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Skyscrapper Wooden Art Deco Mantle Clock with Westminster Chime 1930-35by rlwindle
German Art Deco Mantle Clock Late '30'sby magicia…
Sessions Inlay no. 2 Special by Jr105
Bentima British Mantle Clockby magicia…
German mantle clock (restored)by magicia…
Ansonia ??Modelby ballow
Ansonia Mantle Clock - Boy with lyreby Fender
Mystery Mantel Clockby Chrissie2017
Jauch Mantle Clock restoredby magicia…
Clock identification TulsaOk
Mantle Clockby magicia…
Mantle clockby Verity
Very Old Mantle Clockby greely1
Jauch Triple Chime Mantle Clockby magicia…
Jauch German Mantle Clockby magicia…
New purchased Seth Thomas mantel clockby TulsaOk
Caldwell Clockby Subsailor
Empire Period Forestville, CT Triple Decker Sleigh-Front Clock Circa 1837by vintage…
Art Deco Mantle Clock magicia…
1920's Ansonia Clock Co. Model "Dundee" Mantle Clockby ClockPop
Silver Horse/Horseshoe clock by Losobug
Enfield Mantle Clockby magicia…
Unknown Maker, in my Family Foreverby lanssolo
Circa 1930's Waltham electric mantle clockby BryanBoo
Urgos Abbey Mantle Clockby magicia…
Enfield mantle Clockby magicia…
Old family hand me downby Theresa91270
Mantle Clock 3 bar chimeby magicia…
Vintage Stagecoach Mantel Clockby Lenelle
Enfield mantel clockby Dallings
A Mystery Mantle Clock from my TedB
My hand me down family clockby thatwasfun66
Need help identify and how to get this clock working family is anxious by Munroe
Urgos Abbey Mantle Clockby magicia…
Mantle clockby magicia…
Art Deco Mantle Clockby magicia…
Help ID this clockby surf2dayok
My Sessions Mantel Clockby jerrybo…
Mantel Clockby LDIdeals
Seth Thomas Mantel Clockby LDIdeals
Bulova 2 C Cell battery Japanese Quartz Clockby englandnative
Tiffany and Company Zodiac / Astrologic Clock by Palmd
Large Gilbert mantle porcelain mantle clockby Morson82
Possible Ansonia Kitchen Mantle Clockby denisewht11
Grandma Clockby ahaase
My Waterbury Mantle Clockby GaryHerndon
My Oval Rugby Ball shaped Westclox mantelclock clockwork wood, brass and other GeodeJem
Sessions mantle clock in Canadaby Antiquecloc…
Clock from Kitby liztopher
Mantel Clock - heavy brass chimes with spinning jewelsby sjberry1
My dads Sessions mantle clock running again!by Stev64rey
Family Historyby Strata
Seth Thomas oak metal no 2by Tsdarby
Gilbert Clockby hanksja…
My newest french clockby HEDVAL
Looking for informationby Sheichelbech
Enfield Mantle Clock restoredby magicia…
Home Sweet Home Clockby aroundtownt…
E. Ingraham Mantle Clockby dwhitney
Trouble identifying my latest findby Jmay0806
heavy weight cherub clockby gkuempel
Cool triple chime linden mantle clock Hermle movementby shawnicus
Just purchased Bracket mantel clock wih pendulum movement manufactuered by Cuckoo Clock mfg. by marki
Enfield Mantle Clockby magicia…
Jema Holland Medium Leaping Deer Fawn numbered (458)by hutchy777
Art Deco Sisyphus clock, 1927-33 with Sabino Glass Encased Clock, and  Jon Du Roncourt Figureby rlwindle
Clock - Horse & Brandby JImam
Need help identifying aSeth thomas mantel clockby corphelp
Hermle gold and glass dome pendulum clockby bettysc…
Finished and serviced Art Deco Clockby magicia…
Cool old French small mantle clockby shawnicus
1917 Waterbury "Engelwood" Mantel Clockby jscott0…
URGOS Made in Germany 8 day Westminster chime mantle clockby TassieD…
My Great Grandmothers Mantel Clock ( French)by Victori…
Latest Deco Clockby magicia…
Wooden pendulum mantel clock no labelby bettysc…
German 1970's clockwork clock with an Art Deco influence, wood, brass and other materials working GeodeJem
Vintage Metal Cold War Era West German Windup Mantle Clockby aflifer40
Westclox,LA SALLE  mantle clockby vickieg
Ansonia Clock Co. New York Mantle Clockby Nea
Any thoughts on this one?by rshaw00000
Kienzle mantle clockby Jackie_Gomes
Mantle Clock finishedby magicia…
