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Skyscrapper Wooden Art Deco Mantle Clock with Westminster Chime 1930-35by rlwindle
German Mantle Clockby magicia…
1983 Sarasparilla Solid Bronze Art Deco Airplane Alarm Clockby Jaybop
??? 1930's Art Deco Table Clock - Blue Glass Swiss Movementby Stillwa…
Art Deco Mantle Clock magicia…
HAMMOND "HAMPTON" electric kitchen clockby Anythin…
Deco Alarm Clockby SpiritB…
Enfield mantle Clockby magicia…
Mantle Clock 3 bar chimeby magicia…
Urgos Abbey Mantle Clockby magicia…
Mantle clockby magicia…
Art Deco Mantle Clockby magicia…
Jaeger LeCoultre Clockby boysfarm
1934 Seth Thomas Art Deco Chime Clock #81by englandnative
International Wall Clockby hobodave
1928 J B Hirsch/Whitehall Hammond Green Oynx Sophisticated Lady Clock Setby rlwindle
Restored 1940 Southbury Seth Thomasby BryanBoo
Lawson Model 98 mirrored cyclometerby artfoot
Hammond Gothic clock Series G No. 1010by spokaneoc
Seth Thomas restoredby BryanBoo
Enfield Mantle Clock restoredby magicia…
Enfield Mantle Clockby magicia…
Art Deco Sisyphus clock, 1927-33 with Sabino Glass Encased Clock, and  Jon Du Roncourt Figureby rlwindle
Finished and serviced Art Deco Clockby magicia…
Latest Deco Clockby magicia…
"Majak" Serdobsky Clock Factory Russia /Crystal Art Deco Style 11 Jewel 7 Day Wind -Up Table Clock/ Circa 1975by mikelv85
Art Deco Clock by collect…
Art Deco Bakelite clock by Jazby Thedeco…
Gilbert Rhode Thedeco…
One of my favorite estate sale finds last yearby haydenp…
1929 Herman Miller Clock, Model #3064, with Leon Hatot ATO Movementby rlwindle
"Tavanness" Beyer Zurich Brass And Onyx "Art Deco" Wind-Up Desk Clock / Circa 1930'sby mikelv85
Art Deco Strike & Chime Clockby watchnut
Deco Chromium alarm clock. Made for Birks Ellis (Canada's Tiffany)by manitou71
Loew's Philadelphia Hotel… Ted_Str…
Seth Thomas Electric with 60 Second Hourglass Indicator PrePatentby bstubbs
J. Kaiser Art Deco typeface Bakelite clock signedby Davidbentley
Ingraham Art Deco Egyptian Style Alarm Clock. by Rhythm
"Happy Days" Animated Clock by Lux Clock MFG. by kerry10…
Art Deco Mantle Clock / France / NEED IDENTIFICATIONby Maxsteven
1938 Pennwood Bronze, Chicago Athletic Assoc. Handball Trophyby rlwindle
Art Deco Pennwood numechron, Model 529? with Adler-Royal Caseby rlwindle
Antique Mantel Clock "Forestville"by bergeronnm
1928-31 Whitehall - Hammond Clock Case With Skelton Clock Movementby rlwindle
Sessions Nautical Art Deco Ship Clock with Anchors, 1938by rlwindle
Wooden Case Barr Manufacturing Digital Clockby rlwindle
Alarm clock by Face600
J B Hirsch Standing Deco Lady Clock, 1923by rlwindle
1935 - 40 French Marble and Oynx Mantel Clockby rlwindle
Florn Art Deco Flamingo Desk Clock, 1935 - 40 Germanyby rlwindle
VINTAGE MOONCREST M130 clockby Johnant
mantel clock anvil movement westminster chimesby seamaster1345
Estate sale findby Betsy1122
Smith Metal Arts Mooncrest/Silvercrest Desk setby rlwindle
Telechron New Minitmaster Model B805 Black  1934 - 36by rlwindle
Waltham Watch Desk Clockby edjames
