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I like all kinds of things. Not tied to one particular area, if it catches my eye I will either admire it or buy it or both... ofcourse the both depends on where I sI like all kinds of things. Not tied to one particular area, if it catches my eye I will either admire it or buy it or both... ofcourse the both depends on where I see it. That is why I enjoy this site so much when I visit. I simply never know what will grab my attention. Plus the variety of collectors and collections shared are simply amazing. More importantly the people are so friendly and share so much of their time and effort when they could simply just say nice and move on. Nope this place is a good place to do research, ask for help, provide info when one can, and just enjoy for the sake of enjoying. No guilt .. well maybe the late hours, but thats another thing altogether. (Read more)


  1. misspelled everything... my apologies.
  2. What is it' origin? Stafforsdhire, germany porcelain? It is lovely.
  3. From the red CHINA mark I think it dates to the 1930's period. Gotheborg has those marks in that time range. Good luck.
  4. Love the cranes. You should try flipping the pics right side up and, getting a clear close-up pic of the mark. Will be much easier for people to help you. Try the site gotheborg.com and look for ...
  5. Nice piece. As for the mark on the bottom. Have you tried looking in porcelain books to see if it might be a dynasty period mark? Anyway, good luck.
  6. I was doing some research on the Vanguard Studios and saw this thread. I do understand that it is old with the last post being 3 mos ago. I do believe that the following info might be of help to thos...
  7. Cool pieces. I would inquire about these from an Asain expert. I am thinking they are if old rhinosceros horn or bone and if not so old resin. Well worth asking an expert. Either way old or new.. stil...
  8. Thank you pickrknows.
  9. Thank you nonforce. I tried both, the ring was higher on the top and got a little less so when tapping the bulbous part. The smell was not the most pleasant, but because of the shape it is difficult t...
  10. This is such a great piece. Thank you for the suggestions on the Chief piece I have. Ring was high, the smell was not the most pleasant. I appreciate the info, thanks again. Eddie
  11. Thank you geo26e
  12. Thank you Hedgewalker
  13. Thank you kyra. :)
  14. Thank you, ozmarty. appreciate all the info.
  15. Than you all for the love. ho2cultcha, I would hope it is a Lightning, but like you I am not a gemologist. Rural living makes it a bit hard to find opal experts. A trip to the city will be the on...
  16. Thank you, LauraL.
  17. Thanks Manikin. I will surely try Aztec.. thank you for your input. I do appreciate it very much. Eddie
  18. Thank you all for the love.... Moonstone, I thought that might be what needs to be done. Would hate anything bad happening to it. Will have to find one in the city.
  19. Thank you pickrknows, geo26e, Manikin, tom and blunderbuss2. blunder, I'm pretty sure it is Native American given the warbonnet, breastplate and the beaded necklace. Plus the obvious open pit or ...
  20. Thanks vetraio and Moonstone.
  21. Thank you Sean, Amber & moonstone.... Hi vetraio... Sorry I was not able to do the image sooner. Been busy with a friend's show. I do appreciate all your input. Eddie
  22. BH, they are hand cut. some are really thin while the majority are pretty uniform. Round nails, but there is a nail on 2 sides near the bottom which I have no clue as to its purpose. You can see the...
  23. Thank you trgru, BH and Phil. BH I will do the search you have suggested and will let you know. Thanks again.
  24. Thanks aldo, Sean.. Phil.. not a fan of the vase or BMP huh.. oh well, can't win 'em all. Have a nice day, and beware of discount stores selling pottery :)
  25. Thanks for the love Vetraio. Always appreciate your input. Any idea on the pottery name?
  26. Thank you all for the love. Bob, I have a few pieces of Canadian pottery including some Blue Mountain. Had a friend in Halifax who could not stand the stuff. Anytime it would come in households he...
  27. If sure does look like the work of GIEN in their Fond bleu line. If antique it could be something rare. Gien is usually marked with a castle/towers and banner. Either way it is a very nice piece. Goo...
  28. Thank you justanovice. BELLIN68 the first one was a kitten of 5 weeks or so which our dogg found by the shed corner. When we went to investigate the poor thing had one eye literally hanging out.. s...
  29. Thanks BELLIN68, thought I was a dog person until 2 cats adopted us about a year or so ago. Now they are a very important part of the household. :)
  30. Thank you BELLIN68 and vetraio50.
  31. Thank you AmberRose and vetraio50.
  32. I love horses and I love this cabajo. Great find.
  33. vetraio50, when I first took a look at this piece I was thinking aboriginal, but really not sure. Concerning signature is it Weiland?
  34. Thanks Bellin68.
  35. Thank you Bellin68.
  36. Hi vetraio50, You got it right it is indeed Graham Cooley and Mark Hill from the UK Roadshow. I'm going to go ahead and order a copy, it should come in handy. Viewed a few of your beautiful pi...
  37. Makes one want to take a dip. Lovely
  38. What stunning color, it must be outrageous in real time. Thanks for sharing vetraio50. Eddie
  39. lol Sorry missed the top line of description..., got caught up in looking at the box...
  40. Is it by Jenning Brothers? It has the look and they made beautiful boxes. Beautiful no matter the maker.
  41. Great photo. I have a list of pilot students from the 1942 to 1946 who were in Texas, Oklahoma and California. Not sure if the lists includes all pilots, but alot of them were or became bombardiers ...
  42. Thanks mustangtony. Hopefully will get name of potter oneday. Eddie
  43. Thank you, Justanoice, mustangtony and vetraio50, it is appreciated. I accidently clicked on the Love It tab.... Eddie
  44. vetraio50, thanks so much for all the info. Will take a look at those sites. I know there's a new book on Italian pottery of this period. I believe it is by Mark Hill and another man (can't recall his...
  45. Thank you inky.
  46. Thank you Bellin68 and vetraio50. It is one of our faves. vetraio50, I had some info, but am glad that you have so much more. Will make note of it, thank you very much for sharing. I have uploaded...
  47. What a gorgeous piece.
  48. Beautiful piece. Super!
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