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  1. I have something similar to this scoop and it's about 10 inches across. It's for scooping grain, corn, etc.
  2. It looks like the one with the light wood handle is an adze blade and the other a pick like blade. The adze blade doesn't look sturdy enough to carve wood. Also the curved handle reminds me of Polynes...
  3. Being that it was on a fire door and has that liquid filled capsule, I'd say its a heat sensitive release mechanism. When the capsule gets hot it melts or shatters and allows the two eyes to move rel...
  4. I have one exactly like this and have seen the same cannon in an antique store. My research says they were made in Spain but I don't have a reference at hand. Rogerww
  5. It looks like there are slots and holes for screws or bolts on a few of the flanges so there could be missing wood parts. Let us all know if you figure it out.
  6. It looks like it could be a scraper without the blade. The tapered slot holds the blade with a wedge block like a block plane. Just a guess.
  7. This is an engine valve lap tool. It's missing a rubber suction cup on the end of the shaft that holds the valve. Abrasive Lapping compound is placed between the valve and valve seat and the tool laps...
  8. I was wrong earlier. It is a cork tool sharpener, found an advertisement for a more modern version.
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Please help... what is this???


posted 8 years ago