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Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2926 Br 4-6-2 West Country Class Loco No.34107 Boxed #593Wrenn Oo Gauge W2265/a 'fighter Pilot' Sr Green Golden Arrow Loco 2ici55 #642Bachmann 'oo' 31-954 Br Blue Class A4 'sir Nigel Gresley' Steam Loco Boxed #709Triang / Hornby 'oo' Gauge R346c Stephenson's Rocket Train Set Boxed #649Hornby 'oo' Gauge R.286 Br 4-6-2 Class A4 'wild Swan' Steam Loco Boxed #657Rapido 'oo' Br Advanced Passenger Train Apt-e Nrm Locomotion Dcc Sound New #737Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2697 Br Green Class 101 3 Car Dmu Dcc Fitted Boxed #615Hornby Dublo 3 Rail 4-6-2 Lner A4 Loco Sir Nigel Gresley.Bachmann 'oo' Gauge 31-375 Br Blue Class 416 2epb Emu No.5764 Boxed #610Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2637x Br Black 2-6-4t Class 4p Steam Loco No.42437 Boxed #596Triang Oo E3001 Blue Electric Diesel Loco With Yellow Warning Panels Boxed #628Bachmann 'oo' Gauge 32-232 Br Black Class 3f Jinty Loco Dcc No.47500 Boxed #619Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2589 Br 0-6-0 Class 08 Deisel Loco Dcc No.d3200 Boxed #620Hornby Oo Gauge Br Green Class A4 4-6-2 'bittern' Steam Loco Boxed #644Hornby 'oo' Gauge R.267 Br Blue Class 110 2 Car Dmu Pack Boxed #656Bachmann 'oo' 32-626 Class 221 Virgin Super Voyager 5 Car Tilt Set Boxed #694Bachmann 'oo' Gauge 32-911 Br Green Class 108 3 Car Dmu Dcc Fitted Boxed #614Hornby 'oo' Gauge R3057 Stobart Rail Class 92 Diesel Loco No.92017 Boxed #626Hornby 'oo' Gauge R3014 Lms 4-6-2 Princess Coronation Class Loco Boxed #673Hornby 'oo' Gauge Advanced Passenger Train 5 Car Train Pack Boxed #640Bachmann 'oo' Gauge 32-382 Br Blue Class 37/4 Diesel Loco No.37410 Boxed #681Hornby 'oo' Gauge R3109 Gwr Class 61xx Steam Loco No.5154 Boxed #595Hornby 'oo' R2742 Sr 4-4-0 Schools Class 'charterhouse' Steam Loco Boxed #689Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2704x Class 43 Virgin Trains Hst Dcc Ready Boxed #695Bachmann 'oo' Gauge 32-083 Br Green Class 56xx Tank Loco Dcc No.6658 Boxed #621Bachmann Oo 31-952a Lner Silver Grey Class A4 'silver Fox' Steam Loco Boxed #639Lima Railways Lms Class 5 2-6-0 Crab Steam Loco Suit Train Hornby Tri-ang LayoutHornby 'oo' Gauge R2656 Sr Green Class 73 Dcc Diesel Loco No.e6001 Boxed #685L.m.s. "duchess Of Atholl" Locomotive 3-rail Hornby Dublo Oo Gauge (unboxed)Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2939 Br Class 33 Diesel Loco No.d6537 Boxed #601Hornby 'oo' R3122x Gwr 0-6-0 Class 2721 Pannier Tank Loco Dcc No.2773 Boxed #624Sd6 White "united Dairies" Milk Wagon 4657 2-rail Hornby Dublo Oo Gauge (boxed)Hornby Oo Gauge R372 Lner Blue Class A4 'seagull' Steam Loco No.4902 Boxed #641Hornby Oo R2754 Br Railfreight Aia-aia Class 31 Diesel Electric Loco Boxed #722Hornby 'oo' Gauge R.2023 Br Duchess Of Gloucester Steam Loco Boxed #652Hornby 'oo' R2628x Br 4-6-0 Royal Scot Class 7p 'black Watch' Loco Boxed #690Hornby 'oo' R.2052 Lms 4-6-2 Princess Class 'queen Maud' Steam Loco Boxed #647Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Class 08 Diesel ShunterHornby 'oo' Gauge R.317 Br Schools Class V 'westminster' Steam Loco Boxed #650Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2086 Br 'earl Cairns' Steam Loco No.5053 Boxed #664Bachmann 'oo' Gauge 32-034 Br Green Class 20 Diesel Loco No.8164 Boxed #677Hornby 'oo' Gauge R8214 Digital Command Control System Boxed #631Hornby 'oo' Gauge 4 Car Virgin Pendolino Set #740Seep Oo Set Of 25 Used Point Motors With Wires Attached Of Various Lengths #670Gaugemaster 'oo' Gauge Four Track Locomotive Controller #680Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2637x Br Black 0-4-4t Class M7 Steam Loco Boxed #598Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2653 Br Deisel Railcar Loco Dcc Fitted No.w22w Boxed #616Hornby Railways Oo R.685 Hst High Speed Train Set Suit Tri-ang Triang TrainsTri-ang Railways R228 And R328 Pullman Coaches X 3 Oo Trains Triang Hornby RovexBachmann 'oo' Gauge 32-802 Br Blue Class 47 Diesel Loco No.47035 Boxed #674Hornby Oo R3058 Class 86 Freightliner Bo-bo Electric Diesel Loco 86637 Boxed 683Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2970x Lner 0-6-0t Class J83 Tank Loco Dcc No.9805 Boxed #623Bachmann 'oo' Gauge 32-805 Br Blue Class 47 Diesel Loco Dcc No.d1547 Boxed #618Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2697 Br Green Class 101 3 Car Dmu Dcc Fitted Boxed #612Hornby 'oo' Gauge R.685 Lms 4-6-2 'coronation' Class 7p Steam Loco Boxed #662Hornby Oo R2516 Class 73 Br Blue Poor Repaint Diesel Loco Dcc Fitted Boxed #609Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2064 Gwr Dean Goods Steam Loco No.2468 Boxed #668Hornby Oo Gauge R.132 Sr 4-4-0 Schools Class V 'cranleigh' Steam Loco Boxed #643Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2504 Br 0-4-4t Class M7 Steam Loco No.30051 Boxed #597Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2855 Br 0-6-0st Class J94 Tank Loco Dcc No.68010 Boxed #625Hornby 'oo' Gauge R2881 Lms Class 5 Dcc Steam Loco No.5112 Boxed #607Hornby 'oo' R2644 Class 121 Driving Motor Brake Chassis Dcc Fitted Boxed #613Hornby 'oo' Gauge R.375 Lner 4-6-2 Class A3 'pretty Polly' Steam Loco Boxed #660Hornby 'oo' Gauge R.190 Br Britannia Steam Loco Boxed #6665080 Signal Cabin 2/3-rail Hornby Dublo Oo Gauge Railway Accessories (boxed)Bachmann 'oo' Gauge 31-425a 4cep Sr Multiple Unit Green Emu No.7141 Boxed #599Bachmann 1:76 Oo Gauge Lms Crab 13000 Crimson Lake Boxed - 73 F07Bachmann 'oo' Gauge 31-952 Lner Blue A4 Peregrine Steam Loco No.4903 Boxed #635Bachmann 'oo' Gauge 31-500 Regional Railways Class 158 2 Car Unit Dmu Boxed #707Lima Class 37 Diesel Loco D6999 In Br Green Ltd Ed 336 Of 500 With Cert

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