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  1. commonly used to square round logs.. ie. railroad ties... look for "Knights of the Broadaxe"
  2. Great!, Thanks for the answer. I had to go to your link to see how a blotter is used.. Will now pull out my old fountain pens.. patchas
  3. Because the brackets are padded, maybe it is designed to hold glass. My fist thought is it is for holding chemistry glassware, however the handle on top does not look utilitarian as would lab equipment.
  4. picture on the lef is an adjustable wrench, with a hammer built in. the second picture is a ball peen hammer. the 3 rd picture is a pipe cutter. The 4th picture is a combination wrench, probably used ...
  5. check this e-bay page for New Way valve seat cutters.
  6. the cutters with the steeper angle are for narrowing the valve seats after cutting the 45 degree angle. for the valve face seat.
  7. 2nd photo, red tool & its mate are adjustable spanners, next to spring clamp hose pliers (Leslie brand) 4th photo bottom above auger bit are 3 pneumatic air hammer bits.
  8. Looks like it could be used for wrapping insulation or twisting wires together.
  9. looks similar to a roofers axe for splitting ceder shake shingles
  10. Just a guess, Possibly used for adjusting valve tappets on a flathead engine..
  11. Looks like a pin punch with holding fixture to protect against smashed fingers.
  12. Looks like a motor belt tension adjuster. a carriage bolt would fit in the grove and another in the single hole on the other end. Possible a pedestal grinder tool rest adjuster bracket.
  13. Uses a "Collet" to grip the inside of ?? to then turn what ever it is griping. Not much leverage can be exerted to turn though.. Hand tight / loosen only. possibly a piston pin extractor.
  14. I have one just like it, Works perfectly on redi mix cement truck discharge chutes....
  15. It almost looks like a cooking utensil for cooking a steak over fire.. Stab the steak thru the side, squeeze against the ring and lock in position. ( I would wash it after catching gophers though.)
  16. It looks like it would work to stretch Barbed wire around a end post..
  17. sink bracket..
  18. Concur with slackjack, for spring clamps. Great tool!
  19. The master lock key is I believe, ground off to all it to open any master lock.
  20. That blind hole may have anchored a leg of a spring
  21. looks like it could be a type of fisherman's knot loosening tool.
  22. I have a spring loaded syringe tool for sucking solder from joints. Maybe that is what it is.
  23. looks like something a jeweler would use..
  24. Soap dish for old bath tub?
  25. looks like some kind of hoof tester..
  26. Many "Thanks", have lost sleep on that one.. I think I will give it to my wife for her birthday.
  27. Great, took me a week to come to that conclusion. I wonder when they stopped using them, or are they still in use? .Thanks,
  28. I forgot to mention, the lid is hinged and in the "open" position in the pictures. patchas
  29. Thanks for all the replies, This one may be from the oil field. Used as s stated by previous replies and may also be used for measuring oil in storage tanks, depth of wells and length of drill pipe. I...
  30. Maybe to keep a calf from nursing., wild guess.
  31. Yes, I imagine it could be used as a handle, Just wouldn't want to load too heavy as it is only brass. Thanks, patchas
  32. Kit bag ? duffel bag? are they still used? I will now use it in place of the draw string on mine. Thnks, patchas
  33. got em, just waiting for gas prices to rise..
  34. Maybe it is for crimping hydraulic hose ends
  35. looks like some print on it.. What does it say?
  36. Thanks, I thought the pointed tool looked like a mason tool. thanks for sharing..
  37. It is for removing Klinkers from coal furnaces
  38. looks like a hammer for body work
  39. the taper part is a "drift" used to line up holes as previously stated above by Kerry.
  40. It is a pipe wrench with the adjustable half of the jaw missing. There would also be a knurled nut that fits into the square shown in your picture.. The other "Pick" may be something for soldering lea...
  41. Looks like a fixture for making the upper 1/2 of calf high boots that I have seen as part of WWI Infantry uniforms or any lace up high work boots
  42. looks like it could be used for de-limbing of some sort.
  43. Looks like something one would use in the process of making spaghetti, if attached to a pasta press of some sort.
  44. likely used to measure valve spring tension at a given sprung height, for internal combustion engines.
  45. looks like it could be used to stretch sheep fence.
  46. Looks like it could be used to tighten floor board seams before nailing
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Special steel tape measure  Can you guess?