1937 - 41 Pennwood "Neptune" with Desksetby rlwindle
ENDURA - FRANCE /1930-1949by SEAN68
Smith Enfield Bakelite mantle clockby GeodeJem
Lux Sun Up Alarm Clockby upstate…
Tele-Vision/Pennwood Wooden Black Horse and Jockey Clock, 1945-55by rlwindle
Lackner Neon-Glo "Dulcy" Shelf Clockby Chadakoin
Art Deco General Electric "Breton" Clockby Arisellon
LWAIN (Lawson Without An Interesting Name), Style 219, 1940 - 45by rlwindle
Westclox. Made by western clocks co. charmso…
Lawson Model 217, The Southerner, 1948-1975by rlwindle
October 1954 Pennwood "Jefferson" Numechron Teleco Bowling Team Awardby rlwindle
Art Deco General Electric Alencon Mantle Clockby Arisellon
Art Deco GE Mirage Clockby Arisellon
Schatz Art Deco Wind-Up Clockby vintage…
1940 - 45 Barr Manufacturing White Cyclometerby rlwindle
Remarkable 1920's or 30's German "Pyramid" Deco Mantle Clockby Hyp-storian
Art Deco Hammond Wall Clockby Arisellon
Lawson Time Model 303 "Admiral" Shelf Clockby Chadakoin
Tymeter Numechron (Pennwood) "Imperial" a.k.a. "Executive", December 1959by rlwindle
Electric Neon Clock Co. neon advertising boardby jmcontracto…
Third Wooden Hammond Gregory, 1931, Gold Faceby rlwindle
Lawson "Newport" Model 312, 1948by rlwindle
GE Framington Model 8B10, 1936-40by rlwindle
Art Deco Mantel Clock. More info pleaseby Carlhall65
New Haven Flip Clock,"Stylis Timepiece", 1937by rlwindle
Smith Metal Arts Presentation Clock 1940-47, "Charles E. Sweet" Receipant, with Lawson Movement by rlwindle
French Art Deco Slave to Time Clock 1925-30by rlwindle
Tymeter/Pennwood Art Deco/Mid-Century Clock. Model 900, 1968by rlwindle
Pierrot Faience Clock, 1920sby rlwindle
This Is My New Clock Made In 1937by Ame1960
G.E. 4F60 "Dictator" Shelf Clockby Chadakoin
Rethinking Pennwood Dates, 1934 Pennwood Advertisementby rlwindle
Winslow Manufacturing Art Deco Digital Rotating Disk Clock, 1945by rlwindle
Pennwood Model #302 Numechron, 1934by rlwindle
J. B. Hirsch "Pixies" Clock 1927, apres Gerda Iro Gerdagoby rlwindle
Pennwood "Zephyr" December 1939by rlwindle
Jefferson Golden Hour clockby Tman
1929 Kenmore (Kodel) Clock, "Princess Pat" modelby rlwindle
Gilbert Art Deco Skyscraper Clock and Lamp Combinationby rlwindle
1929 Kenmore (Kodel) clock, Rosemarieby rlwindle
Lawson Clock "The Southerner"by localjohn
Lawson Clock New Yorkerby localjohn
Lawson Clocksby localjohn
Kenmore Kodel Electric Manufacturing Co Model #906 Dowling 1929by rlwindle
Old Clock made in charmso…
2nd Gunmetal Grey 1937, "Hesperus" Model #12  Pennwood Numechronby rlwindle
Another One,  1953 NCR Cash Register Award rlwindle
Trophy Crafters Clock with Lawson Movement by rlwindle
1936 Texas Centennial Trophy Craft Clock with Lawson Movementby rlwindle
1931 Herman Miller Model 4779 (TR-410), Gilbert Rohde Designerby rlwindle
A New Art Deco Clockby rlwindle
c. 1920's Art Deco Bauhaus Clock #1by Hyp-storian
Art Deco 1928-31 Whitehall - Hammond Mermaid Clockby rlwindle
1953 NCR Sales Quota Award Clockby rlwindle
The Garnitures Have Arrived by rlwindle
H. A. Best Clock, Hammond Movement 1930-35 by rlwindle
