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TRU 1st edition k5 20th anniversary toys r us 20"by psaenz
Pet Name China Head Dollby chinahe…
antique teddy bear by melissa.wan…
PATTI PLAY PAL by antique…
Found me a couple more Kokeshi dollsby melaniej
Ideal Doll....Flossie?by mprimo111
Willie the Clownby guss
MINT In Box Madame Alexander "Renoir" # 1578 by Tamilee70
Ca. 1860's China Head Dollby chinahe…
Gift from Mother In Law, wax headby misha01
Doll collectionby emeraldrago…
Any idea what type of bear this is?by RobDe
My Cowgirl!by Jadanov
Is my new baby a Kestner?by Jadanov
Vintage Seminole Indian Doll Mid-Centuryby vintagejuli…
Two dolls given to my daughter from her great-grandmotherby KirstieJams
Collectors choice by Zaiiter
Ca. 1880's China Head Boy Dollby chinahe…
5cm boy doll made in italyby emiliene103
My Inherited Old Bearby Buglovergirl
Ralph A. Freundlich 1930s Composition "3 Little Pigs" Dolls (Minus One)by Msriss86
Old man dollby heatherp
Busted Up Unmarked Antique Bisque Socket Head Doll w/ Mache body and wooden upper limbsby Msriss86
Banner celluloid dollby katheri…
A Pair old hard  Plastic strung Native dolls,  Crazey EyEsby mikeigo…
Old Vintage Doll Sewn Hands Unknown Material on faceby mikeigo…
Bent Knee, Jointed Knee, what's the Difference?by Jamiemaria
Where did I come from? by AusWigwom
rare? dollsby Peterdr…
1938 Mexican Pearl toothed Doll with Babyby dianek
The Serene Beauty Of Agnesby chinahe…
My Princess Peggy estate sale findby Mjhort
Mixed doll lot by mikeigo…
Mr Robber Vintage Gingham Duckby thetedd…
A 'Flat Top' China Head Beautyby chinahe…
US Navy doll compositionby digraziatoys
Kokeshi Dollby melaniej
grand lit de poupée en bois - debutXXeby museede…
élément de dinette : batterie de cuisine  annéres 1950by museede…
petite poupee en celluloide, vers 1950by museede…
lit de poupée artisanal.  vers 1930by museede…
poupée en composition et yeux en verre vers 1930by museede…
partie de dinette en bois tourné, jouets en bois et mobilier-art populaire, Alsace debutXXeby museede…
ancienne poupée plastique noire années 50by museede…
poupée en composition vers 1930-1940by museede…
Antique China Doll 22" red hairby Msriss86
Woman sailor  perfume /cologne carry case about 1920, thanks Manikinby kivatin…
ANNA MARIE - I make her a new/old dressby kas2ndn…
ANNA MARIE - Gets a bodyby kas2ndn…
Anna Marie -2003by kas2ndn…
stuffed toy for a child born in 1979by LuciLOlsen
rescued teddyby illfotune
Vintage Berman Buckskin Doll, Cowboy Pete leather outfitby mikeigo…
ceramic? and cloth bendable fireman and doctorby shellycom
Vintage Plush Tigerby thetedd…
Mickey Mouse 194/1000 Anyone have information?by kristin51480
19" Old man Christmas Doll?by cooper09
an oldish dollby Kitkat11az
Doll House Miniature Furnitureby CTreasu…
Help with IDby dandadetox
ideal toy corp. Baby doll 1965 with item #fl20-e-h-354by ninap
Granny's dollby Cls8hope
Mystery Bear from Canadaby k25jh
Alaskan porcelain dollby CloveT
Vintage bearby zvonkec
Ishinomaki Kokeshi by Soulpor…
Pretty porcelain doll by Lisamajor
Found Dolls at Grandma's Houseby NeedHelping
Early Steiff Standing Bear by Fritziii
Hasbro  Dolly's Nurse Kit  No.1720 1950'sby Otaco4me
Heidi Steiner bears but it's a pigby Familyslife…
Help with Identification? Paper Mâché automatonby Msriss86
Rare Chosun International Plush Christmas Bear Salesman's Sample by Efesgirl
Wood carved doll holding elf dollby Karebare1
General Metal Toys Canada.  Play Stove and Bakng Cabinetby Otaco4me
Miniature Mercury Rocket Bankby MacDadd…
Does anybody know this bunny doll?by djlaum
Madame Alexander Clothes IDby AnnaB
Indians brinn collectiblesby Whiken44
Collectors choice !beautiful brow eyes head full girls !by Whiken44
Origin? by vmocak