The Clock with no name, swivel action in a curved housing, brass structure with a notch at the GeodeJem
Seth Thomas Clockby dazzler
Junghans Tambour Mantle clockby newcomb…
Possibly a Junghans??? Anyone know the identity and age of this clock? by newcomb…
Tiny time only New Haven clockby shawnicus
New Master Japanese anniversary clock by shawnicus
Wood Clock West Germany Quartz "PEARL" Brand Spinning Pendulum Haller W993by clocker…
Vintage Marble Mantle Clock From Siriaby Sivette
Seth Thomas small mantle clockby shawnicus
Howard Miller Westminster Chime by Dallibone
Bentima clockby blitzed
1929 Herman Miller Clock, Model #3064, with Leon Hatot ATO Movementby rlwindle
who know that mantel clockby altarf
Abbotsware Horse Clock 1955-65by rlwindle
A beautiful marble with bronze elephant and trumpeter mantel clockby Clock1
Tiffany Mantel Clockby amymcch
New Haven Dandy Line?by SpiritB…
From My Childhoodby BobbyK
Recent yard sale BryanBoo
Russells' cast iron antique mantel clockby JEaglesphot…
My recently restored Enfield Mantel Clockby Anubis
Family Ingraham Clockby gwb4290
My great grandmothers clock, I love it! by debbieotoole
Jema Holland Large Riccoco Mantle Clock numbered (436)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Mother Deer and Fawn (Numbered 459)by hutchy777
Can't find the maker or year it was made. The face only says USAby MarilynD
Mauthe mantle clockby Satishbabu
older clock made in Connecticut very little identifying marks  by tactommy541
Necor clockby Jackiekrz
No Idea on Seth Thomasby TexasVarmint
Mantel Clockby Darryell
Clock from Ireland by Padraig
This New Haven Electric Tambour No. 26 Clock needs further Kimmeasmile…
No 2 Cymbol Seth Thomas Mantle Clockby dmeyer1045
Inlaid solid Walnut Art Nouveau 8 day French clockby Bun-bun
Seth Thomas #14 Tambour???? Maybe! by Rose527
Bronze Mantel Clock.. American flag/Minutemenby hgriffin3
My Seth Thomas Thrift Store find by Starcy
old clock how old?by sacia
My Grand-dad's GE Cathedral Mantel Clockby eekahil
Ansonia Mantle Clockby Roy2016
Seth Thomas Adamantine mantle clockby Jposer
Ansonia Home Chime No 20by holzschuh
Jema Holland Large Twin Boxer Dogs Mantle Clock numbered (463)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large German Shepherd / Alsation/) Mantle Clock (462)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large German Shepherd  Mantle Clock numbered (461)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Single Kitten/ Cat Mantle Clock numbered (434)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Twin Kittens Mantle Clock numbered (432)by hutchy777
Jema Holland (Very Large) Deer Mantle Clock numbered )474)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Twin Polar Bear Mantle Clock numbered (439)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Single Polar Bear Mantle Clock numbered (438)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Small Leaping Deer Mantle Clock numbered (420)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Small Deer (Left Profile) Mantle Clock numbered (426)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Milking Maid (Sitting) Mantle Clock numbered (465)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Black Panther mantle Clock numbered (460)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Medium Cherub Mantle Clock numbered (441)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Double Elephant Mantle Clock numbered (408)by hutchy777