DEP Streamline Art Deco Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
1925 Art Deco J B Hirsch Sitting Pirate Clockby rlwindle
Some of our art deco clocksby AmandaA…
Rare art deco glass clock by AmandaA…
Art Deco Dove Clock Garnitures 1925-30by rlwindle
1950's Tele-Vision (Pennwood) Western Themed Clock with Horseby rlwindle
Lawson Model 309 Cyclometer, 1948 - 75by rlwindle
nice art deco clock by JEAGER LECOULTREby paris1925
Just Got Today!!  OLD CLOCKby antique…
Deco Advertising Travel Clockby upstate…
Mystery New Haven mantle utherrr
GE Model 7H162 Wooden Deco Clockby upstate…
Glo dial radio clock  by oldnfuelish
Seth Thomas "Tabor" 1E Shelf Clockby Chadakoin
Sophisticated Lady Bookend/Garnitures, J.B Hirsch 1925by rlwindle
Whitehall - Hammond Art Deco Clock with Seated J. B. Hirsch Harlequin Woman Figure, 1928 - 1932by rlwindle
A Few Of My Small Clocksby upstate…
1929 Herman Miller Tambour Clock, Model 4010by rlwindle
Junghans Meister / Art Deco Desk Clock / Germany 1930s -40sby getthat…
My latest aquisitionby jockanock
metal works smoke standby Gone.sailin…
A gem of an alarm clock i could not resistby VRG
Art Deco Martinek Pennwood Numechron, 1940by rlwindle
Finished restoring the little big lumi dial clock!by oldnfuelish
Martinek -Pennwood Clock Radio Ads, 1940 (Catalin and Hamilton Ross)by rlwindle
Rare 1937 Gun Metal Grey Pennwood Numechron, "Hesperus" Model # Unknownby rlwindle
New marquee and sealed power clockby oldnfuelish
Smith Metal Arts, "Bronze Duo" Nemechron and Cigarette Case, 1945 -1955by rlwindle
1945 - 50 Smith Metal Arts "Moon Crest" Numechron, Model Unknownby rlwindle
Art Deco Clock New Haven Clock with Seated Harlequin Woman, J. B Hirsch, 1925by rlwindle
General Electric "Petite", Model AB-3F52 by Chadakoin
Telechron 2H43by gusmant…
Pennwood Tymeter Model 5oo, "Swank" June 1958by rlwindle
Art Deco Malachite Inlay Mantle Clockby Stillwa…
Smith Metal Arts Moon Crest Clock With Pennwood Movement Model M-130, 1940-45by rlwindle
"Quacker" yellow duck electric clock from the 30'sby DrNessa
A mini BIG clock by lumi dialby oldnfuelish
1940-42 Telechron Serene, Model 7H121by rlwindle
Pennwood "Moderne" Numechron, 1940 Model AC-48by rlwindle
gorgeous Art Deco Frankart clock with pair of semi-nude girlsby DrNessa
Art Deco Pennwood Numechron Model 304, 1932by rlwindle
Pennwood Numechron Model 300, "Topper", May 1948by rlwindle
1920's-1930's Art Deco French Dep "Savoy" alarm ticktoc…
Pennwood Numechron/Tymeter Model 105, October 1957by rlwindle
3 Pc. Marble Deco Clock    by roxyragtop
1948 Pennwood Numechron, Model "Vogue"by rlwindle
1930's Art Deco French Dep alarm/desk ticktoc…
2013 Pottery Barn Art Deco Cyclometer AM/FM Radio and Alarmby rlwindle
Pennwood Tymeter "Statllite" Commemorating John Glenn's First Orbit February 20 1962, July 1962, Model F70by rlwindle
1934 Lawson Model 73 Art Deco Cyclometer by rlwindle
Telechron “Casino”, Model 4F71  Electric Shelf Clockby Chadakoin
1930's Ray-O-Vac Skyscraper Battery Operated Advertisement Clockby rlwindle
