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I like old things and the stories behind them. I like to take an old item and find a new use for it. I like to collect old rolling pins and almost anything that catcI like old things and the stories behind them. I like to take an old item and find a new use for it. I like to collect old rolling pins and almost anything that catches my eye. It's very interesting to see what other people are interested in collecting and what got them interested in collecting it. (Read more)


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USA lighted Sign - Signsin Signs
Gasoline Sign - Petrolianain Petroliana
Native American Flute? - Native Americanin Native American
Wood and Metal Bench? Style? - Furniturein Furniture
Antique Firescreen - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Farm Scene 
Antique Ring? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Structo Vista Dome Horse Van - Model Carsin Model Cars
Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Western Flyer? - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods


  1. Thanks officialfuel
  2. Looks very similar in design to a lane cedar chest I had at one time.
  3. I have been searching the web and can not find a sign like this one. Would love to know what year this was made. Anyone have an idea?
  4. I have been looking at ebay but have not seen a leather screen like this. The prices vary from 150-1500. Would love to know the value on this piece.
  5. The door knob is super cool! I've never seen one like that.
  6. This picture is a little closer look.
  7. Thanks vintagemad. I believe it is.
  8. Thanks so much for the info!
  9. Can you post more pics? It looks like a Hanging Wine Decanter to me. I just can't tell from the one picture.
  10. Any idea what kind of stones are in this brooch? I like pretty but don't really know my stones.lol
  11. That makes the find even nicer!lol Thank you ladies. I will check that out.
  12. It just says Ben-Amun. Thank you. I love it to.
  13. In Texas we call that the sweat house!lol
  14. Found the model number ... What looks to be F211FK or F21LFK. Anybody know where I could look up the model number?
  15. Bike has New Departure Coaster Brakes. I don't see a model like C or D though.
  16. Thank you Vontrike. I will try that.
  17. Hope this helps. I don't know much about bikes except I thought it was cool. Thanks for any help you can give.
  18. It is made from plaster
  19. I tried to get a better pic. I believe the first name is Alton. Last name I can't tell.
  20. It actual looks like mabye the handle was repaired. Corrosion were the handle is?
  21. Atleast that gives me some ideas when searching. Thank you both.
  22. Thanks Dave. I will try to look it up under tea caddy.
  23. Any ideas?
  24. I have seen some sights like this to this day here in my home state!lol (TEXAS)
  25. Cool! Thanks Dave. Wondering if I should clean it up?
  26. Maybe Bronze?
  27. Scary but Cool!
  28. Thanks Dave. You've been so helpful. Wish I knew more about Antiques were I could help someone with info. lol
  29. Thank you. Maybe that will help me. I was trying to find the value on of an item like this.
  30. Yes the cap is aluminum. I don't know if it's original to the bottle.
  31. I'm guessing that the pink necklace is paper mache. Is there any value to paper mache jewelry?
  32. Thank you Dave. I really appreciate your help.
  33. I can't tell for sure but Aluminum would be my guess.
  34. Anybody know any more they can tell me? Thanks for your input Savoy.
  35. I don't know if you can see the pictures because when I click on it they don't show up. "?"
  36. Thank you Savoy. So limited Edition is good right?lol I really don't know about art. What do you call this type of picture?
  37. Love the colors. What a buy!
  38. I found this company! Funny thing is it's a hair products company. I would have thought the display would have been for a food product company.
  39. thank you dave!
  40. Not that I'm aware of. Good thought on the display. Maybe that will help.
  41. Love American Pickers!
  42. Pawn Stars will give you $60!lol
  43. I wonder if that would make the value decrease.lol
  44. I think it is a 5 gallon can.
  45. Can't find anything like fluid ounces.
  46. Dave the can is 14" in height and width and 8" in depth. It is a fairly good size can.
  47. I looked at yours and the only difference I see are yours appear to be shiny and mine are dry and don't appear to have any type of glaze. I wonder why and what the difference is? Not indian marbles b...
  48. Thank you Dave.
  49. I just bought a pair at an estate sale today for ten dollars. Mine do not have the spill tray though. The lady did tell me they are candle stick holders. Hoping someone know about their worth. How tal...
  50. Has anyone ever seen a metal vanity?
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Mexican silver clamper bracelet Eisenberg Original Brooch glass oil bottles & rack No. 56 Keystone Water Pump Tower Fire Truck Engine Weiss brooch and earrings. Old Rings 3 Original Rialto carved Lucite purse Sterling Match Box Holder With Sterling Tray Silver enameled  flower Art Nouveau necklace with Marcacites 1900's one hole corn sheller in working condition Heirloom Wieman Table What do I have here? Extremely Rare Art Deco "SUPERLECTRIC" No. 66 Vintage Toaster Aladdin Lamp Old Military Lockers


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