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On Angels Wingsby Indianafarm
Glamour Girls!by Indianafarm
Oh Stacey!!by Indianafarm
A splash of mod mania!by Indianafarm
Barbies I likeby Indianafarm
The Many Faces of Barbie!by Indianafarm
So They Think They Can Dance! by Indianafarm
Groove is in the heart!by Indianafarm
Our '64 Swirl Girls! by Indianafarm
Allan doll box by Mattel, circa 1963by Hunter
1965 color & curlby Indianafarm
vintage Barbie dolls by Mdbaybumz
1962 Japan Titan Bubblecut Barbie Garage Sale Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Coordinating Coordinates!by Indianafarm
Fly'n the Barbie Skies!by Indianafarm
Superstar!!by Indianafarm
Malibu Barbieby Indianafarm
A beauty from Mom's Barbie collectionby Berthas…
Framed "Portrait" of Barbie - Fashion Model Joyeux from 2003 by Jean123
Blast from the past year: 1975by Indianafarm
Stay Thirsty My Indianafarm
'65 American Barbie & Pal Midge get Colorful!by Indianafarm
Some of matching favorites!by Indianafarm
'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' by Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie 1967 & 1968 IIby Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie 1967 & 1968by Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie 1964 IIIby Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie 1964 IIby Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie 1964 part Iby Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie  '65 & '66 pt IVby Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie '65 & '66 PT IIIby Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie '65 & '66 pt IIby Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie '65 & '66 pt Iby Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie 1962 &1963by Indianafarm
Barbie 1959by Indianafarm
Barbie 1961by Indianafarm
Barbie 1960by Indianafarm
Vintage Brunette Ponytail Original Barbie Dollby racquel…
Ken, his crew & mov' in with Barbie!by Indianafarm
Midge oh Midge!by Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie dollby desireegode…
Handmade Vintage Barbie Silkstone Fashion by Kimby kkkoch
Handmade Vintage Barbie Silkstone Fashion Blue Birds Dress and Hat by Kimby kkkoch
Handmade Barbie Silkstone Fashion Tulip Yellow by Kimby kkkoch
Scooby Doo Barbie - Set of fourby Bun-bun
Barbie Doll - 1959by jhkrueger
My side part bubblecut Barbiesby Babgal72
Authentic vintage Barbie?by Birgitta1707
A Blue Barbie?by Monga5
old barbies  by mireyuka
My Beautiful OOAK My Size Barbieby kas2ndn…
My new Vintage #3 Ponytail Barbieby Lynn793
Barbie Licensed Products 1960s ! by paix22
BARBIE AND toolate2
Mattel Julia Doll by eekahil
My Favorite Hi Color Barbie American Girl c 1966by le.atti…
1968 Midge 1966 Mystery Barbie with outfitsby ronsoverstu…
My Vintage Barbie Collectionby Vintage…
1966-1967 Francie Dollby NicoleJ…
Early 1960s "Fashion Queen" Barbie Dollby NicoleJ…
Need HELP Identifying these itbesuziq
Barbie Doll's questinesby freebird0700
Titian sidepart Bubblecut Barbie in On the Go Floral Sheathby GayleAs…
Midnight Color Magic with low color face wearing All That Jazzby GayleAs…
Unusual #5 jet black ponytail Barbieby GayleAs…
Granny Grey long hair high color face American Girl Batbieby GayleAs…
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Is this a twist and turn Barbie doll?by mike101
Barbie dollsby WJB
Barbie Dollsby mrpatrick
1957 barbie?by tjcald
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NIB Barbie Limited Edition Pepperment Princess Wristwatchby thisold…
Mattel Inc Barbieby mosk
Mattel Inc Barbieby mosk
Barbie  needs outfitby mosk
Barbie and Midge Travel Caseby gvgordon
What is This Barbie Nameby mosk
Mattel Inc Barbieby mosk
Mattel Inc Barbieby mosk
Mattel Barbie by mosk
Mattel Inc Barbieby mosk
Beautifull Kimonoby mosk
naked barbiesby kerrycz
barbiesby xxmagsxx
1961? Barbieby Ballsto…
Barbie carby pamall
Little Debbie Barbieby Esther110
Vintage Repro Commuter Set Barbieby rosie4601
Dream Glow Barbieby jlennon…
Various Vintage Barbiesby jlennon…
LeNouveauTheatre De La Mode Barbie by Billy Boyby barbieman
Early '60's dollsby schmitthapp…
Gold Plated Barbie Charm Bracelet-Valuable???by teyabugg
My Coke stuffby dxero
Midge's Wedding Party Gift Set (Barbie's best friend)by mt.stern
Mattel Barbie dollby mac
Vintage 1960's Barbie Bedspread w/ Sham for Twin Sized Bedby mboctober11
barbie and ken in the atticby chele
Some of my favorite Barbiesby theBdollClub
Barbie with 3 wigs and wig stand any idea what it is worth?by NorCalJill