1929 Jade Green Telechon ElectroAlarm, Model 700by rlwindle
oldNnew Haven Tuskeloid celluloid clockby shawnicus
Art Deco Bakelite Skyscraper Havlin Clock by Radio-T…
Seth Thomas Shelf or Mantle clock, trying to find date or modelby LindaM
1934-35 Pennwood Numechron Model 423 Adler Royal case with Later movementby rlwindle
Barr Manufacturing Leather Case Cyclometer, December 17th, 1945by rlwindle
Herman Miller Art Deco Clock Model #732, 1920 - 1930by rlwindle
The big lumi dial is doneby oldnfuelish
1934 Art Deco Lawson Cyclometer, Model #77by rlwindle
Seth Thomas clock. Looking for infoby amaes414
1928 - 31 General Electric Premium Clock, Monitorby rlwindle
Price Brothers Art Deco Clockby Cincyjake971
1928 - 1931 Whitehall - Hammond Art Deco White Marble Mantel Clock with Deco Birds of Paradiseby rlwindle
1940-41 Hammond Art Deco Mantel Clock, "Chancellor"by rlwindle
BIG CLOCK!by oldnfuelish
Green and Black Oynx, Original Leon Hatot ATO Art Deco Clock, 1930'sby rlwindle
Ivory 1937-39 Telechron Model 8B07 Baron Cyclometerby rlwindle
Waltham Clock...Art Deco Styleby Ted_Str…
Pennwood Chieftain with Horse, 50's, Model #100by rlwindle
Moritz M. Gottlieb "Teleometer", 1942-55?by rlwindle
Gorgeous Art Deco Marble Marti Mantle Clockby antiqua…
1933-35 Pennwood BakeLite Numechron Model 12A, The Leonisby rlwindle
Antique French Art Deco French car? clock ca. 20's-30' ticktoc…
ANOTHER "MYSTERY" SOLVED! - Lawson clock - "Zephyr"by prattmi…
Original Leon Hatot ATO Art Deco Clock with Owl Finial and Matching Garnituresby rlwindle
1939 Aqua Pennwood Wall Numechron Model #104by rlwindle
Art deco clockby Bazelma…
1927 Telechron Cathedral, Model #355by rlwindle
Telechron 2H11S  The Caféby Caleb20
Art deco clockby Bazelma…
1937 Pennwood Model #411 Numechron With Adler Royal Caseby rlwindle
Charles Hour Deco manitou71
Antique DEP marble Art Deco 1930's French mantle ticktoc…
1925 J B Hirsch Sophisticated Lady Clock Caseby rlwindle
1937 Striking Minstrel Telechron Model 6B07by rlwindle
Just about my favorite Art Deco clockby Sushi
DEP table lighter clock & desk clockby Sushi
Art Deco/Nouveau marble clock with Signed Thomas Francois Cartier Buck Sculpture 1910 -17by rlwindle
 1940's Art Deco Winslow Digital Catalin Clockby Radio-T…
1934 Pennwood Numechron #422, "Arcturus" Adler Royal case Alt. Escutcheonby rlwindle
Westclox Earth paperweight clock--1936-1938by wrightarchi…
New Haven 1930s Metal Alarm Clockby salvage…
1945-55 Art Deco Nautical-themed Desktop Clock  by Tele-Vision (Pennwood)by rlwindle
Art Deco Clock Mystery?by trevor4…
1926 Lux model 200 clock with model 387 candlesticksby rlwindle
Art Deco Electric clockby Justano…
1933-36 Pennwood Numechron #422 with Adler Royal caseby rlwindle
Electric Art Deco chrome wall vintage…
1930's United Clock Corp. "Flame of Life" Model by rlwindle
1940's  German Art Deco Mantel Clockby rlwindle
A Nice Clock... And a Note Of Caution!by upstate…
Telechron Model AB711 "Alarm-Lite"by rlwindle
Westclox Black and Ivory, Model S5 "Bachelor", 1934by rlwindle