Plaid Ken Watchby Kiribear
Top Knot Kokeshiby bushbaby
Ànother mysteryby bushbaby
Harlequin Reader Service Porcelain Doll  "Harlequin Collectibles" Bride dollby GeminiAngel…
Harlequin Reader Service Porcelain Doll - Box postmarked Oct 11, 1991by GeminiAngel…
Harlequin Reader Service Porcelain Doll - Box postmarked Apr 10 1990by GeminiAngel…
Hasbro Summer Looks Paul 1990sby Efesgirl
An older kokeshi by bushbaby
Madame Alexander Walker Qby AnnaB
Ideal Saucy Walkerby AnnaB
 1930's Playskool Pullman Sleep Dolly Sleep Train Carby Manikin
Vintage (?) Topsy Turvy Doll > Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma & the Big Bad Wolf~!!by Efesgirl
Am I worth anything?by Ajc4729
Nicole De France Dollby piffy
The Whole Enchilada part II of Vby Indianafarm
The Whole Enchilada part V of Vby Indianafarm
The Whole Enchilada part IV of Vby Indianafarm
The Whole Enchilada part III of Vby Indianafarm
The Whole Barbie Enchilada!! I of Vby Indianafarm
Antique 'Covered Wagon' German China Headby chinahe…
'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' by Indianafarm
Vintage Vogue Dollby Ballsto…
Vogue Bride dollby Ballsto…
My Little Ponyby Fjaworski
A Storybook Doll Questionby AnnaB
Who is this lovely Madame Alexander Doll?by CeliaA
JAMES DEAN - AMERICAN LEGEND by Timeless Treasures from Matell Dollby Pinupmo…
Antique French Dolls, Shop Windows, Rue de Vaugirard, Parisby estsale…
NEW JERSEYby Power7788
~Annalee baby Dolls~by mskandi…
~Vintage Doll~by mskandi…
Master Piece Gallery Dollby CindyRo…
Barbie Pink 'N' Pretty Houseby Phil64jones
Victorian Porcelain Doll with Braided Hairby aussiebooks
Victorian Miniature Doll?by aussiebooks
Jacqueline kent Sujnshine56
Sasha Dollby Tmpalider
vintage stuffed animal [unknown]by Beverlyzzzzz
odd doll, dapper gentleman, mystery manby vintage…
My first doll and Teddy Bear by Manikin
1860's china doll or reproduction?by BlckWntr
Wooden Foreign Legion(?) dollby Daddysdaugh…
Trying to find my doll can't find her onlineby Tinaandlizi
help me identify this doll pleaseby krstroud80
Madame Alexander Cissy?by vintage4sure
Any idea who made my old bear?by Lewis
Gebruder Bach baby boy dollby JRomer
Vintage 18 in. Dollby Beatriz
Shirley Temple Hawaiian Hawaii Hula Dollby seatreevint…
Porcelain dollby racergl74
found this doll while going through things after she past dmt
Early Native American Dollby WAAtkins
30'S - 40's Cowboy Dollby niksqpts
Unknown Vintage Dollby verbatim
Norah Wellings Pirate Doll 1930sby courten…
Kokeshi variations 2by racer4f…
Kokeshi variations 1by racer4f…
VOODO QUEEN Doll, Skeleton, Bag, Pins, Black & White Dress, voodooby sweetaf…
Help to identify dollby acoats
Pretty dollby Anguggiari
Wax figurine Art Deco by FairyFan
Ideal Toy Corp. by Lizbeth
Baby Infant Doll Jointed Metal hooksby lemarcheaup…
Pretty Dollby Anguggiari
Sawdust Doll?by Midnite51
Dedicated to Joyceby JoyceBa…
1940's African American Paper Dollsby Virgometer
Could someone please help me in identifying the maker of this doll?by AmyA24
Loved this dollby RuthS
Cabinet card of HUGE Doll Collection c. 1890sby scottvez
Large old dollby CardinalLady
Music Box Bradley Dollby Dollgir…
Mod Bradley Dollby Dollgir…
Another Old Dollby superso…
Hair styles China Dolls  First is a Covered Wagon along side a Flat top by Manikin
here are some other photos of the doll in whiteby pilotwill
Parian painted eye 1860's-1880's German Doll by Manikin
another mystery ANyone know what she is?by pilotwill
Anyone know what this is? I would love to research but don't know where to startby pilotwill
Could anyone tell me about this baby figureby Linny
Bradley Dollby Dollgir…
Please helpby Audreyventura
Black Kewpie Doll with Jumbo logoby sunnynature22
Little Dress-up Doll - Male ( For manikin )by antique…