Jema Holland large Double Pigeon Clock (Version 2) Numbered (428)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Double Pigeon Clock (Version 1) numbered (428)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Double Pigeon Clock numbered (427)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Double Parrot Mantle Clock numbered (425)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Small Twin Budgie Clocks numbered (413)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Twin Budgies Mantle Clock numbered (401)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Twin Budgies on a Brach with foliage numbered(457)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Twin Turtle Dove Mantle Clock numbered (418)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Twin Turtle Doves Mantle Clock numbered (418)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Three Fledglings Mantle Clock numbered (451)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Double Blue Jay Mantle Clock Numbered (400)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Flying Duck Mantle Clock numbered (422)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Blue Pheasant mantle clock numbered (473)by hutchy777
Jema Holland flying Blue Swallow numbered (409)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Blue Jay Wall Clock numbered (399)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Blue Bird Wall Clock numbered (90 and 398)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Twin Robyn Mantle Clock numbered (479)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Medium Double Wood Bird Clock numbered (440)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Small Twin Finch Clock numbered (416)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Pheasant Mantle Clock numbered (419)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Mantle Flamingo Clock numbered (424)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Macaw Mantle Clock numbered (470)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Medium Mantle Clock of Twin Macaws numbered (443by hutchy777
Jema Holland Small Single Macaw Clock  number (412)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Small Angel Fish Clock number (411)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Double Poison MANTLE clock numbered (464)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Triple Poison Fish Mantle Clock number (478)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Double Poison Sideboard Clock number (472)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Angel Fish Clock numbered (403)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Table Pike Clock numbered (433)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Trout Fish Clock (471)by hutchy777
Jema Holland 410 Small Trout Fish Clockby hutchy777
My first clock piece by Ariemay…
Completely functional old mantle chimming clockby jmurray123
Jema Holland Large mantle Horse Clock (475)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Riccoco Mantle Clock (437)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Medium Riccoco Mantle Clocks (435)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Large Cockeral Mantle Clock (429)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Small leaping Horse Foal Clock (421)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Small Cockeral Clock (414)by hutchy777
Jema Holland Medium Riccoco Mantle Clock (435)by hutchy777
Jema Holland (480) Large Bird Of Prey Mantle Clockby hutchy777
Jema Holland (437) Riccoco Large Cherub Clockby hutchy777
Chinese (?) Deco (?) wood veneer mantel clock with maker's mark insideby Hotlantan
Antique Mantle Clock circa 1901by Stiffla
1938 Pennwood Bronze, Chicago Athletic Assoc. Handball Trophyby rlwindle
Old Porcelain Clock dated 1877 by Mayataha
Jema Holland (423) Wolf Mantle Clockby hutchy777
Art Deco Pennwood numechron, Model 529? with Adler-Royal Caseby rlwindle
Antique Mantel Clock "Forestville"by bergeronnm
Great grandmothers mantle clock by Andrewbilli…
Nothing identifiable on this mantel clock. Information Whitewalker
My heirloom Waterbury clockby s.todisco
Seth Thomas Shelf/Mantel Adamantine Clock Patent 1880by fortapa…
Kienzle mantle clock with 606c automatic movement by Ricky1790