Barr Manufacturing cyclometer, December 5th, 1945by rlwindle
Pennwood Tambour Mantel Numechron Model 426, 1934-39by rlwindle
Bayard 1934 Art Deco Clock With Inlaysby rlwindle
Westinghouse Clock/Timer Model TC81by upstate…
1945-55 Better Homes Club Plan/Telechron Tambour Clock #605by rlwindle
Pennwood Art Deco Numechron model #528, 1934by rlwindle
1928-31 Telechron #332 “Duncan”by rlwindle
1928-30 Warren Telechron #553 1 Belmont Art Deco Tambour Clockby rlwindle
Lawson Style #300, "New Yorker", 1935by rlwindle
Marble 1920's Art Deco Puppy Clock With Garnituresby rlwindle
Vintage Bentima 8 Day Great Britain Clockby whitman75
Patented 1907 to 1918 The Minneapolis Honeywell Jewell Brass Automatic Heat Regulator Art Deco Clock Thermostats With Keysby electob…
Art Deco Pennwood Model 303 with Adler Royal Case, 1932by rlwindle
LeCoultre Nautical Clockby gettreal
Rare Art Deco (to the max) General Electric Model #4F58, "Lotus",1935-36by rlwindle
1936 GE Clocks by John Rainbaultby skruft
Three By Herman Miller Models 887, 4781, 4793, 1930-31by rlwindle
1929 30 Telechron model 700, Electrolarm Walnut Brownby rlwindle
Rare Whitehall Hammond and J B Hirsch Pirate / Soldier with a Sabre, figure Clock with Bookend, 1932 designed by J Ruhlby rlwindle
1925-35 Tokyo Clock Mfg Art Deco Clockby rlwindle
Pristine Hammond Marbleby ejyland
Love Birds Faience Clock Set 1945-50 by rlwindle
1945 - 50's Chinese Day and Date clock with Military Time Displayby rlwindle
Vidrio "Cadillac" Slag Glass Clockby Chadakoin
Silvercraft Deco Clockby upstate…
french japy clockby rhodian
Tiffany is timeless.... so keep time by Tiffany.  My mini travel/desktop man's clock. by michael…
Whitehall Hammond Green Oynx Mantle Clock 1931by rlwindle
1930's White Oynx Whitehall Hammond Art Deco Clock With Garnituresby rlwindle
Vintage Lux Bronze Art Deco Mantle Clock c.1920'sby dondidio
Seth Thomas Oak Art Deco Regulator Clockby jcundiff0594
1925-30 Skyscraper Whitehall-Hammond Onyx and Marble clockby rlwindle
purse watch?by se4821
Chartier - Marcus, Brown and White Oynx Art Deco Clock With Garnitures, 1920'sby rlwindle
Bulova Art Deco Skyscraper Mantle Clock, Model 1107, 1930'sby rlwindle
Lawson Cyclometer  Style #313, Vogue 1935-40by rlwindle
White Alabaster Male Figural New Haven Clock, 1925-30by rlwindle
Large Swiss Easel Back Clockby JeffInM…
Westinghouse timer clockby ChePibe
Stanford clockby ChePibe
Hammond (Bichronous) Postal Telegraph Clockby ChePibe
Fritz Marti Movement French Marble Art Deco Figural 8 Day Clock , 1920-25by rlwindle
cartier clocksby apkumars
Art Deco Westclox Oracle Clockby rocker-sd
Waltham Art Deco Clockby rocker-sd
Metamec grandfather clockby silverspur84
Jean de Roncourt style Archer "Marti" French Art Moderne Clock, 1930'sby rlwindle
Art Deco Lamp & Clockby BeauxPu…
Lawson "Arlington" model #97, 1934 by rlwindle
Art Deco Burlwood Alarm clockby rocker-sd
Wooden Hammond Gregory, 1931 Anomalyby rlwindle
Chrome Deco Clockby rocker-sd
Machine Age Waltham Clockby Arisellon
Blue Mirror Clockby rocker-sd
Art Deco Clockby rocker-sd