J. Withers Wind Up Baby Doll "TIMOTHY" by mikeigo…
Anyone know what doll this is?by indigojoules
Exclusive Edition 2004 Red Shoot Hypnotica Gaze Bleeding Edge BeGoth Doll Series 4by Efesgirl
Antique Straw Stuffed Dog Dollby fortapa…
old teady bear by foxfire555
Dam Efesgirl
Zook dolls from 1983by okeydokey
Bisque figure of a boy by Andycovo
Early stuffed bear. Stomach is split. Has a chain and collarby CdnEarl
18" China Doll from Grandma's Trunkby CPinehurst
Winzerin vom Rhein Original Schmider Trachten Erika Nr.74/Serie 21Aby deandacris
Early wooden male figure nesting doll?by PrimePickins
Precious porcelain dollsby Gwen1967
Nodding head wooden dollby caewr98…
Unusual dollby dparsons369
Nesting Dolls!!! by DerBayz
Good condition Effangee dollsby Lmayschak
My orange, mohair, ugly ( but well loved teddy bear). Jointed, open mouth, teeth, signed on bottom right foot. Info ?by Kragsdale
 Rabbit with Palette by Kersa Made in Germany in the 50'sby Birder27
Beautiful China Dollby Michele1957
My Mom's Kewpie doll :)by lbarg
Vintage Barbie 1967 & 1968 IIby Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie 1967 & 1968by Indianafarm
Porcelain Dolls on standsby Russtics
bisc dolls from 1920sby Quicksell76
my oldest toy i have, merrythought bear by don80
Circa 1945by Tomlocascio
Found on a French rubbish dumpby rodplod
Identification helpby NCausey
ancien fourneau de poupee JEP vers 1900.  Early 19o0' dollhouse cooker by museede…
 fourneau pour maison de poupée en tôle, vers 1910. early 1910 dollhouse metal museede…
Trois petites assiettes en porcelaine, dinette de poupée fin XIXème.  Set of 3 dollhouse porcelain plates, Victorian museede…
plateau en têle peinte pour dinette fin XIXème - french victorian dollhouse metal tray with floral lacker museede…
Vintage Barbie 1964 IIIby Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie 1964 IIby Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie 1964 part Iby Indianafarm
who knows what these Japanese dolls are fot?by DrNessa
Thai Dancer  Dollby Karolina
Russian Plastic Boy Dollby purpose2k
Dionne Dollby TuckersMom
Lost Bunnies!by cmoorman3008
Set of three Kokeshi Bobble-heads from the 50'sby shareur…
Little Red Bow Bisque Doll JAPAN - Jointed Armsby sushibabushi
Lost and foundby DominikaJas…
What kind and year??by ussteph
Appears to be OLD Willie Talk Dummy Dollby mikeigo…
Kokeshi Dollsby fendigood
antique plastic dollby beccaann7
Old looking hand made doll by billypi…
Antique Teddy Bear by dhumphr…
wool e bear plush by crazydanmusic
Antique teddy bearby laraanna29
My first compasition. (Unknown)by Luvleez1234
My new dollby I.Sotomayor
Armand Marseille 1894 German dollby stacielw
Vintage Black Ogre (Natask) Kachina Doll Lamp from Ortega Galleries Arizonaby vintage…
Porcelain  Hand painted Dolls Circa 1953by Majorjr…
Century porcelain dollby Charliegirl93
One of my first as a child, princess collectionby Charliegirl93
Cabbage patch kids Jeremy Seymourby rach316
antique German bisque boy doll part 2by lindakp…
Antique German Bisque BoyBoy Dollby lindakp…
Vintage Barbie  '65 & '66 pt IVby Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie '65 & '66 PT IIIby Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie '65 & '66 pt IIby Indianafarm
Vintage Barbie '65 & '66 pt Iby Indianafarm
Small plastic bear! Please help lolby Tiff10128
Old teddy bearby Gcraig
Penny Brite - Topper Toys - 1964by DeanneW
Vintage Barbie 1962 &1963by Indianafarm
One of my favorites by Tmarcelle
I am Colleen of Ireland dollby kcdlaj60
Barbie 1959by Indianafarm
Barbie 1961by Indianafarm
Barbie 1960by Indianafarm
Mattel Talking Casper the Friendly Ghost Dollby fortapa…
Japanese Twin Dolls?by potential.y…
Is this a Steiff?by Dashmom
