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Locket Collectionby tdvinta…
Art Deco Jade  Locket Ring With Mysterious Ladyby vintage…
19s Locket/Pendant Enameled de Bresse Filigree Vermeil by Agram.m
My little boxby shipi
Antique silver locketby Antique…
Mystery Moose Locketby alpamac
locketby enamel99
Miniature Fountain Pen Locket Broochby j2gle
silver locker with a buddha insideby kamila751
Sterlig Silver enameled The Thomae Company hm'ed snuff box/guilloché locketby southcop
boite hibouxby coold
Necklace gadgetby MayBhere
Antique locketby Antique…
Vintage Boy Scouts Of America Silver Locketby whitman75
Four picture locket by Jono
Gold picture locketby Jono
Silver blue enameled locketby Agram.m
Filgree wire work 2 sided locket with a miniature baby rattle inside?by Yohanna
Victorian puffed heart silver locketby Newtimes
Heart Breaker  :(by DrFluffy
Victorian 9K locket / pendant with garnet and rose Agram.m
Vintage Gold plated locketby Moonsto…
Treasured Locketby NicoleJ…
Wartime vintage locketby pickrkn…
locketby huey
Antique Victorian Hardstone Inaglio & Tigers Eye Double Locket Fob Necklaceby Moonsto…
Victorian Rolled Gold Mini Locket or Watch FOBby antiqua…
My Grandma's Locketby freiheit
Vulcanite gold decorated locket/pendant by Agram.m
1930's gold filled locketby Newtimes
Woman's Necklace - Locket & Cross - Sterling Silverby BHock45
My First Love In Victorian antiqua…
14 carat gold pocketwatch-style locketby Newtimes
Victorian 9 carat gold locketby Newtimes
Lovely WW1 Era Locket With Wife and Momby antiqua…
Enameled flower Sterling Silver beautiful carved locketby Agram.m
How old is this?  Can you help?by freiheit
Victorian 9K  small locketby Newtimes
Victorian 14K heart locketby Newtimes
Vintage 1970's AMETHYST stoneby Wildrose008
Mourning hair jewelryby jlennon…
Black Jet Mourning Locket with Center Diamond? Brass? & enamel by LaCours…
Antique English silver locketby Newtimes
Very old locket passed down in the family by MelissaBu
Garnet/Sterling pieceby Deanteaks
Victorian Hair Locket?by gentlyu…
Lovely old Locket with Baby Picturesby chinablue
It's Marie, Princess of Leiningen! Thanks you batbrat. Chalon Miniature on Ivoryby chinablue
Antique Pin - locketby Lakefive
15ct "snuff" Pinby Luisa
Yellow and Rose Gold Locket by Mcgarre…
Rare Piqué photo locket/medaillon by Agram.m
Spinning Watch Fob Locket w/Mother of Pearl, Rubies, and Vanessa
Sterling Guilloche enamel locketby upstate…
Enamel locket and enamel ringby Cynthadia
My watchesby Jenny2669
Vintage Sterling / Enamel BPOE (Elks) locketby upstate…
mummy locketby wolcott1
Antique Silver Locket (Mourning)by Perleys
Locket   Does anyone know the date on this?  Is it Brass, gold?  Worth?by richdee
Pocket Watchesby soulman
Early American memorial hair locketby Fatman63
Lady's Locket / by TeresaD
Early Century Antiques?by adimaio