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Kralik Pedestal Dish Vase, Circa 1930by Alan2310
Victorian Peloton glass vase with tricornered topby IronLace
Victorian satin Peloton glass biscuit barrel with silverplate fittingsby IronLace
Victorian pink cased Peloton glass vaseby IronLace
Inspiration for Kralik Shape & Other Decor 'Diamond Optic' Clear Glass With Pullsby czechgl…
Czech Art Deco Kralik pink millefiori vaseby IronLace
Moser Bohemian Glass?by TMB
Green Covered Candy Dishby fishiowa
Green Tango Vasesby fishiowa
Thorn Vase Unknown makerby fishiowa
Unknown Pink Compoteby fishiowa
Kralik ??"Knuckle" Pedestal Dish Vase, Circa 1930by Alan2310
Victorian quilted ruby to yellow glass vase with painted decorationby IronLace
Peloton glass miniature oil lampby IronLace
Kralik Tango Glass sklo42
Czech Art Deco Tango Glass Vaseby sklo42
Czech Art Deco Tango Glass Vasesby sklo42
Monumental Loetz Crete Chiné PN I-7302 by philmac51
Kralik"Knuckle" Pedestal Dish Vase, Circa 1930by Alan2310
Selfie spatter (2)by IanBrig…
Enamelled and painted tango bowlby IanBrig…
Satire About Ebay Item QUOTE "Kralik Welz Ruckl Art Deco Moulded Czech" Glass For Sale....lolby czechgl…
Victorian cased pink glass vase with applied thorny footed baseby IronLace
Bohemian/Czech pink cased glass vase with painted decorationby IronLace
Victorian cased pink spatter & mica spangle glass vase with rigareeby IronLace
Rindskopf Pepita Threaded Vase... or is it by Kralik?by beyemvey
Victorian pink glass vase with applied uranium yellow leaf topby IronLace
Czech cobalt blue vaseby Mrstynd…
Poschinger reduced enamel threaded vase c. 1900-05by philmac51
Czech Glass Identifications - Decor Pieces May Have Some Invisible Cluesby czechgl…
 Handblown Czechoslovakian drinking vessel by Eyeforit
Rindskopf vaseby Northumbrian
Rindskopf Organic Vaseby beyemvey
Kralik 'Lines and Canes' bowlby artfoot
RINDSKOFP ?- Pull Feather Posi Vase, Circa 1930by Alan2310
Interesting Comparison Kralik & Ruckl Czech Glass Pedestal Coupesby czechgl…
Victorian Peloton opalescent glass bowl with peaked top & applied feetby IronLace
Welz Flowers shape vase,Circa 1930by Alan2310
Bohemian Art Nouveau glass Vase, Circa 1900by Alan2310
Blue & White Spatter Glass Vase Black Trim Unknownby courten…
Loetz Triangular Rusticana Vaseby Michell…
Kralik Iris Ball Vaseby philmac51
Kralik Iris on metal baseby philmac51
Czech Bohemian Aventurine and Red vaseby philmac51
Art Nouveau Kralik Double Thorn Vaseby sklo42
Art Nouveau Kralik Martelé Irridescent Bowlby sklo42
Art Nouveau Kralik Basket with Applied Birdby sklo42
Bohemian pedestal vase with spatter decorby Ivonne
Chribska large vaseby artfoot
Bohemian Harrach or JH opaline Candelabra Epregne with Applied Serpentby vaselin…
Welz Glass Trophy Vaseby courten…
Rückl & Their Glass  –  Similar but Different Shapes – Navigating Perilous Waters  –  Part 3 in a Seriesby welzebub
Rindskopf Green Metallic Vaseby beyemvey
2 Lötz vases, unknown Ausführung  from ca. 1918, Powolny austroh…
Welz striped rose bowlby Vintage…
Kralik Frog Vaseby Vintage…
Victorian pink cased glass vase with green frilled rimby IronLace
Welz Pedestal Vases Green Aventurine, Oxblood and Yellowby sklo42
Welz Pedestal Vases Green Aventurine and Oxbloodby sklo42
Green Aventurine and Oxblood Striped Bowlby sklo42
Welz honeycomb spatter glass miniature jug & basin setby IronLace
Victorian Welz blue swirled stripe cased glass vaseby IronLace
Part II - Bohemian Satin Glass Collection & Studyby czechgl…
Kralik opalescent harlequin frit glass vaseby IronLace
Victorian striped cased glass vase with rigaree - Harrachby IronLace
Victorian uranium glass lattice pattern basket with applied flowersby IronLace
Some Of My Satin Czech Glass Collection & Bohemian Tooby czechgl…
Victorian cased uranium glass vase with applied berriesby IronLace
Victorian glass vase with applied spatter flowerby IronLace
Rindskopf Martele Rose Bowlby beyemvey
Kralik iridescent  snowflake on amethyst glass vaseby MALKEY
Czech // Bohemian Art Glass Vase - Decorated by antique…
Victorian pale pink cased glass vase with applied circular foot - early Loetz?by IronLace
Rückl Glass Bowl or Shade In Orange Spatter & Red Pelotonby czechgl…
Kralik Pair of Blue Cut Glass Vases PN5349/3by philmac51
Kralik Iris Green and Orange/Yellow Millefiori by philmac51
Victorian opalescent striped uranium glass jug vase with blue applied handleby IronLace
Victorian uranium yellow ribbed tube vase with applied flowersby IronLace
Victorian yellow - green uranium glass vase with two applied flowersby IronLace
Rindskopf Tad Pole Art Nouveau Humidor, Circa 1900by Alan2310
Kralik mirrored iridescent giraffe selfieby IanBrig…
Art Nouveau Tadpole Vase - Kralik?by AdeleC
Victorian uranium glass jug vase with applied flowersby IronLace
Victorian opalescent glass vase with thorn handles & applied flowerby IronLace
Victorian uranium glass vase with applied flowerby IronLace
Victorian rainbow spangle glass vaseby IronLace
Rückl & Their Glass – Expanding our Shape Library – Which Keys Unlock the Doors to Décors? – Part 2 in a Seriesby welzebub
A Sunday Morning & CW Rückl Glass Website Plus Collection Postby czechgl…
Art Deco Rose Bowl and Candlesticksby sklo42
Art Deco Welz Rose Bowlby sklo42
Czech Art Deco Rose Bowlby sklo42
Victorian ribbed cased opalescent pink glass vase by IronLace
Genuine After 'Nemo' Vaseby sklo42
Bohemian Pink and Vaseline (uranium) Woodcock Enameled Vaseby vaselin…
Victorian Bohemian glass vase with applied flowerby IronLace
Victorian Welz cased glass thorn vase with uranium green baseby IronLace
Small Czech Bohemian Glass Ashtray - Mid Modernby antique…
Kralik or Rindskopf Peach Oil Spot Enameled Vaseby vaselin…
Amber Engraved Bohemian Pokal with Lidby vaselin…
