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 Light green glass jarby JessicaFaith
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Antique Vacuum Packed Product Jars W Orig. Tin Lidsby JSmed
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~~~1870's French Mustard Jar~~~by Sizzle
~~~1850's French Mustard Jar~~~by Sizzler
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who made these wide mouth jars. the lid is slightly smaller that the ball wide mouth lids and i cant find lids to fit  my fiveby sammarcus
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Mason Jar Iron Cross 1800'sby Rockey
Mason Jar Reversed F by Chris0107
Tested and approved by The Good Housekeeping Instituteby creed
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 3.5 oz Jumbo Peanut Butter, Frank Tea & Spice Co. Cincinnati, Ohio by packrat…
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Freshly found buried under collapsed PickerX
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