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Made in Germany Floradoraby karduran
Armand Marseilles baby doll - mold 542by aquafun23
Kammer & Reinhardt / Simon & Helbig ALL Bisque 23 inch dollby debbi
My first Kathy Kruse doll by alain
Please help me ID this 18" dollby gswee
old            large doll  by abyss26
Help identify my Grandmothers dollby timmd1968
this old dollby marered…
Old Family Dollby Daddy_N…
German Antique Dollby LucyLoo
One of My Great-Great-Great Aunt's Dollsby Goblink…
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Tiny jointed dollby Kjane79
Need Help Identifying this Dollby Bzee
Please help me identify her. by Jgaskins
Bing Boy Doll 10" Tall, Brown Hair, Red Cheeks, Red Bootsby belcarra59
Need help identify Armand Marseille Doll by thebam1332
Fabrik Marke Deponiert Doll-Germanyby blissmo…
Mini antique dollby Mrstynd…
Antique Doll Composition? and Leather. by RosaLinda
Antique Dollby jwporter65
estate find all bisque girl dollby minilover
German Dollby janarooroo56
Grandmom Dollby Blessed
Doll my mother kept for meby ttcase
German Dollby sugars
Johann Andreas Voit Antique Pauline Dollby between…
My old German baby dollby Bhbelmont
Small German dollby Mrstynd…
Simon Halbig 1080 dollby Mrstynd…
Help meby Leeg81
I need you to help me identify this bilatris
Antique German Bisque Composition Doll  by whitman75
Dolls found in Grandparents atticby wnasmith
unusually sized little "Queen Louise" by Armand Marseilleby endeeri…
Armand Marseille Doll ID helpby neilrbowers
Mystery Girl German Bisque doll unmarkedby jumeauus
Please Help me ID moms doll . by Ragamuffin
German Porcelain Half Doll / Pin Cushion Dollby shareur…
Blonde Parian Dollby between…
Massive Bisque Head Baby Doll - Schutzmeister and Quendt 201 / 15  - 29" / 30" - missing armby Bonnie201
German Handwerck Doll, but not sure of name her name or Billyblox
Anyone know the origin of this dollby Pauladolls
German Papier-Mâché Shoulder Head Dollby between…
Papier-Mâché Shoulder Head Dollby between…
Does anyone know any information about this doll?by thehawkfan
Germany 8 Violaby StacyEW
G B Boy in Suit, by George Borgfeldt & StacyEW
Antique German Doll - What is it?by Tonto14519
18" German Dollby StacyEW
Little Boy Dollby DebWa
Doll i bought at garage saleby Megaloverof…
Armand Marseille doll. A favorite findby marered…
does anybody knows who she is ?by clo
Busted Up Unmarked Antique Bisque Socket Head Doll w/ Mache body and wooden upper limbsby Msriss86
Could someone please help me in identifying the maker of this doll?by AmyA24
Parian painted eye 1860's-1880's German Doll by Manikin
 Rabbit with Palette by Kersa Made in Germany in the 50'sby Birder27
Lost and foundby DominikaJas…
Armand Marseille 1894 German dollby stacielw
antique German bisque boy doll part 2by lindakp…
Antique German Bisque BoyBoy Dollby lindakp…
Unknown doll. *had a Brownies or Girl Scout badgeby GrandmaWant…
My two German Porcelain/Bisque Baby Dollsby MonaLisa
Does she have a name?by momrdh1
Inherited Great-Great Grandmother's Doll, Looking for Infoby tallen5
Schonhut reduced size ringmaster circus mlesage54
Antique doll from my moms aunt in San Franciscoby ktbarrett1127
I cannot figure out the value of this doll anywhere, any ideas?by jep1978
Treborby bilatris
China Doll (German)by BooBoo13
I got this from my Mom and am wondering if you can tell me about it or point me in the right direction.  Thank you!by larkspu…
German dollby Mirranda25
Porcelain Doll Mysteryby casherman
Great grams dollby Lgeitz
Not So Old Doll, Made in GDR (East Germany) Late 1960’s to Early 1970’sby freiheit
New Doll for display Armand Marseille 370 2 DEP   18"inchby martinl…
Black Dresden Dolls- I can not find any others online-Any suggestions?by dchase
Mystery of the Adorable German Clown Dollby Tenshinaru
Doll bought from germanyby Marilenis1
Armand Marseille Doll (reproduction?)by emmah21
Armand Marseille Dollby willlow… mellis611
What is it?by clm4866
She is labeled Germany 21 on her back. I know nothing about her. wernerlee
Antique Doll...Who Made Her?by Lithaskye
Who made this German shoulder head?by suzyque
An Estate Sale find: A doll signed Himstedt by l.a.lady
German monk dollby Jimmycakes
My mother's dollby kathyb45
Vintage German Dollby boobear
My smallest and oldest baby morenabella60
Mystery Man by Mystery2Me
Pretty patriced
German boy & girl dollsby cafe.eyes
Indian Doll with Human/Horse hair Germanyby markg
Marshall Fields, Western Germany Mechanical Lion Head Trophy with growling relics
