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Ansonia Royal Bonn Mantle Clockby jamartin253
Ansonia ??Modelby ballow
 Rococo style gilt metal ansonia mantel clock with  cupid by Tangoes
Ansonia Porcelain Mantle Clock 1881by Mkparker952
Ansonia clock by Papaclocks17
Working Ansoniaby Kevin54
Ansonia clocks love them the HEDVAL
Transferware Vanity Clockby KerryMcC
Cool 60s looking 8 day Westminster chime ansonia wall clockby shawnicus
Grandmother's  clockby LaurieO
Please help me if you have seen this before by Neonbrian
Ansonia mantle clock, circa 1880by rowlettr
Ansonia clockby Adam714
Ansonia Clockby esmith13
Found smashed outside my houseby Swanner12
Marble clock to identify by vankatauk
Can you give me some more info about that clock ? Thanks in advanceby vankatauk
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Ansonia Clockby leeezae
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Ansonia Wall Clock by RenierS
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Ansonia open escapement mantel clockby Dschmid
Need Help Identifying Antique Clockby auctioneer
has any one seen this ansonia regulator #5 ? by curiousrick
Ansonia Utopiaby StillLearning
possibly a 1900 Ansonia Clock w/ Royal Bonn Porcelain Case by filmnet
Todays find ansonia wall clock finaly got oneby wolfpack
Ansonia Timepiece Collectionby pw-coll…
Have never seen this kind of face plate. by captive262
Royal Bonn ansonia porcelain clockby Tangoes
What Is My Name?by clockman57
ansonia eight day mantle clockby mountaingoat
Need help identifying  the model of this clockby tcs2581
Ansonia mantel clock - New York - Patent date June 18 1882 - cast ironby Sherwood2013
Porcelain Ansonia Mantle Clock by vintage…
"Queen Elizabeth" Wall Clock Ansonia 1890by vintage…
Ansonia open escapement mantel clock by Dschmid
Any idea on the model?by Scottwc
Ansonia Porcelain Clock ROYAL BONN CASEby buzdawg
Ansonia Mantle Clock - circa ?by eddymeese
Ansonia Monarch Victorian Mantle Clockby smiata
Ansonia cast iron clockby schalle…
? Original Ansonia Clockby Lovefou…
Ansonia Clockby Paradise
Need help identifying this Ansoniaby Beanieremmos
Strikingly similar to the Ansonia Savoyby Wineclaw
Ansonia clockby smallmonste…
Nice Old Ansonia Clockby Stillwa…
Ingraham or Ansonia? Mantel Clock with Eagle and Lionby efogleman
Ansonia, sybil and winter, circ 1904by Trades
Grandma's cool stuffby alli_2554
Ansonia - La Isere - More Detailby danlnga
Ansonia Porcelain Clock - Royal Bonn Caseby danlnga
My Ansonia Clockby ryn426
Marble, Ansonia clockby DaveyBob
Left to me from Grandma and I have no idea where to start to get it CharleneTho…
Ansonia Schoolhouse Clockby thriftyside
Kitchen Clockby wilbere123
Looking 4 infoby Cplnd76
A Clock I Know Nothing Aboutby spif001
Metal Ansonia Clockby ikare4u
Little Ansoniaby timeless5
Ansoniaby timeless5
Ansonia Clockby timeless5
Ansonia Clockby InquiringCo…
Ansonia Mirror Clockby timeless5
Antique Figural Clock Dated 1882by chevy59
old clockby tomk81
Ansonia Mantle Clockby ronwatson1234
Ansonia clockby RonM
Antique Ansonia Mantle Clock -- circa 1894by RitaA
Regulator Clockby picking…
cute little gingerbread circa early 1900's by samcat69
ansonia movement,      case ????by samcat69
Antique Ansonia Clockby strobby
1800 Ansonian New York cast iron, brass and wood clockby Rebecca…
Ansonia clockby albarq888
Ansonia Clockby Stumper
Great Grandpa's Harper
Ansonia Erieby joysayler
Wind-up Clock 1881? Ansoniaby JohnnyCaraveo
Antique Ansonia Clockby michigander
Ansonia "Liege"by toolate2
Ansonia clock model ??by campbellmd3…
1905 Anisonia by gus
Ansonia Mantel clock-by dgarbero