Vintage Telechron Electric Clock/Timerby whitman75
Vidrio Cadillac Clock flanked by two small Pittsburgh satin glass oil lampsby Hedgewa…
Deco Telechronby JoeMore
G.E. 'Hotpoint' TM-8 Electric Clock/Range Timerby Chadakoin
Cat and Dog Standoff Marble Art Deco Alarm Clock 1920'sby rlwindle
 Art Deco clock  National Call self starting clockby Ninamosha
Elgin Novelty Made in France Clock by littleannas…
1930's Herman Miller/Leon Hatot Art Deco Banjo Clock, #3019by rlwindle
Wooden Art Deco Clockby upstate…
Smith Metal Arts SiverCrest, Model 202 Desk Set with Lawson Movement, 1950sby rlwindle
Antique Warren Telechron Co. Clock Art Deco Woodby bagsnbl…
Waltham Blue Glass Art Deco Clockby generalelec…
Hammond Art Deco Bichronous Mantle Clock, Columbia 1931 by rlwindle
Art Deco Lady Bowler Clock/Lamp by rlwindle
 Art Deco Bakelite Skyscraper Stanford Clock 1930'sby Radio-T…
Lux/Bugle Boy? Red Kal-Klock 1938by rlwindle
1934 Lawson Art Deco Cyclometer Model 350, The Manhattanby rlwindle
1929 30 Telechron model 700, Electrolarm Ivory Whiteby rlwindle
Phinney Walker Wall Clock, 1935 -40by rlwindle
Geometric Marble Art Deco Clock 1930/40'sby rlwindle
Jefferson Golden Hour Clockby upstate…
Junghans Art Deco 7 Jewel German ATO Anticlimatic Carriage clock, 1940'sby rlwindle
Hermle Mantle Clock, 1935 - rlwindle
Lawson Model No. 304, "Zephyr (Originally named Mayfair*)", 1935-40by rlwindle
Lawson Model 490 "New Yorker", 1940by rlwindle
Another Lux Mystery Annular Clock  Boxed Beauty, 1935by rlwindle
Warren Telechron Model 5F03, “ The Brandon”, 1935-36by rlwindle
Pennwood Numechron "Chatham", rlwindle
Pennwood "Imperial" Shelf Clockby Chadakoin
Warren Telechron 8H15 Instructor, 1940-41 by rlwindle
General Electric Model 8H14 Alamanac Day and Date clock, 1940 by rlwindle
Sessions Mable Art Deco Table clock, 1935-45 by rlwindle
Hammond Day and Date Calendar Clock, "Tripoli", 1938 Case Model 3by rlwindle
Hammond Day and Date Calendar Clock, "Tripoli", 1938 Case Model 2by rlwindle
Hensen Electric Art Deco Annular  Clock 1928-40by rlwindle
New Haven Shelf Clockby Chadakoin
Gustav Becker Art Deco Mantel clock #1040 , March 1931by rlwindle
Lawson Model 304 "Zephyr"by Chadakoin
Hammond Bichronous Art Deco Day Date Clock, "Avondale", 1931by rlwindle
 Art Deco French Marble Clock  and Garnitures, 1925-30by rlwindle
1946-48 Telechron Model 8B23, “Register” by rlwindle
Telechron Cyclometer Model 8B03, Minitman, 1933-36by rlwindle
General  Electric 8B04 Cyclometer "New Executive", 1935 by rlwindle
Whitehall Hammond Synchronous Clockby windog1
Telechron Model 8B07 Cyclometer, " Baron " 1936-39 by rlwindle
Hammond Day and Date Calendar Clock, "Tripoli", 1938by rlwindle
Hammond Calendar Clock, "Dayton" 1941by rlwindle
Walnut Bakelite Hammond "Gregory" (aka Skyscraper) 1931by rlwindle
Epitome of Art Deco, French F B L Wall Clock, 1925-30by rlwindle
Warren Telechron Model 3F51, “Duke”, 1932-36by rlwindle
Glass Ball Clockby wrightarchi…
The First Electric Digital Clock - Telechron Cyclometer Model 8B01 "Minitmaster", 1933-34 by rlwindle