A. Ruckl & Sons Czech Glass Collection & Websiteby czechgl…
Big Rindskopf Pepita with a Twistby beyemvey
Pair of Victorian glass thorn vases with applied pink feetby IronLace
Rückl & Their Glass – What do I think We Know For Sure – Establishing a Baseline With Known Shapes -Part 1 in a Seriesby welzebub
Victorian Welz yellow striped jug & candlestickby IronLace
Victorian Welz pink spotted cased glass lidded trinket boxby IronLace
Skrdlovice Vase - BIG and HEAVY - Is there a Canadian Connection?  I antique…
For Vetraio50 ( and all other CW Members ) - This Might Interest you ???by antique…
A Unique Tulip Form Vase in a Very Identifiable Welz Décor…. At Least To Me It Is…..  Décor Patient Zero…. My Starting Point!!by welzebub
Skrdlovice Vase  - BERANEK ?? by antique…
Miniature Peloton glass vase with pink threads - Harrach?by IronLace
A Newly Confirmed Welz Décor - Why Do Things Come In Clusters?? by welzebub
Skrdlovice - Frantisek Zemek ( 5593 ) 4-legged art glass vaseby antique…
Last Rückl Double Spatter Decor Glass Box : 3by czechgl…
Impressive Czech Rückl Orange Double Spatter Bowl: 2by czechgl…
Impressive Large Heavy Compote Rückl Czech Marked With Rare Decor: 1by czechgl…
A Welz Vase -  Seen More Than Once With The Royal Art Glass Label by welzebub
Welz Striped Basketby sklo42
Bohemian Welz Frilled Vaseby sklo42
Bohemian Welz Striped Vasesby sklo42
Bohemian iridescent uranium glass vase with applied "snake" trailby IronLace
Victorian uranium glass leaf form basket by IronLace
A Mystery Thrift Store find...... But for $6 you just can't leave it there. :-)by welzebub
Krailk overshot glass basket with applied flowerby IronLace
Kralik martele glass vase with applied cherriesby IronLace
A Confirmed Welz Décor, A Newly Confirmed Rim Crimp, New Shapes, And Some Other Interesting Detailsby welzebub
Furnace Decorated Lustre Vaseby beyemvey
Large Czech Peloton glass bowl - Tango eraby IronLace
Five Czech Tango era spatter glass vases with applied serpentine trailsby IronLace
Three Czech Tango glass vases with crimped topsby IronLace
Technical Virtuosityby beyemvey
Three Czech Tango era spatter glass vases in various shapesby IronLace
Three Czech Tango glass vases with spatter basesby IronLace
Czech Tango glass vases with applied flowers - Kralik?by IronLace
Just A Beautiful Czech Glass Vaseby inky
Bohemian red trailed satin glass jar with silverplate lidby IronLace
Czech red spatter vaseby artfoot
Another Rückl Shape Vase In The Orange Shimmy Pfau Decorby czechgl…
Trompe L'oeil (deceptive) Image: A Rückl Glass Fabrication Studyby czechgl…
Bohemian opaline rainbow swirl hand painted miniature vase by IronLace
Loetz Art Deco Papillon Vaseby Michell…
Loetz Candia Papillon Vase PN-7492 by Michell…
Bohemian Yellow Frit Iridescent Vase Clear Organic Handles Kralik?by czechgl…
Czech Bohemian Glass Bowlby philmac51
Art Nouveau Kralik Rose Bowl.....Swags and Tasselsby sklo42
Victorian pink cased glass vase with applied flowerby IronLace
JOSEF HOSPODKA vase, Chribska glassworks, Czech, 1960s -1970sby IVAN49
Twisted Rindskopf Vaseby sklo42
Welz frit vase with applied feetby IronLace
Loetz Black and White Tri-handled Tango Vaseby Michell…
Iridescent Pink and Yellow Bohemian Jarby Michell…
Rindskopf Pepita Poppyby beyemvey
Rindskopf Ribbed Vaseby sklo42
First post of the New Yearby beyemvey
Kralik Marquetry Vaseby philmac51
Victorian Peloton glass vase with arms - missing basketsby IronLace
Czech glass - American Zipper decorby jericho
Czech glass Satin Zipper Decor, the mystery jericho
Czech glass "Zipper decor" - A mysteryby jericho
The wait is over,Rindskopf Corrugated, Circa 1900(UPDATE)by Alan2310
Shades of pink Tango glassby IronLace
Welz Frit Décor - My First Solidly Identified Exampleby welzebub
Welz pink spatter vases & Kralik pink spatter vaseby IronLace
Bohemian pink & yellow iridescent glass biscuit barrel & lidded jarby IronLace
FRITZ HECKERT" Oil Lamp" Siberband(Changeant), Poss design "Otto Thamm", Circa 1890-1900by Alan2310
Loetz Cut Glass Tri-footed Bowl C1920by philmac51
Small pink iridescent Bohemian glass vase with indented sides - Kralikby IronLace
Bohemian Art Nouveau iridescent vase with spatter & pull up threadingby IronLace
Kralik floriform vasesby IronLace
Bohemian iridescent three branch vase - Loetzby IronLace
Kralik overshot ruby glass bumpy vaseby IronLace
Welz small bubbles and swagsby IanBrig…
Red Lötz tango vase with enamel decor by austroh…
Bohemian Welz Striped Vases   by sklo42
Peloton glass vase - not Victorian eraby IronLace
Bohemian Welz Ribbed Vase by sklo42
Bohemiam Welz Goblet Vases by sklo42
Kralik (?) mother of pearl biggieby IanBrig…
1950s Crystalex or Borocrystal (?) fish vaseby IanBrig…
Czech Glass Rückl/Kralik Question 3: Another Orange Spatter Vase Similar And Differentby czechgl…
Czech Glass Rückl/Kralik Question 2: Green Multi Spatter Decor Pair Vasesby czechgl…
Czech Glass Rückl/Kralik Question 1: Large Red Peloton Pumpkin Glass Jar 8"x4"by czechgl…
Art Nouveau LOETZ Candia Silberiris Vase, Circa 20 Centuryby Alan2310
My Beautiful Bohemia Crystal Tulip Collection! BOCTUL (sorry they are sideways it posted some correctly but idk)by jennifromth…
Pair Victorian art glass vases - uranium lattice pattern with applied flowersby IronLace
Victorian art glass basket with twisted handle & applied flowersby IronLace
1875 Amber punch bowl setby aunutt
Scandinavian glass bowl (?)by lizzycbw
Art Nouveau lily rim - interesting shapeby IanBrig…
Kralik caned basketby IanBrig…
Interesting Czech Orange Spatter Jar, probably Kralik. czechgl…
A Kralik Bohemian-Czech small glass vase, ribbed white glass with a multi spatter czechgl…
Fine Czech W. Kralik Glass Box, early pastel spatter, UV czechgl…
Czech Art Deco Satin Glass Rose Bowlby sklo42
Welz Art Deco Candlestickby sklo42
An artistically enamelled Harrach Vaseby kairomalte
