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Gustav Becker regulator clock late 1800's by Tangoes
Regulator Coca Cola Wall Clockby dies373
Regular A Clock by Tahnke
A Schlesinger Wein? weight driven regulator time only clock by Tangoes
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Seth Thomas Master Regulator Clockby Joedy
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Regulator wall clockby Twojtreasures
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French  Vienna regulator  clockby Tangoes
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Anyone Tell Me Who Made this Clock?by Minchroadster
Cristal regulator clock by Tangoes
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Japanese Seikosha Wall Clockby MrsGraham
My Clocksby Peavie
F. Kroeber Vienna Regulatorby Tutzie
BIG German Vienna 'Style' Regulator Wall Clockby Tutzie
A. Willmann & Co. German Regulator Clockby Tutzie
Oversized Vintage 'Nippon' Wall Clock by Tutzie
Regulator Wall Clockby Bryanccc3
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More Info on Clockby krissaean
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store clockby huey
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1971 Wall Clock with West Germany face on frontby undreal
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curious what year my New Haven clock might have been edsnapshot
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Antique Regulator  oak wall clock, brass surface, engraved flower by Grace064
Antique Regulator Clockby josecarrill…
Regulator Clock of my amr979
new haven clock company eclipse regulator in moms kitchen since 1950'sby paulielad
My Shabby Chic Clockby Mason
Regulator clock dad madeby LuLu-Iowa
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 John Child Regulator Clockby npoirier