Jema Holland (467) Musical Boy Sittingby hutchy777
Mother-in-laws Abbey Mantel Clockby velliott
1928-31 Whitehall - Hammond Clock Case With Skelton Clock Movementby rlwindle
My mother gave me this clock I don't know how old it is I would like to know if anybody knows so I can get it fixed upby Contrer…
Its a mystery?by MagpiesNest
Metamec made in Dereham UK, Oval or Rugby shaped electric clock wood and GeodeJem
Sessions Nautical Art Deco Ship Clock with Anchors, 1938by rlwindle
Black Mantel clockby robsox
J B Hirsch Standing Deco Lady Clock, 1923by rlwindle
Smiths Electric powered Electric clock in a Bakelite case, minature version of the normal sizeby GeodeJem
Smiths Clock 1940's Bakelite Caseby DecoVoo
Small Mantel Clock Unknown Makerby rgiangrasso1
I know it is Leeanne
Tempus Fugit..Kienzle German made mantle clock manual wind wood, brass and glass fully workingby GeodeJem
Just got it today at an ACorbin
Imhof Clockby StillLearning
Our Antique Mantel Clockby betsysstuff
Iron Shelf Clock - Primitive Handmadeby mabacus21
Looking for informationby Vlad
very pretty little Schatz thousand day clockby shawnicus
cool find clock LeCoultre Atmos clockby shawnicus
Do You Know Meby clockman57
My Mandel antique clockby Ssgtrogerne…
My In-laws giftby Alexander
1935 - 40 French Marble and Oynx Mantel Clockby rlwindle
Jauch clockby Steveth…
Mantle Clock IDby rossjim
My new/old clockby alwayswonde…
Plymouth Clockby WilliamR
My Waterbury clockby winder
Our find yesterday by Sanity33
Antique Clock Mysteryby Mmower
Interesting clockby Rustyboy
Seth Thomas Mantel Clockby jukkaillman
Trying to find out about this clock that sat on my grandparent's mantel for so many yearsby poppasantiq…
Found this in my Dads stuffby Hulton
mantel clock anvil movement westminster chimesby seamaster1345
Open heart mantle clock by lux by Confused730
Wm. L. Gilbert OWL clockby tractortray…
French Marble Mantle Clockby cjr4
Swiza 8, Swiss Made brass clock and alarm brass body in excellent working GeodeJem
Sessions Mantle Clockby danders
Redwood Burl Slab Clockby pw-coll…
1940s Seth Thomas and 1930s Plymouth mantel clocksby AshleyMims
French Mantel Garnitureby Chadden
A Great Find!by dudeman64
The Oddball Clock-Green Luciteby Stacey357
weihai ps mantle clockby robin56
Trying to figure this jarcon
Mantel Clockby merwine
Mantel Clock...tell me about it pleaseby Oldgeezer
Ansonia chime clock an very rare jimoreno2
Aesthetic Movement Clock, the enamel face designed by Walter Crane and Lewis Dayby kiwipaul
New Haven Mantle Clock Metal Painted with Cherubsby lsctreasures
Antique Mantel Clockby KramerGma
Mantel Clock of Unknown Origin, Please Helpby eandrew…
Seth Thomas Bellevue Mantle Clockby dudeman64
Ansonia Royal Bonn "La Croix" Mantel Clockby MsKathrene
Marble or Onyx?by Nye
Herman Miller  or Howard Miller? Does anyone know more about this?by Schonett
Plymouth Clock Company Seth Thomas 124 Westminster Chime Mantle Clockby motoxdude
Plymouth Tambour Westminster Chime with 124 Movementby motoxdude
old german made clock?by clockworks
Marble and Slate clockby nsaari
Grandmother's Clockby tlmessick
New Haven Mantel Clock Helpby aretire…
Smith Enfield Bakelite mantle clockby GeodeJem
Mid-Century? Deco? Heron Mantel Clock, Unknown Makerby hoosier…
Ansonia mantel clock - New York - Patent date June 18 1882 - cast ironby Sherwood2013
Wood Mantel Clock - Can anyone tell me about it?by Optima
Lux Mantle Clockby upstate…
Tele-Vision/Pennwood Wooden Black Horse and Jockey Clock, 1945-55by rlwindle
working windmill action clockby bmiller039
1800s Mantel Clockby riccon64
LWAIN (Lawson Without An Interesting Name), Style 219, 1940 - 45by rlwindle
My beautiful old clockby Vebie
Inside of 8 Day Atkins Clock Co. 1850s mantel clockby sallynussbaum
Mantle recently pkinfl
Lawson Model 217, The Southerner, 1948-1975by rlwindle