Peloton pink cased glass basketby IronLace
Rainbow satin Peloton glass jack in the pulpit vase by IronLace
Welz 5" vaseby Gruff
Czech spatter on orange vaseby artfoot
Czech Lided Spatter Jar, Circa 1930by Alan2310
An exciting Harrach Vaseby kairomalte
Kralik Iris Knuckle bowlby philmac51
Pair of Kralik tri-footed yellow 'honeycomb' vasesby philmac51
Kralik 'Tortoise Shell' Ball Vaseby philmac51
Kralik Bambus 'teardrop' vase in Orange and Greenby philmac51
Kralik glass basketby philmac51
Czech Vase (possibly Ruckl Decor 708 Vase)by philmac51
Opal in Essenceby SteveS
Pair of Czechoslovakia Glass Vasesby courten…
An outstanding Harrach vaseby kairomalte
Dressing table pot - tango glassby IanBrig…
Peloton glass epergne baseby IronLace
Frank Welz Vertical line Spatter Glass Vase, Circa 1930by Alan2310
Happy Holidaysby Mac63
Loetz Metallrot Vases, PN II-251 by Michell…
While Shepherds Watched Their sklo42
Cobalt Pinch Decanter with Sterling Overlayby beyemvey
Czech mercury glass candle holdersby artfoot
Bohemian, I think, but which factory, please?by Deltab
Intaglio gilt cut glass bowl Bohemianby kivatin…
Kralik iridescent millefiori vaseby IronLace
Art Nouveau KRALIK PAMPAS Iridescent Vase, Circa 1900by Alan2310
Green & Oxblood but Welz?by Ivonne
Vintage Pendant Light Shadeby sklo42
Peloton glass bowl with crimped rimby IronLace
Rindskopf Corrugated Iridescent Vase, Circa 1900by Alan2310
Unknown Candy lidded Dish / Bowl ( Czech ?? )by antique…
Kralik Opalescent Blue Vasesby Michell…
Colorful Kralik Jack In Pulpit Vaseby beyemvey
Double opaque white milk glass hand in hand vaseby IronLace
Bohemian glass hand vaseby IronLace
Pair of Rindskopf Confetti Vasesby beyemvey
Marbled spatter in cased glass with red inner - D'Aurys markby IanBrig…
Black (amethyst) tango solifleurs - David Loeblby IanBrig…
Monumental Rindskopf Grenada Fan Vase, Circa 1900by Alan2310
Art Deco Welz translucent lines and spots rosebowlby IanBrig…
Kralik iridescent spatter vaseby IanBrig…
Titania Gre 2514 detectedby glasfre…
Bohemian Welz Double Thorn Vaseby sklo42
Bohemian Welz Thorn Vaseby sklo42
Bohemian Welz Thorn Vaseby sklo42
Bohemian Welz Thorn Vaseby sklo42
Art Nouveau "RINDSKOPF" Pepita/Green oil spot, Circa 1900by Alan2310
When shape comparisons take a weird turnby jericho
Art Nouveau"Rindskopf " Pulled Feather,Twisted square Vase, Circa 1900by Alan2310
Outrageous Pepita!by beyemvey
Czech deco art glass vaseby scottvez
Loetz "bronce m. Silberstreifen" – a companion of Phaenomen Gre 7734? by glasfre…
Ehh! what's up.. Doc?by inky
Monumental Rindskopf Green Striated Vaseby beyemvey
Welz Art Deco Iridescent Rose Bowl    by sklo42
Art Deco"Rindskopf " Pepita, Brass Mount Center piece, Circa 1900by Alan2310
Czech Art Deco Bowl on Tripod Legsby sklo42
Kralik Rose Bowl on Tripod Legsby sklo42
Rindskopf 3 Piece Suiteby beyemvey
Kralik - Deco shapeby kralik1…
ME - Czech vaseby kralik1…
Loetz Ausf.166by Ivonne
Bohemian Glass?by fishiowa
Tall Rindskopf Teal Martelé Hyacinth Vaseby Michell…
Bohemian Oil Spot, Cookie Jar, Circa Early 1900by Alan2310
Pallme-Königby Mac63
Bohemian Welz Vaseby sklo42
Enameled Cobalt Blue Loetz Vase PNIII-355by Michell…
Bohemian Welz Trophy Vaseby sklo42
Bohemian Welz Trophy vaseby sklo42
Bohemian lided boxby kivatin…
Rindskopf with Copper Overlay and Cabochonsby dlfd911
Unusual Kralik Uranium Glass Vase, ca. bohemia…
 Art Nouveau Souvenir from Hahnenklee im Harzby Ivonne
Welz candy stripe lobed ribbed footed bowlby IanBrig…
c1775 Rare Riedel Glass Holy Water Stoup - inky
Rindskopf Marbled Vase In Burgundy and Whiteby welzebub
Confirming a Shape as Welz..... and a Décor Confirmation to go With It!!by welzebub
Welz Pink-Purple Iridescent Vase with an Applied Black welzebub
Bohemian Iridescent Art Nouveau Glass Vase, 1900 by Alan2310
The Old and the Newby Mac63
Kralik basket Art Deco eraby Ivonne
Amethyst Art Deco vase with spatter and flowerby IanBrig…
Textured Glassby Mac63
Loetz Rusticana by Mac63
Butler Brother links for glass with applied flowers by IanBrig…
Czech Art Deco tango urn with applied flowerby IanBrig…
Bohemian Art Glass Postcardby SpiritB…
Czech cased peloton vasesby artfoot
Art Nouveau Nude Angel Jungenstil period, Mounted Threaded Vase, Circa 1900by Alan2310
Kralik Bambus lemonade glass - clear ground large confetti dotsby IanBrig…
Czech vase - black with redby artfoot
Loetz Titania "Flamarion" PN II-7435by philmac51
Welz Maybe? Spatter Glass Vasesby courten…
Rindskopf Pulled Loopby beyemvey
Loetz Kralik Streifen und Fleckin  ?by MALKEY
Czech / Bohemian Art Glass -- WELZby antique…
A couple of new Welz pieces - Harlequin Spatter and Oxblood & Greenby welzebub
Draped salmon pink squat vase - Welz/Kralikby IanBrig…
Bohemian Welz Vaseby sklo42
Bohemian Welz Posy Vase on Ribbed Ball Feet  by sklo42
Bohemian Welz Vasesby sklo42
Welz Vertical Stripes green posy vaseby martika
"Glas dose" by Josef Hoffmann. H.: 10,5 cm. Before austroh…
Deco white zippered vase with acid mark by IanBrig…
My Favorite Rindskopfby beyemvey
Monumental Early Loetz Glass inky
Twisted Sisters! - Rindskopf Marbled Décorby beyemvey
3 little "granny" vases - Welz (?)by IanBrig…
Loetz Orpheus Vase, c. 1903by Michell…
Kralik Vaseby mcmgreen
Rindskopf Brick Red Pulled Feather Vaseby beyemvey
Kralik Peach Papillon Vaseby beyemvey
Hummingbird Feeder, Czech Republic, Circa 20 centuryby Alan2310
Oertel & Co (attributed) acid cutback vase, ca. 1925by bohemia…
Kralik Mica blue iridescent bud vaseby IanBrig…
Tall Pair of Teal/Clear Rindskopf Martele Hyacinth Vasesby beyemvey
Kralik peach oil spot vaseby MALKEY
Bohemian/Bavarian cased glass vaseby bohemia…
Tango Thumprint lidded dishby kralik1…
Kralik Tango - The ? mark vaseby kralik1…
Czech spatter vasesby artfoot
Rindskopf petita vases & D'Hurys cameo by MALKEY