Mystery dollby Nanasdoll
Handmade German Dollsby marshshoo
Porcelain Doll 3 1/2 inches tallby knutte1
Two babysby bilatris
Antique Belton Dollby Jono
1968 - W. Germany - "19th Century Dolls" Postage Stamp Seriesby aghcoll…
Doll-Armand Marseille, Germany 370 3 Mby KSS1954
German bisque miniature baby dollby vintagerose2
German Dollby AzTom
German Doll - need infoby andiedct
Powder puff dollby smiata
Piano Babyby smiata
Antique Doll by Armand Marseilleby NicoleJ…
1920's Ernst Heubach  by McSwain…
Grandma's dollby Connie0721
mothers doll made in Germany - says 132 on back of headby angela10
Collection of Half Dollsby vickster
Doll in a boxby tedway
Germany Made Black Dollby cozofloorsd…
Little German clay dollby barbaramacc…
Hummel Doll ? This is a large hand painted doll that appears to be paper mache. Any Ideas, Comments Welcomeby ronsoverstu…
1920's Schuco Bellhop "Yes/No" Mechanical Monkeyby guyfrmatl
Hand Made Hand Sewn Hand Painted German Doll F.A.O Schwarzby ronsoverstu…
half doll hatpin holder or pin cushionby epson233
Frozen Charlie Doll - Germany 1850' RhondaC…
3 1/2 inch bisque doll with dogby Syriia
Ari Doll, Germanyby dollybell
Googly Eye Doll from the early 1900's?by bethelam
Indian doll - any help appreciatedby Missyde…
german bisque doll maker?by breendy
German Bisque doll, sleep eyes, open mouth, teeth, marked, but I can't read breendy
Armand Marselle 16" doll What is her name???by CarrCoch
Porcelain doll jewish girlby deityrita
Topsi doll from 1950sby Laurahanne
HELP...Need information on doll.thisby sharonander…
Mom's Dollby Nellie07
German Bisque Dollby nmmckay
More "Goldrush Baby"by Aliobaba
A cracked beauty from Marseillesby Aliobaba
Antique Doll, Made In Germany, 10 inchesby angeld3718
Interesting (Dutch?) Dollby rr11ccee
Baby Dollby mg132772
Handwerck Doll by Psychicfairy
HANDWERCK BISQUE DOLL #69-10by Psychicfairy
German doll I thinkby kerrycz
doll with no marks, possibly German?by kerrycz
Anyone know who makes this babydoll by kerrycz
german bisque doll/ victorian lace/sherman bracelet/old thread etcby xxmagsxx
My storage unit findby SBieber
german dollby xxmagsxx
german dollby xxmagsxx
german dollby xxmagsxx
german dollby xxmagsxx
german dollby xxmagsxx
german doll?by xxmagsxx
Antique bisque dollby szilonka
Bisque Porcelain Dollby bettyb58
Karl Hartmann TriciaR…
Wilten German Doll 5 1/2 " by rscudvr
Little german clay doll  by Inner5pace
Mystery Antique Dolls Glass Eyes Curley Hair - German Possiblyby emersonesta…
Armand Marseille and unknown composition baby TriciaR…
Doll made in Germanyby gidget68
Handmade 1 1/2 inch dolls from c.1922 Germanyby joannerodgers
German Doll?????by jpaulstra
My little doll marked "Germany"by Jewels
1909 German walking dollby Mickeyrick
Bavarian miniature dollsby mjvess
Germany 2758/oby gotook
German Doll Found In Box W/ NewsPaper Clippings From 1931 & One I've Been Looking At My Whole Life!by BeauxPu…
moms german antique musical girl jester on a stickby gracie
Does anyone have any information regarding this doll?by podsindapea
German Bisque Doll - Info appreciatedby lindajot
This is what I call my "Gypsy" Vanessa
Here are some  individual photos of my old Friendsby beautifulpa…
West German Dollby January8
Doll in Walnut Shellby Stonie
Vintage Simon and Halbic Doll Estate Sale Find! by rocklan…
Antique Nursemaid or Nanny with lundstrom
vintage windupby vanskyo…
vintage olive oilby vanskyo…
small bisque german dollby vermontlady
Doll Manby Machwillst
German bobble head dollsby radtech49
Wooden carved womanby Klombardi14
antique doll "Ruth" by lindadavis
german vintage doll need info pleaseby stacycoke123
Rare Louis Wolf Chubby Bisque Germany Dolls Germanby kbow
Grandmas dollhouse dolls by finallyfree…
German Dollsby harrymaria
Plastic Hummel doll by TeresaD
doll given to me who was from Germanyby kathysdoll
My newest little clown myvinta…
I can't find out what this doll Tghubin
german squeak dollby vanskyo…
Heubach body original?by fn9073
Heubach German cutieby fn9073
My favorite antiquesby heartme
Porcelian Dollby kimde
old German dollby chillyd…
Need help identifying dollsby swattspa
27" Simon and Halbig Santa dollby livindoll
Marie Berger Doll by Devinwred
Beautiful Red head Doll by Devinwred
bisque doll germanyby candice…
small bisque doll Germanyby candice…
MY FAVORITEby candice…
Vintage Cloth Boy and Girl Dolls by freedomgirl09
Antique German China Head Dollby StePat
any ideas about her id?by weiskron