My 1850s Atkins Clock Co. 8-Day Mantle Clockby sallynussbaum
Hamburg American Mantel Clockby snowedin
Mantel Clock and Vaseby MaryS
1940 - 45 Barr Manufacturing White Cyclometerby rlwindle
Mystery Auction Mantel Clock  HELP!by lissaline
2 antique clocksby sniper222
Tipperary Crystal Clockby fixitjmc
June 1950 Pennwood/Presidental Co. Conestoga Televison Clock and Lampby rlwindle
old ingraham wind up clockby jamesusastrat
Mickey Mouse Ingersoll Electric Pre Patent Mantle Clockby tikkihut1
The only 1 in the Rudolf-P-Vo…
Tymeter Numechron (Pennwood) "Imperial" a.k.a. "Executive", December 1959by rlwindle
1927-29 Kenmore (Kodel) Gothic Mantel Clock With Side Lampsby rlwindle
Third Wooden Hammond Gregory, 1931, Gold Faceby rlwindle
Antique Clock - With German Eagleby Tavi
Lawson "Newport" Model 312, 1948by rlwindle
Funerary? Marble? Mourning? Mantel clock? Civil War? WWI? Help!by Hardknocksb…
Art Deco Mantel Clock. More info pleaseby Carlhall65
H.A.C. mantel clockby angelae
Gray / London Bracket clockby Kydur
My Girlfriends Seth Thomas Clockby punzy1
Old 1870s clockby bigfish…
Numechron/Tymeter, Model 851, April 1968by rlwindle
Smith Metal Arts Presentation Clock 1940-47, "Charles E. Sweet" Receipant, with Lawson Movement by rlwindle
French Art Deco Slave to Time Clock 1925-30by rlwindle
Herman Miller clockby Jim1685
Westminister chime mantle clockby Sewingconcern
Pierrot Faience Clock, 1920sby rlwindle
Just inherited this belonged to my grandmother's grandmother! by Kimmy57
Waterbury Clockby ktzdge99
Winslow Manufacturing Art Deco Digital Rotating Disk Clock, 1945by rlwindle
Pennwood Model #302 Numechron, 1934by rlwindle
dresden ornate floral and children mantel clock 14" H x 7"by carolineitzen
Madonna & Child Mantle Clockby rhauser8
salvation army purchase.   hock   thrift shopby DOGSOFWAR
J. B. Hirsch "Pixies" Clock 1927, apres Gerda Iro Gerdagoby rlwindle
Pennwood "Zephyr" December 1939by rlwindle
Seth Thomas Clock, Not Sure of Date or Historyby KD1800
1929 Kenmore (Kodel) Clock, "Princess Pat" modelby rlwindle
Lux Mantle Clockby Gkeegan
Kenmore Kodel Electric Manufacturing Co Model #906 Dowling 1929by rlwindle
Marble Clock with beautiful womanby W.S
The marble clock with two goatby W.S
Beautiful marble clockby W.S
My Enfield Mantel Clockby Anubis
my favourite clockby poppetjay
1950s Smiths Enfield Bakelite Mantel Clockby eddymeese
2nd Gunmetal Grey 1937, "Hesperus" Model #12  Pennwood Numechronby rlwindle
Waltham 31 Day Mantel Clock/Korean Made/Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Grandparents wedding giftby Pm19450
More Clocksby Bigsarge
Sessions Mantel Clockby fixit9660
Black Marble Mantle Clock Gaydon and Sonsby livingston13
Mystery mantle napolian clockby jojo63
Nautical Tele-Vision Clock and Weather Center Model 956, January 1955by rlwindle
Trophy Crafters Clock with Lawson Movement by rlwindle
"Western Germany" Mantel Clock by Gottsponer
"Muffie's" Clockby dcdude247
1936 Texas Centennial Trophy Craft Clock with Lawson Movementby rlwindle
Mantel Clockby pmartin
1931 Herman Miller Model 4779 (TR-410), Gilbert Rohde Designerby rlwindle
grandparents clockby djsynodinos
Sessions Black Mantel Clockby Conseil
Model 900 Tymeter Numechron, Feb 1961by rlwindle
Found in my Storage Unitby WPB4751
c. 1920's Art Deco Bauhaus Clock #1by Hyp-storian
Art Deco 1928-31 Whitehall - Hammond Mermaid Clockby rlwindle
Inherited clockby Jyl_Albertson
Old Clock- handmade ?by mep440
Ansonia marble and cast iron mantle clockby superwoman
The Garnitures Have Arrived by rlwindle
H. A. Best Clock, Hammond Movement 1930-35 by rlwindle
Trying to identify modelby chickenhawk
H.A.C. Mantel Clock - MADE IN WURTTEMBERGby cliff_63
Antique Black Mantel Clockby Collect…
Schatz Anniversary Clock - turquoise colourby Perpcal7000…
Just Got Today!!  OLD CLOCKby antique…
Help: Mistery antique clockby smallmonste…
