  37. Hi, I think it's called a Beesting crock. Check out collectors weekly stoneware section and AntiqueMystique.com. Hope this helps. My husband collects crocks, so I'm always searching for reference.
  38. Hi, try Cyberattic or ReplacementsLTD. Pretty good reference sites for china and glassware. Good luck.
  39. What I found was that one like yours sold at auction 5 yrs ago that they said was a French Velocipede, Garnier Tricycle. It sold for $600. Only found reference to one made like yours, all the rest hav...
  40. Frank Fritz from American Pickers should know that answer since he is heavy into oil cans and the like.
  41. I found a pretty good reference site if you've got the gumption to go through it...Guide to World Hallmarks...Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks and Makers Marks. Hope this helps someone.
  42. Love it! He would look great in my boneyard. Don't have any human bones yet, a couple of cow skulls, a deer skull, and a couple of cow femurs, but man! he would be so cool!!!
  43. Hi Chapeldreamer, It's cotton and it's got the fancy tacks that upholsterers use. Pretty cool huh. Do you know what it's worth?
  44. Love your Boston Terrier doorstop! I've got 5 of these and one left facing (which are fairly hard to find). Anyway, they list for between $150 and $250 in "The Doorstop Book" by John and Nancy Smith, ...
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very old childs scooter Triple Horn.


posted 13 years ago