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L & C Hardtmuth Guilloche propelling pencil by Collect…
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Fend 900 6 color Mechanical lead Pencilby Sam2424
My grandfather's 1920s mechanical lead pencil, 5.3mm by pcrown
Venus Velvet Pencilsby yrazblu
Gold tone pencil by Kimid96
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Antique enameled 900 Silver Chatelaine Agram.m
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R.DeG. 14K Gold Mechanical Slide Pencil w/Rulerby DansCoolStuff
My Mobil Oil Company mechanical pencilby Young11
Antique Gold and NIELLO CHATELAINE PENCIL PENDANT around 1900 by Agram.m
A pair of Girl Scout mechanical pencilsby merana
mechanical pencilby sanman
Mini pencil in silver case by lovebuttons
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S.mordan & Gabriel by Matt1980
Interlock Pencilby Butegirl
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metal pencilby auto12
Antique Pencil Holderby zeteibao
My Mordan owl wistle pencil ,neat little itemby Swansson
1950's - A.W. Faber Drawing Pencil Lead Refillsby aghcoll…
Vintage A.W. Faber Castell Pencil Tinby aghcoll…
My great grandfather's pencilby SuzyQSue
1940's - A.W. Faber Leadholderby aghcoll…
Hardtmuth "KOH-I-NOOR" Lead Refillsby aghcoll…
Black "BBC" Propelling Pencilby aghcoll…
Gold-tone Propelling Pencilby aghcoll…
Johann Faber No. 2 Pencil - Brazilby aghcoll…
"Jay's Potato Chips" Advertising Pencilby aghcoll…
Vintage A.W. Faber Castell Pencil Tinby aghcoll…
Antique Pencil - any info is appreciatedby lnoconnor
Egyptian Revival Pen/Pencil setby upstate…
Old silver pencilby Peterdr…
 Item	Price	Qty	Total # 14748502 - Neat Vintage Retro Novelty RULER PENCIL W/Box	$6.00	1	$6.00by toracat
Vintage Eversharp Skyline Lever Fill Fountain Pen and pencil setby Jono
vintage sterling necklace pencilby lundy
Wahl Eversharp model Presdon on clip 4" longby filmnet
Cross Mechanical Pencil Mini by red3702
Unknown hungarian silver pencilby MarkRSalt
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Salesman Pencil Collection?by lilgymnast85
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Pencils Continuedby BHock45
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mech pencil insanity Iby goth
U.S. Zone, Germanyby fhrjr2
found this cross mechanical pencil was wondering if its worth anythingby chuy
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Cartier silver pencil by Anna12345
Anyone knows anything about this vintage mont blanc?by denisbunch
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Charles lindebergh, Wallace pencil co.  Metal Pencil boxby pustap
This is apparently a "pencil box"? by wihunting
french 18kt gold propelling colin
Amethyst Gold Mechanical Pencil Pendantby JTeachout
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Bill Blass Aero PENCIL - Anyone know the model number so I can find more?by LorettaYeo
1920's Dexter #3 Pencil Sharpenerby kfranks