Looking For Info:  Sessions / EN Welch Mantel Clockby moonstone23
A Gingerbread Clock on a Craig's List Findby PileOfJ…
Mystery New Haven mantle utherrr
Whitehall - Hammond Art Deco Clock with Seated J. B. Hirsch Harlequin Woman Figure, 1928 - 1932by rlwindle
Antique Clockby gforce1108
June, 1950, Tele-Vision (Pennwood) Conestoga Wagon Numechron by rlwindle
19th Century Clock with matching vasesby PostRetro
1929 Herman Miller Tambour Clock, Model 4010by rlwindle
Sessions Golden Retriever Mantle Clockby Rory
My Most Favorite Clock Everby lokiddo
My great-grandfather's Westminster chime mantel clockby naf-cdn
Lux open heart or heartbeat small mantle clockby shawnicus
Art Deco Martinek Pennwood Numechron, 1940by rlwindle
1920's Sangamo Mantle Clockby tom61375
Rare 1937 Gun Metal Grey Pennwood Numechron, "Hesperus" Model # Unknownby rlwindle
LUX Harvest Time Mantle Clockby Tutzie
Ingraham Venetian Mantle/Shelf Clock by Tutzie
Antique dual key Mantle Chiming Clockby antiquelady62
Junghans Mantle Clockby Tutzie
Chronart "Ye Olde Windmill" Clockby Tutzie
Vintage Chronart Polar Bird Shelf Clockby Tutzie
Part 2- 1950's Jaeger-Coultre ATMOS Perpetual Motion Clockby tom61375
1950's Jaeger-LeCoultre ATMOS Perpetual Motion Clock -Serial #45*** from Geneva, Switzerland by tom61375
Enfield Mantel Clockby JimBoyle
1930 Herman Miller Camel Back Clockby Abrama
Waterbury Mantel Clockby Billcephus2…
Old Waterbury Calcite Housing Mantle Clockby Stillwa…
Tiffany & Co Gilded Mantle Clockby Stillwa…
ingraham clockby huey
Mid Century Modern Art Deco look Mantle Clock by roxyragtop
United Clock Corp. Electric Mantel Clock / Model 280 Birch Finish / Circa 1950-60by mikelv85
Great grandmother clockby Jgraham11
3 Pc. Marble Deco Clock    by roxyragtop
Seth Thomas Movement 89by cue606
Warren Telechron Co. Electric Mantel Clock / Model 4H99 "The Knickerbocker" Circa 1939-44by mikelv85
Ingraham Mantel Clock 1929 (Paid $3.99 at Goodwill)by BLC1961
Old clock headed for the trashby RonM
From at least 30-40's electric cherub mantel clockby Lovethr…
My Favorite Tambourby cue606
2013 Pottery Barn Art Deco Cyclometer AM/FM Radio and Alarmby rlwindle
An Electric Mantel Clock - or is it a Radio?by busylizzie9
Classic Style Sessions Mantle Clock (# 8367)by martinamy0224
Mantel Clock stanped Made In Germanyby bruce-kay
Veritable Westminster Delannois Sportby Shaharn
Ingraham or Ansonia? Mantel Clock with Eagle and Lionby efogleman
Antique Buttergum Mantle Clockby ARDITHLEE01
Clock from Chinaby smiata
small passing chime skeleton style clockby shawnicus
old seth thomas adamantum clock ,..reealy uglyby shawnicus
Odd Old Clockby gvgordon
Seth Thomas Shelf or Mantle clock, trying to find date or modelby LindaM
1934-35 Pennwood Numechron Model 423 Adler Royal case with Later movementby rlwindle
Barr Manufacturing Leather Case Cyclometer, December 17th, 1945by rlwindle
Vintage 1964 British Smiths mantle ticktoc…
J.E. Caldwell & Co. Philadelphia Clockby laneylee
Herman Miller Art Deco Clock Model #732, 1920 - 1930by rlwindle
Antique Mantle Clock glass dome; could be gilt; French; marble; Uranieby redrebel
mantle clockby smiata
Any idea what this figural clock is?by bethwr
No outside markingsby Jmclaughlin
1984 Copper Star Of David Clock with White Marble Base, Signed by artistby yrtwins2
1934 Art Deco Lawson Cyclometer, Model #77by rlwindle
Seth Thomas clock. Looking for infoby amaes414
H.A.C. Mantel Clock - MADE IN WURTTEMBERGby BHock45
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. Balckbird Mantle Clockby Ericocon
Unknown Mantel Clockby Deeultimate
Napoleon Hatby Vintage…
1928 - 1931 Whitehall - Hammond Art Deco White Marble Mantel Clock with Deco Birds of Paradiseby rlwindle
1940-41 Hammond Art Deco Mantel Clock, "Chancellor"by rlwindle
Dutertre A Paris Mantel Clockby Treasur…
Grandma's Clockby raffesberger
Grandmother's mantle clockby Pasttime
