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Antique gold lined albertina watch chain assembleged to a braceletby Bettyb00
Gold lilac Jade Braceletby Junkman60
9 Carat gold antique braceletby Bettyb00
Efesgirl has a posting similar to this braceletby kerry10…
Gold Bracelet With Swastika And Large Rhinestone by stwilli…
I Saw....I Bought.... I Quickly Left The Efesgirl
Gold bamboo bracelet with screw lock closureby RAllen
Articulated 14K gold charm bracelet with precious stonesby VickiEsDesi…
Antique Womans Gold-Diamond- Braceletby mikie1212
46 gr. SNAKE CHAIN STRETCH Gold BRACELET(18K tested) by southcop
luck is a ...lady!by hawkseye
Vintage Heavy 14K Gold Braceletby whitman75
14 k golden watch with golden wrist band by mrblue
Early 19th century braceletby beebeewolf
Antique 22k gold Arabic Turkish Ottoman coin braceletby sundaya…
Antique Victorian 14k multi color gold Taille d' Epergne enamel wedding braceletsby sundaya…
1997 18k Gold Tiffany Bracelet  1837 Editionby karmarocks
Vintage yellow gold 14K bracelet from about 1950by Agram.m