Brand New Large Lux 1935 Mystery Rotary Annular Clock and Original Boxby rlwindle
Warren Telechron, Model 4FO5, The Gracewood (I), 1936 by rlwindle
Warren Telechron Model #4B79, "Olympic" 1937-40by rlwindle
General Electric "Tuscan" Mantle Clock 1939by rlwindle
Small Lux Blue Annular” Mystery Rotary” (aka “Tape Measure”) clock 1935by rlwindle
Large Nickel Lux Annular "Mystery Rotary" (aka "Tape Measure") Clock, 1935by rlwindle
Black Bakelite Hammond "Gregory" (aka "Skyscraper"), 1931by rlwindle
General Electric Cyclometer "Budgeteer" Model 8B-06, 1936by rlwindle
1950 General Electric Gothic or Beehive clock with Wesminister Chimes "Chorus" ,  Model #426by rlwindle
Telechron Cyclometer "Tribute" #8B09 1936by rlwindle
Westclox  4 in 1 Calendar Clock, 1938by rlwindle
1933 GE Warren "Executive" Telechron Bakelite Art Deco Clock Model 8B02by rlwindle
Telechron Model 8B11 "Granada" Art Deco Bakelite Clock 1938by rlwindle
German Eugen Bauer Jubliee Presentation Clock, 1930 by rlwindle
1935 Lackner Neon Glo Mantle clockby rlwindle
Smith Metal Arts "Moon Crest Clock" Model M-130 with Lawson Movement. 1950'sby rlwindle
1933 Lawson Cyclometer design, Model Number 215, "The Sierra"by rlwindle
Pennwood Bronze Numechron, "Hesperus" 1937by rlwindle
Schlenker & Kienzle Long Wooden Art Deco Clock with Counter Weighted Pendulum (waagependel)by rlwindle
Green Black Red and White Marble Art Deco Clock 1930sby rlwindle
Wooden Art Deco Table Clock by rlwindle
Art Deco Nefer-Temu Pharaoh Hound Clock and  Garnitures case with Henri Japy Freres Movement, 1920-25by rlwindle
Robert Johns Mfr. maybe 1885???by pyrolilly
Westclox Model 800 Wall Clocksby Chadakoin
B.E. Larence & Co. Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
Charles Hour clockby Sushi
Blangy's moost famous models from 1937by Sushi
Clear Art Deco Clock on Shelfby rlwindle
Kienzle Art Deco Chiming Wall Clock, 1920-25by rlwindle
Mauthe Art Deco Tall Case Clock With  Barometer and Walnut Caseby rlwindle
Measured Time "Hawkeye" Timer/Clock by Chadakoin
Middlebury Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
Telechron 8B11 “Grenada”by Chadakoin
Wyncote Cyclometer Clockby Chadakoin
Westclox Baby Benby upstate…
Unusual Silvercraft clockby upstate…
Nice Lux Deco Clockby upstate…
Lawson Model 221 ‘Empress’by Chadakoin
Lawson Model No. 24 by Chadakoin
Wonderful ART DECO French clocks by Depby Sushi
"MARTI" Biege Brown Black White Art Deco clock 1930sby rlwindle
UCRA Clock with Garnitures 1930'sby rlwindle
Three Tone Art Deco Clock and Garnituresby rlwindle
can anyone tell me about this clock by delboydel
Perivale 'Chrome' Clock 1930'sby evanhout
Telechron/GE Model AB7B02 "Autolarm"by ChePibe
French mechanical clocks 1919 - 1939by Sushi
Hammond Ravenswood Alarmby ChePibe
Art Deco Clock Lamp Combinationby rlwindle
1930's Manning Bowman Electric Clockby rlwindle
The "Telebell" Telechron Clockby ChePibe
Hammond "Clermont" clockby ChePibe
The General Electric Hotpoint Clock Rangeby ChePibe
The Mayfairby ChePibe
The Virginian by ChePibe