Bohemian Austria Cookie Jar Reunion, Circa 1890-1900by Alan2310
Art Nouveau, PALLME- KONÏG -- Agua Iridescent with Cobalt Blue Threading, Circa 1900by Alan2310
Welz tall glass vase with uranium handles and acid paintby IanBrig…
Tall Rindskopf Pepita Hyacinth Vaseby beyemvey
Art Nouveau Rindskopf Green Iridescent Pull feathers  Vase, Circa 1900 by Alan2310
Malachite Glass Deco "Ingrid" Bowl (CAVEAT EMPTOR)by beyemvey
 Czech Art Glass Bullet Vaseby AdeleC
Tango glass by martika
Malachite Glass "Bacchantes" Figural  Deco Vaseby beyemvey
Kralik Art Nouveau Crackle Bowl, Circa 1920by Alan2310
Welz Art Deco Miniature Hexagonal Vaseby sklo42
Welz Art Deco Miniature Hexagonal Vaseby sklo42
Welz Art Deco Miniature Hexagonal Vaseby sklo42
Welz Miniature Hexagonal Vasesby sklo42
Colorful Marbleized Rindskopf Genii Bottleby beyemvey
Ferdinand von Poschinger vaseby MALKEY
"CAVEAT EMPTOR" Mystery Cracquelle Vasesby beyemvey
Kralik Silveria large vaseby MALKEY
Welz Iridescent Swirl Pairby philmac51
Pedestal foot tango cased glass vase - Czech ca 1930by IanBrig…
Snake Skin Décor Bud Vase With Sterling Collarby beyemvey
Tricorn Rindskopf Marteléby beyemvey
Bohemian "Martelé" Style Bud Vase with Sterling Bandby beyemvey
Estate Sale Find Fritz Heckert Silberband with Standby antiquedon2…
Pask Lötz Galleryby verretc…
Kralik's Take on Loetz Diaspora Décor by beyemvey
Smokey Iridescent Reverse-Thumbprint Vasesby Michell…
A Unique Kralik Vase - A "One of a Kind" to the best of my welzebub
Kralik with mauve colouringby MALKEY
Bohemian Art Glass Vaseby Pickabe…
Kralik Aquagold or Silberband Vaseby beyemvey
Fanciful Bohemian Welz Vase- 4-Lobedby LOUMANAL
Czech Art Deco Tango Glass Jam Pot/Sugar Bowlby sklo42
Welz Art Deco Tango Glass Vaseby sklo42
Czech Art Deco Kralik Vaseby sklo42
My clear glass josef hospodka vaseby Barrancecol…
Kralik ribbed optic iridescent glass vaseby IanBrig…
Aventurine rosebowl metal mould Czech Art Decoby IanBrig…
Czechoslovakia crystal antique glassesby sinansw…
Label confirmation = Häidaby verretc…
Bohemian Art Deco, Matte Coloureds Spatter Glass Vases, Circa 1920-30by Alan2310
Welz - Confetti or somethingby jericho
Kralik Enigma  - Reverse Flameby kralik1…
Harrach Classical Period Vase with Putti c1860by philmac51
Baluster form red/black glass vase confetti/ spatter décorby IanBrig…
Kralik (?) pair of ball footed spatter/ confetti Deco vasesby IanBrig…
Mystery Art Nouveau Pitcher...Poschinger?by dlfd911
Three Cheers for the Red, White, & Blue!by beyemvey
Rindskopf Light Blue Vase with Cobalt Feathersby beyemvey
Kralik millefiori Hexagonal bowlby philmac51
Kralik millefiori 'knuckle' bowlby philmac51
Red Bohemian Czech 'tango' vase with with blue handlesby philmac51
Rindskopf Amethyst Loop Vase with Bronze Leavesby beyemvey
Rindskopf Large vaseby MALKEY
Kralik or Rindskopf bowlby MALKEY
E Rigot signed in cameo German ?by MALKEY
Rindskopf Quadrifoliate Aventurine Vaseby beyemvey
Kralik Pampas Style Vaseby beyemvey
Kralik Bacillus Vaseby beyemvey
10" Rindskopf Pink & Green Aventurine VAseby beyemvey
Rindskopf Pink & Green Aventurine w/ Sterling Bandby beyemvey
Pallme-König Papillon Rose Bowlby beyemvey
Tiny WMF Myra Kristall Vase or Cordialby beyemvey
Petite WMF Myra Vase or Cordialby beyemvey
Bohemian Welz Tri-lobed Heart Vaseby sklo42
Bohemian Welz Vaseby sklo42
Bohemian Welz Vaseby sklo42
Kralik bronze mounted vaseby MALKEY
Rare pair of Rindskopf Alhambra Vasesby bohemia…
Harrach Jugenstil ribbed vase, PN 1647/3, ca. 1900by bohemia…
Bohemian ? hand cut glass vase by mhgcgol…
Kralik ? Rindskopf ?by MALKEY
Rare Rindskopf Pulled Feather Variantby beyemvey
Bicolour Décor Kralikby Mac63
Pair of Rindskopf Honeycomb Tricorn Vasesby beyemvey
A Serpent in the Gardenby beyemvey
Kralik Nautilus Style Vaseby beyemvey
Rindskopf Pink Honeycomb Optic Rose Bowlby beyemvey
Bohemian Tango Vase - Turquoiseby Emmelle
Bohemian Tango Vase - Floriformby Emmelle
Kralik Floriform - Twin Stem Glass Flower Vaseby Emmelle
Harrach Vase c1870by Emmelle
Kralik vase by MALKEY
Rindskopf Tan Pulled Feather Vasesby beyemvey
Bohemian vase with decorated handles, WELZ ??, Circa 1930-40by Alan2310
Welz Art Deco Vase.....Vertical Linesby sklo42
Welz Urn.....Translucent Lines with Green Aventurineby sklo42
Czech Art Deco Rose Bowlby sklo42
Kralik Silveria 'Flame' Vaseby Michell…
My Weekend Welz Findby beyemvey
Loetz Cephalonia Goblet or Vaseby beyemvey
Red, white, blue, and yellow spatter - Czechby artfoot
Czech blue spatter on pinkby artfoot
Art Deco enamelled Pierrot / Harlequin vase ?Pfohlby IanBrig…
Kralik millefiori / canes pedestal / rocket foot vaseby IanBrig…
Bermuda Onion Bottleby beyemvey
Colorful Welz Vase with Fins! (OK, Leaves :-)by beyemvey
Kralik's take on Loetz Dianaby beyemvey
Poschinger Hekla Style Vaseby beyemvey
Kralik Bambus/Iris  by jericho
Rindskopf Pepita/Grenada Bowlby beyemvey
Tall Amber Cut to Clear Chaliceby beyemvey
Loetz Twist Vase - perhaps Rindskopf or other house?by beyemvey
Iridescent glass biscuit barrel - Czech glass?by Darbygirl
Coral shimmy vase #2by IanBrig…
Bavarian, Glasfabrik Schliersee, Twisted Vase with Silver Overlay, Circa 1900by Alan2310
Early Harrach Cased Multicoloured Vase, Circa 1880-97by Alan2310
Kralik veined iridescent vase by IanBrig…
Czech flower arranger vaseby artfoot
Kralik Millefiori Lidded Dresser Jarby philmac51
Welz Tango - Cased decorby jericho
Monumental Rindskopf Peacock Feather Vaseby beyemvey
Kralik snowflake vaseby IanBrig…
Kralik or Ruckl Marbled vase on semi-opaque amethyst baseby philmac51
Kralik Pink and Green Glatt bi-colour vaseby Mac63
Bohemian Welz Trophy Vase by sklo42
Bohemian Welz Vase/Jug by sklo42
Bohemian Welz Vase by sklo42
Blue Welz groupingby artfoot
Spatter glass vaseby Hanka
Welz 'Lines and Spots' bud vaseby artfoot