My little Tedby Dukedig…
Vintage Male Doll - Additional Pictures by KathyKay
Vintage Doll - Male by KathyKay
Kachina Doll "Black Wolf" Initials "W. H." under baseby vintage…
Love my new dollhouse Minneso…
Antique dollsby PrimePickins
Portail Help!by Cindylmh5
a new additions to my bear family, with no names?by kimmyg
VERY OLD TEDDY.  identify me please!!by kimmyg
Mamas dollby Lucilamont
Paper dollsby furia
Aquired these babies and would love to know about themby nadiaaldred
Two at a time hereby Haunted…
Posting two at a time hereby Haunted…
Help pleaseby Haunted…
Info please?by Haunted…
Would love info on this dollby Haunted…
Someone help meby Haunted…
Need info on dollby Haunted…
Need history on dollby Haunted…
My old teddy bearby Lee676
1940's Peggy McCall  Mannequin in Original Patriotic Flag Dress WWIIby Manikin
vintage dollby wonkie1…
Unknown doll. *had a Brownies or Girl Scout badgeby GrandmaWant…
Miniature dollby Ulose2sus
LOL....Action Figures...Found at Boot Sale $1.00by kerry10…
My Adorable French?? doll which I would love to identifyby marcell…
My two German Porcelain/Bisque Baby Dollsby MonaLisa
Minnie Mouse Retro Collection FUN-E-FLEX WOODEN K_Ni
Madam Alexander wicked stepmother. 19" tallby bevrehl
My dolls little PamelaKey
Mystery Dollby PamelaKey
patsy annby momrdh1
Does she have a name?by momrdh1
Weird little painted woman wooden desk lampby Jayborneo
Very old Hand made Apple Face Dolls with wooden standby BonnieC
Help me identify this doll! by Gypsy1975
No clue if she's even German, black porcelain dollby cassers
Inherited Great-Great Grandmother's Doll, Looking for Infoby tallen5
Estate Sale composition dollby SAKaler
Unknown Animation Characterby Philby
Mystery Madame Alexander doll 18"by bondoson
Geppeddo Cuddle Kidsby HolleyHope
Mystery doll what brand is she? Comes with HolleyHope
mystery dolls 3 porcelain dollsby HolleyHope
Two Mystery Dolls in great condition by HolleyHope
The Collectors Choice series by DanDee short brown curly hair, green eyesby HolleyHope
Louis Nicholi 1998 New York, NY 12 inch porcelain dollby HolleyHope
Blonde hair, Blue eyes The Collectors Choice Series by DanDee porcelain dollby HolleyHope
Barbie Displays Do it yourself!by Indianafarm
PINOYKESHI w/ Passport from the Philippinesby Heiz
Vintage Japanese/Chinese Porcelain & Cloth Man Figure Handpaintedby mssue64
Antique style wooden doll sleigh  by LJB
1949 - "Childcraft" - Girls with Dolls Photographsby aghcoll…
Cabbage Patch Kids Olympikids 1996by berich123
What is this doll?by woof420
Vintage Dionne Cloth Infant Cryer Babies by shesell…
Such a cute doll!!!by Valley12
My Father's Bearby Mrsbiglee
Pennsylvaniaby KaraCole
My spanish Famosa doll before and after (60's - 70's)by Liseydeoz
Vintage Brunette Ponytail Original Barbie Dollby racquel…
Bisque Doll, Victorian Fashionby Efesgirl
Schonhut reduced size ringmaster circus mlesage54
Original 8" Betsy McCall Doll ... and one that is not?by Caigan
Antique doll from my moms aunt in San Franciscoby ktbarrett1127
Vintage Victorian Dollhouse Electrified & Collapsible, Fully Furnishedby supercala
Love my beaniesby Linny76
Ken, his crew & mov' in with Barbie!by Indianafarm
Midge oh Midge!by Indianafarm
vintage wicker babydoll rockerby mainecoonsa…
Doll Appears to be Vintage, No Markings, how Old is it?????by mikeigo…
Vintage Barbieby Indianafarm
Have NO IDEA!!! PLZ HELP!!by jesusluvs777
STEIFF TEDDY BEAR YEAR ? ear button is kimmyg
Barney and Friends dollby RangerUp1988
I cannot figure out the value of this doll anywhere, any ideas?by jep1978
My Dollby Linny76
Half Doll - as arms attached with wire and D555 in backby alicemello
Porcelain clown dolls by CGLG0523
Heritage mint collection and Seymour Mann porcelain dollsby CGLG0523
