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Always something to discoverby estatesaler2
Cute wooden clock, made in West Germanyby Diny
Thrift-Store Find, C. 1891by SpiritB…
Mantle clockby shirle
Schatz German Clockby BDHall
clocksby tandress2001
Christan Kohler of Manufacturing unknown by FIREMAN33
Bulova small ships bell clockby shawnicus
Time Running Downby SpiritB…
Vintage German Clockby Dallibone
Antique German Mantle Clockby AmyLynn
Antique German Clockby Dallibone
Ballerina Music Box Alarm Clockby kerry10…
Gustov Becker Clockby Kao1
8 day 2 weight german vienna regulator #2by antique…
8day german enclosed free swinger by antique…
Cool triple chime linden mantle clock Hermle movementby shawnicus
Vintage German Cuckoo Clockby Dallibone
Hermle gold and glass dome pendulum clockby bettysc…
Old German mantle clockby Mommat
Vintage Metal Cold War Era West German Windup Mantle Clockby aflifer40
Vintage German Chime Mantal Clock w/ Floral Designby Dallibone
Mystery Clockby MysteryClock
Old West German Alarm Clockby PileOfJ…
Europa Candle Style Clockby magicia…
Thrifted Cuckoo Clockby Kahoff2…
What is this clock?by Woody123
Kieninger & Obergfell Kundo Glass dome protected brass clock very ornate and near silent tick with the revolving GeodeJem
J. Kaiser Art Deco typeface Bakelite clock signedby Davidbentley
Grandfather Clock (1790) made by Johann Golterby JGOhio
UBoat clock back with serial numberby peckham…
Junghans Mantle Clockby Vintage…
What you think about this one?by gmb1891
Jolisson Garanti Vertable Westminsterby tscalavera Peterdr…
very pretty little Schatz thousand day clockby shawnicus
Franz Hermle and Sohn Mantle Clockby Caperkid
trying to find year and make. know its germanby haylon12
Florn Art Deco Flamingo Desk Clock, 1935 - 40 Germanyby rlwindle
Mystery clockby Chipps59
Royal Daulton"Germany" Crystal Table Clock, 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Blacksmith Elf "Animated" Clock Circa 1930 Germanyby kerry10…
Kaiser Universe 400 day Anniversary Clockby fixitjmc
pink balarina clock- The Florn Companyby kita
who made this clock and when?by chuck67
Our mystery Case Clock/Grandfather Clockby Wdonat
old german made clock?by clockworks
europa clockby paul55555
need help to identify, on the back it says made in Germany . no date included by CodyDensel
Europa Clock West Germanyby gofast325
H.A.C. mantel clockby angelae
Koma mantal clock,made in germanyby Germany
Hurbert Herr Cuckoo Clockby CooCoof…
German anniversary 8 day shelf or mantle clockby andrea47997
Sheffield Clock with Gondolaby Mokie789
A glass dome encased brass clock the square mechanismby gillygi…
blackforest antique clockby annatheodor…
Jerger Alarm Clockby sadiesjuju
More Clocksby Bigsarge
Year and modelby BorisXp
Trinket clock?by Cuckoo
"Western Germany" Mantel Clock by Gottsponer
Bradley West German made twin bell alarm clock with thermometerby shawnicus
Antique Kitchen Clockby jbpohl
Mounted clock by eyesopen
Endura clock German by Samuelnemer
Antique/Vintage Linden Blackforest Alarm Clock ~ Germanyby tom61375
Vintage Emes Brass Alarm Clock ~ Germanyby tom61375
Junghans Meister / Art Deco Desk Clock / Germany 1930s -40sby getthat…
H.A.C. (Hamburg American Corporation) Open Well Wall Clock, 1906 - 1910by rlwindle
Freidrich Mauthe 'Free Swinger' or Berliner Wall Clockby Tutzie
goofy little no name pendulette clockby shawnicus
RIP  Mason Sullivan Clockby mikelv85
Jerger Germanyby th3muz
70s? not sure Wedgefield twin bell purple alarm clockby shawnicus
Mason and Sullivan "Kit" Oak Mantel Clock / 8 Note Hermle Movement / Westminster , Whittington , St. Michael's/ Circa 1980'sby mikelv85
Bradley travel clock, germanby shawnicus
Yet Another Full Size Kundo 400 Day Anniversary Clock ! /White Floral Garland Face /Circa 1950by mikelv85
Full Size 12" West German "Black Forest" Kundo - Kieninger/Obergfell 400 Day Anniversary Clock / Circa 1950's 60'sby mikelv85
neat west german 7 jewel wesclox travel alarm clockby shawnicus
snagged me an ELGIN timebomb!!by shawnicus
Neat looking old KS movement anniversary clockby shawnicus