Franz Welz red, yellow and black bud vaseby artfoot
-Part I-World Columbian Exposition 1893, Austria-Bohemian Glass-Liberal Art Alan2310
Art Deco Bohemian or Scailmont vase pairby philmac51
500 post, LOETZ Phänomen, Cookie Jar, PG 2/467, Circa 1902by Alan2310
Kralik Burgundy & Gold Vasesby Michell…
Ruckl two handled Coral Shimmy Pfau Vaseby philmac51
Czech Art Deco Splatter/Tango Glass Basketby sklo42
Czech Art Deco Spatter Glass Rose Bowlby sklo42
Czech Art Deco Tango Glass Posy Vases/Jugs by sklo42
Henry Williamson Limited hallmarked tango bud vaseby IanBrig…
Franz Welz covered bowl with crimps and plain finialby IanBrig…
Ausfuhrung 157 - WHAT??by jericho
Czech spatter with pull vaseby artfoot
Czech glass - Millifiore Canesby jericho
Czech glass - Shapesby jericho
PK vs Poschinger - tricky decor and shapeby glasfre…
Arts & Crafts Era Bohemian Vase? Michell…
What are these?by BMM
Poshinger vs PK Green Ground & red veinsby LoetzDa…
Pallme-Koenig versus Poschinger threaded Glass revisitedby kairomalte
Czech? Loetz? Kralik? None of the above?! 2 pairs of lovely bright glass vases with leaf detailing to RICHIER…
Welz moulded spatter vase by Vintage…
Kralik Bambus "Teardrop" Pairby philmac51
Czech Bohemian Vaseby philmac51
Loetz Blue Tango Lidded Dresser Jar (Hans Bolek design)by philmac51
Non-Tan Satin SPATTER CZECH Glass Vase with Red Interior and Round Markby LOUMANAL
Czech 10" vase - orange with greenby artfoot
Czech Art Deco Bowls on Legsby sklo42
Czech Art Deco Welz Spatter Glass Bowls on Legsby sklo42
Czech Art Deco Tango Glass Vase on Legsby sklo42
Czech Art Deco Tango Glass Vase on Legsby sklo42
Franz Welz spatter vase by IanBrig…
Kralik spatter vaseby artfoot
Is this Czech & if so, by whom, please?by Deltab
Heavily gilded miniature vase. Czech?by Deltab
Pink and green spatter vase/conserve Vintage…
Kralik (?) Glue Chipby fishiowa
Bohemian Welz Hexagonal Vaseby sklo42
Chribska and one to IDby IanBrig…
Czech vaseby artfoot
Czech enamel decorated candy jarby artfoot
Two Lötz vases Rubin Matt Iris with decor 1/580, austroh…
Lötz vase Ciselé gelbrün mit silberhenkel, Ausf. 56, 1908by austroh…
Two Kralik Deco Era spatter vasesby artfoot
Is This Anything Special other than lovely Vaseby Katestlouis
Ferdinand von Poschinger Poppies Vaseby colori
Bohemian Welz Vaseby sklo42
Bohemian Welz Octagonal Trophy Vasesby sklo42
Bohemian Welz Lidded Jarby sklo42
Rubina verde mould blown and cut Edwardian vase by IanBrig…
Twisted Edwardian vases with star cut flowersby IanBrig…
Kralik - Erphila connection?by artfoot
Uranium Glass Pulled Leaf & Vine Vase - Unknown Makerby bohemia…
Orange Tangoby artfoot
Welz? spatter vase #2by artfoot
Ribbed candle wax and abstract flower vaseby IanBrig…
Welz? red, white, and blue spatter vaseby artfoot
Kralik iridescent spatter vaseby artfoot
Kralik marks #2by artfoot
Are these Austria origin?by Valerie…
Kralik "arch" markby artfoot
More Groupings…by Mac63
Bohemian Welz Vasesby sklo42
Bohemian? Welz? Vases Cased in Amber..... still a work in progress!by sklo42
Bohemian Welz Vase Cased in Amberby sklo42
Orange spatter with blue rigareeby artfoot
Czech candle sticksby artfoot
red on black amethyst - Welz?by artfoot
More Colors ... joining the migration SteveS
Vintage Chribska, Czech Bohemian Bowl"AKA" Ashtray, Circa 1950-60by Alan2310
Kralik Abstract Flower Vaseby Michell…
Yellow and white enamelled thorn foot bud vase heraldic shieldby IanBrig…
Rare.. Josef Riedel Cameo Glass Vase c1898by inky
Welz honeycomb candlestickby IanBrig…
Art Deco blue handled vase with confetti / spatterby IanBrig…
Any Ideas on this Crystal Ribbed Vase with Green Trailingsby LOUMANAL
Cherry Blossom victorian glass vaseby mjoneil…
Glass crucifixby Ivonne
Pallme Konig art glass Biscuit Barrel ca. 1900 by Glassie
Antique Bohemian Rindskopf "Striated" art glass vase ca. 1900by Glassie
Harrach Cordéby glasfre…
Czech Art Deco Welz Vases by sklo42
Czech Art Deco Kralik Lobed Rose Bowlby sklo42
Antique Victorian Loetz DEK I/417 Hand Painted CORALENE Art Glass Vaseby glassie…
Kralik Frog legs Vase with Vintage…
Loetz Pigby Alabama…
Kralik 'Gloria' Bowl Variant?by Michell…
More Greens SteveS
New Welz shape in lines and spotsby IanBrig…
Glass or cristal vase with no marks .by aura
KRALIK - C.1900by SEAN68
Tango Redby artfoot
Czech spatter vase - whose mark is this?by artfoot
Schliersee Pitcherby dlfd911
Loetz Signed Deco era vaseby vaselin…
Sad Story for a Bohemian Vase(not over yet)by Alan2310
Glasfabrik Schliersee water pitcher, PN 17 (Regenhütte), ca. 1910by bohemia…
LOETZ TITANIA Orangeopal Mit Grun VASE- Gre-2534by LOUMANAL
Kralik teardrop vaseby IanBrig…
Art Nouveau Kralik Martelé Vase on Thorn Feetby sklo42
Art Nouveau Kralik Panelled Vase on Thorn Feetby sklo42
Rindskopf Blue Martele vase with Aventurine Serpentby Michell…
Rindskopf Acid-etched Pink and Green Marbled vaseby Michell…
Kralik Art Nouveau Floriform Vases with Handlesby sklo42
Group Shot(s)by Mac63
Czech Bohemian Dinosaur Egg!!??by philmac51
Kralik? Tango handled floriform vaseby IanBrig…
Ruckl pricelist/ catalogue page from "Das Böhmische Glas 1700-1950 vol VIby IanBrig…
Kralik Lines and Canes Ball Vaseby philmac51
Kralik Millefiori vaseby philmac51
Czech Bohemian Orange Tango Lidded Tri-pod philmac51
Czech Bohemian Yellow Tango 2 Handled Tazzaby philmac51
Czech Bohemian Lidded Bonboniere or Trinket Jarby philmac51
Kralik Millefiori (Iris?) Basketby philmac51
Kralik Floriform Vaseby philmac51
Group Shotby Mac63
Czech glass - Confetti "spatter" glassby jericho
Czech glass - Tangoby jericho
Group Shotby Mac63
Czech Art Deco Lidded Bowlby sklo42
Czech Art Deco Vaseby sklo42
Welz Art Deco Vase in Zigzag Linesby sklo42
Beranek Kolbabek trailed scissored glass bowl ca. 2000by IanBrig…
Tango glass bowl with metal handle and silver enamel grass or bambooby IanBrig…