My grandmother's Leopoldby MowerPR
Empire Mantel Clock Unknown Origins??by stevehouse
Jema Holland (424) Flamingo Mantle Clockby roadtrain
Sessions Ladies Hands Clockby Nodak
Walthamby timeless5
My Grandad's beautiful clock housingby stigofthedump
flower color clockby mctr
Jema Holland (409) Blue Swallow Mantle Clockby roadtrain
New Haven Mantel Clock - "The Elsworth"by cherylw
Jema Holland (469) Double Polar Bear Mantle Clokby roadtrain
Jema Holland (459) Deer With Fawn Mantle Clockby roadtrain
old wooden clockby gemstone66
old wooden clock angel blowing bubbles on faceby gemstone66
My first clock purchaseby vsc1956
Herman Miller Mantel Clockby MCPHERSONJS
MasterCrafters "Waterfall" Model 344by sonterrific
MasterCrafters Model 272 Fireplaceby sonterrific
MasterCrafters Model 560 Churchby sonterrific
MasterCrafters Swinging Playmates and Swinging Girlby sonterrific
My inherited clockby sharleerose
Antique Black Marble Mantle Clockby DonnaMCorne…
474 Jema Holland Stag Clockby roadtrain
Minxie clockby Superchicke…
Vintage 1960's Scottish Westclox mantle ticktoc…
Patriot Bronze Mantel Clockby zenitlady
My great grandmother's Seth Thomas Mantle Clock #99by ryaninPA
Gilbert mantle clock...more info to come!by Pamalaspace
Antique 30's-50's French ODO mantle ticktoc…
Small brass windup clockby NoClue
Mantel clockby aircooled
Coventry Ceramics with Sessions Clockby MattyG
1937 Pennwood Model #411 Numechron With Adler Royal Caseby rlwindle
W R Bullen Ltd. Mantel Clock Elliot London Clockworksby gvgordon
My Clocksby spiriti…
 Tick Tockby spiriti…
Grandfathers clockby Timeflies
mantle clock  updateby Southernslang
Vintage French Mantel Clock Help whitman75
Antique 1850's French marble mantle ticktoc…
Antique German 1950's Europa mantle clock. by ticktoc…
Seth Thomasby VFH
Fretwork Clockby rick119911
Antique French green marble clock ca. 1870'sby ticktoc…
Antique French brass "Troubadour" 1870's mantle ticktoc…
Small inlaid English timepiece mantle clock ca.1910by ticktoc…
A Very Nice Waterford Lead Crystal Mantle Clock found in $1 Box Lot by MattyG
mantel clockby ralph
Too Many Clocksby JHK1911
Lamp clock setby veto
Gustave Becker Mantle Clockby JeffInM…
Very unique mantel clockby bmetsker
Seth Thomas Clockby papabigdan
1926 Lux model 200 clock with model 387 candlesticksby rlwindle
1933-36 Pennwood Numechron #422 with Adler Royal caseby rlwindle
1800s french mantle clockby Southernslang
Clock bought from a London Antique dealerby Mary.b
Eight Day Mantle Clockby mantle
Old Mantel Clockby lookin4…
wondering about this seth thomas clockby maureenrosch
Seth Thomas Mantel Clockby ranchhand
Barr Manufacturing cyclometer, December 5th, 1945by rlwindle
Mantle clockby oledebil
New Haven Clock Co. clockby ClockLover
Pennwood Tambour Mantel Numechron Model 426, 1934-39by rlwindle
 Mantel Clock (1780) silver engraved  (not built) by Thomas 'antiquity' Smith, London.  With  gold & silver Hansel
Sessions Mantel Clockby DASPICK…
Bayard 1934 Art Deco Clock With Inlaysby rlwindle
My favorite clock!by lgkellum1949
Art Deco Mantle Clockby vinfan
Pennwood Art Deco Numechron model #528, 1934by rlwindle
Schneider blown glass mantle clockby serafin
Cool Very Large Old Gothic Style Gold Clock by Furee65
My Seth Thomas Clock, made June 1899by dshafe7
My unknown treasureby susanne1128
My Mantle Clockby Tifferi…
Marble 1920's Art Deco Puppy Clock With Garnituresby rlwindle
Wm L Gilbert clock co Winsted Conn u.s.a. no 426by purplepeacock
Vintage Bentima 8 Day Great Britain Clockby whitman75
 seth thomasby clermont1
Jungham, Made in Germany, mantel clockby jettac
Antique French Mantle Clockby ParlorBoy
Antique Porcelain Clock Set by ParlorBoy
French Mantle Clockby ParlorBoy
Horse Clockby timeless5
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Sessionsby timeless5
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