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31 year old female, located in Australia with an intense passion for antique china and bisque (so-called 'Parian') head dolls, with a preference for the elaborately 31 year old female, located in Australia with an intense passion for antique china and bisque (so-called 'Parian') head dolls, with a preference for the elaborately coiffured haughty-looking examples of the 1860's and 70's. I began my doll collecting journey by acquiring 1920's-40's American composition dolls and 1950's HP examples, then gravitated towards my current passion. I also have a huge appreciation for German and American papier mache dolls, as well as more modern collecting in the form of 1950's and 60's lady head vases and vintage metal lunchboxes featuring pop culture icons. Always happy to chat with other collectors learn more. (Read more)


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  1. No worries, Merry Christmas to you too.
  2. Holy incredibleness, that is a beauty.
  3. I agree with Manikin-the 1970's as an approximate date seems about correct for this reproduction china head. Many artists and home hobbyists signed their work but many also didn't. A signature may be ...
  4. I agree, she looks like she's made of papier mache. There's no high glaze to her, therefore it isn't china. Possible repaint or more than likely a reproduction. Is the shoulder plate fully intact? Stu...
  5. I was wondering what kind of flower that was-thanks.
  6. Thanks so much. Her hair colour is what really grabbed me, the grey/silver is fairly uncommon. Thanks everyone for the likes.
  7. Fascinating. I was curious as china heads are generally not marked (if they are it's usually a sizing number), and a year marking on the plate would be a first that I've seen. What sort of handwriting...
  8. An incredible flat top china head. Fantastic kid arms and the molding is exceptional on this example, nice and deep. Where or how is she dated 1862?
  9. A flat top beauty, she's fantastic.
  10. Your glass-eyed mid-19th century man is a delight. I agree with the seller that he's more than likely German, maybe American but I lean towards the former. I think Johann Andreas Voit dolls are French...
  11. Thanks Manikin, cheers.
  12. Thanks so much racer.
  13. Thanks for the love for my china head lady, I appreciate it.
  14. Unless you're thinking of selling it and need to show any damage in photos, I wouldn't worry too much about removing the fabric. It's likely keeping the damage together (maybe a seam split?), I'm gues...
  15. I second Manikin's comment. Looks like a metal head. Is the shoulder plate damaged, due to the way the fabric is positioned over it?
  16. The markings are those of Bawo & Dotter.
  17. She is a mass produced ca. 1990 porcelain doll made in China. Most of these sorts of dolls are not marked in any way.
  18. 1. The larger bisque doll with the blue headband. This is a modern doll, probably a home made kit/artist repro. I could've been made any time-maybe 70's or 80's give or take a decade. The hairstyle is...
  19. Your doll is German and made of bisque with a commercially made sawdust-filled body and bisque limbs, made by Rauenstein Porzellanfabrik as per the markings. Hairstyle indicates a doll made around the...
  20. Thanks for adding more photos. I'm in love with the other one with the pencil mustache!!! He's amazing. The other, like mine, is fantastic too. So good to see others out there, and to learn there's an...
  21. She's pretty cute. Looks 1920's/30's to me. Plaster maybe?
  22. No worries. Would love to see more of your dolls, cheers.
  23. No worries Katherine and mareredware. If you're interested, I've posted a shot of my Unica dolls, a male and a female. If you go to my profile and see my postings, you'll find it. Cheers.
  24. I have two of these dolls, one exactly like yours on the right, and a female companion, who also has a similar mirthful large smiling face. These dolls were made by Unica, a Belgian toy company in 194...
  25. Thanks Betty for that info. She's a beauty, especially with that dress.
  26. She is super amazing! I have one also, roughly 12", no box though. Fantastic to have that.
  27. Is the dress tagged Pedigree?
  28. She's gorgeous. Looks like she still has quite good colour too, the eyebrows and cheek blush often wear off after many years. I LOVE her dress and shoes.
  29. Sorry the potato has an actual body, which you would then add the potato as the head, it's sitting in the box.
  30. Thanks for that info. Yeah, there's no whole body pieces, only accessories, limbs, hats etc for decorating actual vegetables. Thanks again.
  31. The flat top is lovely, and her antique clothing is fantastic.
  32. Thanks Racer for your comment.
  33. Thanks Manikin. I'm finding very few people I come across have an appreciation for china heads, bisque's are what most people love. Thanks for always having lovely things to say about my treasured lad...
  34. Definitely. Ideal made some of the first hard plastic walker-type dolls and this was Pedigree's answer to that. Pedigree hard plastic walker dolls with criers are easily found here in Australia, but t...
  35. Thanks! The brush marks are a fantastic feature. The hair has got some wear marks on it, as do the eyebrows slightly. This doll was definitely well loved and used at some point.
  36. Thanks heaps for sharing. Fantastic fashion illustrations, interesting article. Ladies Journal offering hopes of a cure for asthma and opium users....sign of the times. Thanks for sharing.
  37. No worries Peter. Please do share a shot if you find out the whereabouts of the 116A. It's got a gorgeous, mirthful face. A very popular character example in the doll world. With the certificates you ...
  38. Hi. This is a porcelain doll made in China or by a modern day artist. It definitely isn't from the 1930's, more than likely made in the last 10-15 years. These dolls at this point have minimal value, ...
  39. Thanks Peter. As per the certificate, the sellers were only supposing this to be a Kestner. The '5' marking would indicate a size number. It may be an unknown maker. The amount of companies making dol...
  40. I haven't studied bisque dolls nearly as closely as china head dolls, but she is a desirable doll if the head is in impeccable condition, i.e no chips, breaks etc. As Manikin mentioned, she is a dolly...
  41. Thanks so much Manikin for all your lovely compliments on my china ladies. Most people who see my dolls don't really 'get' them. They fail to see the beauty and history. I have a Conta & Boehme lady a...
  42. Thanks for the info, appreciate it :) I'd love to see the doll that was originally wearing this. I think you're right with that date of this piece too.
  43. Hi Thomas happy V-Day to you, thanks also for following. Cheers.
  44. No worries at all kyratango, thanks again for reading and your compliments on my china ladies.
  45. What do you mean your posts were being used by other sites Manikin?
  46. Stevie Nicks is the most amazing performer, singer and lyricist of this and last century. She has the most incredible stage presence. I was lucky enough to see Fleetwood Mac perform in Brisbane, Austr...
  47. 100% genuine antique china heads. Both do have defects which will devalue them somewhat, with the crack on the flat top, and chipping on the low brow, but still lovely examples.
  48. Thanks! I saw your piece, lovely. What marking is on the base of yours?
  49. Thanks. I didn't realize how much I rambled this time, once I get going its hard to shut me up haha. I think many late Victorian and Edwardian children had a Low Brow, especially if their parents coul...
  50. Here's a genuine c.1840's china head with the same hairstyle:
  51. See more


Dated 1862 China Head Doll in Her Original Clothing Papier-Mâché Shoulder Head Doll Starsky and Hutch Magazines from 1976-78 Old doll- need help identifying him WWII dolls 1940's Miniature Sewing Mannequin Midwinter umbrella bon bon dish 1983 Free Spirit Banana Seat Bike Yellow 1871 Peterson's Magazine antique doll Compo Bubbles and Dimples Dolls Hair styles China Dolls  First is a Covered Wagon along side a Flat top Parian painted eye 1860's-1880's German Doll Antique 'Covered Wagon' German China Head


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