Hobnail mould blown glass vase hallmarked Loebl London 1910by IanBrig…
Palda decanter set by IanBrig…
Holiday inventory - Bohemianby Ivonne
Pair of Victorian vases or fairy lightsby IanBrig…
small Bohemian spatter vaseby artfoot
A Pulled Loop Décor - A New Shape - Interwar Production - Kralik?? or Not??by welzebub
Tango footed cornet with trailby IanBrig…
Footed thorn vase green to clearby IanBrig…
Iridescent lobed rose bowl urnby IanBrig…
Welz Art Deco Vase in Translucent Lines and Spotsby sklo42
Czech Art Deco Satin Glass Candlesticksby sklo42
Large Czech Art Deco Vaseby sklo42
Huge Harrach Antique Revival enameled glass vase, ca. 1860by bohemia…
Kralik opalescent white with blue handlesby IanBrig…
tall spatter vaseby artfoot
Enamel decorated jarby artfoot
UPDATE--Frank Welz Art Deco Bohemian Posie Vase & Cie, Circa 1920-30by Alan2310
Kralik "Zigzag" large vaseby artfoot
Czech Paperweight Beranekby sklo42
Welz Stripes and Spots Miniature Hexagonal Vaseby sklo42
decorated yellow jarby artfoot
Pink-green Edwardian square foot vase with spiral pulled thornsby IanBrig…
Tango posy vase with arrangerby artfoot
Welz covered bowl, flame finialby IanBrig…
Bohemian Blue Glass Decanter Set ~ 7 pcsby Deano
Kralik bambus pink groundby IanBrig…
Czech console bowlby artfoot
Today's Unique Findsby Junkman60
Harrach Vaseline (uranium) Glass Bubble Ball Footed Stemsby vaselin…
Steinschonau Ring Stand - Friedrich Pietsch?by Wow22
Kralik Blue Wave Vaseby colori
Czech Glass - Diamond patternsby jericho
Czech Glass - Honeycombe Decorby jericho
enamelled eggs possibly MOSER?by lilymai
Enamelled tango egg-shaped boxby IanBrig…
Kralik bambus decanter in uranium glass without stopperby IanBrig…
decorated tangoby artfoot
Golden Decanter set by HauteLo…
Kralik powder decorby artfoot
Bohemian Welz Vase by sklo42
Bohemian Welz Bowl.....missing its pedestalby sklo42
Blue Bambusby artfoot
Bohemian Welz Vases by sklo42
Harrach Enameled Vase in the Japanese Styleby Michell…
Welz stripes and spots squat vaseby IanBrig…
Loetz Creta Papillon Vase with Ringby Michell…
Czech vaselineby artfoot
Czech rubina verdeby artfoot
Frank Welz Art Deco Bohemian Posie Vase, Circa 1920-30by Alan2310
Welz? vaseby jimtim
Kralik Iridescent Martele Ruffle Edge Hat Vaseby LovelyPat
Kralik white vases with colored handlesby jimtim
Kralik white and red leaf handles vaseby IanBrig…
orange with yellow swirlby artfoot
 Czech  Glassby Gruff
Contemporary   Czechoslovakian  vaseby Gruff
Kralik eggshell pedestal base: tripod or "rocket ship" footby IanBrig…
Welz Art Deco Vase by sklo42
Czech Tango Glass Vase on Tripod Legsby sklo42
Kralik Art Deco Vaseby sklo42
Art Glass creamer with cranberry topby scottvez
Cadmium yellow lobed draped vaseby IanBrig…
Glue chip Vase, most probably Kralikby kivatin…
Kralik Art Nouveau Jack In the Pulpit Vaseby sklo42
Bohemian Decanter Set (13 pcs), Circa 1920-30by Alan2310
Czech glass - Pulled glassby jericho
Czech Spatter Glass Jug?by Glassnutt
Bohemian/Bavarian Pulled Feather Vase, ca. 1900by bohemia…
Blue cased spatter glass Art Deco vaseby IanBrig…
Kralik Art Nouveau Jack in the Pulpit Vaseby sklo42
Kralik metallic green trailed bowlby IanBrig…
WELZ - New decor for this shape...But Also...UNUSUAL Size!!by jagsroc…
Art Deco enamelled glass powder bowlby IanBrig…
Submerged basket form vase with polished base by IanBrig…
Enamelled and gilded Jugendstil roots of tango glass urnby IanBrig…
The brain maze puzzle - bottle shapeby IanBrig…
Interesting optical mould-blown urnby IanBrig…
Kralik Iridescent Vase with Applied Flower by sklo42
Modern Czech small vaseby Gruff
Modern Czech bowlby Gruff
This is my first of this kindby Gruff
Modern Czech artby Gruff
Very UNUSUAL Welz Bubbles and Spots 7 1/2"by jagsroc…
Czech Glass - Metal Moldsby jericho
Czech Glass - Powder decorby jericho
Frank Welz, Art Deco Bohemian Posie Vase with Frog, Circa 1920by Alan2310
Kralik Art Deco Green Tango Posie Vase with Frog, Circa 1920by Alan2310
Czechoslovakian - Releaf powder decorby kralik1…
Kralik Bambus Decor - Punching bag shapeby kralik1…
Kralik white Art Deco flared baluster vase with raspberry pruntsby IanBrig…
Kralik Flower Vase with Thornsby sklo42
Ciselé vase with dimples ?Loetz victorianaby IanBrig…
Perfume bottle setby Hawk04
Kralik Marquetry- Clear baseby kralik1…
 Unusual Triple Ribbed and Flashy WELZ? "Lightning" Vaseby LOUMANAL
Beautiful Glass Shadeby fishiowa
Bohemian Czech Tango Vase with Scalloped Handlesby philmac51
Kralik 'Leaf Decor' covered glass dish/potby philmac51
Kralik Millefiori over orange tangoby philmac51
Welz Art Deco Vaseby sklo42
Welz Art Deco Vaseby sklo42
Glass goblet with a womans' portraitby martika
Satin Glass – Rückl? Josephinehütte? and Attributions by General welzebub
Welz?  Yellow tango vase with applied blue leavesby IanBrig…
Deco tango selection with Butler Bros linkby IanBrig…
Variant of Kralik Blue on Gold Vaseby colori
Quittenbaum, Pallme König, and Kralik – A Visual Comparison of Décor Examples for Collectorsby welzebub
Cobalt papillon miniatureby Ivonne
Bohemian Grenn Iridescent Vase, Circa 1900 by Alan2310
Engraved castor setby allirish
My reward for a good deedby fishiowa
Cut smoked Art Deco or mid century decanter and glass serviceby IanBrig…
Pair of Kralik spatter glass vasesby philmac51
Huge Kralik Webbed Vaseby philmac51
Kralik octagonal millefiori/caned pink vaseby philmac51
Czech Bohemian Spatter Lidded Bowlby philmac51
3-colour Tango, Art Deco jugby Wow22
Butler Bros attributionsby Wow22
Jugendstil enameled glass bowlby kivatin…
Butler Bros conundrum and more questions than answersby IanBrig…
Linear / geometric Art Deco pressed glass jardinière by IanBrig…
Another Nouveau-Deco transition pieceby IanBrig…
Pink hobnail mould blown glass vase HM collar 1921by IanBrig…