My collectible raggedy Ann and Andy metal and wood toys box from the  70's , great colours  and vinil handles. by Elbaaliciag…
my grandmother's dollby angelicag3
Yorkshire Terrier Porcelain Dollby pamelams
Great great uncles bearby drim
help pleaseby tazlove
new bearby tazlove
I grew very fond of this Steiff cheeky212
Stephanie Shader Marilyn Monroeby Ariariale
My Favorite Dollby Asheras…
Windup Crawling doll by jvbeason
Windup crawling dollby jvbeason
Boy dollby were
Old Teddy Bearby cc123
Anyone know this doll? by Rachelmmc
Need Help Identifying Unknown Doll - Large Cloth Doll late 80s/early 90s. Plastic face. by ashleysanders
Paddington Bear Classic Toy Company 1998by Eron1
Please help me! I don't know where I came from!by cheeky212
Early Folk Art Carving Dollby powdermonkie
Antique Dollby lionhea…
Garage sale sweet heartby mike6431
The Whole Glass Collectionby dolllov…
Unknown Kewpie makerby kjacobson
My childhood babydoll!by Mscameron2002
Is this doll authentic?by Lithaskye
Would like informationby Dwynette
Steiff cats and dogsby Topic63
Small Steiff teddy in leather shoe?by Topic63
Kokeshi Collectionby Soulpor…
Tsuchiyu Kokeshiby Soulpor…
Big stained glass doll houseby Pagagee
My oldest friendby atheywa
Antique Doll Identification Help 5 1/2" Blue Stamp on Back German?by shan_al
I need help finding out any information about the following nancyb
Madame Alexander Bride Dollby MomsEstateD…
Ideas on this old doll???by lmrotelli
My Grandmother's "Doll's"by mulemama
porcelain dolls by sandymosher…
vintage Indian cloth dollsby katheri…
Mystery dollby mydolls
Help me find out about this SHIRLEY TEMPLE PORCELAIN DOLLby QueenAmy22
Unknown 18" dollby Murrkin
Little Girlby dolllov…
Lovely Rosemaryby dolllov…
Little Porcelain Dollsby dolllov…
Unknown Dollby cruzzin
china doll by LiamATurton
Help me ID these cutiesby Laurenxo
Cloth dollby G.O.oldies
Rare Disney Character Toy from the 40s - Joe Cariocaby Ekkie101
New Anns and & Andy's!by Robin.W…
Starting my 8 inch doll collection with these wonderful treasures by MadameC…
More Effanbee Baby Grumpies!by mindtraveler
Any idea who these are?by Cottrell
My favorite Dollsby Unlucky
Kokeshi: A New Look At An Old Traditionby gotthold
Genuine fine bisque porcelain, cert. authenticity. classic Treasures still in boxby valerieAnn
Dancer Stick Pinby hutchy50
Friends Forever!by avg117
tall cloth doll by crazydanmusic
Mystery Vintage Teddyby avg117 bilatris
Treborby bilatris
Help identifyingby Copesis1
Shirley Temple Captain January White Sailor outfitby gsuperior
Vintage Advertisements Iby Virgini…
19th Century Doll, part 2by funvintage
19th Century Dollby funvintage
Black porcelain doll with initials GP on neckby Quote27
Collector's Choice (Dan Dee?) Brown bearby wiltedrose
Not Sure Who She is?by Nurbatoosh
6" Antique Bisque European Dollby JRA
Vintage Ken Dollby desireegode…
Vintage Barbie dollby desireegode…
Porcelain dollby Arlinda13
China Doll (German)by BooBoo13
three faced porcelain dollby Cookiemundsta
Need help identifying!by larkspu…
I got this from my Mom and am wondering if you can tell me about it or point me in the right direction.  Thank you!by larkspu…
German dollby Mirranda25
Porcelain Doll Mysteryby casherman
My newest Raggedy Andy doll Cloth button eyesby murrjm7
1927 Bearby JinSF
MOTHER AND CHILDby mizzpeppa
United Kingdomby samras
help I don't know who she is???by allenhol12
Great grams dollby Lgeitz
Tiny cutie - unknown originsby HalleMc
Cindee's Doll easter Bunnyby Mrs.Tun…
Anyone know what culture this is?  One of the most intricate I have seen!by Geezersmom
Felix The Cat 12” Mohair Doll Fully Jointed Made in England Chad Valley 1920sby vintage…
German Bisque Doll Need Help Identifying Mold Number by refinda…
Unknown :(by Xjwmrb.
