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Rare pink swansea lace shelley chinaby Heavanlea1
Shelley Primrose Pitcherby ho2cult…
Shelley Bowl pattern number 8590, 815 Made in England, Storks on scarlet background, black edged rim with raised areas of foliaby GeodeJem
Recently acquired Shelley Teacup and Saucerby greens3
Unknown pattern patriciabar…
Shelley Blue and Green Drip Ware Art Deco Vaseby ho2cult…
Just a sample of many patterns!by KKISOR
Late Foley Shelley tea service,excellent Redraptor69
A surprising find in a box at auctionby Singerlyn
Older Shelley teacupby Chinagirl123
a little ruffled nut dish or something - Shelley, Englandby ho2cult…
Shelley Teacup #13561by yawkey
my lovely tea cupby Ann-Noel
Shelley Art Deco Tea Setby Mikehh
love this is it a Shelly?by sweetwell
Handpainted Shelley tea cup and saucerby yessirr32
My first piece of Shelley Chinaby petunia…
Quacky the Sailorby andymbrown
Shelley !by Lise
Shelley tea cup and saucer setsby Aimathena
Vintage SHELLEY ROSEBUD TEA CUP and SAUCER #13426 Fine Bone China Chintz Gold  by Aimathena
Shelley China Cup & Saucer - Dainty Shape Pattern 2424 Pink Moss Rose  by Aimathena
Shelley China Cup & Saucer - Late Dorothy Shape with Rosebud Pattern 13426  by Aimathena
Shelley Jugby beautifulth…
Cup and Saucer:  Shelleyby freiheit
Shelley Tea Cup and Saucerby Nostalgic
Shelley.  Tea Service.  Pink Violets.  Regent. 781613 Design.  W12315 LittleSav
Shelley China 12960by Jacquie
Chippendale Pattern / Shelley China Dessert Setby DebRobi…