Bohemian Welz Glass Thorn Vaseby sklo42
Bohemian Welz Vase on Three Ribbed Balls on Leaf Feetby sklo42
Bohemian Welz Jack in the Pulpit Vaseby sklo42
The perfect Example of what I am Posting About Recently!! Nonsensical “Research” Underwritten With "Wishful Thinking" !!by welzebub
Ruckl Oxblood & White Trophy Vase with a Green Lining. A. Rückl & Sons Tango Glassby charcoal
Czechoslovakian Silver Overlay Orange Tango Vases With Ship Silhouetteby vintage…
Why Generalities Generally Generate "Research" that Doesn’t Work.- A Perfect Example of CLOSE "SHAPES" DO NOT Count!! And Why!!by welzebub
Multiple Paths to Multiple Answers – A One Way Route is Just Not Good Enoughby welzebub
Bohemian Art Nouveau Green Iridescent Bowl, circa 1900by Alan2310
How do you follow Al?  Two small tango vases!by IanBrig…
Contemporary Bohemia crystal vaseby Ivonne
Federal's 'Petal' pattern c1940s-70s; soon to be Yard jeneric
Plain (kristall) glass vase with enamelled flowersby IanBrig…
Welz? Orange Yellow vaseby Vintage…
Kralik Art Nouveau 'Tadpole' vase with amber fritby Vintage…
David Loebl Schindler & Sons 1913 London vase amethyst/cranberryby IanBrig…
Chribska line up - windowby IanBrig…
Antique Bohemian Victorian Harrach Peach Applied Rosette Art Glass Ewer Vaseby glassie…
Antique Bohemian Harrach Peach Air Tapped & Mica MOP SEAWEED Art Glass Vaseby glassie…
Antique Bohemian Victorian Salmon Pink Applied Plum & Pear Art Glass Vaseby glassie…
Antique Victorian Bohemian Cased Peach / Salmon Puffy Optic Rib Art Glass Basketby glassie…
Kralik? Floriformby Vintage…
Here are a few more modern Czech vasesby Gruff
Modern Czech pieceby Gruff
Common Shapes and Simply Avoidable Mistakes….  Are We Really All The Same??by welzebub
Czech Art Deco Welz Tango Glass Vase by sklo42
Pink/White Thorn Vaseby PinkThorn
Kralik abstract flower meets tadpole vase HM London 1907by IanBrig…
Czech Art Deco Spatter Glass Vaseby sklo42
Novy Bor Crystalex Borocrystal Vase, Circa 60s-70sby Alan2310
From Museums to Mistakes….  A Path Easily Travelled….. or “Book” Me a Ticket on the Misinformation Express!!by welzebub
Czech Art Deco Tango Glass Jugby sklo42
FWK labelled Franz Welz Klostergrab biscuit barrelby IanBrig…
Simple tango vase with interesting enamel grapevineby IanBrig…
Welz Art Deco  beakerby Ivonne
Bohemian(?) spatter glass vase with a floral ribbonby Ivonne
Czech pink glass bowl by Chribskaby jeneric
Welz & Not Rückl!!  Research Techniques and Avoidable Mistakes. The first in a Series. by welzebub
At the risk of being fishiowa
Kralik MOP Rose Bowl with Green Glass Trailsby sklo42
Kralik MOP Rose Bowlby sklo42
Kralik MOP Rose Bowl 'Martelé and Swags'by sklo42
3 Little Spatter Cups plus one Green Vaseby EZa
Tan Satin Spatter Ruckl Art Glass EZa
Sub Groups of Tan Ruckl Spatterby EZa
Post 2 of 2, Josef Rindskopf's Sohne, Pepita/Green Oil spot Large Vase, Late 1800by Alan2310
Post 1 of 2, Happy Phone call by my Friend Art Glass collector, Spatter Czech Glass Vase, Circa 20 century   by Alan2310
Carl Goldberg (attrib) mini cameo vase, ca. 1920by bohemia…
Pallme-König or Kralik Bowl with Statueby dlfd911
Early 20thC Art Deco Bohemian Iridescent Scaled Art Glass Bowlby Alan2310
Czech Spatter Vases - Same Décor - Unidentified Production. by welzebub
Unusual shaped Vase  Kralik?by fishiowa
Follow-up to sklo's Czech Art Deco Pressed Glass Vasesby Ivonne
Large Pink Kralik Glatt Silberiris Vaseby Michell…
Libochovice pressed glass footed bowlby IanBrig…
maximilian boudnik & josef knizek, ullersdorf, early 1900' pandora glass vaseby paris1925
Vari-coloured long-necked footed engraved glass vase - ?Kralikby IanBrig…
Welz Translucent Lines and Spotsby sklo42
Art Deco Welz Rose Bowlby sklo42
Welz Art Deco Rose Bowl.....Shape 9054by sklo42
A Welz décor on a Welz shape by welzebub
POLISH ART GLASS??by collect…
Welz Basketsby sklo42
Welz mottled colours rustic handled basketby IanBrig…
Thrift Shop findby Tfish
Who made Oxblood and who made Adventurineby AnneLan…
Josef Rindskopf's Sohne (Co.)Teplitz,Bohemia-Post Card- 5 May 1906by Alan2310
Ian Brighton request - Czechoslovakian Tango pot marksby AnneLan…
Welz harlequin spatter link to previous postby IanBrig…
Czechoslovakian Tango pot orange with Applied flower and branchby AnneLan…
Tango Vase with Doughnutby fishiowa
Antique Bohemian Victorian Harrach Hand Painted Enamel Floral Art Glass Vaseby glassie…
Antique Victorian Bohemian Harrach Applied FOXGLOVE Art Glass Jardiniere Vaseby glassie…
Kralik millefiori lemonade glassby IanBrig…
Rocket foot yellow tango vase by IanBrig…
Cranberry Ruffle Top Vase With Green Applied Threading/ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Pallme-Konig (or Rindskopf ) Desk Lamp LoetzBu…
Bohemian Welz Octagonal Trophy Vases by sklo42
Bohemian Welz Trophy Vase by sklo42
Bohemian Welz Trophy Vaseby sklo42
Little Welz desk or table item by IanBrig…
 CZECH  -- Small Glass bowl ?????  ( PART II )by antique…
Colin Heaney Iridescent Swirl Glass Paperweightby Nouveau…
Kralik Iridescent Etched Leaf Fern Glass Vaseby Nouveau…
My jugby Nannaofsix
Another Mothers Day present- Trudy's spatter vaseby AnneLan…
It's Finally Home....My First Non-Thrift Store Purchase !by mikelv85
Rare Shakersby antique…
Bohemian Art Nouveau Iridescent Rose Bowlby sklo42
Ruckl (?) pulled trail tango glass vaseby IanBrig…
Welz Hexagonal Vaseby sklo42
Kralik - Marquetryby kralik1…
Czech Art Deco Bowlby sklo42
Beautiful Turn/Century Bohemian? French? Enameled Glass Vaseby Stillwa…
Czech vase, possibly Kralikby philmac51
 CZECH ( Welz or kralik or who ??? ) -- Small Glass bowl with 3 legsby antique…
Everything Kralik #2 - ID help neededby IanBrig…
Art Deco honeycomb tango glass vase ?Kralikby IanBrig…
Interesting base metal Deco mount on cigar-shaped vaseby IanBrig…
One of the new Czech pieces by Gruff