Hammond Wood Clock: The “Cavalier”by ChePibe
The "Rapture"by ChePibe
Art Deco Hammondby ChePibe
Kitchen Clock Timers (Part II)by ChePibe
Kitchen Clock Timersby ChePibe
Westclox Lasalle clockby ChePibe
Black and ChePibe
The Navy ChePibe
Some of my favorite clocksby ChePibe
NEON CLOCK?by marathonjosh
Bird Deco Clockby rlwindle
My Fifth Art Deco Clock with Garnituresby rlwindle
My First Art Deco Clock - The one that got me startedby rlwindle
Four color marble REX Clockby rlwindle
REX Clocksby rlwindle
Brass Art Deco Clockby rlwindle
Art Deco Overloadby rlwindle
My Dumpster Diving Windsor Dutch Windmill Clock by rlwindle
My Swan Clockby rlwindle
Perivale/Anvil  Art Deco Chiming Mantel Clockby rlwindle
Pennwood Numechron Model #305 with Adler-Royal Cabinet, 1932by rlwindle
Some of my Art Deco clocksby rlwindle
Hotpoint Range-top Timer w/ Telechron movementby Chadakoin
My "Golden Hour", Jeffersonian Clock Co. clockby michael…
Pennwood Numechron Model 100 'Chieftan'by Chadakoin
General Electric 3H76 "Ithaca"  by Chadakoin
Westclox Big Ben Electric Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
General Electric 7F72 'Heralder' Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
Stanford Products, Ltd. Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
Telechron ‘Semester’ Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
Hammond 'Patricia' Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
General Electric 7F56 'Vedette'by Chadakoin
Westinghouse/Lux Range Timerby Chadakoin
Lux Range Timerby Chadakoin
Pennwood 'Zephyr' Cyclometerby Chadakoin
Telechron 3F67 'The Pageant'by Chadakoin
Hotpoint GE/Telechron Range Timerby Chadakoin
Stanford Products, Ltd. Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
Lincoln Electric Alarm by Chadakoin
Gottlieb "Telometer"by Chadakoin
Telechron 8B03 "Minitman"by Chadakoin
Pennwood Numechron Model 500 "Swank"by Chadakoin
Pennwood Numechron Model #300 "Topper"by Chadakoin
Gilbert "Airmeter"by Chadakoin
Twinface Clocksby Chadakoin
Pennwood Numechron "Moderne"by Chadakoin
Westclox Big Ben, Style 5by Chadakoin
Pennwood Model #1364 "Mercury"by Chadakoin
Crawford Range Timerby Chadakoin
GE/Hotpoint TM-8 "Electric Clock Range Timer"by Chadakoin
Diecasters "Phantom" Clockby Chadakoin
Stanford Calendar Clockby Chadakoin
Hammond Model 302 "Modern Firefly" Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
Waterbury No. 114 "Modernistic"by Chadakoin
Hammond "Gregory"by Chadakoin
Kenmore Model 906 "Dowling" Shelf Clockby Chadakoin
Hotpoint Range Timerby Chadakoin
Telechron Model 700 "Electrolarm" Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
General Electric Model 8B04 "New Executive"by Chadakoin
Hammond/Viking Illuminated Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
General Electric 5F50 "Mirage"by Chadakoin
New Haven "Mars" Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
Gilbert Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
New Haven "Geometric Series" Shelf Clockby Chadakoin
Telechron Model AB712 "Alarm-Lite"by Chadakoin