Please help identify this dollby mismis
"What's Her Face"by canbnyes
Mystery Stuffed Sandy Dog (Little Orphan Annie) by Chasers2
my momsby allenhol12
Little Orphan Annie Famous Artists Syndicate Cloth Doll.. My mystery! by Chasers2
Doll and Babyby MsRita
Antique Dolls - HELPby tenajonthes…
unknown dollby ragdoll83
Felt & Cloth  doll painted face racquet in hand 1950s or olderby vintage…
Vintage Clownsby loveantique…
old ballerina doll with male face on bustby fuzzycat
Bisque doll.  by Ruler1965
Cloth Molded Face Doll European ca.1930by swiftse…
Not So Old Doll, Made in GDR (East Germany) Late 1960’s to Early 1970’sby freiheit
New Doll for display Armand Marseille 370 2 DEP   18"inchby martinl…
Mickey Mouse by sq4570
XXII 1980 Olympic bearby jessica41381
Miniature Cedar Wardrobe Armoire by dammitchris
F.A Carriage Co. by StarrsA…
Anatomical dollsby Mac2
Boots Tyner Design Doll Shelly 1985by l.a.lady
Unknown doll help identifyby willobea
Zenji Sato & His Little Feetby Soulpor…
Mystery #1 - Sweet & Fragile Dollby MozartMaiden
1930's American Character Sally Patsy Type Composition Dollby electob…
#2 of my estate girlsby Caigan
my favorite itemby kimster
My cuddly Sealby Peaseje…
Full bisque doll from estate sale - no markingsby Caigan
1950s Inspiration - Spring Flowers Dressby kkkoch
kewpie doll original, year? by dbruening
Please help me identify this beautiful Jessmason81
Handmade Vintage Barbie Silkstone Fashion by Kimby kkkoch
Handmade American Girl Doll Coat and Hat by Kimby kkkoch
Handmade Vintage Barbie Silkstone Fashion Blue Birds Dress and Hat by Kimby kkkoch
Handmade Barbie Silkstone Fashion Tulip Yellow by Kimby kkkoch
"Aurelia" Lenci Doll, Tags And Box 1983 by vintage…
I found this doll in a junk shop - she is paper mache and wood , about 2 foot tall and a walking/talking doll . by su1996
Elvis Presley Hasbro "Teen Idol"  & "68' Special" still in the box!by bails1993
Japanese Comfort Dollsby iam1sandman
Id help needed, 14 year searchby P-Kitty
Paper mache holly hobbie? by Mrs.Tun…
Narukoby bushbaby
Thin tourist kokeshiby bushbaby
Alligator Embossed Metal Antique Doll Trunkby Trunker…
Nakanosawaby bushbaby
Not sure which kokeshi strain this bushbaby
Oldish kokeshiby bushbaby
The last few from missing bushbaby
Vintage Clown Toyby barbara.h
My early 90s teddy by Lmesin20
Another pair from the found boxby bushbaby
Winner of some kind of award???by bushbaby
Reasonably agedby bushbaby
My lovely giantsby bushbaby
more treasures from the lost bushbaby
Last one for this evening from the found bushbaby
another from the found bushbaby
Nakanosawa Kokeshiby bushbaby
Lovely subtle coloursby bushbaby
Louise Brooks Look-A-Like Flapper Doll 1982by vintage…
Well loved dolls!by patricia55
Black Dresden Dolls- I can not find any others online-Any suggestions?by dchase
African American Doll Beleive to be made by KBby mikeigo…
Favorite gift ever!! Such a Gem!!by Baldy0981
Information about this dollby beccaM
Doll-uknown year by lelya
Please identify this vinatge Mickey Mouseby tprice
Childhood Raggedy Ann Foundby Nathalie
KABUKI DOLLS from Japan 2015by Heiz
Mystery man by Cj8
Betty Boop Porcelain Doll King Features Syndicate 1982by vintage…
Madame Alexander Dollsby krfx2