Blue Tango Bowl / Vase circa 1920'sby AnneLan…
Loetz crete with a vivid blue papillon by philmac51
Czech Spatter Glass Vase on Legsby philmac51
Bohemian Blue-Opalescent Art Glass Punch Bowl Setby glassie…
Rindskopf Aventurine Boxby dlfd911
Large double thorn vaseby IanBrig…
Early hand worked floriform vase uranium/pink/opalby IanBrig…
Kralik Applied Glass Flower Satin Vase. Designed by Hoschby Shawnl86
Bohemian Applied Flowers Green Opalescent Flower Vaseby Shawnl86
Czech Art Deco Spatter Glass Vase on Legsby sklo42
Art Deco Powder Bowlby sklo42
Teplitz/Pallme-Koenig opal glass vase, violet threads and orange oil spots, ca. 1905by bohemia…
Harrach Pink Splatter Hand Painted Cased Glass Vaseby Shawnl86
Applied Glass Flower Small Posy Vase Set by Shawnl86
Kralik Corded Large Opal Vaseby Shawnl86
 Rindskpof Bohemian Art Nouveau Mini Tornado Vaseby Shawnl86
Rindskopf Marbled Vase and Mustard Pot Setby Shawnl86
Art Deco Vase Mysteryby philmac51
Poschinger vase in metal mountby dlfd911
Czech Art Deco Satin Glass Vaseby sklo42
Blue Aventurine Kralik with Copper Overlayby dlfd911
Pair of Welz baskets for Anne et IanBrig…
Scailmont large vaseby philmac51
Opalescent Lavender "Punched Handle Vase" by Kralikby LOUMANAL
Apple green swirled footed bowl with rim crimpby IanBrig…
Bohemian Harrach Glatt Iris Hand Painted Art Glass Vaseby glassie…
 Antique Bohemian Harrach or Riedel Hand Painted Enamel Art Glass Vaseby glassie…
Kralik Art Deco pink-handled vaseby IanBrig…
Kralik millefiori knuckle bowlby IanBrig…
Welz bubbles and spots knuckle compote bowlby IanBrig…
Out With The Old And In With The New/A Few Prospects to Consider From The C0-opby mikelv85
Czech Art Deco tango vase with tadpolesby IanBrig…
Art Nouveau Kralik Rose Bowlby sklo42
Art Nouveau Kralik Rose Bowlby sklo42
Loetz Tango tri-handled vaseby philmac51
Fritz Heckert Changeant vaseby philmac51
Loetz Candia Mimosa - big 13" tallby philmac51
Kralik cased powder ridged (ribbed) classic pair of vasesby philmac51
Kralik lime green and red uncased splatter handled vaseby philmac51
The FWK Label – The Truth is Finally Revealedby welzebub
Green jug with Silver Metal handle and spoutby AnneLan…
Rindskopf Corrugated Vase in a Geometric Formby Michell…
The Welz Royal Art Glass label - Debunking New Contemporary Mythsby welzebub
Bohemian Welz Sugar Bowl and Creamer by sklo42
Rindskopf or a collaboration by Gruff
Ribbed crystal rocket foot vaseby IanBrig…
Welz Butler Bros catalogued basketby IanBrig…
Franz Welz aventurine (mica) vaseby IanBrig…
Bohemian Welz Thorn Vases.....and a mystery thorn sklo42
Bohemian Welz Triple Thorn Vases by sklo42
Glasfabrik Schliersee green rib optic vase, PN 282/I, ca. 1910by bohemia…
BIEDERMEIER CANDY DISH OR COMPOTE, NOT Baccarat and french silver ??by Agustin
Frosted white "hyacinth" vaseby colori
Czech Spatter Glass Rose Bowlby sklo42
Rindskopf Martele Vase with a Twistby Michell…
 Bohemian Kralik Lily Floriform Art Glass Vase by glassie…
Brown vase with blue swirl by Gruff
Rindskopf I believe but not sure yetby Gruff
Art Deco Welz Rose Bowlby sklo42
Art Deco Kralik Pair of fan Vase Art glass, Circa 1920-30by Alan2310
Rindskopf Oil Spot vase c. 1900-1910. by Gruff
Very Unusual Vaseby freiheit
Czech Art Deco Tango Glass Bowlby sklo42
Art Nouveau Kralik Applied Flower Vasesby sklo42
Czech glass -    Zig-Zag decorby jericho
 Czech Art Deco"RÜCKL"Art Glass vase, Circa 1920-30by Alan2310
Czech Art Deco Tall vase,Circa 1920-30by Alan2310
Kralik marquetry pink Art Deco vaseby IanBrig…
Welz aventurine floriform vase by IanBrig…
Czech glass - Cased adventurineby jericho
Wilhelm Kralik Sohn acid etched ?by alfredolloza
Czech glass - Confetti uncasedby jericho
ME - A newly identified Czecho-slovakian producerby kralik1…
Antique Bohemian Harrach / Schliersee Green Blue Peacock Art Nouveau Glass Vaseby glassie…
Czech Art Deco Pressed Glass Vases  by sklo42
Czech Art Deco Sugar Sifterby sklo42
Czech Art Deco Sugar Sifterby sklo42
Kralik Art Deco tango vase with applied flowerby IanBrig…
Spangle Blue lobed vase enameled by kivatin…
Second of pair Blue Cobalt with Multicolours Spatter, Jack in the Pulpit,20 Centuryby Alan2310
Cobalt Blue with Coloured Spatter, 20 Century by Alan2310
There was Blood on the saddle and Blood all LOUMANAL
MOSER Enamelled and Panelled CRANBERRY Vaseby LOUMANAL
josef hoffman/ wiener werkstatte/ Michael Powolny Made in Austria? VASEby LOUMANAL
Unusually Decorated Shakerby antique…
Unusual shape & colours KRALIK Pulled Decor VASEby LOUMANAL
Pair of  FRANZ WELZ or Kralik? unusual-shaped VASES with Thick Confetti Spatterby LOUMANAL
A Colourful Welz Jardiniere -Top Section only- in Pink & Greenby LOUMANAL
Goldberg vase - oxeye daisyby IanBrig…
A Bohemian / Czech Décor "Draped" in Mystique, Misconceptions, and Confusion!by welzebub
'Nemo' by Max Kannegiesser for Borske Skloby sklo42
Chribska Bowls - Czechoslovakiaby sklo42
Bohemian Art Nouveau Lidded Bowlby sklo42
Bohemian Art Glass Grouping"Wilhelm Kralik Sohn"Circa 1900-1930by Alan2310
Bohemian Glass Vase ca. 1900 Possibly Kralikby Glassie
Rindskopf Cobalt "Striated" Glass Vase ca. 1900by Glassie
Tyg Vaseline (Uranium) Bohemian Glass Groupingby vaselin…
Mary Gregory Vaseline Glass (Uranium) Chaliceby vaselin…
Kralik webbed - Art Deco glass vaseby IanBrig…
Welz spots and stripes floriform handled vaseby IanBrig…
Loetz Cameo Vaseby Wow22
Heckert/Max Rade-Type Poppy Kutrolfby Histori…
Overshot multicolour basket - snowflake rimby IanBrig…
Bohemian Welz Tri-lobed Vases  by sklo42
Most likely Kralik. Beautiful colours coupled with the cobalt blue glassby AnneLan…
Kralil Baciilisby Gruff
Green Tango vase with cobal blue - Made in Czecoslovakiaby AnneLan…
Kralik teardrop and gold frit by IanBrig…
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