West German "Black Forest" Kundo - Kieninger/Obergfell 400 Day "Miniature" Anniversary Clock / Circa 1950's or laterby mikelv85
Gustav Becker(65.5) wall clock circa 1912by Vintage…
Linden Two Bell Wind Up Alarm Clock / Marked Germany (Black Forest?)/ Circa 1960by mikelv85
Tiffany and Company Carriage Clock / Hechinger Quartz Movement Made in W. Germany/Unknown Ageby mikelv85
LOUD alarm clock,..takes a lot to wake some people!by shawnicus
sheffield clockby lundy
Napoleon Hatby Vintage…
Ansonia Porcelain Clock - Royal Bonn Caseby danlnga
Cuckoo(?) Clockby davis4440
old wooden clockby gemstone66
400 day clock Made in Germanyby Rebeccak72
#49 JAHRE SUHRENFABRIK GERMANY  Dome Clockby gigglegames
Hall Clockby lovedec…
Minxie clockby Superchicke…
Mauthe West Germany Small Clockby Jtay
Miniture wall cuckoo clock by MattyG
Small vintage Clock - Any Ideas?by Bootson
Blessings clockby davy
Gustave Becker Mantle Clockby JeffInM…
German clock by kygurl32
1940's  German Art Deco Mantel Clockby rlwindle
More Info on Clockby krissaean
Alarm Clockby oledebil
Black Forest Clock with Apostle Automata C. 1890by blackfo…
German Clock from Birkenfeld Castleby marispu…
Minature German Cuckoo Clockby Kahoff2…
Gebr Staiger Music Alarm Clockby Katcoll…
 German Boyby timeless5
Dancer?by timeless5
lux & german clocksby timeless5
Kaiser clock in a bottleby DabeLida
WOW! What A Find!by coolyus
german clockby xxmagsxx
my favorite Germany 12in. Elgin skeleton clockby mylittlebit
My Kundo 400 Year Anniversary Clockby UniqueOffsets
Mauthe Historism Clock, Late 1800's, Koln Germanyby rlwindle
E.Schmeckenbecher W. German Musical Cuckoo Clockby whitman75
German 8 day Cuckoo Clockby whitman75
Old clocksby papa
Sheffield poodle clockby pattinb
Phinney Walker Wall Clock, 1935 -40by rlwindle
Antique Large Mantel Clockby whitman75
Junghans Art Deco 7 Jewel German ATO Anticlimatic Carriage clock, 1940'sby rlwindle
Hermle Mantle Clock, 1935 - rlwindle
Wall clockby dalylahford
Uhrenfabrik Badische Black Mantle Clock Model 6014, 1880-90by rlwindle
Gustav Becker Art Deco Mantel clock #1040 , March 1931by rlwindle
German Wall Clockby AJDePri…
anniversary clockby sam47
 My work, custom hand carved wood parts & bone bonehands
Clock That Weighs 40LBS?by kgc65player
Kaiser alarm clock West Germanyby kellidawn
Schlenker & Kienzle Long Wooden Art Deco Clock with Counter Weighted Pendulum (waagependel)by rlwindle
delft german porcelain with wind mills, wood octigone case wht. porcelain round front gustav becker katadel22
Kieninger & Obergfell Kundo Oval Anniversary BennyCa…
Junghans Mid Century Wall Clock (pendulum)by nancykn
pics of the works on my Oma's old German(?) clock by opdet1ca
Oma's clock - blown off the wall in WWII- wondering how old it isby opdet1ca
Antique Kuehl Co. Swivel Clockby VikingF…
Flip Leaf Ticket Clock, Germany, Carol-Anne
Want to find out more about this Anniversary Clockby ohjustmerobin
German Wall Clockby Steve
W. HAID CLOCKby Lcantu067
My grandma German Record Clockby grandma
My Collection of Clocksby deblynn
Schatz Standard 400 Day Clock Instructions, 1950sby bigben
Kundo Nickel Plated 400 Day Clockby bigben
Jahresuhrenfabrik (Schatz) 400 Day Clock Ca. 1949by bigben
Schatz Standard 400 Day Clock, No Name on Dial, ca. 1950by bigben
Schatz Standard 400 Day Clock (Enamel Dial), 1952by bigben
Schatz Standard 400 Day Clock, 1952, with Engraved, Silvered bigben
Schatz Black Painted Standard Size 400 Day Clockby bigben
Schatz Narrow-Plate Standard 400 Day Clock, 1953by bigben
Schatz Standard 400 Day Clock with Roman Numerals, ca. 1950by bigben
Schatz Square Dial 400 Day Clock Made in 1953by bigben
Schatz standard 400 day clock with cream color painted finishby bigben
Schatz Diamond Dial 400 Day Clock, 1953by bigben
Schatz "London Coach" 400 Day Clockby bigben
Schatz 1000 Day Clock Made in 1957by bigben
Schatz 1000 Day Clock Instructionsby bigben
My First 400 Day Clock (Schatz Miniature 1956)by bigben
Schatz Advertisement from ca. 1955by bigben
Rotating Eye Dog Clock by Oswald, Germanyby bigben