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Brush McCoy ? vintage vases. - Potteryin Pottery
Another home discovery! - Advertisingin Advertising
c1920 Chinese Restaurant -Vancouver? 4" Rice bowl. - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Wilkinson's pottery Cake plate c1900. "Cairo " pattern - Potteryin Pottery
Dried Prairie Smoke from Saskatchewan. - Fine Artin Fine Art
Turned Ash Candlestick. - Folk Artin Folk Art
MCM Italian vase Fiorentino? unknown mark. - Potteryin Pottery
Painted American Vase revealed! - Potteryin Pottery
Black Walnut Floor Lamp c1911 with Canadian Belter type chair. c1865 - Furniturein Furniture
Bird's Eye Maple Burl Clock - Clocksin Clocks


  1. art.pottery thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into those.
  2. Thanks to all, especially for the interesting comments. The quality of design I'm sure was the reason some people looked after these and they will be saved for future generations.
  3. Thanks for the comment/questions katherinescollections Cairo certainly is a puzzler -perhaps they were working through a list of Capitals ! Thanks for the love though everybody.
  4. wma Thank you for the information which I will have to use Google to appreciate and fully understand- hopefully.
  5. art.pottery Thanks for the suggestion . I'll search online and see if there are images of a Sesto mark to compare. That second letter though has the outline shape of an A to me but I've been...
  6. Sounds about right , not in my possession though at the moment. I'll add measurement later art.pottery.
  7. Super 'deco'ration Sean. Love it!
  8. Yes ,I moved to Saskatchewan and purchased a home built in 1920s by an ex military man. During the complete lockdown this Spring I checked the attic insulation and found a treasure trove of militaria ...
  9. dav2no1. Wow !I wouldn't know how to get there from here ,so to speak but I am in my 80th year. So much to learn !Thanks for taking the time to help, I do appreciate it.
  10. thanks Congcu -wasn't sure about the language and the buddhist figures though obvious didn't help me .I'll see if I can spend sometime researching Chinese woodblocks too .I'll keep enjoying them anyway!
  11. racer4four, thanks for your comment and I'll see if the S.W. suggestion leads me anywhere .Again thanks. Glad you love them too!
  12. A.O yes it did amuse me too, but suing manufacturers for not providing explicit safety instructions for users of seemingly everything but matches and lighters has been the norm in western society f...
  13. Thanks for the loves ,still like to know the maker or even retailer!
  14. Thanks for the comment yop and I looked at it again and it's just the black glaze is overly thin over half the bottom. Thanks for the help and loves to all.
  15. Many thanks for the help mp.kunst. Never to old to learn and so pleased when I do!
  16. So glad for the "loves" and your comment RichmondLori, it's been such a special find to make during lockdown particularly. Stay safe everyone!
  17. Thanks to all, especially for the comment vetraio50 !
  18. Thanks for the question,tharless62 The maker of Crown Ducal china A.G.Richardson employed several designers of which Charlotte Rhead is the best known .This (egg cup) pattern though predates her work...
  19. Renedigkstra, Thanks for the interesting comment, and I hope one day to pass it on to our Museum of Civilisation ,Ottawa. Do you have any thoughts regarding dating? I'm so impressed with the pre...
  20. Wow back to you Truth or Dare .I've never seen this type of cloisonné before on pottery and am mightily impressed. Thanks again, and glad you love it too!
  21. Great suggestion ho2cultcha -thanks for the comments to both
  22. Sorry I've had another look at the golden oak finish underneath which is puzzling as it wouldn't be fashionable in 50/60s?
  23. Thanks for the love and comments ,I did recently buy them at the local Flea Market as they were priced at $10 Canadian each in as shown condition . The last thing I needed was 2 more chairs but the q...
  24. A quarter of a penny , there were 240 pennies to an English Pound at that time , I remember using them till they were withdrawn in 1950s? Small change !
  25. Glad you both appreciated it and that I finally got round to sharing this unusual image.
  26. Thanks Malkey I'll certainly take a look at your Greener pieces . Glad I decided to post this. After TallCakes id'd this C.W. reclassified it as American pressed Glass! Still a great resource !
  27. Many thanks TallCakes, amazing response time! I'm old and English myself ,probably why it spoke to me.
  28. Thanks and back to you vetraio50 !
  29. thanks Phil , I was in two minds about removing the old ebonised finish but it's opacity led me to think the original finish wouldn't have been intended to hide the grain completely and the underly...
  30. thanks to you all for the love, and ho2cultcha keep looking and good luck!
  31. Thanks to you both for the kind comments, so glad you liked it !
  32. Thanks for the kind comments, sharing these items adds to the thrill of finding , and discovering the history!
  33. Thanks for your comment, and yes the distribution of bubbles is throughout but vary greatly in size, they are very tiny in the brown streaky areas. The colouring and the unusual shape as much as the b...
  34. Definitely commercial as I've got the same one in my tool drawer. I love it !
  35. Hi Sean, love the color of yours!
  36. Thanks for info on Catalog!
  37. Andy McConnell said extraordinary but that's near enough. Thanks Sean.
  38. Thanks to the worth point info and other loves, much appreciated.
  39. thanks for the comment .If it is a fake it has some history to the 1920's and had old repairs (egg white by the look of it)I disassembled it and restored it. A professor from Harvard who worked in C...
  40. Glad you like it ho2cultcha!
  41. Thanks Sean, appreciate the love.
  42. Thanks Sean, my inclination too, but open to correction.
  43. Glad you love it!
  44. Sorry for delay in posting size (12 3/4" high) Thanks for comment and question "ipomike"
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Goyce Kakegamic Collection of Half Dolls Clutha Glass?


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