very unique elephant by jules2hot2000
my other very unique bear please help me identifyby jules2hot2000
teddy x 2by LYTracy
found two magnificent bears help me know what they areby jules2hot2000
1983 Yellow Puppy with Yellow Hairby thetedd…
Fisher Price Freddy Bearby thetedd…
1979 GUND MONKEYby thetedd…
1975 Vintage Eden Paddington Bearby thetedd…
Vintage Pink Blue Teddyby thetedd…
A very dark energy doll maybe voodooby Dock101
Vinatge Dollyby Mae_444
Labeled Knickerbocker 20" Raggedy Ann and Andy Dollsby wells99
A Horseman Dollby DerBayz
Hand Made Prayer Doll?by DerBayz
Please help me find out what kind of doll this dayna.mobbs
Shirley Temple Doll 1972by SuzysFinds12
Playskool Snuzzles Lion by thetedd…
Mattel Chatty Cathyby thetedd…
Vintage Plush Teddy Bear by Applauseby thetedd…
Kuddle and his Pupby Gotkewpie
Zulu Ndbele,Matron,Sangoma,south african dollsby Tangoes
I need a teddy bear expert!!!by jamesr007
Rare German bisque Kewpie in Sea Shellby Gotkewpie
More pieces in our Collection by Gotkewpie
Can Someone P[lease Identify This Bear Or The Company That Made rickdawg
Doll house not sure of the charmso…
KOKESHI-designed Containerby Heiz
Hakata ningy? (????)by Heiz
Vintage Dollsby Mae_444
My Aunt's Kokeshiby Heiz
Japanese Dolls... what are these?by Heiz
KOKESHI from Japanby Heiz
Wayang Golek from Bali, Indonesiaby Heiz
My Aunt's Collectionby Heiz
Little People of the Worldby Heiz
Clay Doll Head or Puppet Headby SpoonsPlace
1989 Raikes Bearsby dthecreator
"Titanic" Motion Picture Collector Doll by Galoob / Rose DeWitt Bukater / Circa 1998by mikelv85
Scooby Doo Barbie - Set of fourby Bun-bun
please help me identify this dollby dollfreak
Green Plush Doll with rubber faceby jobasey
Vintage Gendron METAL Baby Buggy Doll Stroller Carriage Amazing detailby celticb…
Seminole Indian Palmetto Root Dolls circa 1950by vintage…
Silly! Not worth $2.00! I am going downhill!  Two mini Chinese two-faced ceramic bobble heads!!by toracat
Info please for my gorgeous girlby Dollprotect…
who is this cabbage patch kidby kesonhe…
1967 Magge Head Kane African American Dollby stevesrach
Kewpie Bank  GEO BORGFELDT & CO NYby vintage…
Art Deco Half Doll Pin Cushion 1920sby vintage…
1920s Flapper Boudoir Dollby vintage…
Old Small Dollby DGilmer
Bisque Dolls unknown mikeigo…
Bisque Made in Germany dollby mikeigo…
Porcelain dollby Okeeffel
DanDee Simpsons funby catburg…
Unknown Ron Kron dollby Tenor55
Simply beautiful Stripes - Kokeshiby Soulpor…
Cool upcycle by Jewels
Pull ball baby crawls toy 1930's 1940'sby wildvke
Barbies and Paper Dollsby katheri…
Barbie Doll - 1959by jhkrueger
Hand Made Dollby paintgirl
Unusual large Antique Doll Trunkby Trunker…
Another quirky bushbaby
last oneby cpursley
sleepy eye dollby cpursley
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this was my great grandma's baby, she appears to have been very loved and used alot by my great lrfrerking
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Recognize these plastic dolls?by snswolfe
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Old Arkansas Estate Doll...Need help identifyingby lisa1218
Old Arkansas Estate Doll....Need help with indentifyingby lisa1218
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