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North Olmsted, Ohio

I accumulate items or discover them while looking for something else in my basement. Picture is of Wyatt the Merciless, 8 pounds of terror.


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A Trillium To One - Lampsin Lamps
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Everybody Loves A Singer - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
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  1. Is she not the original "fat lady" everyone refers to? Or am I not allowed to say fat anymore?
  2. Thank you all for the comments. I would have liked to find out more about this building, but was not along on this trip. When we would travel any distance, I would always prefer to return home via r...
  3. Great photos. If ANYTHING, the windows are OBSCURED.
  4. When I first saw this I thought it was part of the Stimulus Bill. Oops. This is an apolitical statement and I approve of this message.
  5. I promise I wrote this from memory without consulting the internet, so pardon me if I'm wrong. If my memory serves correct: Gonna pick you up in a taxi honey, Better be ready bout half-pa...
  6. Stained glass work is a hobby of mine. Your lamp is very skillfully done. Color selection and technique reflect this. Makes me want to get out my lamp mold.
  7. Thank you for the comments Vynil33rpm and AnythingObscure.
  8. Thanks Congcu. I'm going to take a close look at the slide.
  9. Thanks Scott. The backwards lettering was puzzling but now makes some sense. My original image of this was on a slide. About fifteen years ago I went through my slides and had photos made of the im...
  10. You learn something every day. Maybe the backwards spelling was because it was bottled nearby. Thanks for the comments and information. Maybe that's why every bottle had a different level of Coke i...
  11. When I was stationed near St. Louis in the late sixties there was a Falstaff Brewery there and the Falstaff Museum. I was raking in $88 a month and was always broke, no money for beer. My buddy and ...
  12. Thanks. At last I know the original color and style of the fiberglass shade. It was always a choice of what would look right with this lamp. My other "non-painted" twin has a two-tiered green fiber...
  13. The first painting evokes "Ars Poetica" by Archibald MacLeish. "For all the history of grief, An empty doorway and a maple leaf. . .
  14. I had an ashtray made from a 105mm howitzer shell casing. One of the local Vietnamese interpreters had it made for me. It had the lines from an old vaudville song "Ain't We Got Fun" stamped on it. ...
  15. . . .where the shadows run from themselves. Still can hear it.
  16. This would look great in an old Art Deco frame.
  17. I think they call these slag glass lamps with a "lighthouse" base. The hole at the top of the base is probably for heat dissipation. There is a switch on the bottom of the base for lighting it and t...
  18. Just bought a house before I got the truck. All my spare time was spent on rehab of the house. Had to let the truck go. Have to dig through some boxes for photos, if I have any I'll surely post the...
  19. Have to correct my comment. The 52 GMC had a flathead six, not a straight 8. Ahead of it's time with a push button starter, on the floor.
  20. Love your truck. I had an old 52 GMC five window for a while. Had a 6 volt battery and no turn signals. Had to replace the kingpins which was a chore. Straight eight under the hood and enough room...
  21. My guesses would be Majestic or Plasto. It's so Atomic I would check it for radiation!
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Singer Treadle Sewing Machine (1919)